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Divine-Principle Empowerment-Syndrome

[Created August 2005, and last edited/expanded on March 31, 2013]

"Against any false charge of libel, the 100%-effective legal-defense is the full truth."
--- Dave Fleming ---

[Editor's Note: A 5-minute-read, radically-shortened, OVERLY-SIMPLIFIED EXPLANATION of this DPES-document is
in "APPENDIX ONE". Also, a 40-minute-read, more comprehensive summation of this DPES document is in "APPENDIX EIGHT". However, this DPES-document is truly miraculous, so we believe you will receive monumental blessings if you take the ~14 hours needed to study it in its entirety.]

Dear Reader,
Here is some intimate, extremely useful and urgently needed “full truth”, written to benefit everyone and promote God’s Will in our time. This is an extensive, crucial critique on the shortcomings and pitfalls of Unificationism, (i.e. the Unification Movement), as well as on its momentous importance as the only non-stopgap paragon of peace, worldwide.
The accurate analysis herein is needed by everyone, in order to fully understand the “new universal hope” of the Unification Church, (UC), (founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon), and of Divine Principle, (DP), the revelation that has come through Rev. Moon that has clearly proven the Second Advent of Christ in our time.
==> On Sept. 3, 2012, The Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon passed/Ascended at the age of 92, (93 according to Korean age-reckoning, which includes the time in the womb as one year). Rest assured, that the 100%-veracity, preciousness, and adamantine usefulness of this document are unaffected by Rev. Moon's having Ascended into the Spiritual Realm. <==

THIS DOCUMENT ESPECIALLY BENEFITS NON-MEMBERS OF THE UC, (as well as guiding UC members), because it affords especially-needed protection from the pervasive, entrenched abuse and exploitation in the UC.
Our claim to you is that any criticism herein is 100% constructive, because it is accurate, pertinent, and liberating.
We pray that you take time to read this document, because it will certainly serve you well. Save it, and you will have a document that will most likely still be useful even more than 400 years from now.
God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming --- P.S.--- Due to PERSECUTION, our free ( email address was CANCELLED WITHOUT EXPLANATION by “”, in July 2006. We’ll try to establish a permanent email address in the future. But remember that you don’t really need to reach us, because this full truth we’re sending you requires no response, other than your sharing it and acting on it, in the liberation and empowerment it creates for you. Hallelujah!

The “Unificationist Constitution & Laws” Are Our Only Hope
(A Preamble to [DPES] and “The Intrinsic Value of Studying DP”)
[Created August 2005, and Last Expanded March 31, 2013]

Dear Reader,
When I emailed my 19-page, 100 kb, 102-quote “Book Review”, (BR), several times, in 1997 and in 1998, I felt that I had done my duty, and that I had successfully exposed the Unification Church’s, (and thus, the Unification Movement’s, [UC/UM’s]), most serious problem; namely, UC/(HSA-UWC) “officials” had tampered with and seriously corrupted the officially-published, original Korean-language-content of some of the most crucial speeches by The Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon, [sawn-myawng-moon, the “aw” as in “dawn”], the True Father, (TF), of all humankind, by deleting specific quotes, and in some cases “secretly failing to publish” entire speeches.

When I discovered the manipulatory “deletion high-crimes” in official Unification Church, (i.e. HSA-UWC), publications, that had been committed by those with the highest prestigious positions in the HSA-UWC, I was aghast. But I was certain that the problem had been solved, contained, and defeated, by the dissemination of my “Book Review” of the book, “Home Church”, (ISBN 0-910621-21-7). The book, “Home Church” is at two different URLs, at:
, and my “Book Review” of it is at:

And God certainly helped me, or I could never have accomplished the Herculean feat of exposing those gross, most evil, manipulatory deletions.

But UC/UM “sins” will not be defeated as easily as I believed.

Now, in 2005, I can see that the “UC/UM Judas Syndrome” is one major “root cause” of UC/UM INTERNAL problems, and that the HSA-UWC official, corrupt manipulation of True Father’s original Korean-language speeches is the most miniscule, simple, and easily defeated part of our UC/UM problems.

But thanks to the continuing foresight and sacrifice of our True Parents, (TPs), we have been directed to one means, (and one means ONLY, in my humble opinion), of solving and defeating our UC/UM problems, (BOTH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL); it is the “Unificationist Constitution & Laws”, (Unif. C & L), TF has called for since July 1, 2000, (and possibly since June 1982).

He said, “We should set up a constitution for the heavenly world on Earth. In that way we establish the condition to perfect ourselves and be liberated on Earth. Therefore, we need a substantial system, laws that protect the family, tribe and nation in the substantial realm". Later in this speech, speaking of each Tribal Messiah fulfilling as a “national messiah”, He said, “You have to restore everything and tie up all the loose ends by succeeding on the grass roots level.” These statements are a more “polished” translation than the identical content at:

It is obvious that any “Unificationist Constitution & Laws” created by top-down, leader-centered manipulation would be inherently invalid. But UC/UM “leaders” have refused to create this “Unif. C & L” since July 2000, (or possibly since June 1982), and the obvious reason for this, is that this “Unif. C & L”, (and the unity/networking of UC/UM members required to create it), would inherently disallow the “UC/UM power-mongering” activities that they’ve been getting away with since 1976, when 360-home Home-Church was launched.
Therefore, grass-roots, Tribal-Messiahship “Unif. C & L” must be created, and approved locally by the UC/UM members who agree to live by them.

Given all our experience until now, (July 2010), (especially with UC/UM leaders' prevailing, leader-centered habits of disobedience to True Father), this will be the only way to make it possible to fulfill the UC/UM dream to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Like any “Restoration necessity”, if we do not obey Rev. Moon and create these “Unif. C & L” now, we will only have to do it later, with even greater suffering for everyone.

And from these successfully applied grass-roots “Unif. C & L” will evolve the acceptable, valid, national and international level “Unif. C & L” that True Father has called for.


(1) As the Bible puts it, at Ephesians 6:12,
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places".
What does this scripture mean?
In the light of Divine Principle, (DP), the “high places” would have been the souls of Adam and Eve, before the Fall Of Humankind had occurred. So then, we have the “sickness” of evil in our souls at birth, as a “blood lineage from Satan”. This results in what I call the “Judas Syndrome”, because like Judas, we may even think our sin is good, and is “God’s Will”. Jesus made this very clear, in His statement from the Cross, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”, (Luke 23:34). So in many cases, (even when we “know DP”), most of us may not realize the evil nature of many of our actions. This is one very strong reason for the necessity of creating grass-roots “Unif. C & L”, to allow each person to clearly and completely understand their rights and responsibilities, (and the punishments for wrongdoing), in the light of the Second Advent of Christ.

(2) We desperately need to contact all “alienated past members” of the UC/UM, for the purpose of asking their help in the creation and ratification of any “Unif. C & L”. This is no light matter; we could regain untold lost unity, power, and influence, by successfully addressing past crimes and high crimes, committed “in the name of the True Parents”. Past so-called “mistakes” by UC/UM “leaders”/appointees have certainly been at the very least one of our most serious problems. Past wrongs and crimes committed must be addressed, in any “Unif. C & L”, to prevent such wrongdoing and crimes from being repeated in the future.
Exposing, defining, and cleansing such crimes can be done without hatred, just as was done in South Africa, in addressing past apartheid crimes.
You may think that no UC/UM “leaders” have committed murder, but it is a much more serious crime, to intentionally use your UC position of power to vindictively destroy a Blessed marriage, as was done to me. I have read that one UC Japanese “leader” ordered an abortion for one couple, (which was then done), claiming he was right because “the three-day marriage consummation ceremony is not intended to cause pregnancy”. This "mysterious" and "secret", (and actually quite down-to-earth and pragmatic), 3-day ceremony is defined at:
Such crimes, (and a myriad of others), are many times actually worse than physical murder, (from God's Viewpoint), and must be addressed, in the creation of any valid “Unif. C & L”. Most importantly, THE PREVENTION OF ANY FUTURE UC/UM WRONGDOING in the name of the True Parents, will be one manifest purpose of any “Unif. C & L”.

(3) We desperately need to create the opportunity for “networking”, among the hundreds-of-millions of couples who have received the UC marriage/Blessing without becoming “members” of the UC. And we must allow them to know that their help is needed, in the creation of a valid “Unif. C & L”. The last of four moral imperatives they agreed with was, “to work to unite humankind in peace”. The secret “internal reality” of this, is that knowing and applying DP is the only realistic, non-stopgap means to unity and peace for humankind, so these couples will be led to study DP, (or at the very least study the 2007 “15 Peace Messages” and fulfill the Hoon-Dohk-Hae one-hour-per-day study-condition, which is a specific form of DP study), as they seek to fulfill their promise, to “work to unite humankind in peace”. Although they may never agree to be “official members” of the UC, they are already members of the UM, (through their prior Blessing commitment), and they are ideally situated to have invaluable input, for the creation of any “Unif. C & L”. And of course, we need to extend this opportunity for networking, to include all past and present UC members, as well.

(4) Grass roots “Unif. C & L” must be created first, because this would serve to immediately begin to invigorate all Home Church, (HC), work. Enhanced communication among those doing HC work would be necessary, to help each Tribal Messiahship to create an acceptable, locally approved and enforceable “Unif. C & L”. To my knowledge, absolutely no channel of communication has ever existed or been allowed by the UC “Blessed Family Dept.”, (BFD), for those doing HC work. In fact, absolutely no UC/UM organization has ever existed for the purpose of helping to facilitate HC work. This lack curses all UC/UM “leaders”, who have proven their willingness to deny and disobey God’s Will in this matter since 1976, when the HC direction was first given by TF. TF made it absolutely clear during almost every speech for many years after 1976, that HC was, is, and will be the crux of the main purpose of the Second Advent and the UC/UM; (see BR quotes #66, #22, #38, #49, #54, and #85). And in 1981 He further clarified that the “leader-centered” UC was ending, and the “member-centered” UC, (guided by true love, rather than by commands), was beginning, in His speech titled “Historical Children’s Day” on Oct. 28, 1981, as at:

(5) Since the Divine Principle is by far the most powerful revelation and teaching that has ever existed on Earth, extraordinary new realities must be covered by a “Unif. C & L”. No other preceding constitution even comes close to clarifying the kinds of situations that arise when the Second Advent of Christ occurs. So it is obvious, that if even worldly countries need constitutions in order to function, then the UC/UM absolutely needs the most comprehensive AND MOST ENFORCEABLE constitution ever created. The varied situations of different, grass-roots, Tribal Messiahships will possibly supply different crucial solutions in the creation of their “Unif. C & L” that can evolve later to a comprehensive national “Unif. C & L”.

(6) As sad as it is to say, it is only logical to assume that this most powerful revelation, Divine Principle, has attracted some of the most evil people on Earth, who have infiltrated the UC/UM, most likely since the very beginning, in 1954, or even before. Of course, DP makes it crystal clear that none of us have escaped having a blood lineage with Satan, and DP tells us how we can begin to defeat that satanic power over us, by our obedience to the Messiah, (especially with Home Church work). But as has always been the case in the “religious realm”, there are those who have “joined” the UC as a cloak for their evil, or just to gain power, or to gain nationalistic power for South Korea, or North Korea, or Japan, or even for organized crime organizations such as the “Yakuza” in Japan. And given the refusal of UC/UM “leaders” to emphasize and support 360-home Home Church work since 1976, we have to conclude that these “leaders” cannot be trusted to create a trustworthy “Unificationist Constitution & Laws”. Therefore, sadly, only “Unif. C & L” created at the grass-roots level will prove themselves and be appropriate models to adopt for the national and international level “Unif. C & L”.

And now, with this “Preamble” as introduction, I would like to share some of the useful “pearls of liberating knowledge” I have gathered since 1974 as a member of the UC/UM. The roots of such knowledge are in the intrinsic value of studying and teaching DP, which has been summarized, clarified and updated in the 2007 "15 Peace Messages"....

God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming, email: , [NOTE: Persecution cancelled this email address.]

"Against any false charge of libel, the 100%-effective legal-defense is the full truth."
--- Dave Fleming ---

[The Absolute Salvation Of Unificationist Constitution(s) & Laws]

The Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon, (i.e. True Father, [TF]), founded the Unification Church, (UC), centered on the Christian-based revelation that came through Him, called Divine Principle, (DP). The “basics” of DP were organized into the original 1954 to 1973 “black-book” DP, and later into other different forms and translations.

On Oct. 13, 1997, Rev. Moon issued an extraordinary, apparently permanent direction, that everyone, (i.e. not just UC “members”), should study for one hour every day, from certain of His past speeches that He chose for that purpose. He called this “Hoon Dohk Hae”, [hoon-dohk-hay], (HDH), (i.e. Gathering Together for Reading and Study). The recommended method is to study HDH together in the early morning with our family, with one person reading aloud.

[Editor’s Note: “Hoon Dok Hae” is the usual spelling of HDH, but the “o” sound is “oh” in “Dok”, (not Dahk), so I use the spelling that should be used, (i.e. Dohk), for clarity of the correct pronunciation; I am placing the “Hoon Dok Hae” spelling here for the “Search Engines” that may locate this document on the Internet in the future.]

To be absolutely accurate, we have to point out that every word ever spoken by Rev. Moon in His Messianic Mission is part of DP, even though the “book forms” of DP “condensed basics” do exist. So the most extraordinary thing about this HDH direction, is that we are actually asked to continue our study of DP, (i.e. of “HDH DP” He has specifically chosen from His past speeches), every day.

It has been claimed that we “forget”, or “separate from” about 25% of the DP we “know”, for each year that we do not continue DP study. So, according to this “theory”, we remember ~75% after one year without any DP study, ~56% after two years, ~42% after three years, and so on, to just ~5% after ten years.
This makes Rev. Moon’s 1997 “HDH direction” especially significant, since it appears to be permanent direction to study HDH DP daily, and is meant for everyone, and not just for “members” of the UC. Rev. Moon has stated plainly that fulfilling this HDH daily one-hour “family study condition” guarantees the highest blessings to you, which you cannot receive in any other way; and this applies to members and non-members of the UC, alike. Reading at a normal speed, this HDH content takes about 270 hours, (i.e. 270 days), to read 100%, and the content is so deep, that covering this material repeatedly for a lifetime is indeed inspirational attendance to God’s heart of true love.

To try to determine the nature of these “highest blessings”, anyone might follow the HDH “daily one-hour study regimen” for even just a short time period, (of perhaps 40 days). We can assume that “setting such an HDH condition” would have profound, positive spiritual (and physical) effects, since Rev. Moon has made it clear for decades that He is indeed in the historic position of the Second Coming of Christ, and even just the magnificent and awesome content of DP tends to prove that He is.
What then, are these “highest blessings”, and what is the true, complete significance and value of studying HDH DP? My opinion is that these blessings will be tailored specifically for each individual, because they spring directly from the personal relationship that each person has with God, related to complete, integrated truth, (and from learning God’s true viewpoint, which is so succinctly, clearly revealed by HDH DP).

But be careful that you are not misled by liars within the UC/UM, who have been trying to “muddy the water”, (and hide the full truth), by denying Rev. Moon’s clear definition and formalization of HDH content. For example, because Rev. Moon may cover all sorts of “activities/studies”, in the time AFTER the first hour of His HDH “sessions”, this fact is being used to confuse and illicitly “expand” the content of HDH, without His permission, and certainly against His clear direction.

An “unofficial explanation” of HDH, (which is not all “totally correct”, in my opinion, but is a useful and sincere “Korean viewpoint”):
The Family Pledge, which is recited together by UC members, before HDH:
Book, “God’s Will and the World”, ISBN 0-910621-47-0, at:
Book, “The Completed Testament Age and the Ideal Kingdom”, ISBN 1-910621-97-7, at:
Speech, “True Family and I”, at:
Speech, “View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation”, at:

Speech, “In Search of the Origin of the Universe”, at:

Speech, “True Family and True Universe Centering on True Love”, at:

Collection of Quotes, “Blessing and Ideal Family”, at:
or at:
Collection of Quotes, “The Way of God’s Will”, at:
15-Volume “original HDH”, at:
Book: “The Way of Unification in God’s Providence”, ISBN 10892163-06-3, IS NOT FOUND ON THE INTERNET AS OF MAY 2006.
Added in 2007, “15 Peace Messages”, at:

(Without changing the above HDH-content, He listed His massive "Final Words To Humankind" on May 9, 2010, consisting of 8 documents as listed far below in this DPES document.)

[Editor's Note: That 15-Peace-Messages text in English, (with additional content), is available as a $10 paperback book. For substantially lower wholesale-prices, (on 10 books or more, as of July 2008), call HSA Publications, 4 W 43rd St., NY, NY, at phone 212-997-0050, Extension 236. This book has no ISBN number and no stated copyright restrictions, and is entitled "Messages of Peace --- Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong", published by the "Family Federation for World Peace and Unification", (FFWPU). Copies for $10 are also available at the 4-W-43rd sidewalk-store, at Phone Extension 222, as of July 2008.
The “additional content”, (inserted as an “APPENDIX”, into the final 71-pages of that “Messages-of-Peace”, 310-page book), consists of so-called “Messages From Spirit World”, WHICH REV. MOON HAS NOT RECOMMENDED, (although they may be “entertaining”, and may even possibly be accurate guesses). It appears that the “APPENDIX” was interjected as a product of suspiciously-97%-anonymous, cheesy Korean-shamanism, and as such, it seems predictably contrived and even suspect, as an intentional distraction and even a cunningly subtle means of alienating reasonable people away from the exceedingly important “15 Peace Messages” in the first 238 pages of that book.]
And as of August 2008, free, high-quality, MP3-audio-file downloads of the 15 PMs are available at:

[Editor's Note: Sometime before Jan. 2009, those extremely useful and important MP3-audio-files were mysteriously removed/deleted from the ( website. No explanation was offered for this grossly suspicious deletion, but there is one obvious, clandestine reason. These MP3-audio-files contained some content that was later edited out of the text/PDF, published versions of the 15 Peace Messages, (15 PMs). For example, at one point in PM 9, about 4 minutes of the audio-content is missing from the text/PDF PM 9. There, the audio states, "FOR IF YOU (Koreans), WHO ARE REGISTERED, FAIL ONCE MORE, YOUR DESCENDANTS WILL SUFFER IN HELL FOR THOUSANDS OF GENERATIONS". It is not made totally clear, as to what that "FAIL ONCE MORE" entails, but we do know, (from the audio only), that this speech was originally given to a 100% Korean-audience, in Korea, on Sept. 12, 2006. But this date and location information was deleted, from the edited text/PDF versions. There may be plausible deniability here, as to why this unusually stark, extremely damning statement/warning was edited out. But there is no plausible excuse for deleting the original, Sept. 12, 2006 DATE and LOCATION of this speech; those deletions cunningly make it impossible for anyone to ever look up the original, full-content text of this speech, (i.e. PM 9). THIS IS JUST ONE SMALL EXAMPLE OF HOW SO-CALLED "LEADERS" IN THE UC/UM HAVE BEEN COVERING UP THEIR EVIL BEHAVIOR IN THE TRASH-BIN OF UC/UM HISTORY, FOR OVER FIVE DECADES. Amazingly, there appears to be only one website in existence, (as of July 2010), which allows you to readily locate a speech by Rev. Moon when you know only the date it was spoken. And that website, (, created by Gary Fleisher), is not even "official", but is entirely privately-run, by one, lone member of the UC. The unedited Sept. 12, 2006, (PM 9), speech is at:
To totally clarify how the DATE and LOCATION were deleted, the changes made were as follows:
Intro transcribed from the MP3-audio-file of PM 9:
Commemorative address of the first anniversary of the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation, entitled: "GOD'S IDEAL FAMILY AND THE KINGDOM OF THE PEACEFUL, IDEAL WORLD", given by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, on Sept. 12, 2006, in the Republic of Korea.
Intro of published text/PDF of PM 9:
This speech was delivered on behalf of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon in 14,400 cities, throughout 120 nations, from October 22nd to December 20, 2006, during the “120 Ambassadors for Peace Speaking Tour for World Peace”.
*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* - EDITOR'S NOTE ENDS HERE.]

Dear Reader,
The content is priceless, of the following MP3 audio-downloads offered here for FREE. This content is that valuable because it is a summary/digest of over seven decades of sweat, tears, and blood, given to supply humankind with the only non-stopgap hope for a future of peace and God-centered love. The Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon founded the Unification Church, (UC), and many other organizations, referred to generally as the Unification Movement, (UM). These "15 Peace Messages" delineate the culminating paragon of salvation needed by all humankind. As such, listening to this "15-Peace-Messages" content will make incalculable blessings available to you that you cannot receive in any other way. AND PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CONTENT BENEFITS NON-MEMBERS OF THE UC/UM, AS WELL AS UC/UM MEMBERS.
For an extensive, crucial critique on the shortcomings and pitfalls of the Unification Movement, as well as on its momentous importance as the only non-stopgap paragon of peace, worldwide, see the accurate analysis at:

These 16 MP3-audio-files of the "15 Peace Messages, (with Concise Introduction)" have been uploaded to a commercial company, (, that makes FREE downloads available. We apologize for whatever advertisements you may find there, when you get your FREE downloads. We are benefiting in NO WAY, financially or otherwise, in trying to make these FREE MP3-audio downloads available to all humankind.

PLEASE NOTE, that in His May 16, 2007 speech, REV. MOON PLEADED FOR EVERYONE, WORLDWIDE, TO PLEASE CONSIDER MEMORIZING THE "15 PEACE MESSAGES" BY REPEATEDLY LISTENING TO THE AUDIO RECORDINGS, ESPECIALLY WHILE JOGGING OR EXERCISING, EVERY DAY. He also said, “If you can perfect the contents of even one of the messages, you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven”; and this applies to non-members of the UC/UM, as well as to UC/UM members. Sometimes, I even keep these Peace Messages playing all day long at home, in the background, even while I'm watching TV or doing some work, and I've found it to be surprisingly beneficial.
PMs 1 thru 13 here were supplied as free MP3-audio downloads on the Internet. The MP3-audio-files of the "Concise Introduction", and PMs 14 and 15 here were created to elucidate and complete these "15 Peace Messages".
The total listening-time is about 8 hours, which is easy to transfer to your iPod or any MP3-player. Since a CD holds 12 hours of MP3 content, this 8-hours can easily be burned onto inexpensive CDs, which can be given as gifts to be played in cars or home CD-players, etc.
These 16 MP3-downloads take about 4 hours, at a speed of ~30 kB/second.

click-to-download CONCISE INTRODUCTION to Peace Messages
click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 1
click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 2
click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 3
click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 4

click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 5
click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 6
click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 7
click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 8
click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 9
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click-to-download PEACE MESSAGE 15


Not many people realize fully that the UC is not a “denomination”. That means that it is not a “church”, in the strict sense of the word. The original name of the UC is “the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity”, or the HSA-UWC.
But what is the full, internal meaning of this name?
Well, to be totally clear, the words “Holy Spirit” were not stated correctly. The correct form of these two words should be, “The-Spirit-Of-All-That-Is-Holy”, whereas the term “Holy Spirit” has very specific Biblical meanings, only one of which was intended in the original Korean HSA-UWC name. The intended meaning was not just the “Holy Spirit” of the “Trinity”.
So the “true name” of the HSA-UWC should be “The Spirit-Of-All-That-Is-Holy Association for the Unification of World Christianity”. It’s clumsy, but a lot more accurate.

And the words “for the” in this name are also seriously lacking, because the HSA-UWC is not just an “advocacy” group. Its revelation/teaching, DP, actually explains clearly what is literal and what is symbolic in the Bible, and exactly what the symbolic statements mean. This then is one “secret, awesome power” of DP, (to unify all Christians, worldwide). It becomes evident that there is no other “interpretation” of the Bible possible, (other than DP), that would allow all parts of the Bible to “fit together” reasonably, without conflicting meanings or “flights of magical fancy”.
In 1974, (when I first heard DP “lectures”), one thing that convinced me to believe in the accuracy, veracity, and “completeness” of DP, (since I was not inclined to “research it”), was that those who disavowed DP had not been able to disprove it, during the prior 30 years. I remember partially reading one such attempt to discredit DP by “Christians”, on the Internet, (perhaps in the late 1980s), and I remember thinking it circuitous, cumbersome, shallow, intentionally tedious, and vague, at best. The sensible biblical call to “Come now, let us reason together”, (Isaiah 1:18), was obviously the farthest thing from their minds. A more recent, 2004 example of such closed-minded, small-minded half-truth-lies about Rev. Moon and DP, is at:
(For commentary, “Find” this URL later in this DPES document.)
My final determination has been that Rev. Moon has been given “ownership” of the Bible, (whether by God or by Satan), and those who choose to oppose Him must either mindlessly ignore DP, or deny the infallibility, (or even just the unambiguous “Authority”), of the Bible. Tragically, many UC “members” who have “followed” Rev. Moon have done so in “power-mongering self-interest”, and the curses of Isaiah 1:15-20 apply even more to them, than to those who have opposed Rev. Moon in ignorance.

And I hasten to add that I am convinced that full-truth DP, (and all it entails), is the only fully valid “true hope” for all humankind. All else is only stopgap, at best, so we had all better pray that DP and Rev. Moon ARE “true”.

When the HSA-UWC came to America in the 1970s, it was obviously qualified, (by the nature of its work), to receive the tax-exempt status of the USA Internal Revenue Service, (IRS). So we “called” it a “church”, and incorporated it as such, under the USA IRS laws granting tax-exempt status. In 2005, it has become customary to use the abbreviated name, “Unification Movement”, (UM), as an all-inclusive, comprehensive name for all the diversified “work” and “organizations” centered on Rev. Moon, which have proven to have the foundation, effective content, and historic positions to empower us to unite not only all Christians, but also all Humankind.

I think that my most serious 30-year failure, in my “witnessing with DP”, has been that I have found it difficult to approach people with the goal that they “follow” and “protect” me, because I can be happy being alone, (with God).
I have wondered at times if this might be because of some dysfunctional “numbing” I might suffer from. But I have normally considered my lack of loneliness when I’m alone, (i.e. with God), to be a strength rather than a weakness.

Of course, we should always at some point make it clear, when we “witness” and teach DP, that those we teach should seriously consider “following” us. But for over 30 years, I have always missed a much more important FACT, about “witnessing/teaching” with DP, even though it has been “right under my nose”, because of what DP did for me.

The full truth of DP “released” me from some very dangerous and erroneous thinking, and thereby most likely literally saved my life. But that’s a very long story, including the fact that we all have at least some “correlative bases” with evil “Spirit World”, that the truth of DP has the power to dispel. You’ll have to study DP, or HDH-DP, or even just the exceedingly important “15 Peace Messages”, to know exactly how this reality applies to you.
My worst failure then, for 30 years, has been that I have not clearly recognized the amazing fact that the teaching/study of DP is an end in itself, which is intrinsically beneficial, whether or not one “joins” the Unification Church.

But how can this assertion be logically valid?
Well, DP fully, clearly, and succinctly defines, (for the first time ever), the complete internal nature of the origin of sin, and all the extrapolations of that sin in this world we are born into. This empowers us to understand sin more deeply than we ever thought was possible.

DP also profoundly clarifies the “whys and wherefores” of Spirit World. We learn that “spirits” need us in order to complete the “spiritual growth” God intended (before “The Fall”), that was impossible for them, until the Second Advent of Christ on Earth, (i.e. the Completed-Testament Age of DP). And we can completely control “spirits”, (by cutting them off, or welcoming them), only if we have the knowledge of God’s Will and the “laws” governing them.
This is certainly very “useful” knowledge, since “spirits” outnumber us, with educated, reasonable estimates of the number of those who have lived and died on Earth ranging from 200 Billion, to 3 Trillion! In Peace Message 5, Rev. Moon states that “spirits” number about 300 Billion. (Rev. Moon has stated that the Fall of Adam and Eve took place about 800,000 years ago, and the Bible defines the time from Adam to Abraham only symbolically, as the first 2,000 years. Adding the last, literal 4,000-years gives us the total of 6,000 years of Biblical history.)

These “spirits” are all seeking/driven to grow, since they could not complete their spiritual growth during their physical lives on the post-Fall Earth. Since our “Spirit” cannot grow without “give and take action” with our physical body, the only means of growth left to “spirits”, is to “attach/connect” themselves to someone on Earth. But they cannot “attach” to us without our consent, (unless we are ignorant of the “laws” that govern such spiritual phenomena). These “laws”, also govern “angels”, although they are in a different, lower “spiritual category”, since they never had a physical body, and can never be God’s Son or Daughter.

DP reveals the “universal law” that governs a “correlative base”, which is the “connection” that allows a “spirit” to “work with us”. If they help us to do God’s Will, (e.g. help us to defeat those working against God’s Will), then their “spirit” grows, through the merit they share with us. This easily-understood explanation clarifies all “spiritual phenomena”, but extrapolates to a rather complex and sometimes even confusing and/or mysterious reality, because “spirits” are driven to grow, but they do not always know or want to do God’s Will.
Christians, satanic cults, and others, habitually dabble in and make claims about spiritual “powers/forces”, but without understanding the DP “laws/mechanisms/motivations” that drive and control “Spirit World”, they all miss the mark, in clearly defining what is happening. They normally therefore make serious mistakes, and even cause havoc to themselves and others, with their “spiritual machinations”.

Our ancestors normally have a strong “correlative base” with us, because they are “similar/related” to us. Also, if we do “good”, (such as praying a lot), we tend to attract those “spirits” who prayed a lot when they were on Earth, and if we do “evil”, we tend to attract “spirits” who did that same evil. The relatively “good” spirits tend to guide us to do greater “good”, while the relatively “evil” spirits tend to guide us to do greater evil.
Of course, at the time of the Second Advent of Christ, the Bible predicts an increase in the quantity and “quality” of “spiritual phenomena”, just as occurred during Jesus’ time. This is stated almost symbolically, in Joel 2:28 and in Acts 2:17 as, “My spirit will be poured out on all flesh”, etc.

DP profoundly reveals the jarring, humbling fact that we have only one physical life to live on this Earth; “reincarnation” is therefore impossible, although it is easy to incorrectly believe in it, if we do not understand the true source(s) of “spiritual guidance” that people receive. Reincarnation “theory” uses an artificially selective, (and wholly fabricated) “veil of partial memory-loss”, to try to make sense of the inherent incongruencies of this “re-birth theory”. Of course, “reincarnation theory” is obviously well intentioned, since its unspoken goal is to motivate people to avoid doing “evil”.

One interesting offshoot of the DP-knowledge of God’s “Purpose Of Creation”, and of “Spirit World”, is that we can extrapolate that “UFOs”, (i.e. sentient, extraterrestrial beings), do not exist. But since some people believe in “UFOs”, (while they do not believe in the correct form of “Spirit World”), “spirits” may dishonestly claim to be “extraterrestrials”, (sometimes from “another dimension”), in order to create the “correlative bases” to “work with” (and guide/dominate) these people.
Although it is still rare, even commercial ventures have begun to correctly depict aspects of DP-knowledge. The movie “Suspect Zero”, featuring “remote viewing”, is a good example of this, although no one in the movie understands DP’s clarification of how such “remote viewing” might occur. Also, in the movie, “Saving Pvt. Ryan”, Captain Miller’s success and strange “nervous twitch” point at “mysterious spiritual guidance”, which rings true, since DP states that it was God’s Will that the Allies should win World War II, (WWII). DP also clarifies that a physical World War 3, (WWIII), is preventable, given a timely, worldwide acceptance of DP and the Messiah/(True Parents), which will win the “spiritual WWIII” for God’s Will. In fact, my claim is that DP’s presence on Earth since 1954 has already (thus far) saved your life from the literal hellfire of WWIII, dear Reader. But terrorists can still use stolen or easily created Weapons Of Mass Destruction, (WMDs), so WWIII has not yet been completely prevented. This grave reality should encourage us all to study Hoon-Dohk-Hae DP, (or at the very least, the “15 Peace Messages”), every day.
Here is a list of the time it takes, to read the following texts aloud at a "normal rate":
Holy Bible = ~82 hours
1973 DP = ~16 hours
1996 "Exposition Of The DP", (is a systematic corruption of the 1973 DP) = ~18.6 hours
1997 HDH-DP = ~270 hours
2006 “Cheon Seong Gyeong”, (CSG), (equivocal & dated) = ~150 hours
2007 "15 Peace Messages"* = ~8 hours
*[By 2007, Rev. Moon created a short, revealing, decisive, pivotal "summarization" which He defined as preeminent, taking precedence over all prior UC/UM publications; He named it the “15 Peace Messages”, and He directed that it be disseminated worldwide. But even over 3 years later, in Oct. 2010, it still exists only in English, (as it was spoken), because the UC/UM Koreans in charge are still refusing to publish it in other languages.]

By applying DP to our lives, we are able to divide “good” from “evil”, (and “true love” from “false love”), more accurately than ever before in the history of humankind. DP is also the most “convincing” religious teaching ever, (even logically speaking), that there is a “Spirit World” where we will indeed suffer the full consequences of our sin, even if we are able to escape punishment before we die.
Rev. Moon has said, (and I paraphrase):
“Once we understand the true nature and full consequences of sin, we will no longer WANT to sin.”
In other words, even the temptation to sin ceases to exist, for those who fully understand and accept DP, even though this is not always joyful knowledge, since we join in God’s grief, by perceiving the satanic, half-truth lies that make sin seem attractive.
For example, DP makes it clearer than ever, that God has fashioned the experience of human copulation to be the closest physical representation possible, of the purely spiritual, most powerfully-bonding, “platonic/agape love”. So God created this “physical act of love” to bond the souls of two people together like “superglue”. That’s why promiscuity and/or adultery are inherently devastating, (i.e. “sinful”), because it’s the spiritual equivalent of repeatedly gluing pieces of wood together, then ripping them apart; and this automatically creates grievous wounds and scars on our soul, whether or not we realize or admit it. So an illicit sexual relationship is sort of like our most favorite food, laced with cyanide; it looks and smells so wonderful, and it’ll even taste great, too. And DP reveals the hidden, poisonous content of such “sins”, thereby releasing us from temptation, although we still grieve our suffering, “Fallen” state, just as God does.

Through sincere striving, a person may grow close enough to God/Truth to discover realms of "reality" that make them appear to be "insane" and/or "criminal", when they are actually just more perceptive and/or enlightened.

For example, one who studies Marxist Theory, (i.e. communism), might then rant that policemen are tools/soldiers of "the ruling class", used to enforce taxation and control over the "working class". In a very real, overall sense, this rant is correct, but any "unenlightened" policeman hearing it would "normally" reject it as being inaccurate, and therefore might mistakenly think of the ranter as "insane".
For another example, (and this is a really controversial one), an adult might decide, (correctly), that "sexual repression" is a root cause of all the problems of the world, and therefore be led to believe that "sexual education" of children would tend to be beneficial and even lead to world peace. And now, the power of DP's "fully-integrated reality" makes it possible to allow knowledge of sexuality without causing sinful sexual activity, thus defeating the "ignorance-is-bliss", "familiarity-breeds-contempt", and "monkey-see-monkey-do" justifications for sexual repression.
So this would not involve “sexual relations”, but the adult would have to provide an empathetic, unstressed sharing of "sexual contact/communication", (whether physical or only visual, as with simple nudity without shame). And the children would have to feel safe, self-confident, and blessed, allowing them to maintain a proper respect for the sacredness of the sexual organ and sexuality, (which only DP can demystify), without being conditioned to believe that it’s fearful or undesirable, (even in the marriage bed). So of course, such (unselfish), “hands-on”, loving sexual-education would at all times be made enjoyable for the children.
[Editor's Note: On His 90th birthday, on Sat., Jan. 31, 2009, Rev. Moon gave a “Special Address”, as at:
In that short, definitive proclamation, He compellingly, most uniquely merged two seemingly disparate concepts. He said, “This is why all people have the duty to preserve and love the natural world. I am saying that you should develop your human nature as it was originally meant to be, such that you experience resonance even with a cluster of wild flowers, as you share a heartfelt conversation with them. That will be the shortcut to restoring humankind to God”. So we could claim that He means that organizations like “Greenpeace” are actually closer to God than any church. Certainly, He is saying that those persons who are raised on a farm/ranch will be closer to God, (and much more psychologically healthy and “peaceful”), than city dwellers. And need we point out, that this normally includes children in a non-threatening setting, closely observing animals in all their natural activities, to include copulation, birthing, and suckling, as well as our routine caring for, feeding, and reverently culling them for food. Such "resonance" with the "natural world" has been denied to almost all of so-called "modern" humankind, and this has severely impaired or even completely devastated our "original nature".]

And frustrated, (almost always hypocritical), self-righteous “People Of The Fall” incorrectly label “sexuality” as loathsome/lewd, because they've never understood the crucial DP-revelation that it was only selfish, PREMATURE “sexual relations”, (i.e. just slightly before God would have married Adam to Eve), that caused “The Fall”.
Thus, ambiguous and/or all-inclusive, (man-made) laws meant to prevent exploitation and/or abuse of children actually classify that adult “educator” as being identical to (selfish), violent child-molesters. This “child-molestation” vs. “child-loving” realm has been a source of untold confusion, conflict, and frustration to humankind, ever since “The Fall”.

In the above two examples, (and in countless others), only DP completely clarifies and resolves the valid questions and seemingly insoluble problems we face. Therefore, one who studies/discovers the "higher understanding of reality" provided by DP can perceive "full-truth reality" that is so profound as to allow them to be one with God's grief and God's joy. All other "teachings" are only stopgap, at best.

So DP helps us realize that certain “present sins”, (such as public nudity), will NOT be “sins” in the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, (KOHOE). So why hasn’t Rev. Moon been nude in public?

WELL, WE FIND THAT THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT WE HAVE TO PRIORITIZE OUR “Restoration-indemnity” WORK, SO WE MAY HAVE TO (TEMPORARILY) OBEY “MAN-MADE” LAWS THAT ARE OFTEN WRONG, (AND EVEN EVIL), IN ORDER THAT WE ALLOW NO “LEGAL” ACCUSATIONS TO HINDER OUR WORK FOR THE MOST PRESSING ASPECTS OF GOD’S OVERALL WILL. Obviously then, the foundational priority is to prevent war and famine, while righteous nudity, demystified sexuality, and individual merriment are forced further down on the to-do-list priorities of Restoration.
[Editor's Note: The word "merriment" is used here, because the word "happy/happiness" can be misleading, outside the light of DP. The first sentence of the 1973 DP-book states, "Everyone, without exception, is struggling to gain happiness." Then, it expounds, "How, then, can happiness be attained?"....The path to happiness is reached by overcoming the desire, (from one's deficient, 'wicked Fallen-mind', inherited from 'The Fall'), which leads to evil, and by following the desire which pursues goodness,...(through one's unclouded, DP-enlightened, God-centered) original-mind...". Within DP's comprehensive parameters, then, TRUE "individual happiness" is being fulfilled, ONLY when, and EVEN when we are "suffering" by "paying (correct!!!, ONLY as-due!!!) Restoration-indemnity", and NOT by "paying anti-Restoration indumbnity”.

IMPORTANT DEFINITION: “Indumbnity” is anti-Restoration suffering/sacrifice that promotes evil because it is not "as due", and indemnity is Restoration suffering/sacrifice that promotes God's Will ONLY because it is "as due", according to DP; (see explanation of the 1973 DP's “(as due)”-(IF it is due) statement in this DPES document).

For example, even though Jesus' crucifixion was grievous, (because it meant He could not completely fulfill His Messianic Mission), Jesus was grateful and "happy/glad" to endure it, because He was giving His 100% effort for God's Will, and thus He was opening the highest, most vast realm of Restoration possible at that time, to all humankind.]

But scholars and “philosophers” would do well to delve deeply into DP, to study this realm of “activities” that are indeed now sins, (i.e. against “man-made” laws), which will NOT be sins in the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Tremendous, unimaginable improvements might be discovered, in how to prevent certain kinds of crime, and in how to rehabilitate criminals, especially in the realm of “sexual perversion and murder”. Thus far, it's clear that groups that are able to isolate themselves, (e.g. the Mormons, Amish, and even some "hippie communes"), have endeavored to enter this KOHOE realm; and to do so, they've had to rule out contact
with the "heathen", "outside-world" police and courts, just as scripture commands, at (1 Corinthians 6:1-8). Although sometimes partially successful in their "longing-for-Zion" attempts to reach the KOHOE, they've all failed in the end, because they haven't known DP, or THEY HAVE REFUSED TO APPLY DP TO THEIR LIVES.
It seems obvious that the un-Fallen Adam and Eve were meant to marry at a younger age than is presently God’s Will for our young people, with all the inherent, necessary suffering and conflict that "raging-hormones" delay entails. (In Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, Juliet is 13, and Romeo has "no manlike, [i.e. full], beard", making him a post-pubescent 13 to 17.) However, Rev. Moon is apparently encouraging younger and younger marriages, since His youngest son, Hyung-Jin Moon, was married at the tender age of 17, on 06SEP97, and He later honored him on 19APR08, by naming him as His "successor", (ostensibly, and contingent on his fulfilling certain Member-Centered responsibilities, as defined later in this DPES document).
I heard a “story” about Rev. Moon that I believe is true, even though it may be a lie. I was told that Rev. Moon accidentally “caught” one of His sons, (at the age of 15), masturbating. According to this “story”, He said, “If you’re going to do that, then just make sure that you shoot it as far as possible”. It is revealing, that Rev. Moon has never mentioned this "masturbation subject" publicly, (to my knowledge), and I believe it is much more complicated than the usual knee-jerk, Christian condemnation admits, because a pent-up, unreleased sex-drive can be used against us by satanic “forces”, especially when we are young.

In all the voluminous mass of literature associated with or about the UC/UM, NO ONE has EVER had the "true love" to frankly, honestly give comprehensive, defining, positive information on masturbation, except for myself, (in this DPES-content), and "Lady Dr. Kim"; and her short statement is buried/hidden in an obscure interview discussing homosexuality.
If Rev. Moon ever spoke publicly about masturbation, it was apparently deleted by His translator, (which Rev. Moon would have known, since He understands English very well). I knew "Lady Dr. Kim", (i.e. Mrs. {Dr.} Shin-wook Kim), circa 1974-5, (she was known as "Dr. Lady Kim" then), and I came to see her because she was the only person who was offering her services as a "spiritual counselor". In fact, I felt I was courageously defying the "social UC-stigma" of going to her, because only "people with problems", (some with really serious problems), went to her. I simply wanted to learn as much as I could from her. I fulfilled an "ancestor-liberation" ceremony with her, (in a small group). It was nifty. We were out in a sunny, autumn forest, where we prayed, and then burned a dollar bill and some white cloth, (symbolizing a white robe).

Some time later, I was talking with her informally, and I was hesitant about my question. At that point, she thought she knew what my question would be, and her exact words were, "As a medical doctor, I tell you there is no harm in masturbation". "Oh", I said, "I don't worry about that". Then I explained to her that I was concerned because, as a seasoned combat veteran over 30 years old, I could not seem to stop myself from "looking at" the breasts and rears of females. I didn't think of this as necessarily "sinful", but I felt that it was too obvious, and might have a bad spiritual effect on the females, and whoever else might observe where my eyes went. Her answer served to release me from untold, unnecessary guilt, during my coming decades in the UC/UM. She said, matter-of-factly, and in the authoritative manner of a physician, "If you did not look, you would not be a man." Her candor, (in a UC so full of posturing, hypocritical "leaders"), amazed me then and continues to do so to this day, even after her Ascending. That was in ~1975, but in Sept. 1999, she gave a more complicated answer, (with just as much candor and true-love), concerning masturbation, as at:
She said, "When we join the movement, we try to grow spiritually by cutting off from physical desires. But our bodies still produce certain hormones that affect our behavior. ... ...Masturbation is certainly the lesser of problems, as an alternative to releasing such energy uncontrollably and/or to the detriment of others.
However, people who masturbate too much lose their physical energy and weaken the whole system. Over time, many health problems can occur. If this temptation is not overcome, it may cause physical and emotional problems in our marriage relationships. With masturbation one must use much discernment and an attitude to overcome it".

So in this Fallen world in which we live, "some" masturbation can be "good", (i.e. God's Will!), but "too much" is "not good", (although NOT "evil"). So those who harp on masturbation as being automatically "evil" are just plain liars, probably because they want you to believe that they don't masturbate, when in fact they have! By lying about this, they are obeying and serving Satan's will in this matter, and fooling you into what Lady Dr. Kim referred to as, "releasing such (sexual) energy uncontrollably and/or to the detriment of others". Satan always wants derision and condemnation of masturbation, because it is one factor that can definitely help young people successfully avoid promiscuous behavior. And some satanic parents even encourage their tweenage children to be promiscuous rather than masturbate, so that the kids will "mate" and leave home, and the parents will be "free" of them sooner.

If we imagine what "The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth", (KOHOE), will be like, will there be any masturbation there? Well, since everyone will live in a "different/Restored" spiritual reality there, that question has no absolute answer. But one thing seems certain. There will be a whole lot less "self stimulation" in the KOHOE, NOT BECAUSE IT IS "SINFUL", but because the flow of sexual energy, (and the ABSOLUTE BONDING it entails), will never need to be repressed or blocked, and will never be satanically mis-channeled in the KOHOE, as it usually is in this Fallen world we live in.
Misunderstandings of certain Bible quotes also cause confusion on this subject. In Genesis 38:8-10, God kills Onan, because Onan "emitted (sperm) on the ground". But it's clear in this scripture that Onan did NOT masturbate. He had intercourse with Tamar, but he self-servingly refused to do God's Will of making her pregnant, by slyly, defiantly engaging in "coitus interuptus".
And in Matthew 5:28, Jesus said, "But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart". This requires a more subtle argument, but this quote does NOT mean that THINKING about doing something, (i.e. "fantasizing", as one normally might do during masturbation), is the same as actually DOING it. This quote actually refers to any situation in which we know that, IF WE HAVE THE CHANCE TO COMMIT THE ADULTERY, WE WILL DEFINITELY DO IT. In other words, if we are PLOTTING to ACTUALLY COMMIT the adultery, then and only then, our spirit/heart is affected just as badly as if we had actually committed it. If, on the other hand, (no pun intended), we "fantasize", (during SOLITARY masturbation, which also EXCLUDES "cyber-sex sharing", etc, except with our spouse), about some sexual act that we KNOW we do NOT want to actually do, and in fact we know that we would NEVER do, even if given the opportunity to do it without getting caught, then THAT masturbatory "lust/passion" is NOT what is meant in Matthew 5:28. Whew, this differentiation is subtle, but crystal clear!

Given all the above God-centered facts, we should make certain that our young men and women understand that solitary “sexual pleasure” is not intrinsically “evil”, but is only forbidden with any “partner”, (virtual-reality, cyber, physical, spiritual, etc), before marriage, and allowed with ONLY your spouse thereafter. We should also clarify that “vibration” is wholly unnatural, because it can dull the sensations of “natural sexual-relations”; so “electromechanical vibration” should be eliminated from sexual “activities”.
Applying what Rev. Moon reportedly said to His son, (to both males and females), His defining, affirmative statement can be developed as follows:
(1) Since the many years of unnatural delay in a Fallen world, (between puberty and a natural sexual relationship with our spouse), may be valid Restoration-indemnity, we can apply a use-it-or-lose-it, healthy attitude to solitary self-stimulation. This also applies to time periods during our marriage, when Restoration-indemnity might require us to abstain from spousal relations.
(2) All good things in moderation, so self-stimulation should not be done too often, since our mission does make time-allocation demands, (and since we don't want to go blind or grow hair on our palms, :-).
(3) We should allow absolutely no shame or guilt to be associated with this activity.
(3a) One God-centered motivation for this activity is to lessen/remove possible temptation and relieve stress, thus allowing us to carry out our work for God's Will with greater effectiveness.
(3b) Another God-centered motivation for this activity is to eliminate any possible give-and-take with evil spirit-world through "nocternal emissions" while we are sleeping, by relieving sexual tension/energy when we are awake and able to consciously channel our thoughts in a God-centered direction.
And that's all I have to say, about that.

Studying DP makes the origins and consequences of sin crystal clear, logically as well as spiritually, even to the most ardent agnostic or atheist. And no “revelation/philosophy” other than DP has ever successfully reunited Science and Religion, which have existed separately because of the Fall of Adam and Eve.
Given all the above facts, we find that DP has the most complete, intrinsic healing and liberating capability. Far above and beyond any other “teachings”, DP empowers us to defeat dark spiritual forces and avoid sinning. DP teaches us that God also grieves just as we do, concerning the unfair, unjust, unnatural, and deceptive nature of this Fallen World we are born into.

So we are absolutely liberated and absolutely empowered by the full truth of Divine Principle, even if we do not “join” the UC. We are able to fully understand the darkest pessimism and pitfalls of this world, and also to experience the most optimistic glory of the return of the Kingdom Of Heaven to Earth, as we learn how it is being realized. We learn the absolute nature of God’s goal, “Restoration/Salvation”, which shows us how to restore, (on Earth), what was lost in the Fall of Adam and Eve, and in all of the “Multiplication Of Evil” that has occurred since.
We are therefore able to understand and experience God’s grief, as well as God’s joy, encompassing the full span of God’s viewpoint, concerning all matters. If we are perceptive enough, we realize that the most profound joy or grief that we might experience in our lifetime has zero value, spiritually, unless it is aligned with and one with the viewpoint of God’s joy and grief.
So, it is amazing to contemplate that the teaching of DP is absolutely needed and beneficial on every level, from the individual, to the level of worldwide unity and peace. We therefore should not really require the motivation of “winning followers”, to justify the value of the study and teaching of DP. The teaching of DP is truly an end in itself, benefiting all concerned, even if no one “joins” the Unification Church.
In other words, Rev. Moon, DP, the UC, and all the UM embody all the fulfilled Biblical prophecies of the Second Coming of Christ, rather than being just another Christian denomination or “religion”.

And DP has proven to be as deep and as broad as each individual is willing to explore, and then some, no matter what religious beliefs they might have. I like to liken DP to a huge diamond; when we examine it, it may look different to us from our separate viewpoints, but we know that it is one, cosmic diamond of fully integrated truth.
And this DP-diamond deserves our absolute reverence and respect.
On Feb. 10, 1981, Rev. Moon said: “Once the home church system is completely established, we really don’t need any formal organization. The Divine Principle will be taught in the school system. We won’t need Church leaders any more. This is not bad news at all. We have a most glorious life, and with this goal we shall march forward until the last day of final victory”.

Communism fell because Rev. Moon was so effective against communism in Japan, and worldwide communist leaders therefore studied DP in order to defeat Him. Instead, DP proved to them the absolute fallacy of communist doctrine, and communism has collapsed from the inside out, ever since. Most Americans incorrectly, arrogantly believe that the USA “stopped” communism, but without the presence of DP on Earth since 1954, a worldwide thermonuclear holocaust would have been the likely “end” of “The Cold War”. And so, dear Reader, you also already owe your life itself to Rev. Moon’s “work”, just as I do.
Russia is even now allowing the teaching of DP in its schools and colleges, while the USA appears to be too arrogant to do so. In the 1990s, Rev. Moon stated plainly that Russia will far surpass the USA during the next 100 years, because the Russians are teaching DP in their schools. A later, corrupt legal “challenge” to teaching DP was also defeated, as at:
However, we should not fault the USA completely, since the USA’s strict separation of Church and State, (which bars teaching “religion” in public schools), is by God’s Will. Since Jesus was crucified by a unity of Church and State, this “bad condition” had to be prevented at the time of the Second Advent.
Of course, the USA should have welcomed Rev. Moon 100-percent, rather than allowing trumped-up federal charges, and sentencing Him to 18 months in Danbury, CT prison, which He entered on July 20, 1984. The USA is paying dearly for that “mistake”. Incidentally, it was Chung-hwan Kwak who was the “figurehead leader” of Rev. Moon’s USA IL HWA Ginseng Company, which was the source of $50,000.00 cited by those federal charges. But Kwak escaped being charged.

What Jesus said so long ago still applies, at this time of the Second Advent of Christ, in John 8:31-34:
[So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him,
“If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; AND YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE".
They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never yet been enslaved to anyone; how is it that You say,
‘You will become free’?”.
Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you,
everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin".]

Founded on and fulfilling the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, DP is the Completed Testament, which is the most powerful means of releasing humankind from the slavery of sin caused by “The Fall of Man”, that God has ever been able to bring to us, since that fateful day of The Fall.
[Editor's Note, Feb. 2009: Rev. Moon has stated, (in all of His 15 Peace Messages, except PM 6), that the "Era After the Coming Of Heaven" has begun, which would seem to indicate that the Divine-Principle "Completed Testament Age" has been completed and concluded. But if we look at the world as it is, we do not see "Heaven On Earth", so what does He mean? Well, for one thing, the translation from Korean is a problem in this case. This could/should be translated as the "Era After the Coming/(Initiation-Of-Growth) Of Heaven (On Earth)", (EACOHOE). And this leads us to a more comprehensive explanation. As stated in this DPES document, the way God has been working, is that Restoration/Salvation starts from the restoration-indemnity fulfillment of one person, (as in the cases of Abraham, and of Jesus Christ), and builds outward, person by person. Therefore, the coming/(initiation-of-growth) of the EACOHOE does not necessitate that the "Completed Testament Age" has ended for all humankind. The "growth", or "building outward, person by person" of the EACOHOE will take place according to the Divine-Principle "tenets/rules/knowledge" of the "Completed Testament Age". WITHIN THAT REASONING, THIS DPES DOCUMENT STATES THROUGHOUT, THAT WE ARE STILL IN THE "Completed Testament Age", EVEN THOUGH THE EACOHOE HAS INDEED COME/(BEGUN TO GROW), JUST AS REV. MOON HAS STATED. And this ultimate, breakthrough re-initiating of total, (i.e. both spiritual and physical), "Heaven On Earth" is indeed a magnificent, inspirational triumph, for anyone who "plugs into" the power of the Second Advent, and works to bring all humankind into alignment with this awe-inspiring, most holy, rapturous, and yes, even all-inclusively One-With-God reality.]

And there is no one who cannot fulfill the “dictates” of DP; all that is required by God, is that we give our 100% effort, to accomplish our necessary, symbolic “5%” of the “restoration-indemnity work”, and God promises to do the remaining 95%. Whether you are a genius, or an Olympic athlete, or you are “challenged/disabled” in any conceivable way, you can choose to give your 100% effort, and “gladly endure”, as DP puts it.
Humankind’s suffering will continue only to the degree that we do not study and apply to our lives the full truth of DP, which has come to us through the suffering, sacrifice, and work of the Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon, His Wife – The Most Reverend Hak Ja Han Moon, [hahk-jah-hahn-moon], and Their “UC/UM followers”.
[Editor’s Note: Circa 2007, Rev. Moon announced that His Wife’s family name, “Han”, will no longer be used. Henceforth, Her name is “Hak Ja Moon”, or “Hak-ja Moon”, (or Moon Hak Ja, in Korean).]

However, when DP allows us to draw closer to God than has ever been possible before, one note of extreme caution must be emphasized, which is embodied in that strange, parodic quote: “We have met the enemy, and he is us”, first used by Walt Kelly in the 1960s, to criticize the USA “involvement/conflict/war” in Vietnam.
Enter, the “Judas Syndrome”.
DP is the most powerful revelation ever to grace humankind, so we need to heighten our awareness that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.

Satan normally leaves us alone, as long as we are “wandering aimlessly” in our life, between God and Satan, between doing good and doing evil. As our study and application of DP, (or HDH-DP, or even just the exceedingly important “15 Peace Messages”), allows us to draw closer to God than ever before, we find that “satanic forces” come to us to put extra effort into attacking, deceiving, and misguiding us. This is one “internal nature” of the battle between “Good” and “Evil”, concerning “Restoration”. Even Jesus was “tempted” three times by Satan, when He fasted for 40 days in the desert at a crucial point in His mission.

So the time of the Second Advent brings the greatest joy ever possible; but it also brings the need for our extreme caution and vigilance, against any attempts to subvert the full-truth content and intent of DP, HDH-DP, or the “15 Peace Messages”.

DP is the most absolutely powerful teaching of God’s Will on Earth; power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.
Therefore, there are those “elements” WITHIN the UC/UM, which have been working to alter and use this most powerful revelation, DP, for their own selfish, shortsighted, and/or misguided goals.
So it is important to note, that no one should AUTOMATICALLY trust any member of the UC/UM. Anyone teaching you DP must EARN your trust, and you should be very careful that they are not “altering” or “editing” DP in any way, so as to serve their own goals, rather than God’s goals.
To see the best on-going explanation of this “internal problem” of the UC/UM, see the URL:

To be fair, we must point out that some of these “followers” of Rev. Moon who do this “altering” and/or “editing” of DP may do it WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING THEY ARE DOING EVIL. I call this the “Judas Syndrome”. As Jesus put it so succinctly, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”.

Most “interpretations” of Judas’ actions as a simple betrayal of Jesus make no sense, because Judas would not have immediately committed suicide, if it had been his intention to cause Jesus’ crucifixion. In March 2005, (and in April 2008), I found only one “mostly correct” explanation of Judas’ actions, out of thousands of incorrect ones on the Internet; “Find” the phrases, “efforts to rehabilitate Judas”, and "Did Judas misunderstand", at:
This correctly stated “theory”, concerning an explanation of Judas’ actions, points out that he was the most trusted (and the most “faithful”) disciple, and the “treasurer” for the group’s finances. But he was a Zealot, and he therefore wanted Jesus to use His power to raise an army of 50,000 men, march on Rome and completely defeat the Roman Empire, which had caused so much suffering in Israel. Judas had such great faith in Jesus that he “knew” Jesus had the power to do this, (which He did). Judas most likely was even misinterpreting and faithfully following the religious prophecy that proved Jesus’ historic position of “Absolute Authority”.

Judas therefore took it upon himself, to “pressure” Jesus by helping to have Him arrested, “knowing” full well that Jesus would be “forced” to gather that army that Judas “knew” was “God’s Will”. So, when he learned that Jesus had allowed Himself to be crucified, he immediately hung himself. This immediate suicide was not the action we would expect from someone who knowingly, intentionally betrayed Jesus. Normally, it takes time for a traitor to change and repent, before they might commit suicide later. Therefore, it is obvious that Judas “thought” he was doing “the right thing”, (albeit incorrectly), when he facilitated the arrest of Jesus. It simply did not occur to Judas, that Jesus knew how to “win Rome’s heart” by serving Rome with an “Israeli Army” centered on true love. And Jesus knew that He had to be crucified, because too many failures of faith had occurred among the Israelites towards Jesus, even though God had prepared them for two-thousand years to accept Jesus. Judas certainly could not understand that Jesus had to take the secondary course of the crucifixion to obtain at least the spiritual victory, (but not the physical victory), from God’s viewpoint.

Not even one explanation I could find on the Internet includes the following fact; if he had not self-centeredly committed suicide, Judas could have no doubt become a very powerful channel for God’s Will, testifying to the Messianic position of Jesus after the crucifixion, just as all the other disciples finally did.

I am guilty of “generalizing” aspects of Korean and Japanese “national characteristics”, in the remainder of this document. I want to emphasize that I am simply trying to communicate valuable full-truth as I have observed it, and this is not meant to demean or berate anyone. Also, there are always “exceptions to the rule”, when we generalize human character according to nationality. I apologize in advance, to anyone who feels that my opinions in these matters are incorrect, or inappropriate. However, I stand steadfastly by the necessity of presenting my observations in this document, even to the point of “naming names”, (although in six cases I have removed the last letters of their names, to maintain the historical record without causing these persons harm). And I am quite resolute, that the full truth I present here is not only accurate, but sorely needed by the UC/UM, to expose dangerous ongoing internal problems, that will not be solved until we face them, officially admit them, and cleanse them, especially through the creation of the “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”, (Unif. C & L), that Rev. Moon has been demanding since July 1, 2000, as at:
On that day, He named His speech, “Declaration of the Return to God of the Realm of Heart of the Fourth Adam(s)”.

One example of this “Judas Syndrome” within the UC/UM, is that the “cultures” of Korea and Japan, (where Rev. Moon lived, and therefore where the first members of the UC joined), have certain ingrained, inescapable “attitudes”. And the Korean and Japanese “UC members” tend to carry forward these “attitudes”, within the UC/UM.
For one thing, the citizens of these two countries have extremely “long historical-memories”, compared to USA citizens.
The Koreans and the Japanese still “hate” Mongolia with a passion, because of what Genghis Kahn’s grandson, Kublai Kahn, did over 700 years ago. He completely conquered Korea by 1274, and sent two massive attacks by sea to conquer Japan, ending in 1281.
In World War II, the Japanese named their last-gasp, extremely effective suicide-planes against the Americans “Kamikazes”, translated as “Divine Wind”, which referred to typhoons, (i.e. hurricanes), that saved the Japanese from the two sea-attacks by, (you guessed it), the Mongolian, Kublai Kahn.

So you might try to imagine the bitter “cultural attitude” that the Japanese have towards the USA, since the atom bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki only 60 years ago. Even in Aug. 1945, the Japanese Emperor, Hirohito, made an extraordinary, first-time-ever public radio-address, in which he capitulated defeat, (but not surrender). And he had the gall to criticize the Americans as being “inhumanly brutal” for using the atom bomb on Japan. This came from the leader of those Japanese forces guilty of some of the greatest atrocities the world had ever seen, including the cowardly sneak-attack on Pearl Harbor, deadly germ-warfare “experiments” on Chinese populations, and widespread torture and massacres of prisoners of war. Is it so far-fetched, to think that some Japanese are still seeking revenge against the USA, and would infiltrate even the UC/UM, for that purpose?

In fact, I have good reason to believe that stealthy, diabolical “biological weapons” are being used against individuals to this day, by certain “avaricious elements” of this “Japanese culture”. So I hate to say it, but if a smiling, engaging Japanese UC/UM woman offers you a “gift cookie”, (which happened to me in 2004), think twice before you eat it, especially if you are fighting to defeat the “power-mongering elements” in the UC/UM. I put the “gift cookie” aside, and it was totally consumed with an unusual looking fungus, in an unusually short time.

Could I prove criminal intent? That’s not likely, since fungus “spores” are everywhere. But my scientific mind knows very well what I saw. And it all added up, since this “sister” was initially very hostile to me, for handing out copies of my “Book Review”, (BR). But the security brother she called knew me, so she could not stop me. About two hours later, she found me and sat next to me, at the entertainment. She was now “very friendly” to me, and she gave me the carefully wrapped, chocolate-chip “gift cookie”, along with some charming origami “swans/cranes”, for "good luck". Later, she was very insistent that I allow her friend to photograph us, with a “leader”, in a group of about five people....

Some “bio-weapons”, such as fungus-based diseases, simply cannot be diagnosed or cured by “modern medicine”, and may even take years to fully “develop”, so it’s almost impossible to prove who gave you the disease. Also, this type of disease is meant to make you suffer for decades and even sometimes horribly disfigure your face, before you die, so it is ideally suited for disabling and punishing an “enemy”, or for revenge....

Citizens of countries that have survived for thousands of years, such as both Korea and Japan, are the most likely ones to have cultivated the knowledge and use of such covert “bio-weapons”, because it allows them to secretly attack individual enemy “officials/kings”, with very little fear of any detection or reprisals. This may explain why Asians do not shake hands, since a disease can be passed in this way, while the person secretly passing the disease has the antidote to it. The citizens of a powerful country like the USA, with only a 200-year history, can be expected to be totally naïve about such “bio-weapons” being used on an individually-targeted basis.

I for one am quite certain, that remnants of fanatical 1945 Japanese “forces”, (including their well-indoctrinated children and grandchildren), are alive and well, inside the UC/UM.
The 1989 movie, “Black Rain”, starring Michael Douglas, covers one small aspect of this “thirst for revenge against the USA”, but it stays “politically correct”, and indicts only one Japanese “mafia/yakuza” old man, rather than the whole “Japanese culture”.

Having shared this reality with you, I hasten to apologize to all those faithful, hard-working, tremendously loving Korean and Japanese UC/UM members who would never try to diabolically twist the UC/UM to serve their own selfish aims. My mother was a member of the UC for 12 years before she ascended, and during that time, she required serious surgery and was lovingly cared for by a wonderful Japanese UC-sister. I believe this added many years to my mother’s life. Still, I would hope that even the good Korean and Japanese UC/UM members would want it known if there are some “self-promoting” Korean UC/UM “members” or “anti-USA” Japanese UC/UM “members”, so that we can root them out and defeat them.

One thing that I witnessed in the UC/UM, back in the 1980s in the USA, was that “Japanese elements” with power within the UC/UM prevented much needed “Home Church, (HC)”, work in New York City, by deceptively claiming that all NYC HC-areas had already “been reserved”. I have seen evidence in 2005 that this type of “saboteur action” is still being carried out by well organized “saboteur elements” within the UC/UM.

For example, in May 2006, it staggered me to learn that the four-volume set of full HDH-contents was no longer available at what’s left of “HSA Publications”, at 4 W. 43rd Street, in NYC. And the long-time Blessed UC member responsible for sales there actually claimed that HDH content was “unclear”, to him. He made the ridiculous claim, that Rev. Moon had never announced HDH content. He actually became hostile, when I pressed him about why this most important HDH content had become “unavailable” in published form. I decided later that he must have been afraid that his “boss” was listening, and that he would “lose his job” if he agreed with me. I only know that I do not want to be him or his “boss”, when they go to Spirit World, since intentionally confusing and withholding HDH content is such a heinous, far-ranging crime, not only against all humankind, but against God.

Also, published copies of the very important 1983 book, “Home Church”, (ISBN 0-910621-21-7), have been “unavailable” for many years, for “mysterious” reasons. It is obvious to me that this is no “accident”, because there are quotes in this book that expose many of the crimes that have been and are being committed by UC/UM “leaders”.
It is not common knowledge, but I found the text of “Home Church” on the Internet, as of April 2005, at:
But without the page numbers of the book, one must laboriously compile all the Web Pages, and use a “Search/Find” feature to find “word phrases” in the book’s text, to match quotes from my most important “Book Review”, (BR), as at:

So it is obvious to me, that this book has been made “unavailable” in print, because the missing page-numbers make it impossible for the vast majority of UC/UM members to relate the original book, “Home Church”, to those page numbers listed in my “Book Review”, (BR). It is also obvious that private UC/UM members could simply not be stopped from posting the “Home Church” text on the Internet, and a very small percentage of worldwide UC/UM members have access to these Internet copies of “Home Church”, in any case. MOST IMPORTANTLY, AFTER REV. MOON ASCENDS TO THE “SPIRIT WORLD”, (AND CERTAINLY AFTER BOTH HE AND HIS WIFE HAVE ASCENDED), WE MUST ASSUME THAT “UC/UM POWER MONGERS” PLAN TO USE COPYRIGHT LAWS TO CUT OFF ALL ACCESS TO THE CRUCIAL UC/UM MATERIALS/TEXTS THAT ARE PRESENTLY ON THE INTERNET.
[Editor’s Note: Perhaps since Aug. 2007, as at:*/
, it appears that “” may have started blocking the above “” URLs, by using something called “robots.txt”, as explained at:
This does not appear to bode well for the future, concerning Internet access to God’s full truth, regarding the UC/UM.]

Note that there are perhaps three or four commonly used “copyright statements”. The most “liberal”, states that “short quotes may be used, in book reviews”; and somehow, that was used in the 1983 book, “Home Church”, which was the chink in Satan’s armor that allowed my whistle-blowing “Book Review”, (BR). My “Book Review” badly burned the “UC/UM power-mongers”, so they have taken the step necessary, to legally prevent such whistle blowing based on the 1997 HDH-content. It is chillingly telling, that the four volumes of HDH content that were given out as gifts at Rev. Moon’s 80th birthday, in 2000, have the strictest copyright statement possible, disallowing any copying “without the prior written permission of the publisher”. And the 2006 sacred “Cheon Seong Gyeong”, (CSG), [chee-ohn shee-ohng gee-yohng], text, (being used for fundraising purposes), also has this same copyright restriction.

So it is clear that the “UC/UM power-mongers” plan to stop God’s Will cold, if they can, not only by suppressing and confusing the accurate content of HDH, but by making it completely unavailable, just as they have done with the book, “Home Church”. As of May 2006, copies of the four-volume HDH content are no longer “available” in published form. And even if they become available in the future, the “UC/UM power-mongers” will be promoting their own selfish financial gain from sales of this priceless, most precious HDH-content, (just as they have done with the CSG). Most importantly, Rev. Moon’s intent to QUICKLY reach all humankind with this “cost-free” HDH-content, will be made almost impossible.

So, dear Reader, if you want to fight that satanic eventuality, YOU MUST MAKE COPIES OF ALL OF THE CORRECT FOUR VOLUMES OF HDH CONTENT, AND DISSEMINATE IT AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE. The content of three of these HDH volumes is CURRENTLY on the Internet, as listed above in this document.

My “Book Review” exposes some most important serious crimes committed by those who have been in positions of power within the UC/(HSA-UWC), not the least of which is secret tampering with the content of the original, Korean-language, official HSA-UWC publications of Rev. Moon’s speeches. And if you think that I’m incorrect, you might also think about the fact that UC/UM members have NEVER had any means of “networking” offered to them, by those in “appointed leadership” positions in the UC/UM. Why? It’s a method called “divide and conquer”.

Perhaps the most significant “tampering” has affected the Divine Principle book, itself.
For example, one such key “manipulation/tampering” involves the well-kept-secret, deleted “(as due)”-(IF it is due), in DP. DP clarifies that SPECIFIC “indemnity/suffering” must be “paid”, to restore the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, as it was before the Fall of Adam and Eve.
But DP does state that not all suffering qualifies as “restoration indemnity”. IF IT DOES NOT QUALIFY, OUR SUFFERING IS ACTUALLY AGAINST GOD’S WILL, and I have named this “anti-restoration indumbnity”.

“Power mongers” within the UC/UM were able to clandestinely remove the “(as due)”-(IF it is due) statement from EVERY post-1973 “translation/interpretation”, of the DP book. This means that these “UC/UM power-mongers” can teach DP and claim that whatever “suffering/training” they direct, (such as fund-raising, especially the so-called “Special Task Force”, [STF], current work by 2nd-Generation members, etc, etc, etc), automatically qualifies as “restoration indemnity”.
But that is a lie, plain and simple.
The original 1954 thru 1973 DP-book clarified that suffering/sacrifice must be “(as due)”, to qualify as “restoration indemnity”. The 1973 DP is out of print, (and amazingly, did not have an ISBN number, although my copy states, “Library of Congress Catalog Number 73-86259”). But it is currently, (June 2005), on the Internet, at:
(As of July 2008, the above "" URL is missing contents, in PART II, CHAPTER 5.)
(The below/next "" URL has the complete 1973 DP.)
Those two most important words in DP, namely, “(as due)”, are under the Heading:
[(3) Resurrection through Second Coming of Spirit Men Outside of Paradise]
, which is found at:

This same passage clarifies that we need only “GLADLY ENDURE”, to fulfill conditions for “Restoration”. So any “training” pep-talk by UC/UM power-mongers, that says we have to “overcome”, (and pay and obey them), is actually just so much deception. Where and how we apply our 100% effort and “glad endurance”, (for “Restoration”), must be guided by these realities, which will normally lead us only to our 360-home-HC area.

It is obviously not an accident, that the “(as due)”-(IF it is due) statement/explanation has been REMOVED/DELETED, from ALL, (I repeat, ALL), subsequent, (i.e. post 1973), “translations/interpretations” of DP, since it sheds light on and empowers us to debunk the wrongful power-mongering and other satanic “anti-restoration” actions and claims of UC/UM “leaders”/appointees, et al.

A second example of “manipulation/tampering” with DP has been the obscuring or deletion of the concept of the naturally expected, even necessary “disagreements” that DP predicts MUST OCCUR, for restoration to take place. Of course, “UC/UM power mongers” are motivated to alter/obscure or delete any DP content that would encourage you to think you have the right, (and even the duty), to disagree with them. As at:

, the original 1954 to 1973 DP states: “So we must understand the fact that STRUGGLES and wars are also phenomena in the course of separating good from evil, in order to fulfill the purpose of goodness.... ...We see from this that in the providential course of restoration, false things present themselves in the form of true ones before the true ones appear.”
So in this case the “false things” are the “UC/UM power-mongers”, and to the degree that we have allowed them to get their way, “Restoration/Salvation” has not and will not occur. According to DP, we do not have to hate the “UC/UM power-mongers”, but we must defeat them at any cost, even to save them from the dire consequences they are causing to themselves, as well as to all humankind.
And some “necessary disagreements” can also be completely positive, such as at:

(6) Spiritual Phenomena Occurring in the Last Days
It states, “...This kind of horizontal conflict is INEVITABLE (between people who are BOTH doing God’s Will), because God gives each (person) the revelation that he is a lord in order to encourage him to do his very best in carrying out the purpose of the providence of restoration.”

To my knowledge, the above recognition, (in the “original” 1954 to 1973 DP), that we have not only the right, but the duty to challenge anything done or taught by any UC/UM member or "leader", (as the integrity of our character calls us to), has been altered/obscured or deleted, in ALL other forms of DP published since 1973. And there are many other examples of “official manipulation” of “officially published DP-content”, that facilitate the illicit goals of UC/UM power-mongers.

While in Korea, I met privately with the incredibly famous Mrs. (Dr.) Won-pok Choi, [wawn-pohk-chay], (who translated the original 1973 DP book to English). The prestige of her name was also “used” in the “Preface” of the 1996 corrupted DP-edition, in a deceptively worded attempt to imply that she controlled its creation, (when she was 82 years old). But the miscreant, Chung-hwan Kwak, was the one in control, of the mysteriously anonymous 1996 “DP Translation Committee”, and of the fact that the subtly duplicitous 1996 "Exposition Of The Divine Principle", (ISBN 0-91621-80-2), exactly, deceptively mimics the black-book, overly-busy-format appearance of the 1973 DP, (Library-of-Congress Catalog-Number 73-86259). You’ll find this “Preface”, (with its cunningly worded statements about Dr. Won-pok Choi’s so-called “guidance”), at:

When I met with Dr. Choi, she was living in Korea, and she seemed to be too afraid, (and/or too polite), to publicly challenge any Korean “UC/UM power-mongers”. But since she has ascended into the Spirit World, (in Jan. 2006), I believe her spirit is calling out, confirming that “official” publications of DP have indeed been manipulated and corrupted in very crucial, purposeful ways, by “UC/UM power-mongers”.

So there are well-organized “forces/elements” with most powerful positions INSIDE the UC/UM, that have been working for decades to clandestinely distort, misrepresent, and corrupt DP to serve their own “power-mongering” goals. REV. MOON IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS, (see BR quote #9), AND HE, (AND GOD), CANNOT INTERVENE, (JUST AS GOD COULD NOT INTERVENE TO STOP THE FALL OF ADAM AND EVE), WHICH DP EXPLAINS AND CLARIFIES. But He has had to suffer with this situation for all the decades of His Messiahship, just as we all do to this day. And we are all responsible to do what we can, to defeat any satanic forces inside the UC/UM and lighten the burden of the True Parents. In 2000, (and possibly in 1982), Rev. Moon directed us to create a “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”, and this is the battle cry that will allow us all to finally tell the full truth, and begin to require accountability in the UC/UM. This is obviously God’s Will, as painful and ugly as it may seem.

Here are three difficult questions, and the best answers I’ve been able to formulate:
(1Q) How do we know, whether we are actually giving our 100% effort or not?
(2Q) How do we determine, whether any given opportunity for “indemnity/suffering” that comes our way is “(as due)” or not, according to DP?
(3Q) And in the light of all of DP, the “Mother Of All Questions” must be, “How can we be sure, as to when the Second Advent of Christ occurs, and how can we determine and follow God’s Specific Will For Our Life?”.

Well, there is one answer to all of these questions that will certainly seem like a “cop-out”, to many folks. My “answer” to all three questions, is that we must pray to God, and ask God with an open and pleading heart, “What is the full truth, and what should I do?”, (as we study DP, HDH-DP, or even just the exceedingly important “15 Peace Messages”), and attempt to apply that full-truth in our life. This may seem like a “cop-out”, because it may remind us of the man who painfully climbed high into the mountains of Nepal, to finally ask the “Holy Man”, “What is the answer to life’s problems?”; the “Holy Man” astutely answered, “The answer is, the answer changes”.
So God has been constantly “adjusting” His/Her “actions”, in the 800,000 years since “The Fall”, according to how well people have been “fulfilling their portion of (restoration-indemnity) responsibility”. And we must certainly follow God’s example, and do the same. So Noah fulfilled God’s Will by building the Ark, but if one of his children had built an even better Ark, after “The Flood”, we can see that such a futile, wasted effort would have certainly been against God’s Will. So we cannot successfully fulfill God’s Will by simply “repeating” Rev. Moon’s actions in singsong fashion.

Therefore, we can begin to see that the above three questions, (i.e. 1Q, 2Q, 3Q), are actually quite “knotty”, and are not solved even by our willingness to suffer for the sake of God’s Will, without the “correct application” of our suffering. DP allows for so many possible “answers/paths” to these questions about “God’s Will”, that one would have to write an encyclopedia-sized cornucopia of “answers”, to try to cover even a small fraction of all the conceivable eventualities. And I could not do that, because I most certainly do not know them all....
So the short answers that follow may seem inadequate, but may also prove to be useful to you, if you approach these questions with sincerity of heart. So here goes.
(1Q-Answer) As to our “100% effort”, I believe we should never be so arrogant as to assume that we’re sure that we’re giving our 100% effort. “100% effort”, in my opinion, refers to a “razor’s edge of ATTITUDE”, which we should strive to create and apply, in seeking to do God’s Will. And even our conscience is only as accurate as the level of “true, full Truth” we know and apply to our lives. As an aside, we find that men who are marching/running alone, fall down much sooner than when they are marching/running in a group. This is an interesting lesson, concerning the “human condition”, and “finding our limits”. So this may clarify why the Bible says that a Christian should not marry someone who is an “unbeliever”, (i.e. “Be ye not unequally yoked, [bound] together with unbelievers”, 2 Corinthians 6:14-15), and Rev. Moon has certainly extended this “marriage rule” to Unificationists. Finalizing this answer, DP’s “100% effort” should be an on-going, sincere, heartfelt attitude, rather than a literally assayable condition, and the QUALITY/(TRUE INTEGRITY) of our work is far, far more important than the quantity of our work.

(2Q-Answer) DP states that the indemnity/suffering that is “(as due)” to us, is determined by both our own sins, AND the sins of our ancestors, (which seems patently unfair). But there it is. And since no one normally knows or understands the sins of anyone other than at most their immediate ancestors, it would appear that we’re “in the dark”, in trying to determine what indemnity/suffering is “due” to us.
Nevertheless, I believe there is an accurate “answer”, to this question. First, we have not only the right, but the duty to avoid suffering that is not due to us, since it is against God’s Will that we waste our time and effort on “anti-restoration indumbnity”. Given this reality, we can therefore take any actions to avoid suffering that do not “break any DP rules”. And what does “break-any-DP-rules” mean? I’m not totally sure. But it does have a valid, applicable meaning.
Here is an example:
A man somehow gets through the “bodyguards/tribe” surrounding Rev. Moon, and pleads with Him to “teach him DP”. It is obviously God’s Will that this man should learn DP. But Rev. Moon decades ago paid the indemnity of teaching DP to individuals, and God’s Will is that Rev. Moon presently has “bigger fish to fry”. Therefore, (in my opinion), Rev. Moon would avoid this “indemnity/work”, because it is not “as due” to Him, and at best, He might refer this man to someone who will teach him DP, or simply direct this man to study His 2007 “15 Peace Messages”, which He created as an 8-hour summarization of the vast content of DP.
Here is another example:
To obey a so-called “Abel Figure” or “UC/UM boss” who claims we should obey them, we at the very least need to be able to trust that person, and we cannot trust someone who is in abject, perennial disobedience to Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTION to END the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM and create a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM. If they haven’t even done what is necessary to win our trust, then it is certainly not God’s Will that we obey them. And if they lose our trust at any point, we should stop obeying them. If necessary, that means that we may end up “obeying/attending” only Rev. Moon, (in our heart), which God certainly can accept and recognize as our 100% effort, (certainly for as long as the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM exists).
So in the New-Testament Age, God wanted to separate the sheep from the goats. In this Completed-Testament Age, God must separate the “caring, discerning, parental sheep” from the “indumbnity-paying, spineless, passively complicit sheep”, who can never be “true parents”. In an akin disparagement, Mohandas K. Gandhi once said, “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave”.

(3Q-Answer) This question definitely requires a long answer, as follows:
First of all, if He is the Second Advent of Christ, why is it that Rev. Moon has never performed the miracles that Jesus did? The answer to this question is a bit abstruse, but I'll try to summarize it here.
Although DP decisively intimates Rev. Moon's Messiahship, there was a time in the mid-1970s when Rev. Moon told UC members, “Do not tell anyone I am the Messiah”, apparently to prevent alienating USA Christians who had not yet studied DP. (Jesus also said this, in Matthew 16:20, also with no explanation as to why He said it.) But circa 1992, He finally made the worldwide proclamation that He and His Wife, (i.e. the True Parents), are indeed the biblically-prophesied, one-and-only, long-awaited, never-to-occur-again Second-Advent-of-Christ.
So where are His miracles?
Miracles can be divided into two categories: objective miracles and subjective miracles. Breaking known "laws" of science creates objective miracles, such as: raising the dead, walking on water, calming a storm by telekinesis, turning water into wine, etc. Subjective miracles are less enigmatic, because they MAY be caused by smoke-and-mirrors magic, placebo-effect cures of psychosomatic illnesses, and/or wholly spiritually-defined criteria, such as, respectively: Moses' staff/snake transformation, (which was also done by Pharaoh's magicians), “curing” hysterical afflictions, (e.g. blindness or lameness), or “casting out demons”. This is not to say that subjective miracles are not real and valid; they are indeed absolutely real-and-valid.

Furthermore, the majority of modern-day people have knowledge of scientific facts and of the secret mechanisms of “magic tricks”, so they tend to accept neither the validity nor even the existence, (past or present), of objective miracles. A case can be made that the objective miracles in the Bible are actually only symbolic, or are overstated subjective-miracles. For example, Jesus may have used “sleight of hand” or "mind-control", to change the water into wine, but if we accept His motivation as God-centered, it is not heresy to believe this was only a “subjective” miracle. It's also pretty clear that Noah's ark could not have held all those animals, and that the Earth has never been entirely submerged by rain, but the God-centered motivation, validity, and “realness” of the “miracle-exemplars” of Noah's story need not be in doubt.
As an inferior, worldly comparison, we can use a modern-day example, of long-term hoaxes, (even by the USA government), that promote the existence of so-called “UFO”, sentient extraterrestrial-aliens, with the motivation of averting scrutiny, discouraging rebellion, uniting humankind (against the aliens), and/or preventing war.

But if we examine the biblical subject of miracles closely, we find that God only uses miracles on people who are of “no faith”, as an emergency-only measure, in order to help them reach the point where they accept God's Will (without miracles), in an enlightened, insightful recognition of what is truly God's Viewpoint, in “100% faith”. To coin terms, when God's prophet uses miracles, we can call it the “Angelic Tradition”, and when He uses no miracles, we can call it the “Adamic Tradition”. And for Restoration/Salvation to occur, we must as a bottom-line, final “Condition” accept God's prophet without being shown miracles. Thus, we find that if the Israelites had obeyed, followed, and supported Jesus as God wanted, the time would have come when Jesus would not, (even could not), have performed any more “miracles”, and God would have then needed the Israelites to continue to obey Jesus.
On the foundation of the already miracle-laden Bible of worldwide Christianity then, the Second-Advent Christ, (i.e. Rev. Moon), must be accepted without miracles, in the position of the original Adam, (although Adam may have been capable of performing certain kinds of “subjective” miracles, in the Garden of Eden before “The Fall”).

All of the above notwithstanding, there's no doubt that miraculous phenomena have been caused by Rev. Moon, including the defeat of communism, and the total clarification and resultant decrease of worldwide sin/immorality, effected by His revelation, DP, which defines and proclaims the only truly all-embracing, consummate, worldwide, non-stopgap, realistic new-hope for all humankind, (including all of Spirit World).

And as my two-cents-worth, I would hereby like to officially claim one miracle for Rev. Moon, (or more accurately, for DP, which came through Him). From 1974 to 2005, I have never related this miracle to anyone, ever, perhaps because it was so primal and profound that it cannot be described in words. It is obviously a “subjective miracle”, which I experienced within a few days after I heard DP for the first time, in a weekend of complete-DP lectures circa August 1974, given by a European named Hans Striet, [pronounced as in “site”, and possibly misspelled].
[Editor’s Note: If anyone can tell me how to reach Hans, please do, as I would love to talk with him and at least thank him personally for his work in 1974.]
I was driving alone, on a thirty-minute, daytime trip on an Interstate Highway. This “set the stage” for me to be spontaneous, with no traffic around me, and without any possibility that anyone could hear me. I guess my brain was “processing” DP, but I was in a completely mundane, normal state, when seemingly out of nowhere and for no reason, I suddenly began to cry like an infant. But this was not any kind of “normal” crying. It was, (for lack of a better term), “enjoyable crying”, the kind of wholesome, normal crying newborn infants do, for no reason other than to “exercise their lungs”. I remember there was a serene-spectator part of me that dispassionately observed this “miraculous Phenomenon”, as it occurred in me and tears gushed down my face. I'm sure that if I had thought that anyone could hear me, I probably would have stifled this incredibly pure, newborn-like “crying/bawling”, but I let it run its course, for what must have been at least 20 minutes, although I definitely did not note the time. After this release of primal, expansive, exhilarating energy, I felt somehow wholeheartedly “new” as a clean slate of absolute peace.
In trying to dissect this “miraculous experience”, the best I've been able to surmise, is that my hearing even just the rudiments of DP had created such a clear-cut resolution and elucidation of “reality”, that I was “transported” to a “pure” realm, because all my questions about life had been subconsciously “integrated seamlessly”. I feel that God “gave me” that “experience” as a gift/sign, to make sure that I would never discount the empowering, liberating, life-giving, resurrecting “reality” of DP, no matter how devastating my suffering in the UC/UM might be....
But too often, my suffering was anti-Restoration "indumbnity", rather than God-centered "indemnity", (from 1974 to the time you're reading this, dear Reader), as I've endured exploitation, cowardly attacks, persecution, and ruthless, malicious abandonment, at the hands of those very persons Rev. Moon has appointed to "lead" the UC/UM. And recently, (09JAN08), in Korea, He has finally, publicly exposed at least some of them as "scoundrels".
But true to their habit of creating half-truth lies, the word they've chosen in their English translation is weak, archaic, and misleadingly quaint. "Scoundrels" would most likely be more accurately translated as, "you stubbornly self-centered, small-minded, power-mongering bastard-spawn of a me-first, satanic-status-quo tradition, who, like a brood of vipers, are continuing to subject all humankind to the expanding horrors of 'The Last Days', just to satisfy your leader-centered, God-forsaken, pathetically-acquisitive obsession, which leaves you with absolutely no claim on the holy realm of true Unificationism". (See speech and photo, with C.H Kwak front-and-center), at:
But I digress.
So the question of whether or not Rev. Moon is fulfilling the Second Advent of Christ might appear to be an easy question to answer, but it’s not that simple. The Bible says that “faith is by grace, that no man should boast”, (Ephesians 2:8-9), so we are not allowed to have faith just because we want to. And true humility leads us to understand that we can be deceived, so we are confronted with the ultimate dilemma, in determining the “absolute validity” of DP and of Rev. Moon as the Second Advent of Christ. Descartes’ only “logical” answer to this doubting of our own senses, was to pander to religion by positing that, “God is not a deceiver/liar, so everything I sense is therefore true”.
So what should we do; just ignore the Second Advent, because we’re not absolutely certain it’s real? Well, we can face the fact that WMDs have made it possible for the first time, for humankind to literally destroy itself. And we can face the fact that DP is the only “teaching” in existence, that allows us to have any “true, non-stopgap” hope of preventing that unimaginable suffering. So God has made it easier for us to “accept” Rev. Moon, than it was for the Israelites to accept Jesus. Simple logic leads us to see that, given the existence of DP’s extraordinary “true, new hope”, we have only two basic paths open to us:
(A) Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you’ll die, (1 COR. 15:32-34), OR
(B) Apply (15 Peace Messages)/(HDH-DP)/DP to your life, in every way you can, that even APPEARS, (to YOU), to be what God would want you to do, and find out “what fruit you bear”; as the Bible states, “You will know them by their fruits”, (Matthew 7:15-23).
If we choose path (B), (even if we have no “faith” whatsoever), we are following a path that is closer to God than any saint was ever able to follow, because our “work” is not done self-righteously, but is done on even the CHANCE of DP and Rev. Moon being “true”. This realm of “DP True-Hope”, whereby we “work” to literally bring the Kingdom of Heaven back to Earth, is the “Rapture” Christians dream of. It is the realm of the “Resurrection” of our souls, whereby we begin to walk and talk with God more realistically than anyone has ever been able to do, since “The Fall”.... But people “Raptured/Resurrected” by applying full-truth DP don’t really show it, except “from within”, so you might not notice it when you talk with a Unificationist, especially if you are a “scoffer”. And that’s all I have to say about that.
I have made it clear in my “Book Review”, that at least 90% of any individual’s fundraising results must be placed in that person’s bank account, (perhaps requiring multiple signatures for withdrawal, to guarantee it is spent correctly), for later use in their Home Church, (HC), area. This would defeat those UC/UM power-mongers who use “training” as the excuse for fundraising, (whether “STF” or otherwise), when they actually seek control over the funds raised. The STF Handbook, as at:

, states that the purpose of STF fundraising is “training”. It also says, “At the end of each day the (STF) members offer both internal result and external result of fundraising (funds) to God”.
Since UC Home-Church work is the most important work of all, (to God), there should be no complaint if the results of that STF fundraising are spent on individual Home-Church work later, and NOT on the “STF organization”, or on any other “purpose” controlled by those who have so thoughtfully originated the STF “program” to “help/train” our 2nd-Generation young people.

It’s understandable that some Japanese UC-members might secretly still despise the USA, because of WWII events, but what about the attitude of the UC/UM Korean “leaders”/appointees towards the USA? The USA finally saved Korea from the merciless horrors of the Japanese occupation of Korea, and then from the onslaught of the communist North-Koreans. Wouldn’t South-Korean UC-members have reason to love the USA UC-members, and therefore not try to illicitly manipulate and “use” the most holy DP, to take unfair advantage of them?

Well, yes, but because life is so harsh in Korea, Koreans don’t even love each other that much, unless they are “members” of the same family or are “financially motivated/connected”.
And corruption among South Korea’s public officials is commonplace, to say the least. South Korea has a population density 10 times the global average, which is more crowded than 95% of all countries, as at:
Consequently, there is no real privacy, family ties are necessarily strong, and violent crime is rare, (since witnesses guarantee you’ll get caught). So you most likely will never be mugged there, but if you drop/lose your wallet, you’ll never see it again. I accidentally left about $500 worth of Korean money in a pants pocket, in the clothes I left at a laundry in Korea. I never had even the slightest chance of seeing that money again, even though I could tell by the way they were acting that the Korean couple that ran the laundry had stolen it. “Slicky Boys” are known to be experts at picking pockets on the buses and subways. A UC European-leader there told me that a razor blade had been used to cut his inside jacket pocket on a crowded bus, and he didn’t even know his wallet was missing until hours later. I actually had all my front pants pockets tailored to be 18-inches deep, to prevent such theft!

The all-time most popular videotape movie, (with Korean sub-titles), ever rented in South Korea was “The Untouchables”, which emphasizes the corruption among police and governmental officials, in the Chicago of Al Capone’s time. South Koreans have been immersed in political intrigue and corruption their whole lives, which has most likely been caused by the over 50-year-long threat of attack from North Korea, which has given absolute wartime-powers to the South-Korean government.

President Kim Young-sam, in the early 1990s, stated in a speech before the USA Congress that South Korea had been a dictatorship for the prior 32 years, (which incidentally was under USA/[United Nations] occupation), and every “elected” President during that 32 years was indeed a past ROK-Army General.
With its immense coastline, South Korea has been easily infiltrated by an estimated million specially trained “mole spies” from the North, (i.e. one out of every 48 South Koreans), and this has undoubtedly added considerably to the “internal” problems in South Korea. These, (and the 1905 to 1945 brutal Japanese occupation of Korea), are the conditions that all early Korean members of the UC grew up with. Isn’t it certain, that some of these fanatical, specially-trained, communist “mole-spies” have infiltrated the UC/UM?

Also, I found that Koreans will normally always “favor” another Korean, over a “foreigner”. I was disappointed to find this to be the rule, even in the UC, when I lived in Korea for eight years. If a Korean member of the UC had to “choose”, between uniting with a “foreigner” UC-member, or a non-UC-member Korean, they would always support the Korean. I do not say this judgmentally; Korea’s xenophobia and racism have been well established by as much as 5,000 years of having to maintain its existence in the midst of dangerous, larger neighboring nations. The suffering that Koreans have endured together has created these “enduring bonds”. But sadly, in my experience, even the Second Advent of Christ and DP have not changed these Korean “patterns of behavior” much, within the UC/UM.

For example, when I report that a high UC/UM “leader”/appointee such as Chung-hwan Kwak intentionally, maliciously destroyed my UC marriage/Blessing, I can expect that every Korean in the UC/UM will tend to support C. H. Kwak and find ways to attack me, even if they have to do it clandestinely. This is indeed what I have witnessed in my case, since 1982.

I’ve also noticed that “anti-Moon” and “ex-Moonie” websites have accused the UC/UM of receiving clandestine, ruthless “help” from the “KCIA”, (i.e. South-Korean Intelligence Agencies, by whatever names). Given the intense nationalism of Koreans, and the (conditional), glorified status given to Korea by DP, such accusations are quite believable. I remember Rev. Moon stating, (and this statement appears to have been suppressed, because I cannot find it now), that some of His enemies had “died suddenly”, even though He had not wished that on them.
I believe it is quite likely that those "enemies", (and others, such as Hyo-jin Moon, for many possible reasons), were assassinated by such "KCIA"-shadow persons. Such U$A-augmented, possibly ronin-type persons have surely been hovering in and around the UC/UM since 1954, with murderous intent and capabilities, and bent on promoting, (in their Judas, pitifully-worldly mindset), an exploitation-based UC/UM whose corrupted, half-truth-lie DP aims at putting the inadequate Koreans in imperial, (actually imperious), positions of worldwide glory and control. When we speak of the "UC-Establishment", we should include those murderous shadow-elements, along with ruthless, evil, deficient pretenders like C.H. Kwak.

In my firsthand experience, during the 8 years I lived in Korea, (1992 to 2000), my home in the USA was repeatedly burglarized and vandalized, in ways that proved beyond any doubt to me, that Koreans had orchestrated that damage, to try to intimidate me and cause me to stop the dissemination of my “Book-Review” exposé. One of their craven ploys was to leave arson-threatening burned-matches on flammable materials in my house for me to find. Another, was to steal worthless English-Korean, audio teaching-tapes, and the 1986 sacred photo of my mother used at her funeral. Of course they failed to stop me, because they obviously did not understand true obedience to God's Will. I had become quite a “guerilla fighter for God”, and I was so unaffected by their threats, that it surprised even me. Suffice it to say that I had zero attachments to worldly possessions, and I could feel the bracing bliss from God's and TP's love for my “full-truth warfare”.
Those burglaries came immediately after I had trusted Tom Field, who approached me in the UC-University where I was studying Korean in Korea, circa 1993. He asked me to buy specific cosmetics "for True Mother" which were available only at a US military-base commissary in Korea, to which only I had access as a retired US veteran. With some great effort, I brought him the bargain-priced, high-quality cosmetics, and I charged him a little less than I had paid for them. Then, he proceeded to claim that a couple living in the New Yorker hotel "needed a place to stay". Of course, I told him my house was empty and I gave him the address so "the couple" could drive by and look at it. I never heard from Tom again, and my house never fully recovered from the subsequent damage that ensued. I condemn Tom Field now, (in Aug. 2010), because I believe it is so significant that Larry Moffitt has condemned Tom's collusive callousness and lack of character, in Larry's accurate broadside about the Brazil shambles, as at:
It also becomes clear that Tom Field's henchman-villainy is tied in with both Jin-man Kwak's and Chung-hwan Kwak's traitordom, and they were both roundly, permanently condemned on 17JUL10 by Rev. Moon, as at:
But from God's full-truth Viewpoint, both lackey Tom and preachy Larry simply represent two sides of the same disobedient, immoral, UC-Judas, leader-centered-stooge coin. And make no mistake about it, they've both been just as abhorrent in their 3-decades-long UC/UM careers of kowtowing complicity, self-aggrandizing pompousness, and aspirations to sell you down the river of leader-centered, UC-slaving indumbnity.

I pray, dear (UC/UM)-member Reader, that YOU seize the time, renounce your Leader-Centered complicity, tell it like it is, and join this God-centered warfare for a Member-Centered UC/UM Standard. IF YOU DO, IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS TO YOU BY NOW, THAT YOUR, (AND YOUR DESCENDANTS'), ENTRIES INTO SPIRIT WORLD WILL BE INFINITELY MORE AUSPICIOUS. But if you continue to choose an apathetic, do-nothingism course in this matter, you will inflict this "Leader-Centered" curse on your so-called "sinless" children and grandchildren, (and on ALL your descendants). Your only hope, is in your creation of a comprehensive, "Member-Centered" UC/UM Constitution and Laws, ratified and strictly, effectively enforced on your local level.

One olden author's words perfectly embody our UC/UM dereliction of Member-Centered duty since 28OCT81:
"The cruelest lies are often told in silence. ... The truth that is suppressed by friends is the readiest weapon of the enemy. ... Vanity dies hard; in some obstinate cases it outlives the man. ... Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences. ... You cannot run away from weakness; you must some time fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?", (by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1850 - 1894).

In June 2004, I finally was able to ask the “BFD-representative” stooge who worked for Kwak, why she had refused my pleas to counsel my wife in July 1982, and instead had immediately sent her to a UC “Engagement/Matching Ceremony” in Korea, for the purpose of being re-married just three months after she left me with no stated reason, (just 48 hours after Rev. Moon married us at Madison Square Garden, in New York City, on July 1, 1982). (And we had been “Engaged/Matched” by Rev. Moon in Dec. 1980, 19 months earlier.) Nora Spurxxx’s June 2004 answer, was that she was “just following orders from Rev. Kwak”. And Rev. Moon did not make the “mistake”, of Re-Matching my “wife”, so her life was ruined by Kwak, as well. Nora Spurxxx can be expected to lie about this publicly, since Chung-hwan Kwak holds her “purse strings” as the “Chairman” at Bridgeport University, where she was posturing as a “counselor”, in 2004. By July 2010, we find her shamelessly sporting her appointed, spoils-of-complicity, plum "position", as Principle of the Bridgeport Academy, with her taciturn, reserved husband as (appointed) "President" there, as at:
[Editor's Note - Oddly, this URL disappeared from the Internet about a day or two after it was added to the DPES blog in July 2010. Was that just a coincidence? In any case, you can presently, (Aug. 2010), find some old enthusing about Nora by her husband, who strangely never clarified that he was the (appointed) Principal, circa 2007 at:*/
If the ( URL ever returns, you may see the cat-eating-canary photo of Nora that I refer to here.]
Doesn't her forced smile look innocent? But behind that deceptive smile, it appears that her non-Principled drive for public recognition, (God's Truth be damned), has led her to seek this (appointed) "leadership position" outside the UC hierarchy, which just so happens to make her appear to be separated from the crime of secret, 29-year, abject disobedience to Rev. Moon's 28OCT81 absolute order to immediately make the UC/UM "Member-Centered". But are the Spurxxxs separate from that heinous crime of complicity, in their three decades of support for that most evil, prime disobedience? You be the judge, dear Reader. And through July-2010 UC-infighting, (see "UCBoardChanges" in this DPES document), it's revealed that her husband, Hugh Spurxxx, is on the (complicitly-guilty) "Board of (puppet, non-directing) Directors" of the FFWPU, which is apparently why anyone would "appoint" a demonstrably-complicit person such as Nora to the sensitive job of guiding high-school children, of all things.
Nora Martin-Spurgin may or may not have been starry-eyed, at the beginning of her UC membership in 1968, as at:
But she thereafter, (undeniably, since 28OCT81), seemed to be following her low-self-esteem desire for public recognition, by knowingly selling out God's Full Truth for half-truth lies. And she's selling out each person she deals with, even to the present day, by deviously failing to expose the Leader-Centered, non-Principled crimes that have been and are being committed under the guise of "Unificationist character-education", (see Intro info at):
, and by disobeying and suppressing Rev. Moon's direction, (to her, and to each and every UC-member), since 28OCT81 to immediately create a "Member-Centered" UC/UM. Even the most evil non-UC people on Earth are not as evil as Nora Spurxxx, because they can at least claim ignorance. Nora, on the other hand, has apparently chosen to remain financially dependent on UC/UM so-called "leaders". Thus, she and her husband live that half-truth lie every day, and they face the wrath of God for doing so, hopefully in this life, (per the widespread dissemination of this DPES-document exposé), but certainly in the next. She no doubt loves to spout pious, preachy truisms about "Absolute Values", but she demonstrably, secretly, nihilistically scoffs at the "Absolute Wrath of God" that awaits her. Regrettably, she's not alone in this reality, because it applies to every member of the UC who's complicit in and/or still promoting the God-forsaken, exploitation-based, "I'm-Able,-You're-Cain", Leader-Centered mode of Unification-Church witnessing. Needless to say, I would not trust Nora's character, and may God save those she “counsels”.
In 1982, Dr. Bo Hi Pak, (i.e. Bo-hi Pak), [boh-hee-pahk], was my “UC boss”, and Chung-hwan Kwak was my wife’s (and Nora Spurxxx's) “UC boss”. So it could be said that Dr. Bo-hi Pak discarded me like a used tire, and never lifted a finger to stop Kwak’s BFD stooges from destroying my Blessed marriage. The legendary Won-pil Kim also betrayed the TPs in this matter, since he and I spoke personally about her having left me, and he did not stop Kwak.

About in 1994, I found that the “rumor” had been carefully put out, that my 48-hour ex-wife “should not have left” me. This was obviously only done so that she would receive the blame for this atrocity, as a “cover story” for those BFD “representatives” who had actually convinced her to leave me, (under Chung-hwan Kwak’s despicable direction), and illicitly sponsored her at a Matching/Engagement Ceremony, (against all UC rules), even though C. H. Kwak and Nora Spurxxx, et al, knew she was the one who illicitly shattered her Blessing oath by callously, seemingly-inexplicably abandoning me just 48 hours after we were married. With 20/20 hindsight, remembering her coldness to me BEFORE and after the ceremony, it's obvious to me now that she knew, BEFORE the marriage ceremony, that she would immediately abandon me. C.H. Kwak knew that I could be immediately re-Matched and re-Blessed if she simply refused to attend the Blessing with me. By going through the Blessing ceremony with me, she had acted as Kwak's stooge and effectively put me into a UC-limbo whereby I could NOT be re-Matched and re-Blessed unless the real truth of this conniving fraud could be exposed. No truthful cause was ever given for my 48-hour-wife's behavior, and it is clear that she was encouraged to leave me, because of her immediate, illicit inclusion in a Matching Ceremony.
And even 28 years later, (in 2010), God is still waiting for Nora Spurxxx to "come clean" and PUBLICLY tell the full truth in this matter, (and in God-only-knows how many other criminal matters). But knowing her character as I do, (and her financial dependency on UC/UM "leaders"), I believe she will continue to lie, and even go to her deathbed defying God in this matter.

Another essential part of this story is that my “ex-48-hour-wife” and I had obtained a New York marriage-license, before the wedding ceremony. This meant that we were legally married, even though we did not fill out any paperwork after the July 1982 marriage; and no one realized this. Three years later, because of some “chance” paperwork I received, I finally found out that we were still legally married, (even though Kwak had sent her to more than one “Matching/Engagement ceremony during that 3-year term, from what I could determine). When I reached someone with this information, the stooge UC attorney, John Kirkxxx, was sent to me, (making it seem to be just by chance), to make it appear as if I obtained the legal divorce. Since this 48-hour marriage had never been consummated, this should have been an annulment, (not a divorce), but he claimed that was legally impossible to obtain. In fact, I signed the papers for my ex-wife’s benefit, to release my “ex-48-hour-wife”, who had never been allowed to even speak with me during those 3 years. And I knew that this “worldly legal-release” would not bar her from returning to me, if she ever chose to, (i.e. if she ever overcame the deception by C. H. Kwak, et al). Of course, she never did.
I have not been allowed to know her fate, but by both biblical and DP definition, any relationship she has ever had since, has been adulterous, (even including any UC-sanctioned re-marriage Kwak might have finagled for her), because of the inherently illicit nature of her premeditated, unjustifiable abandonment of a sacred Blessed-marriage.

And Zin-moon Kim, in 1991, told me personally that I would “never be Re-Matched and Re-Married”, if I did not stop distributing my “Book Review” of the book, “Home Church”. And these UC Koreans in power made good on that threat, even to this day, (because of course I continued to do God’s Will in distributing it, and God then led me, by 1995, to expose the incredible corruption/alterations of the HSA-UWC Korean-language publications of TF’s speeches). When I hand carried a copy to him, I had humbly, (with some intense, compassionate fervor for humankind's sake), dramatically told Zin-moon Kim that my “Book Review” was the “bitter medicine” he needed, which seemed to amuse him. I wonder if he’s still amused....
[Editor's Note - It's possible, (but I'm still not sure), that I misunderstood the obvious, (to me), disrespect and disdain in his "amusement". About eight years later, living in Korea, I found there was a specific "cultural misunderstanding" between Korean and USA-expatriate drivers. In cases of "road rage" in Korea, you sometimes show "fervor" toward another driver, (which I righteously did, at times). I even accidentally learned how to "flip someone the bird" in Korean, which is making a fist with your thumb stuck out between your index and middle fingers, like the "I've-got-your-nose" joke USA adults play with children. (This "joke" didn't go over so well, when I tried it with a child once in Korea, and was gingerly told the Korean meaning of my "fist-nose"!) In addition, I learned that the "shhhhh" sound we routinely make to request silence, is the sound Korean mothers use to encourage their toddlers to urinate, in "potty training". In any case, when you show road-rage "fervor" toward a Korean driver, they're trying to convey defusing humbleness, politeness and civility by smiling and/or laughing, (i.e. appearing amused), back at you. This of course enrages Americans even more, since they interpret it as disdain, or worse yet, making fun of their "fervor"!!! God must wince, and surely even guffaw just a bit, at such misunderstandings.]

John Kirkxxx acted as a stooge for many years, for C. H. Kwak in my case, and for others John mentioned to me, (such as “Col. Han”, actually Sang-kil Han), in “positions of power” in the UC. And since he “snaked” his way into my life as a spy for several months, I found through knowing Kirkxxx personally that he is perhaps the most evil liar I have ever met. One of his children, at age 7, once gave a kitten some food at the dinner table, and John Kirkxxx proceeded to kick that cat through the air about 5 feet, bouncing it off the wall. He once told me that he felt it was OK for someone to rape their wife, and even give a child born of such rape to be adopted by another UC couple; he also told me that even though he knew that some of his behavior was evil, he would not change it, because he enjoyed it so much. At that point, I shed tears and told him that I could no longer help him in any way. He then secretly wrote a damning letter with absolute lies about me, to the “BFD”. But his wife showed me a copy of the letter, so I wrote my own answer to the “BFD”, but the “BFD” never responded. So Kirkxxx got rid of me, the one person who sought to protect his wife and children from him, after his wife had told me what had been going on in their marriage for 10 years, with absolutely no help from the “BFD” stooges, who offered neither relief nor resolution, and, (in order to deceptively aggrandize the UC), have always de facto, callously, hypocritically denied that any crime, (even habitual rape of your wife), is grounds for divorce. But I contacted an influential UC-woman-elder at Barrytown, (now our Seminary), about him, and I assume she took steps to protect his family from him, since they were living near Barrytown for many years, circa 1982. This is the type of person that Chung-hwan Kwak used as his stooge for decades. And I believe that Kwak later also sent John Kirkxxx to Korea, to find me and work against me when I was there.
Against my repeated advice to the officials there, Kirkxxx was hired circa 1994 to teach English at Sun Moon University in Korea. I was later informed by a professor there, that they had to fire him for assaulting both a 2nd-Gen. student and an elderly, Korean security-guard. They said Kirkxxx beat up the guard to try to stop him from checking every night, to make sure Kirkxxx was present at 9pm “bed check”.... And knowing Kirkxxx as I had, this made perfect sense to me.
The one other stooge “involved” in this case, who even to this day has been “kept” in a position of UC “leadership” over the area where I live, (so that he could persecute me by cutting me off, and prevent my being Re-Matched and Re-Blessed/married from 1982 thru 2005, when I was finally able to move), is Esteban Galvxx.
The crimes of Chung-hwan Kwak and his stooges are infinitely more repugnant than incest. But in her Feb. 8, 2011 show about chronic, vomit-worthy incest, Oprah Winfrey defined true, (God-centered) forgiveness quite well. She said, "Forgiveness is (the act of) giving up the hope that the past could have been any different". So forgiving does not mean that you trust the perpetrators or condone their crimes, especially when the miscreant-bastards neither repent, nor ask your forgiveness. It goes without saying then, that forgiving UC/UM "Leader-Centered" perpetrators does not mean that you will EVER accept them into your life, or that anyone should.

Although I continue to forgive these persons, I find that their actions are despicable, in the extreme. Their actions in my case, have proven to me that the UC has attracted some persons with low self-esteem, who have no moral character whatsoever, but have carved out a “niche” in the UC by their willingness to prostitute themselves to devious, immoral persons in prestigious UC/UM positions such as Chung-hwan Kwak. Kwak likes to call himself “Reverend”, but he has never met the standard that Rev. Moon set, to use that title, and I am a witness to the fact that there is nothing “reverend” about Chung-hwan Kwak, even though I am certain that Rev. Moon will no doubt perpetually keep him in a position of high authority in the UC/UM, as His promised reward for his earlier, (admittedly crucially needed), “loyalty” to Rev. Moon in the UC. However, given the advent of 360-home-HC work, Kwak’s “worldly position” has become nothing more than that of a pathetic, self-promoting figurehead, (as per quotes #61 and #23 in my BR). Kwak has obviously been riding on Rev. Moon’s coattails, and he thought he could effectively hide his criminal behavior behind the skirts of the Messiah, until my “Book Review”, (BR), was created and disseminated.

From my viewpoint, I have easily forgiven him, (because he is nothing more than a small-minded, pitifully arrogant person), but Chung-hwan Kwak deserves to be executed, just like any murderer. And I have a feeling that God has given him a “life sentence”, whereby his torture is the pettiness and vanity of his own mind.

I believe that the case of Leslie Holliday is another example. The “Introduction”, in the 1983 book “Home Church”, (ISBN 0-910621-21-7), states that she was solely responsible for the “compiling and editing” of this monumental book, as at:
My “Book Review” makes it clear that this “Introduction” statement by Chung-hwan Kwak is painfully, blatantly deceptive, as he tries to discredit the full truth in the quotes that Leslie Holliday discovered and included. In this 1983 “Introduction”, Kwak finally states, “The best thing to do is to learn, or at least refer to, the original Korean”.
Six years later in 1989, under Kwak’s “leadership”, the HSA-UWC began official publications in the Korean language, of Rev. Moon’s past speeches. By 1995, my “102-quote Book Review”, (BR), exposed the fact that these publications had “mysteriously”, secretly deleted the most crucial quotes, (or in the cases of 60% of the BR quotes, completely eliminated the whole speeches), from the original Korean, that were in English in the 1983 book, “Home Church”.

Around 2000, I contacted Leslie Holliday by phone, because I believe that she is second only to True Mother Herself, in the amount of indemnity she has accomplished and paid through her selections of the quotes in the book, “Home Church”. She detailed a horror story of her situation to me, (which I believe must remain confidential here).

Her consternation prompted me to state to her that I believed that Chung-hwan Kwak had most likely secretly caused her suffering, because he secretly was so upset by the revealing content of some of the quotes she had put in the book, “Home Church”. I told her that it was very likely that Kwak had intentionally, most deviously done things that guaranteed to cause her the unimaginable suffering she was in, to “punish” her. She seemed to not be able to “process” my opinion about Kwak’s possibly having intentionally, vindictively attacked her in this way.
She stated that she had disassociated herself from the UC, which I could understand, although it pained my heart terribly. Here is the Leslie Holliday of 1994:
We might ask, what horrendous suffering could have created such a radical change in her, in just 7 years? I am not at liberty to say, but perhaps she will tell you.
When I phoned her recently, in June 2005, she was still adamant, and would not discuss her situation with me further. I guess her children are now 16 and 17, (in 2005), so I am quite concerned, about her ongoing situation, and that of her children. My opinion is that all humankind owes her a huge debt, because of the most revealing quotes she discovered as editor of the book, “Home Church”. Her amazing work led to the creation of my most revealing “Book Review”, (BR), which in my opinion has most likely shortened world suffering by hundreds of years, if not thousands.
Therefore, I pray that as many people as possible might try to help Leslie and her family, better late than never.

In my opinion, “Home Church, ISBN 0-910621-21-7” is the most absolutely one-of-a-kind, most seminal book, of all the books ever published by or about the UC/UM, no thanks to Chung-hwan Kwak. (I include the ISBN number, because a multitude of “smokescreen” books with the title, “Home Church” have been produced by the UC/UM/[HSA-UWC], since my “Book Review” first appeared in 1990 – 1995.)
If anyone wants to contact Leslie, to try to help her in any way whatsoever, please reach me at (, [NOTE: Persecution cancelled this email address.], and I will try to let her know, or I will give you her contact information.

Please bear in mind, that I have finally “named names” in this document because I believe that is necessary, in order to clearly define the kinds of crime that have to be addressed, in the creation of the “Unificationist Constitutions and Laws” that I pray will soon begin to outlaw, prevent, and punish such crimes done “in the name of the True Parents”. I hope that everyone has the courage to “name names”, as we endeavor to obey TF’s direction to create and live a “Member-Centered Standard” of absolute accountability, absolute transparency, and absolute punishments for wrongdoing by so-called “leaders”. And this will eventually lead to the establishment of valid, effective, and most sacred Tribal-Messiahship “Unif. C & L”, at the grass-roots level.

Even the system of schooling, in grades 1 thru 12 in Japan and Korea, reveals why these folks learn to compete so fiercely with each other, and especially with “foreigners”, during the rest of their lives. In their public schools, they do not use the magnanimous, forgiving “A-B-C-D-F” system of grading that the USA uses. This USA system is inherently plagued with the problem that the whole standard tends to “slide down”, and you find yourself with students that have “graduated” from USA high schools who cannot even read!
One recent, (April 2005), astounding estimate, is that there are over 90,000,000 illiterate adults in the USA who cannot even read “functionally”, most of whom actually “graduated” from USA high schools!

The grading system in Japan and Korea wisely compares students only to other competing students. So, in a class of 60 students your “grade” on any test, or for the entire year, is a number from 1 to 60 showing your “rank” in the class. This guarantees a constant state of some fairly cutthroat competition, including a whole lot of extra-curricular, expensive private “tutoring”, much of which is affordable only to the rich. “Foreigners” tutoring English privately are regularly “exposed” for “tutoring labor-crimes” in Korea’s national media, caught up in the never-ending controversy caused by this competition of the rich vs. “middle class” Korean-parents’ children. The latest “flap” claims that the foreigner English-teachers are “mostly pedophiles”, (with accompanying public violence against innocent English-teachers), which tends to convince all “foreigner” native speakers of English to stay out of South Korea.... In a small country like South Korea, such “hate campaigns” are easy to accomplish.

If we had any common sense in the USA, we would change to a “ranking grading-system” in our public schools, but it would involve such a gut-wrenching change, to abandon the slippery “bell-curve” that protects our false sense of “equality”, (and allows us to remain lazy), that this obviously needed change isn’t going to happen any time soon.
Of course, it might be said that this “rank” grading-system is quite easy on the teachers, and quite brutal on the students. Also, its inherent nature emphasizes rote, and discourages and may even permanently preclude any inventively-creative brainwork. And every year, some of those graduating from high schools in Japan and Korea commit suicide, because their “rank” is not high enough to get into the “right” college, which truly does doom them to a suffering life in the harsh, unforgiving economic environments of their countries.
But this “rank” grading-system does guarantee that the standard of education stays very high, with no possibility of ever “sliding down” as the USA system does.

One high-school teacher in Korea lamented to me privately, that this grading system, (which was actually originally forced on Korea by Japan), causes Koreans to scratch and claw at each other all their lives, to get “one rank higher”, because this is the way that their schooling and harsh environment have taught them to relate to life.
And this intensely competitive schooling trains Koreans to eat their meals rapaciously and never socialize, (or even say a word), at the table. It can be especially amazing to an American, (who typically eats at a leisurely pace and socializes at meals), to see a dainty Korean woman shovel huge spoonfuls of food into her mouth, swallow without really chewing, finish the meal in seconds, and then jump up and leave you without a word. They're not rude; it's just that their public schools have habituated them so completely to this sort of demanding, merciless pace, that eating this way is simply "normal", to them.
And Korean living-conditions may externally look similar to the USA, but life can be quite "Third-World" there. For example, Koreans do not normally drink un-boiled tap-water, (and this means they also never, ever use un-boiled tap-water ice, so trustworthy iced-drinks are very rare there). But Koreans are so "proud", (and/or uncaring), that they will not tell you this.
It takes untold amounts of raw cash, to keep raw sewage out of a country's potable water supply, (and Korea definitely does not have said raw-cash resources, as is suggested by the overpowering sewer-smell that's common there). But persons raised in the USA simply don't expect such stark realities. I drank clear, wonderful-tasting tap-water in Korea, (twice!), before I realized it was causing me the violent illness I was experiencing, with 24-hour projectile-vomiting and explosive diarrhea I had not even known existed, much less actually encountered, even though I was a seasoned military veteran of the Vietnam war.
Koreans have a quaint-looking "tea" which they drink and sell, that saves them from such coliform-bacterium illnesses, (to which no human body could ever become immune). It's called "barley tea", which is made by boiling roasted barley in water. Sixteen years later, I've finally figured out the "secret reality" of "barley tea". Normal tea-leaves will lend their color even to cold water, or by just being "steeped" in warm water, which would not kill the bacteria in that water. But roasted barley is different. It won't give up its light-tan color to the water, without substantial boiling. So by eyeballing the "tea's" color, you can tell that it was boiled long enough, at a high-enough temperature to sterilize water, even though "barley tea" is usually sold and drunk cold, from the refrigerator. And that's the "saga of Korean barley tea" I've finally deduced.
This Korean-tap-water narrative has also jogged my memory, of an elderly, Korean "UC leader" I roomed with in a Maryland apartment, when we were working in the "God Bless America Campaign" in June 1976. He washed using a bucket of water and a washcloth, even though we had a shower. At that time, this seemed quaint and even amusing to me, because my guess was that he was habitually conserving water, (even in the USA, with laughably-abundant, clean water). But now, I believe that his habitual-method of washing prevents even one drop of (contaminated) water from entering one's mouth, nose or eyes, thus preventing any illness that might be caused by taking an "American shower" in Korean tap-water. In addition, we find that hot tap-water is often unavailable, or is exorbitantly expensive in Korea, , and even just the water utility is expensive.
I rented rooms in apartments, and in one case my elderly-lady apartment-owner landlord left her bathtub tap dripping, keeping the tub about half-full of water at all times. So when I took my showers, I would always simply empty all the water out, since my USA-eyes could see no use for it. The nice lady never complained, (possibly because I'd graciously agreed to repeatedly take her daughter to the US military base, to help her get a USA visitor's visa). But it was really tough to get her a USA visa, and all my efforts failed. (Unofficially, an embassy official finally intimated to me privately that my "friend" had some sort of suspicious past connection with North Korea!)
But I digress.
Months later, after I'd moved to another apartment, I found out by chance that those individual-apartment water-meters do not register the flow if the water just drips, so that savvy, (Korean!) elderly-lady was getting her (usually-expensive) water free. In addition, all Korean bathrooms have a drain in the floor. So, perhaps for all the above reasons, this "bucket-and-washcloth" method of bathing tends to be the "Korean-norm".

Ancient history brands Koreans as "born plotters", exceedingly fond of personal infighting and double-dealing, (as opposed to honorable, aboveboard, battlefield warfare). In 1061 AD, Korea's emperor actually had to order all Korean men to wear large, fragile, porcelain hats, (i.e. torip or "clay pots"), to stop them from constantly brawling, rioting, and plotting against the emperor. The penalty for any damage to that hat, (no matter the cause), was immediate death by decapitation. As one historian writes, "Fear of breaking the hat turned each Korean into a specimen of prudence and self-importance; all hustle and noise in the streets disappeared, so did all harsh movements, and people became polite and tender". The later, (silly-looking) winged-black-hats, (i.e. samo), worn by the Korean Yangban/aristocracy symbolized "higher-order thinking", and thus alluded to those 1061 AD "clay-pot" hats. So wearing the tightly-strapped-on black-hat signified the wearer's (probably deceptive) claim that they, (unlike the typical Korean), avoided fighting and scheming. The above facts, and more not-always-flattering revelations about Koreans are found at:

Currently, on every day since 1953, the so-called Democratic People's Republic of Korea, (DPRK), in the north has constantly threatened to re-invade the Republic Of Korea, (ROK), in the south. In 2005, the North's 1.1 million army menaced a better-equipped army of 687,700 in the South. By 2010, reliable estimates state that 1.9 million in uniform (and 9.7 million reservists) in the DPRK are still threatening the ROK army of 655,000 (and 3 million reservists), as at:
Because of this inconceivable, 6-decades-long, daily threat, all South Korean young men are required to “serve” two years in the ROK Army, before they are even allowed a passport. They are literally treated worse than “like dogs”, and deaths regularly occur, during this ROK “Army training”. Korean men are almost all surely scarred for life by the adverse effects of this “ROK Army experience”. It tends to teach them to be totally unforgiving, merciless, and/or conniving, (i.e. evil), especially against any perceived “adversary”.
And naïvely, American and even worldwide UC/UM “appointed leaders” have usually mistakenly accepted and adopted this dismal, “predatory, Korean UC-standard” as being “from God”.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
The truth is that those Koreans who were most prepared and best natured to receive the Lord of the Second Advent failed to obey Rev. Moon at an extremely crucial time in the early 1940s. Ever since, Rev. Moon has been forced to work with those who were willing to “follow” Him, even if they “followed” for flawed, completely selfish reasons.
And these influential, early, Korean UC-members and “leaders” are the persons who have most influenced Rev. Moon’s children, (i.e. the so-called “true children” or "True Family"), while Rev. Moon and His Wife have had to give most of Their time to serving all humankind. This explains the confusion and horrors that continue to beset His children, even including three deaths:
(1) an auto-accident fatality while driving at age 16
(2) a probable suicide, in a “mysterious” 17-story fall at age 21
(3) death from a so-called “heart attack”, at the suspiciously-young age of 45, implying homicide or suicide

The world has inherited this very imperfect, “predatory-UC-leaders’ standard”, originally caused by that early failure to obey Rev. Moon by Korean Christians, who most likely were heavily influenced by arrogant USA-Christians. This has culminated in the perpetually-entrenched disobedience in the UC/UM, to Rev. Moon’s 28OCT81 direction to initiate a totally “Member-Centered” UC/UM.

Concerning “the true children”, Rev. Moon said, (as in my BR):
“quote #48, Quote Missing, p.396B ...The greatest virtue my own children can demonstrate is loyalty, absolute love and obedience. In that case, they will go freely with me. But if they don’t demonstrate obedience, they will have to go through 21 years (of HC work) themselves, as well as their children.... (2-2-79), [vol. 103, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]”
Given the problems that beset them, it would appear that Rev. Moon’s children and grandchildren are currently responsible, (just as all UC members are), to “win the hearts” of a “minimum of 84” in their 360-home, Home-Church areas, within a “21-year-course” deadline. But it appears that they have been so influenced by the “predatory UC/UM worldly-dynasty promoters”, that they are neither doing 360-home-HC work, nor are they promoting it publicly as they should. As an example of all this, I will refer to In Jin-nim Moon, whose spirit and past public speeches I love. (The honorary suffix “nim” is not actually part of In Jin Moon’s “legal” name.)
Her current, (Aug. 2005), “stressed attitude” towards her father, Rev. Moon, is in my opinion partially incorrect, because she has been surrounded and influenced all her life by “UC/UM power-mongers”. She repeats all “their” accusations against Rev. Moon, and she doesn’t seem to understand that $5,000,000 is a lot of money for God to pay, (for “scam-artists’ crimes”), as ransom to get Dr. Bo-hi Pak out of prison.
Instead, she states, “A king is only as good as the advisers with whom he surrounds himself and my father is no exception”. Of course there is truth in this, but I don’t think it applies to this case, stated at:
Everyone has always thought that Rev. Moon is rich, but He has always said that He does not have even one penny for His own, “personal” use, so He may actually not be able to help Dr. Bo-hi Pak, especially with the sum of $5,000,000.

Dr. (Col.) Bo-hi Pak was always a very likable, engaging, humble personality in his on-stage, decades-long translating for Rev. Moon’s speeches. He was known for his self-admitted, perennial “bubbling enthusiasm”. So I was hopeful, when he promised to read my “Book Review” on his flight to the USA, when I personally gave him a copy in Korea, in the mid-1990s. Apparently, he also chose not to promote that full-truth, and I believe that is the pivotal, (spiritual) reason he ended up receiving a 5-year Korean prison-sentence for undeserved fraud charges in 2004, as at:
[Editor's Note: In July 2008, this website no longer exists, but the record of it does exist at:*/
"Mysteriously", all of this 2005 thru 2007 record is marked "Not in Archive". Hiding this past record is typical of Koreans, (even Rev. Moon's children), who have no doubt been conditioned to be more concerned with "saving face" and "good public image", than with maintaining a standard of absolute full-truth. This does not bode well, for the ongoing, true integrity of the UC/UM.]
Should we all attempt to pay this $5 million “ransom” to “satanic forces”, to free Dr. Pak? I cannot claim to know God’s Will in this matter, because Rev. Moon appears to be understandably unwilling to respond to or pay such “satanic forces”. Is it conceivable, that Isaiah 1:15-20 applies in this case? In any case, all Unificationists should shudder; since such a scheme has been carried out against Dr. Bo-hi Pak, I believe that no UC/UM member will be immune to such satanic jailing in the future. And I intend to send In Jin-nim the $100 she’s requesting for her signature on her CD, (to save Dr. Pak), because I couldn’t have understood Rev. Moon without his decades of difficult, “on-stage” translating....

[Editor’s Note: AFTER 27 MONTHS IN JAIL, DR. BO-HI PAK’S SENTENCE WAS SUSPENDED, AND HE WAS FINALLY FREED ON NOV. 3, 2006. WE PRAY THAT EVERYONE CONTINUES TO HELP HIM FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE, TO RECOVER FROM THIS NIGHTMARISH EVENT. However, Dr. Bo-hi Pak continues to refuse to advocate and/or promote the direction for a “Member-Centered” UC/UM, that Rev. Moon issued on 28OCT81. Dr. Pak’s definitive public statement, after his incarceration, is at:

So Dr. Pak is continuing to make the same evil “mistake” the Israelites made, thinking that the Messiah came to just benefit the Israelites, when in fact, He came to lead the Israelites to sacrifice for the sake of all humankind, as stated repeatedly in HDH. Of course, the most dire sacrifice, from a “Korean viewpoint”, (which is no sacrifice at all, from God’s viewpoint), will occur when all Koreans have spouses from other countries, according to the “Restoration Ideal” Rev. Moon has made clear. Then, the “Korean race and culture” will no longer exist, as a “Fallen-status-quo, Korean entity”, according to God’s Will. But will Dr. Pak’s loyalty to God’s Will ever overcome his loyalty to benefiting just the Korean people? Time will tell. Therefore, we can best help Dr. Pak by continually asking him to begin to obey Rev. Moon’s 28OCT81 direction, by admitting the horrendous consequences he, (and other UC/UM “leaders”), have caused to all humankind, with their prolonged refusal to obey this 28OCT81 most crucial direction to create a wholly “Member-Centered UC/UM”. If and when he truly repents in this matter, Dr. Bo-hi Pak should begin to facilitate the installation of at least the “six Member-Centered, litmus-test REQUIREMENTS” listed later in this (DPES) document.]

And we recommend absolutely transparent, public disclosure in all “fundraising”, which In Jin-nim Moon has not completely supplied, as of Dec. 2006; in other words, she has not disclosed how much money was sent to her, to free her father-in-law, Dr. Bo-hi Pak, nor has she itemized how it was spent. Since such “transparency” is not required by USA law, almost no “USA fundraisers” ever supply it. But the extraordinarily unique nature of The Second Advent requires such public “transparency”, because the potential for malfeasance is so high. Our guess, is that very high UC/UM “fundraising” goals can be set, and met, when such “100% transparency” prevents abuse, and allows more people to “donate in good conscience”. Such “100% transparency”, (when combined with 100% accountability), would give far greater UC/UM fundraising “results”, in the long run.

And what about Yeon Jin-nim “Kat” Moon’s help for Dr. Bo-hi Pak? She’s Rev. Moon’s second to youngest child, and she’s claiming to have $989,000,000, as at:
She gives us an incredibly revealing look at her mindset, at age 18 in 1999, (and at the mindset of those “UC/UM power-monger, worldly-dynasty promoters” who have influenced her all her life), with her thoughts on her brother, Young Jin-nim Moon, whose apparent suicide was so misguided, unnecessary, and tragic, as at:
She probably still did not understand, (at age 25 in 2005), that it was the influence of small-minded “UC/UM power-mongers” surrounding him, that caused her brother’s suicide, and not just the “satanic woman, Hwa-jung” she indicts. And doing 360-home-HC work would have saved him, and could still save all of Rev. Moon’s children and grandchildren, if they do it; (see BR quote #48). Otherwise, they will continue to mistakenly think they are “different/better” than the rest of humankind.
It’s true that their parents’ indemnity-condition of obtaining Their “(84 + 84)-minimum of followers” means that Their children are currently the only people that have been born “without original sin”, according to Rev. Moon’s statements. But the full truth, is that the “self-serving character” of those “followers” de facto led to and caused her brother’s untimely death. And the full truth is that “the true children” must still get rid of their “inherited/ancestral, collective/national, and personal sins”, just as all humankind must do, by studying, teaching, applying, and living the (15 Peace Messages)/(HDH-DP)/DP, in 360-home-HC work. If and when Rev. Moon’s children or grandchildren begin to receive the marriage/Blessing with spouses that are not Korean, we will know that they have finally begun to apply DP in earnest for worldwide “Restoration”, (rather than just for self-serving Koreans).

The characterization, “the true children”, is generally recognized in the UC/UM as referring to the physical, “genetic” children/family of Rev. Moon, but in fact, there is HDH content that has Rev. Moon referring to “the true children”, (of the True Parents), as ANYONE WHO OBEYS GOD’S WILL, in this Completed-Testament Age. As at,
, Rev. Moon said:
(1) “...and shows and teaches us the content required to become true children. This is the content owned by the Unification Church.”
(2) “...In the Unification Church, we use the words “True Parents” and “True Children”. Do you know why? This is because the Unification Church is a God-centered movement to reveal the True Parents to all humanity and to show the way a True Child should go.”
(3) “In order for us to become true children, True Parents must appear on this earth and we must be reborn through them.”
(4) “You will also be able to inherit everything.”
(The above four quotes are also found in printed HDH, in “Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom, Vol. I”, ISBN 0-910621-89-6, [in the “Blessing and Ideal Family” section], on pages 331, 331, 333, and 335, respectively.)
And there are many other HDH quotes that prove that “true children”, (and thus, “the true family”), are defined by their obedience to God’s Will, rather than by any Worldly-Dynastic, “genetic connection” to Rev. Moon.

In the same vein, Jesus did not immediately meet with His family when they came to visit Him, (Matthew 12:48 and Mark 3:33), saying, “Who are my (family)? (They are) those who do the Will of God”, as He pointed at His “followers”. (Jesus also spoke in this vein in Matthew 10:35-39.) Those “UC/UM power-mongers” who have hitched their wagons to one or more of Rev. Moon’s “genetic” children’s good fortune, have a very strong, very evil motive for wanting to prevent everyone from reading the HDH content THAT WOULD ALLOW EACH PERSON TO UNDERSTAND THAT THEY CAN BE “true children” TOO, IN THE EYES OF THE True Parents OF ALL HUMANKIND. IN ADDITION, THE TERM “True Parents” WILL ALSO APPLY ONLY TO THOSE WHO OBEY AND FOLLOW THE FOUNDATION LAID BY THE FIRST “True Parents”, Rev. Moon and His Wife; and unexpectedly, that may or may not include His “genetic” children, grandchildren, or any of His future descendants....
Rev. Moon has also said that UC members should “attend the true children”, but since His “genetic” children have never seemed to open themselves to “being attended”, we have to ask whether His words, (and His intent), were accurately translated from Korean. It now appears clear, (from HDH content), that He has been issuing permanent direction to unite with those who actually do God’s Will in the light of DP, whether or not they have a “genetic connection” to Rev. Moon; (see BR quote #46).
And circa 2007, Rev. Moon designated/appointed a “12-Tribes” structure, possibly, (or possibly not), originating from His “genetic” descendants. He stated that all (UC-married), "Blessed Couples" would "draw lots in a lottery", to determine which of the "12 Tribes" they would belong to.
Concerning this matter, (of crucial meaning that is lost through either mistaken or evil “interpretations” of Rev. Moon’s words), Un Jin-nim Moon said, as at:
, “ is important to hear or read Father’s speech ourselves because once it passes through one or two leaders, it is filtered to fit their perception of the message. Each person receives Father’s words from their own perspective and needs. There may be a message only you can hear”. Amen, amen, and Aju!, dear Un Jin-nim, (i.e. Aju!, [ah-jjjoo], --- as owners of the Universe, we reside with and affirm God!).
Elsewhere, at:
, Un Jin-nim Moon asked her father, (when she was 27 years old, in 1994), (and I paraphrase), “What is the use of Your/our suffering so much persecution at the hands of evil Cain people who don’t even appreciate all Your suffering?”.
In my opinion, it’s clear that Rev. Moon’s answer strove to give her some idea of the horrendous, FULL reality of “The Fall” and ALL its present-day consequences, when He answered, “Think of Heavenly Father”. That’s all He said, in answering her lengthy, heartfelt, but defiant question....

If she knew how close she is, to being vaporized by a stolen 300-megaton hydrogen-bomb, (perhaps packed in by mule over the Canadian/USA border), would she understand His answer? Only ONE such weapon would destroy everything in a 1,000-mile circle, from Chicago to New York, and there are perhaps 3,000 of them still on Earth. And only the dissemination and application of DP can guarantee that such WMDs, (and far worse biological and chemical WMDs), will not be used. All else is only stopgap, at best. Un Jin-nim is 39 now, (in 2005), and even to this day, I’m not sure she understands His answer. In my opinion, she will have to do HC work, and even help her children with their 360-home-HC work, to begin to understand His answer. Then and only then, she will no longer be so strongly influenced by the “UC/UM power-monger, worldly-dynasty-promoters” who have surrounded and fed off her all her life. And since we all no doubt have at least a bit of “power-monger” in our souls, we all desperately need to participate in the 360-home-HC Mission, to fully understand His answer, to “Think of Heavenly Father”; (see BR quotes #36, #38, and #40).

In the months immediately after I joined the UC in Aug. 1974, Rev. Moon sometimes emphasized in His speeches that prosperity would come to those who stayed with the UC. I remember thinking that sounded very strange, since He had obviously never required such a promise of prosperity from God; He fulfilled His Messianic Mission in spite of all the suffering He had to overcome during those prior 38 years. Over 30 years later, I have come to perceive that especially the early, Asian UC-members were far too steeped in the necessity of “worldly” blessings, to have followed Rev. Moon without such promises from Him of future, personal prosperity.

As an older American who had faced death personally in combat, I needed no such promises of “worldly” blessings, since I perceived DP as the only hope of humankind to avoid unimaginable war and suffering. All else is only stopgap, at best.

And on July 1, 2000 Rev. Moon tactfully intimated the astounding, first-time-ever admission that God may have to “give up” on Korea, if the Korean UC-members do not fulfill their responsibilities. As at:
, He said, “...but we still need to fulfill the foundation for that nation: the restoration of independence in God’s Fatherland. If this doesn’t happen (in Korea), I will do it, even if I have to make a nation myself. Centered on North and South America, the Catholics and the Protestants must unite,... ...then even if True Parents give up on Asia, (i.e. give up on Korea), everything will work out well”.
So the Korean language will be universal, but Korea will not necessarily be “God’s Fatherland”, unless the Korean UC-members can deny their “Self-Centered Self-Interests”. From my experience, it’s difficult to justify betting on that horse....

And His July 1, 2000 statement causes me to ponder the fact that Rev. Moon “Matched” me, a Protestant American who attended a Catholic university, with a well-educated, Mennonite woman from Paraguay, way back in Dec. 1980. This very small “piece of the puzzle” implies to me that Rev. Moon suspected that Koreans would fail Him.... In my case, that failure came two days after my July 1, 1982 marriage, when Lilliputian Chung-hwan Kwak and his BFD criminal stooges vindictively, illicitly put an end to that UC Blessed marriage, by deceptively influencing my “48-hour-wife”, who had only been just a home-member of the UC for only two years, and was therefore quite vulnerable to them. This sort of manipulatory, despicable crime must be addressed, in any “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”.
In retrospect, the skulduggery of Kwak, et al, (even in just my case alone), has profoundly damaged the UC/UM: The substantial monthly stipend I've been receiving since before I joined the UC would have greatly augmented Rev. Moon's goals in South America during the last 24 years; and currently, (Aug. 2005), my military experience would have certainly helped to minimize or prevent the ransom-abductions and anarchy that are plaguing the UC/UM in Brazil and Paraguay.

As recently as April 27, 2005, Rev. Moon stated the painful truth, when He gave the speech:
“God is Our True Parent, True Teacher and True King”
, at the “Blue Sea Garden” in Korea, as at the Internet URLs:

[Editor’s Note, Jan. 2008: The above ( URL now requires a secret pin-number, to access. This is a sure sign that UC/UM power-monger hypocrites are in control there, surreptitiously hiding the full truth they fear and despise, as they promote a “self-admiration society”, and continue to seek out those who prove to be easy to deceive and exploit with half-truth lies.]
He said, “Heavenly fortune dwells within this nation and race. IT IS NOT, HOWEVER, BECAUSE OF YOUR SUCCESS; NOR IS IT BECAUSE THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA IS SPECIAL. It is because the True Parents of humankind, raised by God, began the providence of passing on the true lineage centering on the Korean people”.

This whole situation explains why Rev. Moon has “appointed” some very improbable Korean people to high, permanent positions of responsibility in the UC/UM. Is it possible that they simply would not have been capable of “altruistically” following Him, unless He had promised them future worldly power, prestige, and success? We now know that they are part of His personal “minimum-of-84, Home-Church followers”, (although it is far more than 84), so He is forced to cater to them.
He promised them prestigious positions, and He can deliver. He cannot, however, make them better people. But He does know that the 360-home, Home-Church providence will judge each person according to the actual, altruistic true-love they fulfill. Thus fulfilling Biblical prophecy, (2 Timothy 4:1, 1 Peter 4:4-7), He has come “to judge the quick and the dead”, not by His personal judgment, but by bringing us the full truth of DP, (summarized in His 2007 “15 Peace Messages”), and the HC-Mission, whereby we judge ourselves. However, He had to withhold His announcement of that permanent, Home-Church direction until 1976.
Here is what He has said about HC, (from my BR):
“quote #66, Quote Missing, p.37T ...My very special, secret weapon that Satan couldn’t find was home church. I prepared it like a secret bomb and now it is complete. The time has come to ignite it.... That is why this year’s motto is: Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven.... (1-1-80), [two speeches in vol. 106, published April 14, 1990]”
(Incidentally, note that the above BR quote #66 was clandestinely deleted, from the official UC/(HSA-UWC) 1990 publication, in the original Korean language.)
So, where is Satan, and who is “with Satan”, in this quote-#66 statement’s scenario? Well, DP makes it clear that we all have inherited a “blood lineage” from Satan. But it is obvious; HC was kept “secret” from the early (Korean and Japanese) UC-members, who surely would have never followed Rev. Moon if they had known that their future positions and power would not be automatically granted, as normally happens in any “worldly dynasty”. As it is, Rev. Moon convinced them to “work hard” in the UC, which ultimately means that they have benefited eternally from the results of their work, supporting the TPs to the best of their ability. But the necessity of “winning the hearts” of a minimum of 84 people, in a 360-home area, was not in the plans of those who joined the UC and followed Rev. Moon between 1940 and 1976, (when He first began to announce the “HC-84-minimum” requirement).

And this evil reality is still evident, in the cases of those who received the UC marriage/Blessing, but have never educated their children concerning this necessity to fulfill their “84-minimum” in HC work, BEFORE they marry. In fact, “dynastic” marriages are being foisted on Second-Generation children, instead. This only shows how profoundly ignorant, (or evil), UC/UM “leaders”/appointees are, concerning the immutable nature of the Second Advent, since such shortsighted attempts to make the UC/UM into a “worldly dynasty” are doomed to utter failure.

In fact, ever since Rev. Moon announced the Home-Church requirement, a lot of trouble has occurred in the UC/UM, because of this crucial, dirty secret, that early, Asian members with powerful positions within the UC/UM have rebelled and set their heels against Rev. Moon’s “new HC-direction”, in all sorts of ways. We can be sure that Rev. Moon knew this would happen, and that He would be secretly despised by so many UC members for preventing them from successfully “power-mongering”. And we can be sure that He freely gave Himself up to all that suffering, because Home Church was and is God’s Will, and in fact is the fundamental crux of the UC/UM, (see BR quotes #66, #22, #38, #49, #54, and #85), although no UC/UM “leaders” appear to be teaching that, EVEN TO THEIR OWN CHILDREN!... Spiritually speaking, this means they’re egotistically, arrogantly murdering their own children, (even with full knowledge of DP), which is infinitely worse than Cain’s having killed his brother.

UC members always thought that Rev. Moon’s “Matchings” were somehow “magical”, and that this “tradition” of “totally-arranged marriages” would be permanent. This suited the Asian UC-members fine, because such “arranged” marriages were the “norm”, (and are usually necessary for survival), in the harsh environments of Japan and Korea.
We can now finally clearly understand, that radical, deadly persecution during the early years of the UC necessitated the “emergency measure” of mass Engagement/“Matching” ceremonies officiated by Rev. Moon alone, and He clarified this to some degree, in quote #49 of my BR.

That persecution was also why Rev. Moon was forced to operate the early UC very much like an “army”, with all new members being required to “drop everything”, to join the UC and “just obey”. And that is one telling clue, as to the “nature” of UC members. They were defined, in the earlier UC, (until about 1990), as the “types” of persons who were willing and able to “drop everything”, and “just obey”. AND THAT IS NOT NECESSARILY THE BEST “TYPE” OF PERSON TO SUCCEED IN THE 360-HOME-HC MISSION.
Therefore, now that Rev. Moon has married/Blessed hundreds-of-millions of couples who do not yet know DP, God is waiting for these persons to “come alive”, (by studying His “15 Peace Messages”, as well as HDH-DP and DP), and fulfill their HDH-daily-study and HC-witnessing responsibilities. But there are older, powerful UC-members who want to stop the dissemination of accurate HDH-content, so that they can keep the predatory positions in the UC/UM they have worked so hard to plan, create, and maintain. Ironically and tragically, the only way that all UC/UM members, (and their descendants), will be “saved”, is through the success of worldwide HC-work by individuals. So these powerful, older, murderous-Cain UC-members are self-centeredly destroying themselves, (and all humankind), just as did Cain. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Back in the mid-1970s, then UC-President Neil Salonen led about a hundred of us UC members to stand silently, (uninvited), at the back of a “Public Hearing” in Washington, DC, called by USA Senator Robert (Bob) Dole of Kansas to “investigate”, (i.e. to attack), the UC. There, I heard one person testify, “I’m very afraid, because the (UC) members remind me of Hitler’s brown-shirt youth”. And even we Unificationists admit that we did at that time sometimes have that sort of “single-minded-Army”, intensely-focused, even eerie appearance. Such is the glory and the power of DP’s unifying, convincing embodiment of God’s Will! And DP is summarized in His 2007 “15 Peace Messages”, (which can be read in less than 8 hours).

Neil Salonen once pontificated correctly that there are some sins that cannot be “restored”, within the time of one lifespan. Now, I believe that Mr. Salonen is committing such a sin, by refusing to promote the full-truth in my “Book Review”, which I hand-carried to him personally in 2002, after it was emailed to him many times, in 1997 and 1998. Circa 1997, I hand-carried copies of my “Book Review” to Won-pil Kim and to Chung-hwan Kwak, who apparently have chosen not to promote the full-truth therein. I also hand-carried a copy of my “Book Review” to Hyo Jin-nim Moon, (TPs’ oldest son), and to each graduate at the Unification Theological Seminary, (UTS), in June 2004. Four months later, I hand-carried over a hundred copies of my “Book Review”, (plus a short document exposing the lies that are suppressing the complete, correct content and availability of Hoon Dohk Hae), to the UTS mailslots of all UTS staff and students.
But I have seen no evidence that any of the above-named recipients are promoting that full-truth, two years later.... I believe that all of the above are making a serious, even deadly mistake, if they continue to refuse to promote that full truth in my “Book Review”, which is based 100% on Rev. Moon’s (suppressed) words.
[Editor’s Note, 13APR08: On March 17, 2008, Hyo Jin-nim Moon died in South Korea, totally unexpectedly, at age 45, supposedly of a “heart attack”. Since his parents’ genes would have predicted a life twice that long, my first thought is that his death had to be either a homicide or a suicide, but that’s just my unsubstantiated, shot-in-the-dark means of trying to cope with the mind-boggling shock of Hyo Jin’s incredible, untimely death.]

There is no doubt that early, Asian UC-members also mistakenly thought that the “UC army-structure” would be permanent. But Rev. Moon reversed this 180-degrees, in His 28OCT81 speech, “Historical Children’s Day”. As at,
, He directed that the UC begin 100% “member-centered direction” from its “leaders”/appointees, which they have not obeyed even to this day, 29 years later as of Aug. 2010.
And I know that this is so, because such “member-centered direction” would have reached out to persons such as myself, if it existed. Historically speaking, I was no doubt the first “American-military veteran” to join the UC, in Aug. 1974. After eight years of very hard work, (and I was at least as “effective” as any other UC member), I was finally Matched/engaged by Rev. Moon in Dec. 1980, and Blessed/married by the TPs, on July 1, 1982. And I still carry the awesome responsibility and authority of this most precious UC marriage/Blessing, since I am still “faithful”, and I have allowed no “sexual fall” into my life. I have fulfilled this “Condition”, in spite of the “engineered, illicit atrocity” of the vindictive destruction of this providential UC marriage/Blessing, by July 3, 1982, by Chung-hwan Kwak and his BFD stooges, et al. As “Heavenly Justice” would have it, I am one instrument God is using, (circa 1990 thru 2010), to prophesy and facilitate the undoing and defeat of UC/UM “power-mongers” such as Chung-hwan Kwak, for the sake of all humankind. After following this course since 1989, of exposing the full truth about the UC/UM, I believe (and know) that Rev. Moon agrees this is necessary, since He has never told me to stop, (and never will, in my humble opinion).

In Feb. 1977, Rev. Moon announced that His Messianic Mission had been 100% fulfilled, (as in quote #2 in my BR), when He also stated that 1977 was “year one of the Kingdom of God” (on Earth). Since that date, all UC single members, including those 2nd-Gen. persons whose parents have not “obtained” the (84+84=168)-minimum of “followers” in HC, (which has turned out to be all of the 2nd Gen.), should ideally thereafter find their future UC-member mates in their 360-home-HC “witnessing”, (as in BR quote #49). Such “self-decided engagements” have been subject to “approval” by Rev. Moon or, (since Jan. 2001), “approval” by their parents alone. Dr. C. S. Yang stated Rev. Moon’s refusal to continue “Matching/engaging”, as at:
So, in Jan. 2001 Rev. Moon said, “From now on I’m not going to do the matching. The parents themselves have to take responsibility in all matters”.
Apparently with few exceptions, the perception of UC members has been faulty, from atop their “high horses”, because their arrogance and/or their compensating for low self-esteem have prevented them from understanding, (or admitting), that the growth in character required of them in 360-home-HC work was the only means they ever had, to become “worthy” of the UC marriage/Blessing, which was only granted to them CONDITIONALLY by Rev. Moon because of early UC “emergency conditions”. Such CONDITIONAL marriages/Blessings are still being granted, in the case of anyone who has not fulfilled the “HC-84-minimum” requirement, before marriage.

When all has been said and done, there is one clear means of defining “true UC members/leaders”, and that is by examining whether they ADVOCATE and DO 360-home-HC work, (either their own, or helping in their children’s HC, since there is a 21-year deadline; see BR quote #14). If they ignore HC, then any claim they might make, that they are “following” Rev. Moon, is highly suspect, even though they may “work hard” and it may appear that Rev. Moon “accepts” them; (see BR quotes #87, #40). And this reality applies even to such high-profile “followers” as Dr. Chang-shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins, who both received hand-carried copies of my “Book Review” from my hands, but have never given me one word of thanks or “feedback”.

At the same time, it is important to note that even Jesus Christ could not “obtain” His “minimum of 84”, which led to His being crucified. With 20/20 hindsight, we can say that this was a failure of the Israelites to obey God and accept Him. In the case of the UC “First Generation”, when we failed to “obtain” our “minimum of 84 in HC work”, it is conceivable that we did everything “right”, just as Jesus did. Rev. Moon has never assigned “blame” for our “failure” to “obtain” this “minimum of 84”; He has simply stated that the consequences of that failure are that our children and grandchildren must follow their own 21-year courses to “obtain” their “minimum of 84” in 360-home-HC work, which would not have been necessary, if the “First Generation” could have achieved that “84-minimum HC-success”.

Whether this “First-Generation” failure is the fault of the UC members, or the fault of non-UC-members for not accepting them, or a combination of both “faults”, the consequences are the same. So the UC members who have been suppressing and denying the full truth and consequences of this “HC-84” reality, (out of their own arrogance, shame, and/or evil intent), have been almost literally murdering all UC Second-Generation children, by setting them up to fail. The lies of suppression and silence, as well as the half-truth lies, must end, concerning “the HC-84-minimum requirement”, as well as the correct HDH content. Otherwise, we will just continue to cut our own throats, in the UC/UM.

Our failure in this “HC-84” matter will continue, if we continue to allow UC/UM power-mongers to perpetuate the “I’m-Abel-you’re-Cain” lie. When I was only a couple of months into my UC membership, towards the end of 1974, I remember an intimate gathering with Rev. Moon when He clarified this “situation”. There were perhaps 50 or 100 of us there, but I don’t remember exactly where it was; (perhaps it was Belvedere main-house, in Tarrytown, NY). I don’t even remember who was translating; (perhaps it was Dr. Bo-hi Pak). Rev. Moon actually opened Himself for questions from the “audience”, (which I’ve never seen Him do since). I raised my hand, was called on, and I stood up. As a mature person who had survived near-death military experiences in Vietnam, (as well as losing a close friend when the helicopter we were in crashed in combat), one question was burning in my soul, (and I remember my question perfectly, as if I asked it yesterday).
I asked, “Father, in the Cain-Abel relationship, what should we do, if we believe that our Abel’s will is different than Your Will?”. I remember a quiet gasp from the audience, and I felt that everyone there must think I was “wearing diapers”, being such a new UC-member. Rev. Moon answered immediately, with no hesitation, as He smiled lovingly and spoke very gently, moving His right hand in a slow horizontal arc, palm up. The translator said, “Your Center Director is not always your Abel. That person who serves most is your Abel”.
So your “Center Director” can be any “UC/UM boss”, and “serves most” most likely means “serves God’s Will most”.
I remember thinking, as I bowed and sat down, “Well, if you weren’t sure He was the Messiah before, now you know”; what a perfect, (seemingly easy) answer this was, to my “unresolvable question”. UC/UM “power-mongers” do not want you to learn this kind of full truth.
A day later, the Director of the “UC Center” where I was staying gave his contrived, deficient, diminutive “interpretation” of Rev. Moon’s expansive answer. That deceitful Korean “leader” claimed that Rev. Moon meant that anyone at the Center who served everyone there, would become like a “Sergeant second-Abel”, still subordinate to the “Lieutenant first-Abel Center-Director”. Upon hearing his stunted, pathetic “interpretation”, I just smiled and nodded.

Years later, it became even more clear to me that Rev. Moon’s answer meant that, ultimately, our “absolute obedience” is due only to the Messiah, who has obviously served (God’s Will) more than anyone ever will. Biblical prophecy and DP do not require our unreserved obedience to anyone else, ever. And those who illicitly use “altered, corrupted DP” to demand such obedience “in the name of the True Parents”, should be appropriately, severely punished. On 28OCT81, Rev. Moon officially announced the end of the army-like, “Leader-Centered” UC.

Asians in harsh economic environments have been “brainwashed” to revere “obedience” as being “intrinsically moral”, because such unquestioning obedience to their “emperor/leader” has been proven to be necessary, for their country’s survival. But because of the overwhelming power and prosperity of the USA, Americans have been allowed the luxury of knowing that OBEDIENCE IS ONLY AS “MORAL” AS THE “leader/Being” YOU OBEY.

I believe that the “Northern-California Durst-UC” has been perhaps the worst USA albatross around the neck of the UC/UM, and it continues to bring untold opposition and suffering to the UC/UM and to Rev. Moon.
Mose Durst, his wife “Aunni”-(i.e. “aunt” in English), (whose name is unknown and kept low-profile, which is a common trait of predatory Koreans with low self-esteem), and an impotent “Kristina Sehxx” have been the “unholy terrors” who have been most destructive to Godly UC goals, with their illicit, matriarchal, “Horizontal-Abelette Methods” of deception, manipulation, and intimidation. I actually made the mistake of respecting Dr. Mose Durst’s public rhetoric so much that I requested to “transfer” to work under him, circa 1979. This was my “Big Mistake”. These “Oakland UC-predators” were at that time based in NY City, and they, (i.e. Mose Durst), ended up unceremoniously throwing me out on the street, (even though I had worked nonstop in the UC “Movement” for five very long years, previously), because I calmly, inquisitively dared to ask them to clarify exactly what was and was not mandatory, in the “orders” they issued. Since they were looking for “victims”, I did not meet their criteria. (I believe that Bento Lxxx is also still part of that “group”; I found that he had a violent bully’s-mentality, when I fundraised with him years earlier.)
By God’s grace alone, I was then able to contact a high UC Korean leader, who found me a top position as Personal Assistant to Mr. Sung-soo Lee, the director of our New York “News World” newspaper, under Dr. Bo-hi Pak.
I do not know what has happened to the Dursts, (perhaps God has thrown them out), but I met “Kristina” in 2004, still spouting self-promoting pap about her deceptive “workshops”. She was accompanied by a couple of the beaten-down men she so enjoys emasculating, by using her illicit, corrupted “interpretation” of DP. Here is what Rev. Moon said about this evil, deceptive imitation of the UC, at:
He said, “I tell you that running after Dr. (Mose) Durst will not lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven. The important thing is that you must unite among yourselves centered on him, and then you will enter.... ...If the central figure only wants you to unite around him instead of with each other, he is a false central figure”. And may God have mercy on all of their souls, in Northern California....

The word “obedience” is prominent in the UC/UM, but according to God’s Providence, our obedience is due only to Rev. Moon and God’s Will, and certainly not to UC/UM “power-mongers”. Biblically speaking, once we find the “Messiah”, we are to obey Him without reservation. At the same time, even within this realm of “absolute obedience”, (since He is not God), He naturally wants everyone’s help in determining “the best way” to accomplish His ever-turbulent Messianic-Mission. Therefore, the “unofficial DP-answer” I heard, was that we have the right, (and even the duty, if our motivation is God-centered), to try THREE TIMES, to “change His mind” or “convince Him to change His opinion” about any direction He is giving. After that “give-and-take”, we should just obey, and even then, we must obey within the confines of what our own conscience demands.
Of course, this sounds like just so much inconsequential musing, since the logistical reality has always been that there was not enough time in one man’s lifetime, for each of the 3-to-6-billion people on Earth during His Mission to have ever had even one “private audience” with Him. So the reality has been that we should study the (15 Peace Messages)/(HDH-DP)/DP, and possibly even receive guidance from Him spiritually; and then, (except to the degree that our conscience might disallow it), obey Him to the utmost of our ability. And of course, even after He dies and ascends to Spirit World, we can seek this “give and take” with Him spiritually, especially in prayer.

However, this right, and even duty, to question “orders” by UC/UM leaders is not a moot “DP Standard Of Obedience” on Earth, since it is the exact same standard that must rule any relationship we have with any, (only elected, not appointed), “Member-Centered UC/UM leader”. AND THEY DO HAVE THE TIME, AND MUST TAKE THE TIME to hear and respond appropriately to our questions, requests, and DEMANDS.

And Rev. Moon has obviously always respected the grave responsibilities of His position, so He has never been prone to issuing difficult-to-accept “orders” to individuals. His strongest “directions” have normally been aimed at whole groups of UC members, thus allowing some “individual flexibility”, in obedience to Him. And He would normally give multiple directions, so that each member might do whatever was “possible” for them. He has even chided USA “UC-leaders”, for being less capable of following multiple directions than the Asian “UC-leaders”.
His 2007 "15 Peace Messages" are obviously meant to have absolute, preeminent authority, but He harmoniously suggests, (in PM 13), only that one should "make them the GUIDELINES for your life", rather than presenting them as ironclad, inflexible law. He presents even the most holy, essential "Family Pledge" as "Heaven's most precious and blessed GUIDELINE", (in PM 14). Furthermore, He repeatedly emphasizes the supremacy of our original-mind's conscience, and He nurtures us, (in PMs 2, 5, 7, 9, and 12), by explaining how "billions of good ancestors have come down to earth to GUIDE" us, (rather than to dominate or force us). Within this flexible concept of GUIDANCE, we find that God understands our limitations and our heart's true sincerity, SO EACH PERSON’S 100% EFFORT IS HEROIC, INCOMPARABLE, AND NOT SUBJECT TO JUDGMENT BY ANYONE, as long as we’re sincerely trying to follow the guiding light that has shown through Rev. Moon.

I learned personally, that He has driven Himself to try to satisfy everyone, so that they would work as hard as possible for God’s Will. Circa Oct. 1974, I approached Him as He sat in a car, with the intention of touching Him; don’t ask me why; it had something to do with the woman in the Bible who was “healed” when she touched Jesus’ robe. Well, at about 8-inches from His chest, my quivering fingers stopped as though my body was encased in cement; I have no idea why. I was totally oblivious of the crowd of people standing around the car. After about 2 or 3 eternal seconds, his right fist came up very quickly, but he touched me very gently with the back of His right fist, on the back of my right outstretched hand. To anyone watching, it probably appeared as if He had struck me in anger, but I felt the gentleness of that touch. I immediately reacted as if I had been struck, (i.e. spiritually struck), and I quickly backed away to a spot behind the crowd, where I collapsed on the grass in happy, almost euphoric, quiet sobbing. To this day, I still do not understand what “happened spiritually” in that situation.

But during the following hour, from my incredibly cathartic, even euphoric experience from His touch, I found myself realizing that He had instantly found the way to give me what I was asking for, (even though I did not know what that was), while He had also satisfied whatever jealous feelings long-time, hard-working UC members might have felt, if He had appeared to accept my untoward approach. At that time, I said, “He has voluntarily put Himself in that ‘DP-Prison Of Service’, that restricts and binds Him”. Much later, it also became apparent to me that He knew, that I would have had to pay extra indemnity/suffering, if He had received me with open arms.

That very experience has led me to create this (DPES) document, 32 years later, in an attempt to share what I see as the complexities of God’s grief and God’s joy, and to help as many people as possible to confidently come into “The Presence” of the True Parents, which is the most fulfilling, blissful, “one-with-God” place in Heaven and on Earth, even though it appears difficult.
When I first joined the UC, we used to half-joke, saying that everyone is going to suffer in this life anyway, so why not join the UC and have your suffering count for something? You might contemplate that, if you think your faith in the TPs is too weak to join the UC.... In 1974, the UC offered me realistic liberation from the scenario of the 1960s “psychedelic poster” that read, “Help! I’m being held captive in a human body!”. And the UM now provides opportunities for everyone to work at achieving the most heartfelt, God-centered goals ever allowed to humankind, no matter what each person’s level of “faith” might be.

And rich people don’t have to worry about “giving up” their fortunes. They can now direct such fortunes with God’s approval, (just as Rev. Moon has), if they just permanently surrender that fortune to God, in their hearts, within the realm of an understanding of God’s Will from studying the (15 Peace Messages)/(HDH-DP)/DP.
The scripture, (Luke 18:25), that states, “For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”, is not understood by many. Note that the word used is “enter”, rather than “live in” God’s kingdom.
“The needle’s eye” was in fact a very small passageway, and to pass through it, the camel had to get down on its knees, (symbolizing a person becoming humble to God), and it had to temporarily have its pack removed, (symbolizing a person finding a place in their heart where God’s Will is more important than any possessions). Of course, after “entering”, the camel got off its knees, and its pack was replaced, (symbolizing the fact that God wants everyone to be rich and to retain and maintain their unique, individual dignity, in the Kingdom-Of-Heaven ON EARTH). [Editor’s Note: See the discussion of the “Ceremony of Returning Ownership”, later in this DPES document, (as mentioned in the 15 Peace Messages, in PM #5).]

The long-term realm of the Completed-Testament Age bars “UC/UM predatory power-mongers” from succeeding, on any permanent basis. Even so, “they” deceptively emphasize earlier, (UC-emergency-era), quotes from Rev. Moon, when He did indeed ask those joining the UC to literally give their assets to the UC, and then to “tithe to UC Headquarters”, (i.e. to the “UC power-mongers”). But “they” could not foresee Rev. Moon’s future, protective directions, requiring the “360-home-HC 84”, the “Member-Centered” UC/UM, and finally, the “Unificationist Constitution & Laws”, culminating in His extraordinary emphasis of the importance of studying His “15 Peace Messages”.

During all the years that I went to hear Rev. Moon speak, I remember noticing the giddy happiness of many of us going there, and thinking that these happy young people obviously did not understand what an awesome, fearful responsibility to obey they faced, by being in Rev. Moon’s presence. But amazingly, Rev. Moon never, ever “threw His weight around”, in any of the “directions” He issued.
Around 1980, Rev. Moon said something specific at Belvedere about obedience, which I burned into my memory. He said that any two persons of different nationalities, married/Blessed by Him, did not have to obey Him 100%, because their international Blessing inherently required extra suffering/indemnity of them, so He could “give them more leeway”. But He said that any two persons of the same nationality, married/Blessed by Him, must obey Him 100%, or they “will be the size of insects, in Spirit World”, (i.e. after they die). Early, Korean UC-members were, (of necessity), all wed to Koreans, and even Rev. Moon’s children’s marriages have thus far followed that undesirable, “worldly-dynastic pattern”, even though it is not the ideal Rev. Moon promotes and espouses. In fact, (without demeaning True Mother’s position in any way), I read that Rev. Moon once said that ideally, if the 1940s UC had been more positively received, He should have married a non-Korean such as the Queen of England, with great power and influence, (thus more quickly facilitating God’s Will on Earth). This is the kind of suppressed statement that is probably impossible to prove, however, since it is deleted or never published.

“Power mongers” in the UC/UM, (either because they are intentionally evil, or because they are misguided by evil, as Judas was), obviously want us to believe we should obey them, but obedience to the Messiah is all that DP and Biblical-prophecy demand of us. It was only because Rev. Moon directed it, that anyone was ever obligated to “obey” the rather pathetic UC “leaders”/appointees, in the early, “emergency UC-army-structure” (prior to 28OCT81). But to this day, it appears that “they” are waiting for Rev. Moon to die, so that “they” can “take over”. “They” simply have no foundation of understanding of the significance and meaning of Biblical prophecy, extrapolated to the complex, all-encompassing, even mysterious, Completed-Testament Age of DP. The old adage comes to mind: “God works His wonders in mysterious ways”. And God will not be fooled by these posturing, UC/UM power-mongers, with their self-centered, vile, deceitful, pathetically conceited promotion of a “worldly-dynastic” Second-Advent-of-Christ. And that’s all I have to say about that.

During the 1970s, (I heard, and I believe) the USA FBI informed Rev. Moon of at least two “assassination squads” sent to kill Him by North Korea’s Kim Il-sung. And so we find that Rev. Moon has almost never criticized the early, UC Korean-members or “leaders” publicly; and I think that’s because we do owe them a debt of gratitude for helping to “protect” His very life itself, in the “early days” of the UC, even though they may never have “God-centered” motivation. But He has more recently made some non-specific statements about this, which of course are suppressed and not found in any “official” UC/UM publication. On 06JUN03, he said, “Because the (Korean) 36 couples could not complete their responsibility much was lost”, as at:
While I was in Korea, I read that He said, “There are persons who are with Me (physically) every day, who will not be with Me in Spirit World”. This made perfect sense to me, (given my personal experiences with the criminal, vindictive character of Chung-hwan Kwak), so I believe that’s what He said, even though such statements are suppressed by “UC power-mongers”, so that it’s impossible to prove He said it.
I believe that the murderous-Cain Chung-hwan Kwak, and the amiable-Abel Dr. (Col.) Bo-hi Pak are examples that show us facets of how painfully Rev. Moon has suffered. I have known both of these men personally, since they were each my “UC boss/(Central Figure)” for years, at different times. And (without trying to berate them), it must be said that they have never been able to comprehend the cosmic-level QUALITY, of the kind of sincere, focused, to-the-bone, intense, even explosive sacrifice that Rev. Moon has pushed Himself to, in order to desperately try to serve both them and all humankind. And I am convinced that they are among the very best Koreans that have “followed” Rev. Moon.
Such “non-Christian” persons “followed” Him, while powerful, capable “Christians prepared and raised up by God” have ignored and denied Him for the last five decades, just as the Israelites denied Jesus.... Those such as Rev. Billy Graham and his ilk have missed the time of His Visitation, and I have to ask for God’s forgiveness, because I so deeply despise the fact that the USA has not received the Second Advent as it should have. If the USA had done so, far greater, eternally glorious blessings to all humankind would have been flowing by now, instead of the terroristic, futile “USA War On Terrorism”.

Now, Rev. Moon has stated at private HDH sessions that it will not be long until He ascends into the Spirit World, leaving only His Wife on Earth, to try to guide those who seek God’s Messianic Will. I pray that the True Parents’ lives have been extended by the health information that I hand-carried to His Wife, circa 2000, as at:
God provided a miracle, so that I was able to place four copies of this “health-and-witnessing” document into True Mother’s receptive hands, and the blessing of Her smile gave me renewed strength and inspiration, as it has since the first time She smiled at me.... Currently, “Tonalin CLA” and a good multi-probiotic have proven to be good for everyone. And for anyone over age 30, “healthful age-reversal” looks quite easy, safe, and necessary for vibrant living, in the two comprehensive books, "Ageless"-(2006)-(ISBN 0-307-23724-9), and "Breakthrough"-(2008)-(ISBN 978-1-4000-5327-8).
Most importantly, an invaluable, enduring, shocking exposé of the grisly USA medical system is found in the must-read book, "Knockout"-(2009)-(ISBN 978-0-307-58746-6).

The “UC power-mongers” obviously want to fool us, into “tithing to” or “donating to” or “supporting” them. But if Rev. Moon does not ask us publicly, currently, clearly, and specifically for something, why should we believe that He wants it? Years ago, I read that Rev. Moon had asked for a $15,000 donation, from each UC couple that attended activities in Brazil, to include receiving a precious photo of their family with the True Parents, (i.e. with Rev. Moon and His Wife). Even then, my opinion was that this was simply His way of measuring the strength of the UC/UM, and was not motivated financially at all.

To explain my opinion, I’ll relate the following story. When I was just a one-month UC member, on Sept. 18, 1974, I was at Madison Square Garden in New York City, where Rev. Moon spoke. So many thousands of tickets had been handed out, that an “overflow” of about 80,000 people never could even get in, and this whirling, surging crowd even broke one chained MSG door down to get in early. I was put to work on one of the escalators where people entered, with a “hand-clicker” counter, to count the people coming in. But my directions were to also count the people as they left, noting the number every 15 minutes. I wasn’t told why this count was being taken, but I remember thinking it was “strange”; was a miracle going to occur, with more people coming out than went in? Besides, taking this “outgoing count” meant that I could not hear Him speak! I later learned that Rev. Moon made that speech very forceful and at times difficult for His audience to accept, which demoralized many of the UC members who had worked so hard for weeks, giving out free tickets with the motto, “Sept. 18 Could Be Your Re-Birthday”. I think it was months or years later, before I realized that He had wanted to measure the “character”, of this NY audience that had been so eager to hear Him. By gradually increasing the “force” of His speech, and by later knowing WHEN people left, He had an excellent means of knowing the “internal character” of that crowd. So He had in effect devised a subtle means of measuring how well the USA might recognize and support Him, in the future.

So as Rev. Moon states, (in HDH), God needs “True Love”, rather than needing money, knowledge, or power, because He already has all those. But “UC/UM power-mongers” have consistently proven to be very separate from God, in these matters. “They” regularly claim that “Rev. Moon said” to tithe, or donate, or to “support the (Japanese) Kodan organization”, but since He “said it” either decades ago, (which may not be His valid “direction” now), or supposedly “said it” at private “leaders’ conferences” or other guarded situations, it’s easy to see through “their” half-truth lies. Incidentally, the word “Kodan” contains a veiled, (impotent) threat that “The (Shinto) Gods” will punish those who back away from their “commitments”.

And remember, if these folks are willing to lie to us, about what Rev. Moon really said, they are also willing to lie to Rev. Moon, whenever it suits their purpose(s). And no matter how much God and the Spirit World have helped Him, He is indeed just a man, (just as was Jesus Christ), and He can be deceived by these “Judas UC-followers”. I believe I have seen this with my own eyes, when Zin-moon Kim spoke to Rev. Moon about me, at a Matching/Engagement Ceremony in Korea, circa 1992. Even though I was “uninvited”, (by Joong-hyun Pak, who was the “leader” at that time, where I lived), I traveled in faith to Korea for this “Matching Ceremony”, and I had the secret intention of studying at a new Korean-language course at our University in Korea, afterwards.

Of course, the outcome was that Zin-moon Kim stopped Rev. Moon from Re-Matching me, although I could not understand what he said. It was clear to me, that Zin-moon Kim lied to Rev. Moon about me, on that “Matching floor”. And if we intentionally lie to the Messiah after we understand DP, we become actually worse than Satan, according to DP. But “non-Christians” such as Chung-hwan Kwak and Zin-moon Kim actually do not truly believe in or have faith in the Resurrection of Jesus, (although they may claim to). The proof of this, is that they could not commit such heinous, vindictive, self-promoting crimes, if they truly believed that they would have to suffer the consequences of such crimes, after they die.
Therefore, they “misinterpret” much of DP, (in their “Judas-Syndrome” mindset). Then, they are in some “dark, Korean realm”, where “getting ahead”, “dominating”, and “clandestine, cowardly attacks” are the pragmatically motivated actions they can and do justify. They also make these “mistakes” because they have refused to work in any 360-home-HC area, and are therefore even less able to perceive how separated they are, from Rev. Moon’s level of heart.

There are at least two obvious reasons for C. H. Kwak's inclination to tamper with the marriage relationships of those under his control:
(1) His haughty character, (born of over-compensating for his appropriately-low self-esteem), has made him cowardly by nature, and since he knows that attacking a person's marriage/Blessing is not seriously sanctioned by man-made law, he thinks he's safe in perpetrating that sort of despicable crime.
(2) Since Rev. Moon has always said that "lineage" is the most important thing, Kwak's Judas-hubris has led him to think that
he can hurt someone the most by destroying their marriage and thus cutting off their lineage, (i.e. preventing them from having children).

In both these presumptions, Kwak is both correct, and incorrect. Obviously, Jesus had no lineage and He’s been at the right hand of God for over 2,000 years.
So it’s God's Universal-Law that will strike Kwak, (and his stooges), for tampering with even one UC-Blessed-marriage. And being Korean, he already seeks his own self-importance and prosperity by coercing his own lineage to “succeed”. But in his worldly Judas-mindset, he fails to understand that having his “bad lineage”, (which is following “Leader-Centered” self-interest), is immeasurably worse than having no lineage at all. So when Rev. Moon says, "Your lineage is the most important thing", it's actually a two-edged sword. Since C.H. Kwak, et al successfully violated and defiled my Blessed marriage, one tragic fact has become ultra-clear to me: It is infinitely better to have no children, than to have children who do not fulfill even the most-rudimentary, Home-Church direction to work in a 360-home area, winning-over a minimum of 84 strong supporters within a 21-year-time-span deadline. And since that first HC-84 success will surely be heralded widely, we are living with the catastrophic reality that not even one UC member has accomplished this "minimum-of-84" goal, as of July 2010.
In Kwak’s case, in addition to betraying his own children by preventing their even attempting to achieve their HC-84-minimum requirement, he has also committed the most heinous crime of tampering with and destroying a UC-Blessed-marriage. We can therefore deduce that he, (and his stooges), have destroyed their own lineages, and subjected all their descendants to a curse, the scope of which is incomprehensibly vast, and so terrible as to defy definition. And these stooges cannot escape this consequence by claiming they were “just following Kwak’s orders”, as Nora Spurxxx stated to me in 2004. In short, it would have been better for them if they had never been born, (Mark 14:21).

In the case of all UC members, far too many, (possibly ALL!), have made the paramount “mistake” of betraying their children by ignoring/suppressing the 360-home, HC-84 requirement, and have somehow still convinced themselves that it’s good that they had children. In fact, it is this “bad lineage” they’ve spawned and betrayed, that will give them the most grief, both on Earth and in the Spirit World.
It's an incredibly heart-rending situation, that most UC members worked so hard in the UC, and sacrificed so much, in order to qualify for the UC marriage/Blessing, and yet have shown such evil, self-centered, bottom-line motivations by keeping their "Blessed" children ignorant of the full truth, concerning the HC-84, and power-mongering evil in the UC/UM. And everyone in the UC/UM appears to be doggedly avoiding creating the Unificationist Constitution and Laws Rev. Moon asked for on July 1, 2000. How can this be? This immensely puzzling, lockstep failure must be traced to the fact that Rev. Moon was forced to use a top-down, totalitarian mode of organization, until He first condemned it, on July 1, 2000, although He had demanded that the UC/UM become 100% "Member-Centered" on Oct. 28, 1981, without ever specifically defining exactly what that meant, or how it should be implemented.
The UC/UM Japanese and Koreans, who lived in nothing but this totalitarian-mode all their born days, "followed" Rev. Moon easily in this mode, and "trained" all other UC/UM members to believe it to be God's Will. So by July 2010, we find a remnant of "faithful" UC members, still "following" so-called "leaders" of the UC/UM, but we find that Rev. Moon is telling these "leaders" that they are "scoundrels", on Jan. 9, 2008. Instead of "all hell breaking loose", we might say that "all Heaven is breaking loose" in the UC/UM, as Rev. Moon has announced that the "Era After the Coming Of Heaven" has begun ON EARTH, in His preeminent, 2007 "15 Peace Messages".
But we find that typical UC members are still desperately clinging to their UC/UM "Mutual-Admiration Society", even at the cost of cursing their eternal souls, and the souls of their descendants, by ignoring and/or denying the above-stated realities. And perhaps the most evil aspect of this state of denial, is their complicit, murderously-Cain-like, aloof-but-egomaniacal willingness to keep you and all humankind in the dark about their inadequacies, and about full-truth, uncorrupted DP, so that they can continue to stroke themselves, as "the only REAL Second-Advent, UC members". Crucial, damning proof of this, has been their obfuscation of the reality of HDH-DP, and their refusal to translate the 2007 "15 Peace Messages" into any language other than English, (in which it was spoken), since Sept. 2007, (as of July 2010). In their bitter, self-serving Judas-mindset, you simply have no right to the knowledge or blessings of Second-Advent DP-truth, unless you kowtow to them as they were forced to kowtow to UC "leaders"/appointees.
As Rev. Moon has raised the intensity of His struggle to get this indispensable, world-peacemaking, singularly-non-stopgap, one-with-God DP-Word to humankind, an overwhelming majority of UC/UM members has chosen to sit on their laurels and act as disobedient obstructionists against His clear intentions. Folks such as these have so little integrity, that it's easy for them to remain passively complicit, or aggressively persecute someone like myself for daring to publicize the full truth in this DPES document.


Circa 1995, Rev. Moon brought several dozen of the Korean “UC-top-leaders” to a 40-day “workshop”, in Korea. Since I only heard about what happened, and it has never been admitted publicly, I will simply repeat here what I believe truly happened, even though it could be partially incorrect. Most importantly, Rev. Moon was being very strict with these “UC-Korean-leaders”; the reason for this “workshop”, was that they had all repeatedly failed to obey His repeated directions to go to their home towns, to work (humbly) there. At the end of this “workshop”, each of these “leaders” was randomly assigned one entire country, as a lifetime responsibility; (they took a piece of paper from “a hat”, to discover the country’s name by lottery). Dr. Bo-hi Pak received Cameroon, in Africa, and Chung-hwan Kwak received Mongolia. Rev. Moon made sure that this “lifetime assignment” was then given great public fanfare, as a “tremendous honor” He had given them.
But He very sternly directed them privately that they should go to their assigned country, and should not come back to Korea for any reason, even for the rest of their lives. Well, to any normal, nationalistic Korean-man, this was worse than a death sentence.
There was some “public static”, when some of these “leaders” tried to claim that Rev. Moon had directed other UC members to go with them to their assigned country, which was of course a lie; Rev. Moon’s direction to go was only to those “leaders” at that 40-day “workshop”. Later, Rev. Moon evidently allowed them to claim that three other (volunteer) families could join them, (one from Japan, one from America or Great Britain or France, and one from Germany or Austria or Italy), as Dr. Massimo Introvigne, (the creator of, stated at:
But bear in mind that those non-Koreans were convinced to “volunteer”, (possibly by deceptive claims that Rev. Moon had “asked for volunteers”), whereas Rev. Moon never asked the Korean “leaders” to “volunteer”; they alone were “drafted”.
Naturally, Rev. Moon could change or “lighten” this direction, to “stay out of Korea”, later, especially if they had “results” in their respective countries. Is it possible, that Dr. Bo-hi Pak received a 5-year Korean-prison sentence, years later, because he was supposed to be in Cameroon, but instead was working in Korea?
Somehow, Chung-hwan Kwak has not been living in Mongolia, but has continued in his so-called “leadership work”, by sending his unfortunate son to work in Mongolia in his place, (instead of doing the 360-home-HC work his father had already failed to do). Since then, I know that I’ve seen both Mongolia and Cameroon getting more “attention” than one might expect, in public media. I’ve even surmised that the mysterious “??? Mongolian birth-mark spot ???” that Rev. Moon has referred to in His recent speeches may be His way of placating Chung-hwan Kwak in some way, because this “spot” appears to have no real connection with the country of Mongolia at all. I was informed “unofficially”, that this “spot” is a temporary blue mark on the lower back of newborn infants, mostly of Asian descent. In any case, there are a lot of “deep, dark secrets” being kept by UC/UM power-mongers, to include the fact that Rev. Moon may have ordered those Korean “leaders” to stay out of Korea, “until the day they die”.

“They” are counting on our inability to understand Korean, (which explains why “they” have never created any sincere UC/UM program to teach the Korean language). And of course, this reality goes hand-in-glove with the lack of any top-down support for 360-home-HC work, and the top-down enforcement of the “no-true-networking-allowed” de facto policy, in the UC/UM. Ironically, this means that these “UC power-mongers” are cutting their own throats, (along with ours). AS STRANGE AS IT MAY SEEM, REV. MOON IS NOT “ALLOWED” TO PREVENT OR “FIX” SUCH PROBLEMS, (see BR quotes #9, #11), JUST AS GOD WAS NOT “ALLOWED” TO PREVENT OR “FIX” THE FALL OF ADAM AND EVE, ACCORDING TO DP’S CLEAR, IRREFUTABLE EXPLANATION. DP states that we all have our own portion of responsibility, and for too many decades, “UC/UM members”, (i.e. the “Blessed Family Dept.”), have refused to face and expose the crimes and high crimes that have been committed “in the name of the True Parents”. This has to change, or the suffering of humankind will only get worse, before it gets better. Therefore, the years that are passing, without our creating the enforceable “Unificationist Constitution and Laws” that Rev. Moon has demanded of us since July 2000, (AND POSSIBLY SINCE JUNE 1982), are sealing our fate, as well as the fate of humankind.

So if anyone thinks that I have created this (DPES) document as an “attack”, THINK AGAIN. In fact, the full truth presented here prophesies the only course that will bring blessings to these “Judas UC-power-mongers”, IF they change, (or IF they are completely defeated). If I wanted to “attack” them, I would simply remain silent, and let them continue to self-centeredly, ignorantly cut their own Judas throats. One of the main premises of this document, is that most UC members long ago correctly stopped tithing “to UC Headquarters”, but for the wrong reasons; and those few who have continued tithing have in most cases done so only for self-serving reasons.

[Editor’s Note: I once told Joong-hyun Pak that a tither is morally responsible to make sure that their tithe is spent properly. His blustering, obviously rehearsed answer, (probably learned from duplicitous USA “Christians”), was that the tither has no such responsibility, but is “blessed” whether or not their tithe is spent illicitly. I beg to differ. For any person to tithe in good conscience, public, legally binding statements must exactly define the intended use for the tithe, and ongoing, public proof of how the tithe was spent must be provided. Otherwise, especially concerning a situation as prone to abuse as the UC/UM Second-Advent, no tithes should be given, (except to UC, 360-home-HC work, where the tither controls and spends the tithe).
So anyone who tithes to or supports in any way, any part of the UC/UM that does not enforce a "Member-Centered Standard" of absolute accountability, transparency and punishments for all wrongdoing by "leaders", is in fact strengthening Satan's stranglehold, INSIDE the UC/UM. And all-of-the-above, full reality must be specified, in the “Unificationist Constitution and Laws” that will save us all from illicit, Leader-Centered, “tithing-and-donations” ploys by such opportunistic miscreants in the UC/UM.]

But 100% of all UC/UM “tithes and donations” should flow again, IF, (and only IF), at least the “six Member-Centered, litmus-test REQUIREMENTS” stated later in this document are made mandatory by NEW UC/UM leaders. When that happens, all humankind will finally escape some of the current very painful delays of God’s Providence that are condemning us all, whether we perceive it or not.

Around 1995, I first read a copy of a document known as “Beyond the Greenhouse”, written by David and Takeko, (Tacco), Hose. At the time, I respected their work, because I knew them both personally, up until the time that Tacco accidentally received a grievous wound from a .22-rifle bullet. And I thought they were “heroic”, because they were encouraging UC members to leave and/or ignore the influence of corrupt UC/UM Headquarters “leaders”/appointees, (see BR quotes #86, #80, #90, #87, #5, #33, and #51). But now, with 20/20 hindsight, I recently did a “Find” search for the terms “home church” and “360”, in every one of their 39 public “messages” posted at:
“Home church”, and “360” homes, were nowhere to be found.
My opinion now, (Oct. 2006), is that they have been completely misled by their “intellectual side”, which is of course in all of us to varying degrees, and is most akin to Satan, who was the Archangel of God’s Intellect, before “The Fall”.
[Editor's Note: Rev. Moon has consistently stated that even the highest college-degree has absolutely no weight or significance, in the presence of the Second Advent. And in addition, the subject of "intellect" has at least one totally amazing facet. Evidently, God wanted to emphasize that "true love" is much more important than "intellect", because He created animals, (i.e. cetaceans), which are ten times more intelligent than humans. That's right. The brains of cetaceans have a minimum of 10% more brain-cortex, and other characteristics, which are acknowledged by scientists as the measure of intellectual capacity. But since they have no "opposable thumb", they cannot use tools, and since they are so well equipped to hunt, they do not have to create "farms" for food as we do. Therefore, the natural arrogance of our "Fallen" ego usually prevents us from accepting the fact that whales and dolphins are more than ten times as intelligent than even the best "Mensa" member, as is clarified at:
We can assume that they have no "spirit body", as we do, so we still "have dominion" over cetaceans, (Genesis 9:3, Psalms 8:5-8), as they are (humbling) parts of the Creation that serve as proof that God does have a sense of humor.]
The other two Archangels, who did not fall, are Michael, (of God’s Heart), and Gabriel, (of God’s Will).
In short, what David and Tacco have been “missing”, (and I pray that they will agree with me, if they ever read this DPES document), is that God’s Will requires that our HC work is limited to a specific 360-homes. And our expression of God’s Heart is radically affected by that 360-home “limit”, that Rev. Moon has clearly ordered us to adhere to; (see BR quotes #20, #23, #36, #39, #57, #74, #84, #93, and #94).

Therefore, although their “channeling” SEEMS to be positive, it is in fact one of the many subtle ways that Satan has been working to cunningly “omit” this 360-home-HC order by Rev. Moon. This puts their 14 years of “helpful advice”, (since 1992), into a most awry realm, because of this most satanic “360-home sin of omission”. “Beyond The Greenhouse”, in this context, was Satan’s answer, to help “UC/UM power-mongers” to justify ignoring or casting aside righteous, so-called “troublesome members”, and to lull us into disuniting the UC/UM, without facing, exposing, or teaching the full truth about UC/UM “power-mongering”. And we have to ask, has the Hose Family been tithing to “UC/UM Headquarters” since 1992? My guess is that they have been, so that they would maintain their worldly “position in good standing”.

In those 39 “public messages” of “The Words of the Hose Family”, they NEVER ADVOCATE OR USE the terms “home church”, or “360”. They do mention “home town”, and “tribal messiah mission”, but only very rarely. So it is most telling that they never, ever acknowledge that the 360-home “limit” that Rev. Moon gave to Home Church work is astronomically significant, not only because it is quite humbling, but because it also serves to focus and guide us, in most profound ways. So to speak, it keeps our nose to the grindstone, in a gloriously liberating fashion. And it allows those we witness to, to understand that their sacrifices are even more valuable than our own, in advancing God’s Will for Restoration/Salvation; (see BR quote #20). But since no one other than the TPs have thus far “won the hearts” of that “minimum of 84”, Rev. Moon is continually forced to “appoint” so-called “leaders”; (see BR quotes #17, #11, #93, #18, #9, #1, #28, #31, #59, #62, #77, and #80).

And this has led lazy, greedy UC/UM power-mongers to seek to “cherry-pick” all humanity, casting aside those they “judge” as “unworthy”, and trying to use half-truth-lie, corrupted DP to “subjugate the big fish”, so as to make themselves great.
And to the best of “their” ability, “they” have kept us all in the dark, concerning the full-truth core of Rev. Moon’s most crucial “directions” to us. The 1997 HDH-direction was obviously Rev. Moon’s “answer” to this “darkness”, and predictably, “they” have done everything possible, to suppress the full truth of His HDH direction from reaching humankind.

Ten years later, again to even more effectively defeat this "internal darkness" of the UC/UM, He created His 2007 "15 Peace Messages", (15 PMs), for worldwide dissemination. The "15 PMs" is His ultra-short, consummate "summarization" of over a thousand volumes of His lifetime of sermons/speeches. And both the 1997 HDH-content, and the 2007 "15 PMs" still, (as of July 2010), appear to have been published only in English, while the "CSG" sacred-text being used for gross, self-centered, self-promoting "internal-fundraising" was immediately, (in 2007), published in at least ten languages by these UC/UM power-mongers, as at:

So we’ve been far too patient with “them”, even when we could understand how easily “their Judas mindset” has led “them” to mistakenly, (arrogantly) perceive Rev. Moon’s actions as “cherry-picking”, from “their” perspective. And although “they” surely forced Rev. Moon to do whatever was necessary to “win THEIR hearts”, these mongrel UC/UM power-mongers choose to be blind to that reality, if “they” do any HC work at all; (see BR quote #73). So even though Rev. Moon has warned “them” not to, “they” continue to put “their” cart before “their” horse; “they” obviously believe that “their” lies will allow “them” to dominate by mimicking Rev. Moon’s present cosmic-level work, without first completing the heartistic, 360-home-HC “homework” that He did.
But His “HC orders” to humankind have been absolutely clear; our HC work MUST BE “limited” to 360 homes, if we obey Him. It is only AFTER we “win the hearts” of a minimum of 84 “strong followers” IN THAT 360-HOME AREA, that we can try to fulfill the roll of a UC/UM “true leader”, anywhere outside our HC area; (see BR quotes #61, #13, #68, #71, #42, and #40).
And it’s astounding to contemplate how that reality guides and affects us and those to whom we “witness”. This comparison alone, of the nature of illicit, UC/UM “cherry-picking” witnessing vs. 360-home-HC witnessing, would fill many encyclopedia-sized studies.

As long as Rev. Moon and/or His Wife are on Earth, and They choose to appoint UC/UM “leaders”, any failures by these “leaders” will continue to serve satanic disunity, until a majority of UC/UM members bite the bullet, draw a line in the sand, and UNITE, to DEMAND that a Member-Centered Standard be installed in the UC/UM, through the UNIFIED, UNIFYING ENFORCEMENT of the “Unificationist Constitution and Laws” that Rev. Moon has ordered us to create. And Rev. Moon obviously agrees with this necessary action. Otherwise, His 1976 to 1987 statements about tithing, (as listed in the 2006 “Cheon Seong Gyeong” sacred text), would not have been so scarce and tangential; and He would not have been so silent, since 1987, concerning tithing!!! And that’s not all I have to say, about that....

So when the UC/UM membership ALLOWS “leaders”/appointees in the symbolic “Abel-position” to disobey Rev. Moon in this crucial, primary matter of “Member-Centeredness”, ANY POSSIBILITY FOR THE UNITY OF THE UC/UM IS ABSOLUTELY PREVENTED, no matter how much “indumbnity” is paid by those in the symbolic “Cain-position”.

The biblical relationships/lessons we may use/apply/impose on ourselves, (such as [Cain - Able], [Jacob - Esau], [Jacob's mother - Jacob], etc, etc, etc), occurred only once, so we cannot "relive" them literally, but only symbolically. We should choose to "roll-play" such lessons only to "pay indemnity" in accordance with God's Will. But for God's Will to apply, four realities must be in force:
(1) The "indemnity" must be (as due) from God's Viewpoint, and not mistaken or inapplicable, satanically-inspired "indumbnity".
(2) Each "roll-player" must give their fully-informed consent to fulfilling the responsibilities of their "roll", with a clear time-period and end-point to that "roll-playing".
(3) The "roll-playing" must be seen/understood as only a means to an end, rather than defining the "roll-players".
(4) The "roll-players" must understand the validity and value of exchanging/reversing their rolls, (to learn/practice the intricacies of those rolls), since the "rolls" are only symbolic, in any case.

It is obvious, (but suppressed, in the UC/UM), that Able and Cain must BOTH fulfill their responsibilities, in order to create the unity God needs for any Restoration to occur. Moreover, intrinsically and logically, full-truth DP states that it is Abel who must “fulfill” his responsibility FIRST, not Cain. The “Appointed Abel”, in subject position, MUST first INITIATE “Member-Centered” directions, and ONLY THEN can the “Appointed Cain”, in object position, RECIPROCATE, thus creating the UC/UM UNITY required by God’s Will.
So whenever you see only Cain’s responsibilities emphasized, (in corrupted, “interpretive publications” of DP by UC/UM power mongers), you should consider the source; (see BR quotes #17, #11, #93, and #95). That source was certainly not Rev. Moon. DP states that even God has repeatedly been forced to wait, (because of key failures by “leaders”), and we also have to withdraw our support and wait.

As the “UC/UM power-mongers” die on the vine, at best as impotent figureheads, they will hopefully be replaced by UC/UM leaders who will obey Rev. Moon and give “member-centered directions”, at some future time.

While we wait, anyone who wants to assess whether “blessings” and good “results/fruits” come from obeying Rev. Moon, (as in Matthew 7:15-23), can try out one or more of His “SIX GREAT, UNIVERSAL PUBLIC-DIRECTIONS”, as follows:
(1) MEMORIZE HIS “15 PEACE MESSAGES”. In a 16MAY07 speech, as at:
, He emphasized reading PM#s 9, 10, 11 and 12 every day, for two hours, and also to record your readings of all the PMs, and then listen to it as you jog or do other exercise, every day. He also said, “If you can perfect the contents of even one of the messages, you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven”; and this applies to non-members of the UC/UM, as well as to UC/UM members.
(2) STUDY ONE HOUR OF COMPLETE, CORRECT HDH-CONTENT DAILY; and Rev. Moon has stated unequivocally, that even just this one daily-study “CONDITION” promises profound blessings that cannot be obtained in any other way, (to non-members of the UC/UM, as well as to members).
(3) WORK AND TEACH THE (15 PEACE MESSAGES)/(HDH-DP)/DP IN A PERSONAL, UC 360-HOME-HC AREA, (and/or help our children in their areas). Sadly, we must also teach the dangers from UC/UM “power-mongers” and other UC/UM miscreants; AND SHARING THIS (DPES) DOCUMENT WILL SERVE THAT PURPOSE WELL.
(4) CREATE A “GRASS ROOTS” UNIFICATIONIST CONSTITUTION AND LAWS. (To do this, one must first create and live a Member-Centered Standard, which requires absolute transparency and absolute accountability, with absolutely enforceable punishments that effectively discourage wrongdoing by UC/UM “leaders”.)
(6) GIVE YOUR (POLITICAL) SUPPORT, (but beware of “power-monger” schemes to control any “donations” falsely claimed to be for this purpose), TO BUILDING A BRIDGE/TUNNEL ACROSS THE BERING STRAIT, AND THEN TO ALL OF THE UC/UM INTERNATIONAL HIGHWAY SYSTEM, WORLDWIDE, AS AT:

However, if we do not IMMEDIATELY find and enforce timely ways to defeat these “UC/UM power-mongers”, (especially through the “Unificationist Constitution and Laws” Rev. Moon is demanding), then we must surely deserve the failure, lack of unity, and suffering that will continue, and even worsen for us, (and for all humankind). And I know of no better current proof of this than Dr. Bo-hi Pak’s 5-year South-Korean prison-sentence at the age of 75, which is truly inconceivable, satanic torture, to anyone who knows Dr. Pak and his work.

Rev. Moon finally prevented UC/UM “leaders” from demanding “tithes” from UC members, by effectively “shutting down” the UC, and starting up a totally non-religion-based organization, the FFWPU. But the “leaders” were in obvious turmoil, about actually obeying that direction. Rev. Moon told them to take down all UC signs.
Note the tone of the following “memo” by Tyler Hendricks, who is an extremely slight-of-build fellow who rose from being one of five “appointed” Vice-Presidents, to become “appointed” President of the HSA-UWC by kowtowing better than anyone else to his Korean “leaders”, such as Mr. Joong-hyun Pak. This “memo” is at:

Not to be petty, but please note point (2), changing the FFUWP to the FFWPU. I can’t help but wonder what the justification for that was, since “Pee-Yoo” has a derogatory meaning in English. The hidden, unspoken crux of this “memo” is touched on by Tyler, when he states:
“8. As to how FFWPU will receive funds and disburse funds, a memo from the financial office will be forthcoming.”
I have not even tried to follow up on this thread, but my opinion is still quite strong, as to why Rev. Moon had to shut down the UC, (i.e. the HSA-UWC), since Rev. Moon has never made any statement whatsoever about “tithing to UC Headquarters”, after He began to announce the 360-home-HC-84 requirement in 1976. Obviously, He knew that all tithes and support should henceforth go only to personal HC-work, if the UC “leaders” did not obey Him; and sure enough, they have still not facilitated or supported top-down “networking” or HC-work, (i.e. even rudimentary, Member-Centered direction), even by July 2010.

Joong-hyun Pak is a nephew of the famous, decades-long translator for Rev. Moon, Dr. (Col.) Bo-hi Pak. And as the ruthless, pathetic self-promoter he is, Joong-hyun Pak obviously relished “lording it over” American UC-members in the UC-owned New Yorker Hotel for years, where he chose as his main “assistant” a well-known UC American (homosexual), Richard Cohen, with a subsequent “spotty record”. Without knowing he was homosexual, I attended a “counseling seminar” he held for UC members in the late 1980s, which I felt had real value; but afterward, speaking privately with me, Richard repeatedly called me “Honey”, which left me feeling violated. In 2002, the prestigious American Counseling Association permanently expelled him for serious ethics violations, when he chose not to contest the charges within 30 days, as at:

I assume that through Joong-hyun Pak’s manipulation, Rev. Moon Blessed/married Richard to a UC Korean woman, and Richard has gained notoriety by claiming that homosexuality can be “cured”. But he “forgets to mention” that “knowing DP” does not necessarily allow us to change our “sexual preferences/fantasies”, but only our “sexual activities/relations”. So he is being deceptive, perhaps because he’s “in denial”, or perhaps because he’s simply devious, and ashamed to admit his continuing “homosexual preference”.

It is a well-substantiated fact, that everyone in this Fallen World has secret, taboo, “sexual preferences/fantasies”, (sometimes “unconsciously” or “in denial”), which are as varied as the human imagination, “Fallen Nature”, (and in rare cases, unfortunate, genetic/endocrine aberrations), can make them. And DP can profoundly “open our eyes”, enabling and empowering us to choose to avoid “non-Principled sexual-relations”. “Crusading homosexuals”, (who wrongfully attack Richard Cohen’s positive, needed work), are desperately trying to blur this line, between “preferences” and “activities”. It is clear that Rev. Moon, (and God), condemn only the “non-Principled sexual-activities”, and NOT the “preferences”, although such “illicit-preference sexual-attractions” will no doubt “fade away” and cease to exist, as worldwide Restoration proceeds.

As an important aspect of this discussion, we must add that it's impossible to follow God's Will, concerning pornography, without avoiding it completely. That's because pornography creates a "correlative base", (as DP puts it), with each and every person's satanic-lineage component, (no exceptions, even if you're a "saint"), which explains why it's guaranteed to be toxic. By experiencing this injurious, dark realm, even if you are truly looking at it only for "research" or "investigative" purposes, the exposure will force "godly spirits" to lose their God-centered "correlative base" with you, and will attract the most sordid spirits to the non-Principled "correlative base" it creates in your soul. There may be some allowable material, such as non-sexual, "nudist-camp" portrayals, and educational material concerning marital techniques, (which are generally accepted to be non-pornographic), and even portrayals of single-person masturbation, but all of these present some possibly dangerous aspects, depending on the attitude(s) of the observer. Obscenity/pornography is defined differently by separate cultures, communities, and individuals. But in 1964, USA Supreme-Court Justice Potter Stewart defined it concisely by writing he could not comprehensively define [hardcore pornography], ["but I know it when I see it"], as at:
In any case, DP reveals why "real" pornography, (even as literature or drawn cartoons, etc), affects you like spiritual cyanide. And no matter how "adult" you are, you cannot view/experience it with impunity, even if you have non-prurient motives in doing so. And that's all I have to say about that.

Besides mothballing the UC/(HSA-UWC), another shock was that Rev. Moon began to grant the UC marriage/Blessing to hundreds-of-millions of married couples who never worked to receive it and never even studied DP! They only agreed to the importance of four “conditions”: no adultery, no divorce, teaching your children to have no sexual relations before marriage, and working for world peace and a united humankind.
It was obviously difficult for older UC-members, (who had received the UC marriage/Blessing only after working exceedingly hard in the UC, usually for many years), to accept Rev. Moon’s freely granting it to these hundreds-of-millions of couples. This is an exact fulfillment of Jesus’ “parable of the Vineyard Owner”.
In Matthew 20:1-16, Jesus presents this parable as representing the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, (i.e. as at the time of the Second Advent of Christ). In it, those who start work early in the day, and those who start work in the afternoon are all given the same “payment”. So those who joined earlier complain, but they are told that they are receiving exactly the payment they were promised, so they should be happy.

These earlier UC-members may feel justified in their bitterness, but they are simply proving how unaware they are of the infinite honor and blessing it is, to facilitate the Second Advent of Christ in any way, no matter what price we must pay. Like Judas, they are insisting that God should obey their own limited, self-centered “mindsets”. And they are no doubt refusing to promote the accurate, full content of HDH to those hundreds-of-millions of non-UC-member couples who were Blessed/re-married by Rev. Moon, which means they are essentially repeating the murder of Abel by Cain.
These “Cain UC-members” normally distinguish themselves by beating their chests and spouting grandiose, self-righteous talk about their “purity”, and their “greater value” than “outside members” of the UC. They arrogantly bought into Rev. Moon’s statement that children born to UC members would be “without original sin”, but they continue to ignore and suppress Rev. Moon’s later statements that this is only true if they have each accomplished the “HC-84” requirement. Incidentally, “original sin” is a very small part of the four “types” of sin DP defines, (i.e. original, inherited/ancestral, collective/national, and personal sins), which must ALL be “restored”. And there is HDH content that shows that Rev. Moon clearly stated to early UC members that they were absolutely not worthy to receive the UC marriage/Blessing.

As “appointed UC-leaders”, normally chauvinistic Korean men even abused the Wife of Rev. Moon for decades, to the point that She stated publicly that She forgave them and would never speak of this again, circa 1992, when Rev. Moon finally proclaimed Her as “His equal”. And these male, Korean “UC-leaders” must have really been dumbfounded, when Rev. Moon later stated that His Wife would succeed Him in His Messianic Authority, when He ascends to Spirit World. (His Wife is more than twenty years younger than He is.)

Another outgrowth of all the brutalization in Korea, is that Koreans will never allow you to speak with their “Boss”, if they can prevent it. This maintains their self-perceived power/position. And so, even though Rev. Moon has, (since about 1970 or before), continually directed that everyone must learn Korean, (thereby giving the entire world a universal language), not even one Korean “leader”/member of the UC/UM has ever sincerely tried to make this happen, (even within the UC/UM), to my knowledge. And my knowledge of this is extensive, including 30 years of UC/UM membership, 8 years of which I was living in Korea.
One cunning way that Koreans covertly prevent you from learning Korean, is by obscuring the fact that about 60% of all Korean words are derived directly from certain Chinese "words"/pictographs. Thus, without studying the ROOT-PRONUNCIATION and ROOT-MEANING of these Chinese root-pictographs, it's almost impossible to learn/memorize Korean; and they sometimes deviously waste your time by emphasizing the genesis, formation, and history of these pictographs, which is useless knowledge.

When I was in Korea from 1992 to 2000, I attended Korean-language classes with dozens of top-level UC national-leaders who were sent to our University in Korea to study Korean for two years, in 1992. We were all innocently unaware of the fact that even the Japanese, with a very similar language, require at least four years of study to master Korean, and Westerners such as these leaders would require at least ten years of study to master Korean. So the Korean UC-“leader”/appointee, (i.e. Chung-hwan Kwak), who sent these Western UC-leaders to this watered-down, two-year program was obviously not sincere in wanting them to be able to communicate directly with Rev. Moon, or to learn Korean fully as Rev. Moon had directed. When Kwak learned that these national UC-leaders were becoming familiar with my “Book Review”, (that exposes his corruption), he made a special trip to our University, to announce that they were all going back to their home countries. I was then ambushed by the administrator at the University, (a Mr. Goh, whose real boss was Chung-hwan Kwak), and forced to leave, even though I told him I wanted to keep paying for and repeating the Korean-language course. He claimed that “wasn’t allowed”, even though the University was obviously desperate for support and funding. I believe they did not like my attitude, that the purpose of teachers is to serve the students. Rather, they rigged the course to be difficult, and then browbeat the incredibly competent grown men in the course, treating us like wayward high-school children. One charming, Korean, 2nd Generation, 21-year-old teacher we had there claimed that we should learn Korean quickly, because she had learned English quickly, when she went to the USA. I raised my hand and exposed her, stating that I knew that all Koreans studied English for six years in public schools. Obviously caught in a browbeating lie and embarrassed, she smiled feebly and said, “Oh, that doesn’t count”.

It is obvious that Koreans in general secretly consider it a huge “source of advantage and power”, if they learn your language, but prevent/discourage you from learning Korean. And to make the situation even more complicated, those with power in Korea want Koreans to have this “power of English”, but they make certain that no native speakers of English teach English in the Korean public schools. This ensures that the students cannot understand spoken English, nor speak English, even though all Koreans take classes in English for six years, in grades 7 thru 12, and learn to silently read and write, (i.e. print), English extensively.
So if you speak English to them, they normally won’t understand a word you say, and most certainly will not speak English well, if at all, because the pronunciation of most English words is ambiguous, (since it is not clear, from the spelling). In fact, English is a most devious language, (Rev. Moon has called it “shameful”), and it is only because of the money-flow through the USA, that the accepted worldwide language is English.

If you print it, even the most common person in Korea is able to read and understand English, (with a vocabulary better than most Americans!!!). But they will normally have to print any answer to you. I believe that the “elders” with power in Korea have imposed this situation partially because they want to minimize and discourage the “cultural evils” of the USA from invading their country. But they do want to have the “worldwide advantage of English”, while they have an ingrained reluctance to help any “foreigner” learn the Korean language, in a way that would give “foreigners” the same “advantage” in dealing with Koreans.

I was “lovingly, forcefully recruited” to teach English, when I was in South Korea, and I finally decided that doing so would help to strengthen South Korea in its continuing bid to “win over” North Korea. Therefore, I created a very strong “tutoring program”, which I began by showing the students a world map of Rev. Moon’s plan for an International Highway System. I explained that the route from Japan to Korea will go through two small islands, so it is credible that three shorter tunnels can be built to form that connection, using those islands. So Korea will be at the “center crossroads” of the world, in the (not so near) future. I explained that historically, such “commerce-crossroads” had always become very prosperous, so they should look forward to a bright future for all of Korea, once tunnels connect Japan and Korea, and span the Bering Strait, connecting Alaska and Russia. Envisioned as having “duty-free business areas” along its course, no “visas” will be needed, to drive from Africa’s Cape of Good Hope to Santiago, Chile, and from New York to Tokyo to London.

This “set a positive, encouraging tone” for the long-term purpose of their English study, and I also tried to make it a “fun experience” for them, which was quite rare in their harsh, “dog-eat-dog” Korean environment.

Surprisingly, any native speaker of “standard USA English”, (i.e. without any “accent”), can privately tutor English well in Korea (and be very well paid), even without any college degree at all, because it is only the correct speaking and hearing of English that the students lack. One means of avoiding the “tutoring labor-law prohibition”, (which is actually not a clear law, but is “political”), is to limit the size of your “classes” to four, (or perhaps six), students. It helps if you’re older, and male, since Korean culture honors age and is patriarchal. If you are female, do not plan on catching a taxi early in the morning, because (male) Korean taxi drivers consider it “unlucky” for their first morning fare to be female. And your “classes” should be formed by “word of mouth”, (which takes time), since “advertising” might bring you unwanted attention.
The students only have evenings and weekends available, so 14 one-hour “classes” per week are possible, but that’s a grueling schedule, with all the taxis to take to 14 homes. At about $50 per hour, even 7 one-hour “classes” could earn $350.00/week in 1997, which was a good income in South Korea, (living as a non-tourist).
But be prepared to be seriously cheated, if your “Korean Visa” is through any Korean “English school”. See all info, and Find "Teaching English" at:
There, (as of Aug. 2010), it says, "We commonly receive complaints from English teachers at private language schools called hagwons. The most frequent complaints are that the schools and/or employment agencies have misrepresented salaries, working conditions, living arrangements, and other benefits, including health insurance, even when the employee has a written contract. There have also been some complaints of physical assault, threats of arrest/deportation, and sexual harassment. Some U.S.-based employment agencies have misrepresented contract terms, employment conditions, or the need for an appropriate work visa".
Thus, in any contractual dispute with your employer, you will in reality have no legal rights under Korean law.

Instead, it was possible in 1997 to get a five-year “general category” visa that required you to leave Korea at least once every 90 days, which was easily accomplished by visiting Japan for literally a couple of hours; (a “quick turn-around” arranged by the Fukuoka Japanese airport meant that you never even went outside airport security, and returned to Korea in the same plane you left in). It was an amusing mystery, as to why the Korean government required this, but I finally decided it meant that they could stop you from re-entering Korea, if they wanted you out, (without having to find you and “deport” you).

The unity of the family unit, in Japan and especially in Korea, is necessary for raw, physical “survival”, not because these folks are intrinsically more “moral” than Americans.
Americans almost all take the economic blessings they are born into in the USA for granted. Unless they live overseas, (as non-tourists), they simply have no concept of how harsh life can be, and they in many cases do not value their family, simply because they do not need that family unity to physically survive, as do most of those living outside the USA. Of course, easy availability of food and other necessities in the USA give Americans more leisure time, which does allow more opportunity for certain types of sin.

The USA is a superpower only because of the unique combination of soil and weather in large parts of the USA, which has created an unbelievably gargantuan flow of money into the USA from sales of agricultural products during the last 400 years. Even the USA Revolutionary War was won only because France, (ironically, the non-democratic King of France), helped the colonists against England, in large part because France could see how lucrative future trade with the USA would be.

Believe it or not, all USA superiority has originated and resulted strictly from this money flow from agricultural exports, which are always desperately needed, worldwide.

This explains why slaves were used, because planting, tending, and harvesting it all would have been totally impossible without them. It also explains why the Civil War was fought, because “The South” was withdrawing, starting a separate government, and taking all this money flow; and the industry of “The North” could not survive without it.
It also explains why the slaves never did get the “forty acres and a mule” they were promised, even to this day. The Civil War was never fought to liberate the slaves, but “liberating/emancipating” them guaranteed that the South would never “rise again” to attempt to form a separate government again. Proving this, Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation” did NOT free the slaves in the states that had fought on the Union side in the war.

Even the most prominent, traditional American song, “America The Beautiful”, which has been popular since 1895, emphasizes the obvious source of the USA’s superpower status. As the song states, “amber waves of grain”, and “the fruited plain” are God’s blessing on America, (and the source of all its power). But Americans have never been taught to be humble enough to perceive this.

This flow of money has paid for the unbelievable amount of “Research & Development”, (R & D), that has produced all advanced USA technology. Knowing this is a “blessing from God”, plain and simple, (and not from Americans being “smarter”), Rev. Moon has stated that the USA should freely share technology with other countries. But Americans are simply not humble enough to perceive the full truth of this situation, so they continue to selfishly hoard technology.

This constant flow of money into the USA means that Americans can always quit their job and get another one; the average American presently has eight jobs in a lifetime. In Japan and Korea, they have only “one lifetime job”! When the USA-influenced World Trade Organization tries to impose “normal”, capitalistic “hiring-and-firing” practices on the Japanese and Koreans, they tend to put on their red headbands and riot in the streets, because they know that the “American Way” will not work there, since the money is not flowing there as it is in the USA. Most Americans are oblivious to these worldwide realities their entire lives, because they have no idea just how harsh life can be, for those living in most countries outside the USA.

Americans have had the luxury of intentionally making their government weak, with three “parts” that are intended to fight each other, so that USA citizens can avoid governmental tyranny. But this only “works”, (especially in times of war), because of the overwhelming power provided by the money flowing into the USA. So, without a "monarchy/emperorship/dictatorship" to implement predictable, integrative policy-continuity and nationwide, (admittedly enforced/brainwashed) unity, the USA normally “moves” very slowly, (and even erratically), but has won wars in the end only because of the overwhelming flow of money (and power) from its agricultural exports.

To try to fathom the “mindsets” of Americans, Koreans, and Japanese, we can refer to their National Anthems, (NA). A list of all National Anthems is found at:

Before 1931, as at:,_Columbia
, the American NA urged, “Defend your rights, defend your shore!”, and also subtly warned against any governmental tyranny with the lines:
“That truth and justice will prevail,
And every scheme of bondage fail”.
In 1931, (just after the bondage of income-tax collection began in the USA), a new USA NA was installed, which was much more subtle, in its warning against USA governmental/leaders’ tyranny. Not many Americans understand that the words they sing so often still contain a warning to “bravely protect freedom” from such USA governmental/leaders’ tyranny; as at,
, the words to study, are:
“Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

Do these words actually ask whether any flag is waving in the USA? No, they do not. That question would be ridiculous, since we all know that the American flag is waving at all times in the USA. The two questions asked by these words are:
(1) How much freedom is left, in the USA, (i.e. is it the land of the free or not)?
(2) Are there any brave people left in the USA, (i.e. is it the home of the brave)?
And the fourth and final NA verse, (which is basically never sung), is:
“Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’
And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
This fourth NA verse might seem to only point “outward”, but in fact it also points “inward”, subtly calling us to bravely “conquer” our own government/“leaders” with a “just cause”, and then and only then will we be/remain free.
I was once waiting in the Chonan bus-station in Korea, when a middle-aged, Korean man in a suit approached me and asked me what it means, on all USA money, when it states, “In God We Trust”. I was really “struck” by this question, not only because I had never thought of it before, but because I was able to answer him so quickly, without even having to think about it much. I told him that it meant that USA citizens do not trust their leaders, so the secret meaning of this statement is that we trust God, but not any “authority/leader”.
Well, I think this really puzzled that Korean man, because he fell completely silent, and walked away very slowly, with his head bowed. I’m sure that there are Americans that might argue with me about this meaning, but to me, it’s pretty obvious, because the whole foundation of the USA’s birth was that they told the “King of England” to “get lost”. Also, the correct, affirmative phrase in English would be, “We Trust In God”; whereas the phrase, “In God We Trust”, strongly connotes an exclusionary meaning.
It’s also interesting to note that there are currently members of the USA Congress who are trying to force a new USA NA into use. It appears that they want to kill off any and all “rebellious” thoughts in our NA, so that their “jackbooted government-thugs” won’t have to contend with any “brave resistance”.
In addition, as Mao Tse-tung wrote, “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun”, so privately-owned guns are everywhere in the USA, while there are basically none in Japan and Korea, (where their “gun-stores” sell only “pellet-guns”). And since violent revolution is almost always caused by starvation, the USA has never had to worry much about it, with its abundance of food. But no form of government “works”, (not even Democracy), if you cannot feed your people.
Now let us compare all this with the NAs of Korea and Japan.
The South-Korean NA is incredibly “outwardly oriented”, gloriously exclaiming that Korea must never cease to “exist”. To me, (as a USA citizen), this is the height of insecurity and grandiose compensating for low self-esteem, if such “traits” can define a whole country’s nature. In other words, Korea is so threatened, that its own “survival” alone is the crux of its NA. Here is the first verse and chorus, as at:
“Until the East Sea’s waves are dry, (and) Mt. Baekdusan worn away, God watch o’er our land forever! Our country forever!
CHORUS: Rose of Sharon, thousand miles of range and river land! Guarded by her people, ever may Korea stand!”
The remaining three verses are similar, in their all-consuming drive for “survival”, without any mention of such niceties as “defending your rights”, or “bravery against tyranny”, or “just causes”, or “freedom”. Because of the continual invasion-threat by North Korea, South Koreans have lived in a de facto military dictatorship since 1953, so they simply cannot comprehend even the concept of "fighting their government", for any reason. I once used the adage, “All that is required for evil to triumph over good, is that good people do nothing”, in talking with a very intelligent, Korean college-professor in Korea, who had no connection with the UC/UM. He spoke perfect English, but he was genuinely puzzled, and even though I tried to explain it to him, he NEVER could understand it! Given his substantial position as the highest professor of Physics at his college, I was stunned by his inability to even understand, (much less, accept or follow the moral-fiber of this adage), and I finally had to stop trying to explain it to him, out of my own flustered embarrassment. So Koreans are habitually and absolutely “Leader-Centered” and resigned to top-down channels of authority.

A favorite “old adage” of Koreans, is that “The nail that sticks up gets pounded down”, which we might say in the USA as, “Don’t make waves”. Accordingly, it is impossible for anyone except the “mailman” to find most addresses in Korea, because Koreans apparently feel safer that way. (They number most addresses by the date the building was built, rather than by any coherent system.) This means that the ROK government can easily stop all mail from reaching any Korean, with minute pressure on a solitary, powerless mailman.

And as part of this reality, even Korean names are so similar that it can be impossible to locate a Korean, unless you also know his job title and where he works. And this means that even Koreans can’t find Koreans! A Korean friend of mine told me that a professional delivery-man had to phone her four times from the street, getting directions from her each time, to finally find her house in Seoul! Of course, the new, tall apartment buildings are a little bit easier to find.
The words of the North-Korean NA are similarly self-glorifying and grandiose, as at:
Amazingly, the music of the South-Korean anthem sounds vaguely like the North-Korean anthem’s music, and they also share an identical title. A “United-Korean Anthem” has also been created by blending the melodies of the two nations’ anthems seamlessly, to promote the re-unification of North and South.
The Japanese NA is similar, but incredibly brief, and even more subtle, since it seems to not mention “The Emperor” in English, but in fact does define their “emperor” as God, as at:
“May thy peaceful reign last long!
May it last for thousands of years,
Until this tiny stone will grow into a massive rock
And the moss will cover it all deep and thick.”
That’s all of it; and all four lines are pregnant with the same meaning that pervades the Korean NAs. Namely, Japan must “survive” and prosper, at any and all costs.
Under the heading of “Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due”, there is a “Movement” in Japan, that is rebelling against the mandatory raising of the Japanese flag and singing of the NA, (i.e. the “Kimigayo”), which the Japanese government scrapped in 1945, but has required by law to be sung since 1999. Hundreds of teachers in Japan have been punished for refusing to obey this law. This “Movement” states that this law encourages the same nationalism and militarism that led Japan into WWII, so they’ve begun to rebel by singing English words that sound identical to the Japanese NA words, but refer instead to the evils of Japan during WWII, as at:
To honor this rebellion, I am repeating the lyrics and English words here.
(1-J) Kimiga yo wa Chiyoni,
(2-J) Yachiyoni Sazare’ishi no,
(3-J) Iwao to narite’,
(4-J) Koke’ no musumade’.
(1-E) Kiss me girl, your old one. Till you’re near, it is,
(2-E) years till you’re near. Sounds of the dead will she know?
(3-E) She wants all told, now retained, for,
(4-E) cold caves know the moon’s seeing the mad and dead.
The English words refer to “comfort women”, (many Korean), who
were sex-slaves used by the Japanese military during WWII. A document called the Desiderata is a short, profound study of life, with all its problems and pitfalls, as at:
(or Search for “Desiderata” at
Concerning this rebellion in Japan, the Desiderata states that, “many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism”.
I pray for God’s blessings on those brave, rare, Japanese rebels. But there is no hope for Japan or Korea without DP, without The True Parents. All else is only stopgap, at best. And that’s all I have to say about that....

Certain groups of people, (usually because of their religious beliefs), build up trans-generational assets of money/property, knowledge and power, as a result of various kinds of unity. But such trans-generational assets are the cause of hatred, because people born into such trans-generational benefits are never victims of the “get-a-job-and-slave” grind. And these “Haves” tend to abuse and take advantage of the poverty and lack of unity of the “Have-nots”. This naturally leads to the “Have-nots” periodically uniting explosively, and violently attacking the “Haves”. Although this is a simple truism, the “Haves” never seem to “get it”, although they may even dabble in philanthropy, in a vain, half-hearted attempt to break this “cycle”.

It’s interesting to note that Rev. Moon does not endorse the circumcision of male infants. There are many who believe that a loathsome, worldwide Jewish conspiracy has been carried out, to promote circumcision of non-Jewish male infants by falsely claiming that it’s for “health reasons”. (Believe it or not, female cervical-cancer was claimed to be “caused” by sexual relations with the uncircumcised; and a new vaccine that prevents cervical cancer should therefore end such circumcision.) The “alleged plan” is that circumcising all males will allow Jewish men to escape being easily identified for extermination, as they were in WWII. This might be one covert reason that Jewish leaders would oppose Rev. Moon. But it is very difficult to hide the fact that you are benefited by, or have access to assets, (and power), so such elaborate schemes will not create the desired “protection” for the Jewish people, (no matter how violent the Jewish Defense League might become).

Violent attacks will no doubt also find other “Haves”, such as prosperous, hypocritical UC/UM “power mongers” who disobey Rev. Moon’s direction to sacrifice themselves for the sake of humankind. It’s just a matter of time....
“Haves” always end up abusing “Have-nots”, (directly and indirectly, subtly and blatantly, intentionally and unintentionally), in so many ways that it is almost impossible to define and list this abuse. Therefore, “Have-nots” always end up attacking the “Haves”, and one such attack was the “Holocaust” of WWII, justified and broadened by manipulations of the new science of “Eugenics”. So Rev. Moon and His Wife have spoken to this problem, stating in subtle ways that the world’s wealth must be “distributed” more evenly, as in the following two quotes.
In His 2005 World Tour speech, as at:, entitled “God’s Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World”, He said:
“The time has come for the countries of the world to pool their resources and advance toward the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world desired by God”

In Her 2006 World Tour speech, as at:

, entitled “God’s Model Ideal Family and Nation, and the Peace Kingdom”, His Wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon said:
“The age in which the fallen and corrupted world plays havoc on humanity, allowing those who are evil to live better than others, is passing away.”

Convincing the rich to give their money to the poor may seem like a difficult, (and even impossible), “fiscal conduct” to realize, but as Rev. Moon put it, concerning building the Bering Strait bridge/tunnel, “...where there is a will, there is always a way --- especially if it is the will of God”.
Rev. Moon is warning us, that we are in a “do-or-die”, worldwide situation, so I pray that we might all seek and find that correct “perfection of indemnity” that will allow a peaceful, (euphorically exciting), ideal world. But we must at all costs avoid the incorrect, evil “indumbnity” of supporting “UC/UM power mongers”, (which is absolutely against God’s Will). Absolutely no “Restoration/Salvation” will come from arbitrarily, blindly kowtowing to predatory “false UC/UM Abel figures”. It’s already been tried, by UC/UM stooges who would confess and repent, if they had any truth in them. And that’s all I have to say about that.

It is deceptive, to claim that the USA can successfully “offer freedom and democracy” to countries that simply cannot make “democracy” work as the USA has, (unless the USA pays for it). There are extremely valid economic and strategic reasons why monarchies and/or dictatorships are the only governments that can “work/survive”, in much of the world. That’s why the Koreans and Japanese believe in the possibility of a “benevolent king”, (because they have to, to survive). USA citizens, (due to USA overwhelming power), have always had the option of emphasizing the guaranteed, eventual tyranny of any “centralized, powerful government”. As USA power wanes, this “habitual, anti-government philosophy” becomes a “deathtrap” for the USA, leading to great confusion and chaos over the inevitably increasing loss of USA “citizens’ rights”. The “patriot’s bombing-solution” of Timothy McVeigh, and the toxic, even catastrophic, slippery-slope, “Patriot-Act” legislation are proof of this reality. So the USA has absolutely no hope whatsoever, without DP, without The True Parents. All else is only stopgap, at best.

And USA politicians are just trying to deceive everyone, when what they really want is to clandestinely control certain countries, just as the USA CIA influenced Iran through the Shah of Iran, from 1953 to 1979, in order to control the USSR’s relationship with Iran during the “Cold War”. South Vietnam was another country under USA CIA covert “influence”, from 1963 to 1975. And most Americans know how badly those situations turned out, in the 444-day 1980 Iranian-Hostage-Crisis and the ignominious 1975 end of the Vietnam War, after we killed or caused the deaths of from 1.2 to 3-million Vietnamese.

My point in defining this little-understood, “USA-agricultural-export, money-flow reality”, is that these and many other complex worldwide problems can never be successfully resolved without the teaching and application of the full-truth content of DP, as Rev. Moon has stated so clearly, for so many decades. All else is only stopgap, at best.

Concerning such matters, I highly recommend Col. Fletcher Prouty’s spectacular, incisive indictment(s) of “the powers that be”, in his book, “JFK”, as at:
Amazingly, Prouty proves that a “high cabal” used the USA CIA to plan and cause both the Korean and Vietnam wars, many years before they occurred; and these folks even killed President John F. Kennedy, because he tried to rein in the CIA by ordering that the USA Joint Chiefs of Staff begin to take full responsibility for all CIA covert actions.
The full reality, is that war has always been used by those in power to “thin the human herd”, which left lots of females and food, and prevented rebellion and violent revolution by any “young bucks”. With the advent of atom bombs, such widespread, “covertly planned wars” became “undesirable”, (because atom bombs would also affect/harm those in the “high cabal”). Prouty predicted that perhaps fictitious “space aliens” would be used by this “cabal”, to explain some sort of widespread killing that would replace war as a means of “thinning the herd”. Prouty died just 3 months before 11SEP01, so he did not foresee that “terrorist actions” might serve this “cabal” just as well, as a “plausible explanation” for any “cabal” use of WMDs on humankind. Such diseases as the “dreaded bird-flu virus”, (if it mutates to an H5N1 strain transmissible by air), also fulfill this goal, (as a WMD pandemic), since they can be covertly manufactured and dispersed, and they will leave great chunks of intact real estate for the “cabal” to take over and “manage”.
DP is the only “answer” in existence that has any hope of preventing this horrendous “overpopulation and herd-thinning cycle”, but most people still have no idea how much they owe Rev. Moon, for the suffering he’s endured to guarantee DP’s survival. THIS SOBERING REALITY CLARIFIES FURTHER WHY ANY DELETION, ALTERATION, (OR SUPPRESSION BY USE OF COPYRIGHT), OF THE CONTENT OF REV. MOON’S SPEECHES OR STATEMENTS, (WHICH ARE ALL PART OF DP), ARE CRIMES WORSE THAN MURDER, AND ARE IN FACT WORSE THAN ANY CRIMES EVER COMMITTED.

In the 1990s, Rev. Moon warned that unless DP is adopted and applied, “all ‘isms’ will cease to exist”. So if you think that Rev. Moon wants you to “leave your religion”, you’re wrong; He’s actually saying that your religion itself is in the process of “self-destructing”. Imagine that. All “belief systems” are becoming corrupted from within, even now, without our fully realizing it. That’s the same way that the 9-11 tragedy came upon the USA --- completely unexpectedly. Biblically, that’s a sign of “The Last Days”, (i.e. of the “End Of The Past Age”, and the “Beginning Of A New Age”).

The flow of agricultural money (and power) into the USA is becoming much weaker in its effects, as its percentage of all USA exports decreases, and as the population of the USA skyrockets. As at:
, in 1810, 87% of all USA exports were agricultural, with just over 7-million people in the USA. By 1990, agricultural exports were just 15% of all USA exports, with over 261-million people in the USA. (The other 85% of USA exports are not so desperately, consistently needed, and therefore generate much less “USA power”.) In 1981, USA agricultural exports peaked at $43.8 billion, and then declined until 1987.
The most striking loss of USA power from the decline of this USA “agricultural-export power-equation” has occurred since 1981, because realistic competition with the USA by other countries has finally become possible.
As the USA continues the bad habits of its heavy-handed foreign and domestic policies, it is more and more being devastated by recent declines in this “power equation”. This has meant that USA “international, governmental-and-corporate interests” have begun to heavily victimize USA citizens more and more, in a vain struggle to maintain the old spending habits of USA power.
Thus, a national USA corrupt “system” of artificially-lowered speed-limits and very lucrative speeding and other traffic tickets, (actually a form of hidden taxation), has been installed since 1975. Thus, USA politicians are colluding with corporations in deceptive, convoluted schemes to corruptly inflate the cost of necessities like water, fossil fuels, and utilities, while promoting the lie of man-made global-warming to “explain and justify” this legalized fleecing of USA citizens. Thus, “rigged” USA legislation is allowing corporate bankruptcies to sack retirement funds, and is promoting the so-called “401(k) Plan”, which condemns USA workers to never being able to retire, unless they’re super-rich. Thus, the quality and availability of health care and food for the average USA citizen have plummeted. Thus, all manner of USA “quality-of-life” matters continue to radically decline, spiraling toward third-world standards, especially in the cities.
Thus, both subtle and blatant forms of financially-motivated, governmental corruption, (aimed at victimizing USA citizens), are permeating the USA, ad infinitum.

The USA unholy alliance, between lawyering and psychiatry, means that we’d have to kill all the lawyers and psychiatrists, to effect overall, positive, God-centered change in the USA, (if DP and the UC/UM did not exist).
95% of what is deviously labeled as "mental illness”, has no “medical cause”, (i.e. physical damage to the brain), and is therefore not a “medical problem” at all. So, this 95% could be called “spiritual illness”, (for want of a better name), and is caused by “hell-if-you-do-and-hell-if-you-don’t”, Fallen-world conflicts. And ONLY the study and real-life application of the (15 Peace Messages)/(HDH-DP)/DP can COMPLETELY clarify, resolve, and “heal” such “spiritual illnesses”, for the first time since “The Fall” and subsequent “Multiplication Of Evil” have caused them.
As it is, psychiatry simply enforces the tyranny of the (evil) “norm” of the majority. And in a clearly applicable extension of “The Stockholm Syndrome”, we find that the very people who are victimized by psychiatry actually laud it, in many cases. Psychiatrists and psychologists are using the rampant evil in USA “society/culture”, to justify the (lesser?) evil they do, as psychiatry “plays God”, with its insidious, debilitating, mind-altering drugs and lobotomies, etc., as well as its devious, manipulatory, and many times profoundly evil, courtroom application$.

As of 2010, well-established, reliable sources estimate that, EACH YEAR, (during the last ten years in the USA), over 1.3 million patients were injured and over 200,000 patients were killed by so-called "medical mistakes", as at:

It’s a fact proven with absolute finality, that there is no safe “low dose” of x-ray radiation, as at:
Nevertheless, USA dentists are forcing routine, unnecessary, cancer-causing x-rays on patients, possibly because medical-malpractice-insurance companies have been covertly manipulated by the USA Federal government, to require this proliferation of dental x-rays to facilitate identification of dead bodies by law-enforcement. A more $imple reasoning would have x-ray-machine manufacturer$ and dentist$ requiring rife x-ray$ simply to make more money, (including the money they make years later, when they "treat" the cancer their x-rays gave you).
Proving such “conspiracy theories”, all dentists will refuse to accept any legal, medical-liability waiver you sign, to try to stop these x-rays from being forced on you. This situation defiles the “First, do no harm” First-Tenet of the Hippocratic Oath in the USA, and attracts low-character, untrustworthy, corrupted persons to dentistry, who are willing to sell their souls to the devil by enforcing this deadly “x-ray requirement”.

And who is it that has maintained the criminalization of (harmless) marijuana for a century, and liberalized the USA immigration laws since 1980, destroying and enslaving the USA middle-class with a flood of dirt-cheap laborers? Whomever it is, they abhor and revile think-outside-the-box absenteeism and the unionization of the work force, and they spit on even the concept of “freedom” or “pursuit of happiness” for USA laborers. They’re also keeping the USA borders porous for the same reasons, because terrorist attacks in the USA are not likely to affect them.

Whether it’s by a sinister, all-powerful, “international High-Cabal” with ancient roots, or just by corrupt and/or spineless USA “leaders”, we are all being “set up”, by the current banking and credit-card “systems”, and the (intentional) ease with which these “systems” allow “Identity Theft”.

Since we are not allowed to submit any waiver, to escape the system of “electronic transfer of funds”, our money is now safer in our mattress at home, than it is in a bank account. Money can be “transferred”/stolen out of any bank account, and laws allow the bank to simply disavow its culpability. The bank then claims that you, (i.e. the account-holder), or a “hacker” must have done it, (when “banking insiders” are the most likely culprits); and “Debit Cards” make this kind of “systematic theft” even easier. Furthermore, “a penny a day” can be “transferred”/stolen out of every bank account in the world, and not even cause anyone to file a police report, even though this would mean that millions or billions of dollars would have been stolen. IT’S PRETTY OBVIOUS, THAT THIS FISH DEFINITELY STINKS FROM THE HEAD, (i.e. FROM WHOEVER CREATED THIS COMPULSORY-ELECTRONIC-TRANSFER “SYSTEM”).

The show on PBS TV, “Frontline”, did a so-called exposé on credit-card companies, circa Nov. 2004, as at:
Proving how powerful and pervasive this corruption is, “Frontline” did not even HINT at the seven following “set-you-up” facts, (and they have still not revealed them, even 78 months later, in their “Updates” on this subject):
(1) Since 1995, all credit-card companies have been allowed by USA legislators to require you to submit to “Binding Arbitration”, so that you can never sue the credit-card company, for any reason. Since anyone can be hired as an “Arbitrator”, all the laws in place, (concerning manipulating, extorting, or bribing judges), do not apply. Since these “Binding Arbitrations” are not “transparent”, it’s impossible to “know”, but it appears that 90% to 99.9% of all cases going to “Arbitration” are decided in favor of the credit-card companies. Does this surprise anyone?!
(2) The statement that, “You have zero-liability for fraudulent use”, is a lie. The trick word is “fraudulent”. This means that YOU have to PROVE that the “theft” was fraudulent. When they ask you how the “thief” obtained your card/account number and expiration date, and you answer, “I don’t know”, THAT IS NOT “fraudulent use”. However, they lull us into a false sense of security, by commonly paying for and ignoring small, (e.g. $50 or $100), cases of fraud/theft.
(3) The so-called “limit” on your credit card is not “in effect”, if the “account activity” takes place outside the USA. So the “theft” can be any amount, and “Binding Arbitration” will then cause you to lose your $500,000.00 house, and/or owe the credit-card company for the rest of your life.
(4) USA legislators have further colluded with this “Credit/Usury Industry”, changing the laws, (concerning “bankruptcy”, etc.), to favor the credit-card companies.
(5) Knowing they are encouraging and guaranteeing a certain percentage of theft, the credit-card companies habitually send out easily identifiable envelopes with blank checks or “pre-approved, credit-card applications” in them. And you can’t even stop these being mailed to you, because these companies create a separate “Murky Department” that normally ignores any “cease and desist” demands you make. They will keep mailing them, because they know that you will have to pay for any theft they cause, when they later take you to rigged, “Binding Arbitration”. Also, the “chronic fraud” caused by such mailings, masks whatever high-stakes fraud that “insiders” commit.
(7) There is a built-in guarantee that we are not likely to ever hear from those who are victimized by this “credit-card system”, because they can never “prove” that they’re “innocent”, and the “Arbitrator’s” decision against them is legally final.


To preface the following “DP stark reality of Islam” presented in this document, I would like to relate the following story of how the Koran helped me to join the UC. My assertion, is that all Muslims will continue to be confounded by their “position in history”, until they learn DP and “join” Rev. Moon, (especially by studying His 2007 “15 Peace Messages”).

I didn’t realize it when I returned from Vietnam, but I was desperately wounded by “survivor’s guilt”, from my combat experiences. In addition, I felt empty, with nothing left to believe in. I joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, (VVAW), and I did some public demonstrating, to stop the war. I will never forget the help I received, from Quakers in the San Francisco area.
I had enlisted specifically to fight in Vietnam, because I had felt that I “owed it to my country”, and as I put it later, “When I went, I was red, white, and blue, but when I got back, (to the USA), I was black and blue”. I finally descended into a hopeless, helpless state, living solitarily in my rural home on ten acres of land. My physical injuries were minimal, but my tortured mindset had similarities to Ron Kovic’s struggles, (without the “happy ending”), in the fact-based 1989 movie, “Born on the 4th of July”.
I had a profound “spiritual experience” once, when I was half-awake one morning, whereby a frightening, tangible, powerful, pitch-black darkness descended all around me, and I resisted it only by desperately crying out, “Jesus, Jesus”, for help. I later considered my “call to Jesus” to be a primal, knee-jerk, survival reaction, since I had never been especially “religious”, although I had been raised with some attendance in Protestant, Christian churches.
This “darkness” was evidently forced to leave by my appeal with the name of Jesus, (according to Romans 10:13), but it actually spoke, as it left. As it very realistically receded slowly into the distance, it scornfully muttered, “Yeah, yeah, sure, sure”, repeatedly. I later visited a local, well-educated woman who was well known as being versed in “spiritual matters”, and I asked her what this “darkness” had wanted from me. I was very unsatisfied at that time with her answer, which was, “You don’t want to know”. In the spirit of Oedipus, I desperately wanted to know what evil that “darkness” wanted; and curiosity killed the cat, too.

Later, completely unexplainably, I was given an “unabridged” Koran as a gift by an African-American I met when I was in jail for a few days, circa 1972. It was 4 or 6 inches thick, a heavy, hard-cover book, and I read only parts of it, but I found a prayer there that I embraced. This prayer was: “Dear God, (i.e. Allah), please allow me to know Your Will, and please give me the strength to fulfill it”.
I sincerely, pleadingly recited this prayer at every meal for over a year; and then an extremely unusual circumstance caused me to accidentally burn down my rural house. Waiting for the insurance money, I then went to a local college campus to look for a temporary place to stay with “friends”. From 8am to 3pm, I found no “help”. I had “given up”, but then was approached there by a young woman from a 70-member “Mobile Team” Rev. Moon had sent out in the USA, in 1974. I’m sure I looked like an “unlikely candidate”, with my foot-long-hair “freak flag” flying, and a full, red, untrimmed beard; but as it turned out, I was the only person she could “find” on that campus. She invited me to a local “UC Center”, and I readily agreed to hear a weekend of DP lectures, to which I brought my mother. And we both had a dazzlingly comforting, jaw-dropping, life-affirming experience.

Such “multiple miracles of coincidence” were so common for UC members at that time, that we all grew to simply take them for granted, and even expect them. Just a few days after hearing those DP lectures, I decided to travel over a thousand miles to New York City, to join the UC there. Frankly, even as I had prayed that prayer from the Koran, I never expected that God would have an “answer”, since I could not believe in a God that would allow the horrors I’d discovered in this world; but God, (and Rev. Moon), surprised and saved me, through DP’s comprehensive explanation of God’s suffering.

The Nine-Eleven attack on the USA would have never occurred, if the Muslim world had understood exactly why God sent Mohammed, which DP makes crystal clear. DP states that all the greatest religious leaders came at the same time, 400 years before Jesus’ birth, in order to prepare their own followers for “The Messiah’s Advent”. However, when Jesus was crucified, all this foundation of preparation became moot, and was lost.
As a glaring exception, God sent Mohammed 600 years AFTER Jesus, because Christians had become completely corrupt. God had to temporarily chasten, purge, and purify the Christian Church, (for several hundred years), in order to remove that corruption. This premise explains why Islam is so strict, cutting off the hands of thieves and immediately putting adulterous women to death. And it is most revealing, that the original Koran/“teachings” of Mohammed states that a Muslim should kill any Christian who tries to convert them; and even today, according to Afghanistan law, any Muslim who converts to become a Christian must be executed.

So God was forced to make the original premise and key tenets of the Koran violent, radical, extreme, and even militaristic, (i.e. fascist/terroristic), concerning “infidels”, because that was necessary, to begin to defeat the corrupt, 7th-Century-Christian “leaders”. This means that the term “moderate Muslim” is an oxymoron, although many present-day Muslims may be ignorant of the complete, original content and historical premise of Islam and the Koran. And this situation explains why Muslims worldwide are so silent, not condemning Muslim terrorists who are killing “infidels”, (i.e. non-Muslims or “sinful” Muslims), just as the original, Koranic scripture from God demands.
This premise for Islam also clarifies why many African-Americans have chosen to follow Islam, given the centuries of horrific slavery and “cross-burning”, methodical violence by so-called “Christians” in the USA.
What the fundamentalist, ORTHODOX, Muslim terrorists do not understand, is that this original direction from God in the Koran was always meant to be TEMPORARY, because God always needed to preserve the Christian “Life-Spirit-Level”, mainstream prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ. Therefore, by about 1200 AD, the blessings that had become so prevalent in the Muslim world were passed back to a chastened Christian realm. A terrorist full of USA oil-money can easily make the mistake of looking at history and thinking that violence worked in the 7th Century, so it will work today, to promote the Muslim world back to “the good old days”. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The truth, is that only DP allows us to clarify and resolve this “historical resentment”, actually caused by corrupt, 7th-Century “Christians”, and not by so-called “murderous Muslims”.
The truth, is that the USA is far from “innocent”, but it is also not totally corrupt, (yet).
The truth, is that Mohammed came when there was only one Christian Church, (headed by one Pope), which was corrupt from top to bottom. Since then, Christianity has become so diverse, with so many denominations, that it could never be totally corrupted under one leader/Pope again.
However, the 9-11 attack could be said to be a “reminder” from God, that if the USA becomes corrupt enough, God does have an answer for that corruption....

This “reminder” also applies to UC/UM “leaders”/appointees, who must accept some responsibility for having caused the 9-11 attack, since they have so blatantly refused to support Rev. Moon’s Member-Centered HC-direction for over 30 years now. This has affected world events by blocking the timely dissemination of the full truth of DP/(15 Peace Messages), which is the only valid, “non-stopgap answer” to humankind’s problems.
If such UC/UM “power mongers” succeed completely, the UC/UM will indeed face the same chastening horrors that God was forced to mete out to the 7th-Century Christian Church. In fact, we can assume that at least some of the present failures of the UC/UM are due to the actions of these UC/UM “power mongers”, during the last 50+ years, which have forced God to chasten and withhold blessings from the UC/UM.
But even in the light of all these failures, the UC/UM “power mongers” apparently still don’t “get it”, (just like Judas), and they continue to cut humankind’s throat, by refusing to facilitate UC/UM “networking” and Member-Centered, 360-home-HC work, and by denying the correct content of HDH since 1997, and ignoring Rev. Moon’s direction to create a “Unificationist Constitution and Laws” since 2000, (and possibly since 1982).

Metaphorically speaking, God has “pulled out all the stops” on the Messianic organ, but the UC “non-Christians” are deaf to it; they habitually understand only obedience to a UC “leader/emperor” for the sake of long-term, self-interested survival. So for seven decades, it’s as if most of the “closest followers” of Rev. Moon have been “spiritually-deaf” people who couldn’t really “hear” much of what He’s been saying. And they have deviously misled even many of those UC members/“leaders” who do have a Christian foundation, into following their deceptive, predatory, self-interested “interpretation” of DP. Tragically, it is these same deaf-Judas, UC “leaders”/appointees who presently hold “totalitarian power” within the UC/UM. And they are continuing to block any Member-Centered Standard of accountability, transparency, and punishment for their wrongdoing.
I lost my “self-interest”, (i.e. in a very real sense, I died to my "Self"), during my Vietnam-combat service, so I was quite well prepared, when I heard DP lectures in 1974.

Intrinsically and inherently, the highest, most needed forms of the “Self-Sacrificing Indemnity Of Heart” that DP requires for “Restoration” CANNOT be “ordered/mandated”, but require a fervent commitment/motivation “from within one’s soul”, driven and guided by God’s Will alone, rather than by self-interest. Incidentally, 360-home-HC work is where we can even begin to discover this reality, and not in the “high-muck-a-muck”, prestigious positions sought by UC/UM “deaf-Judas power-mongers”. But these folks have denied, suppressed, and avoided this 360-home-HC work for 30 years, (since 1976).
It appears that Rev. Moon is driving a remedial wedge into this situation with the “Cheon-Il-Guk” Providence, which could be seen as “country-wide, neighborhood work”, without the focus of the 360-home responsibility for each person. But the “rules/laws” of DP state that we will have to fulfill this responsibility of individual, 360-home-HC work, in the end, so we should at the very least be teaching this to our UC 2nd Generation.

For the last five decades, most Koreans, (even including most UC-member Koreans), have completely dismissed or misinterpreted Rev. Moon’s Messianic claims, because they think that Rev. Moon thinks exactly as they do, seeking any and all means “to get ahead”, with hard work and/or with guile, in the extremely harsh environment of Korea. Within this context, most Koreans believe that Rev. Moon is just a normal, crafty, hard-working Korean, who has “somehow” convinced some “gullible Americans/foreigners” that He’s the “Messiah”.
And because most Koreans lack any real foundation in Christianity, they can neither comprehend nor appreciate the significance of DP’s miraculous untangling of Biblical knots, although they may give it “lip service”.
A recent, public example of such a self-proclaimed, so-called Christian, (whose lineage is Korean), is found at:
Mr. Daeseob Kim obviously cannot, (or refuses to), comprehend the profound, expansive nature of Jesus' Messianic mission, and hence the finalized, consummate nature of Rev. Moon's Messianic claims, based on DP, (and since 2007, on His 15 Peace Messages). Kim's "opinion-statement" reduces all of it to the half-truth lie, of a strictly-worldly, ominous threat of a "world-theocracy" government, under Rev. Moon's thumb.
But we have to give Mr. Kim credit for recognizing and understanding the self-serving, leader-centered mindset of his Korean peers, who obviously do hold totalitarian, controlling, so-called "leadership" positions in the UC/UM. Thus, it's crystal clear that Mr. Daeseob Kim has failed to even scratch the surface of Rev. Moon's decades-long directions to these UC/UM Koreans, to repent of and renounce their (normal), self-centered, worldly-dynastic scheming-mindset. And Kim has also mysteriously "overlooked" the July 1, 2000 public announcement by Rev. Moon, that a UC/UM "Constitution and laws" must be formulated and formalized, which will finally undo and defeat any "world-theocratic", miscreant UC/UM Korean "leaders", who have been hemming Rev. Moon in for so many decades. Specifically, as at:
, Rev. Moon said, “We should set up a constitution for the heavenly world on Earth. In that way we establish the condition to perfect ourselves and be liberated on Earth. Therefore, we need a substantial system, laws that protect the family, tribe and nation in the substantial realm”.

To understand “Republic-Of-Korea, (ROK), Christians”, we must examine the horrendous situation there since WWII. While Japan grew fat and powerful from USA “investments”, (e.g. the name “SONY” came from “Standard Oil of New York”), no such “investments” came to the ROK, because of the continuing threats from highly volatile North Korea. So the only substantial, (relatively meager), “money flow” into the ROK that they could encourage, was from “USA-Christian missionary-work”. But this meant that they had to claim that they had converted to being “Christian”. Founded on such motivation, ROK “Christians” vacillate, claiming from 10% to 25% of the ROK population, but bringing a huge, fervent turnout when Rev. Billy Graham preached in the ROK. However, the real power in the ROK still lies in the hands of Buddhists, some of whom may hypocritically claim to be “Christian”. DP defines Buddhism as a “Form-Spirit” level religion, (like Judaism or Islam), which is far below the “Life-Spirit” level of Christianity, and even farther below the “Divine-Spirit” level of the Second Advent.

I have come to believe that there are even some South and North Koreans that have been colluding since about 1955, creating ways to keep the USA forces in Korea, and thereby gaining whatever financial and other benefits they can. One such early “benefit” was the strongest cardboard that the US military in Korea discarded, (i.e. “Budweiser-beer boxes”), which Rev. Moon used, to cover the roof and sides of the first Unification Church. To me, the photo of that “first UC building” was most precious as it was, showing the “Budweiser” elegant logo and printing on the many cardboard boxes He used; but the UC Photo Department in Korea erased them. At some future time, I’ll bet that the Budweiser brewers would pay a very pretty penny indeed, for that original, unaltered photo, if it still exists....
Generally speaking, because of the great difficulties Koreans have faced as a nation and individually, (which they name with the almost “mystic” use of the word, “Han”, [i.e. “untold resentment/sorrow”]), they tend to justify “using” whatever means they find in life to elevate themselves, whether it be financially, or for prestige, or in any other way. Within this scheming, cowardly, self-serving mindset, "normal" Koreans will always go for your jugular, whenever they think they scent vulnerability. And especially towards any "foreigner", (i.e. "way-gook"), Koreans tend to be about as empathetic as sharks scenting blood, although they'll fawningly woo you if they think you can benefit them.
Koreans have even found a way to tap in to "Missionary-Work" money flowing from the USA, and even hijack Christianity itself, by using the UC's Divine Principle they're plotting to co-opt. Since 2006, Koreans are sending out more "missionaries" overseas than any nation other than the USA. Why? Well, we could view this as either self-serving or altruistic, but it's just a cold, hard fact that Koreans will not waste their time on any endeavor that does not serve Korea, first and foremost, in the end. They've learned just how lucrative "missionary work" can be, from duplicitous, self-serving USA "missionaries" who've been working in Korea for decades. Since DP intrinsically "owns" the Bible, it appears their plot is to also hijack Unificationism, presenting Rev. Moon as the (dyed-in-the-wool-Korean) "Messiah", watered down by teaching exploitation-based, subtly corrupted and/or altered DP, especially after Rev. Moon and His Wife die. There are stark clues to this plotting, at:
There, a 64-year-old Mr. Kang, having dedicated his life to sending "missionaries" from Korea, (all the while persecuting and reviling Rev. Moon), slips up and exposes his non-Christian mind$et with his reference to Buddhist reincarnation, saying, "If God gives me another life, may I give it to him as a mi$$ionary." At the end of this article Kang makes another chillingly telling statement, as at:
Relating to, "What happens if Korea's missions-miracle continues?", Kang's scheming, curiously overconfident statement is, "We expect Christ to come back". Voila! Koreans will then present themselves as the "saviors" of the world, with Rev. Moon as their titular eponym! (But they will actually be dishonest, scheming promoters of self-glorifying subterfuge.)
Rev. Moon is flattering His Korean followers, when He compares them to the (ancient), noble, "white-clad" Koreans who never needed locks on their doors. And the unsparing truth, is that circa 1955-thru-2010, opportunistic, voracious acquisitiveness in the South, and the most virulent, vicious communism in the North, have largely defined the character of the Korean people.
This is one reality that makes the sacrifices Rev. Moon has made for the sake of all humankind even more significant, spectacular, and “un-Korean”. I like to claim that Rev. Moon is no longer a “Korean man”, but is a “World man”, because He has changed Himself so profoundly for the sake of His Messianic Mission.
For example, not one Korean of Rev. Moon’s generation would even consider encouraging marriages between Koreans and Japanese, but He has, notwithstanding the fact that He worked to defeat the Japanese, when they occupied Korea so violently and mercilessly between 1905 and 1945.
Rev. Moon has also made the worldwide announcement that His Wife has fulfilled Her responsibilities completely, and is “equal” to Him, in Her historic Messianic position of “Restored Eve”. Korean men of Rev. Moon’s generation normally require their wives to follow three steps behind them, and would never honor their wives the way Rev. Moon has, because of the absolutely established Confucian customs in Korea. Furthermore, Rev. Moon has made it clear that the Korean language will be used worldwide, as the universal language that the world needs. He has continually told His non-Korean "followers" to learn Korean since about 1960. Most Koreans secretly do not want “foreigners” to have the advantage of knowing Korean.

An even more profound example of “un-Korean” behavior, is His willingness to sacrifice the established adoration and loyalty He received from early-UC members, (especially Korean ones), by announcing after 1976 the necessity that everyone must fulfill the “84-minimum-of-followers” goal in 360-home-HC work, (to make their conditionally-granted UC marriages/Blessings fully valid), and by other steps He has taken, that defeat UC/UM “power mongers”.

After over 30 years of my membership in the UC/UM, I can say with certainty that all UC members, Korean or otherwise, have proven to be “light years” below and behind Rev. and Mrs. Moon, in Their willingness and ability to sacrifice for the sake of humankind. Rev. Moon has said, “I am DP, and DP is Me”, and I have no doubt that He is not boasting, but simply stating a hard-won fact. Rev. Moon has always called for quantity of work, (such as less sleep, and more prayer and fasting, centered on the mission-oriented work of witnessing and/or fund-raising, etc). But it is obvious that He knows that it is the QUALITY of our work, character, and heart, which is the final judge of our degree of oneness with God and the True Parents. And 360-home-HC work is the “Judgment Battlefield” He has shown us, where we are directed to try to humbly learn and embody Rev. Moon’s and God’s heart.

But who has actually obeyed Rev. Moon, by advocating and following through with 360-home-HC work? As we teeter on the brink of Rev. Moon's Ascending, He has finally made the obvious public, as at:

He said, "The more you wish something from me the more conditions you should set up and follow up. Yet, there isn't a single person who is doing that. There isn't a single person who went beyond that hill".
This obviously includes all His (genetically-descended) children, who all seem to still be mystified by the rudimentary, homoousian-vs.-homoiousian, [ho-moh'-oh-zee-uhn vs. ho-moy'-oh-zuhn], question posed by Arianism, because they've been so well indoctrinated by the UC/UM power-mongers to believe in their own "sinlessness". But DP is crystal clear in these matters.
The Messiah comes as the necessary human mediator, between God and humankind; since sin came into existence through a person's disobedience/failure, hence, sin can only be extinguished by the Restoration created by the obedience/fulfillment of a person, (in a "new start"). So the Messiah is just an ordinary man, and the "throne"/Messiahship He fulfills gives Him God's authority, making the homoiousian thinking more correct. And the "Holy Spirit" of the Trinity is female, taking the place of the nurturing wife that Jesus was denied by His Crucifixion.

Also, as stated previously in this DPES document, Rev. Moon's children were "born without Original Sin", but DP details four kinds of sin: Original, Inherited/Ancestral, Collective/National, and Personal/Individual Sins. So the UC/UM power-mongers have deceptively transformed "born without Original sin", into "born sinless", which effectively hides the fact that these so-called “True Children" are still part of the unwashed masses, in their crying need to rid themselves of those other three kinds of ingrained sin.

So, given all this "internal confusion/wrangling", exactly what “UC/UM Tradition” should we follow, to embody the heart of the Living God, (i.e. Rev. Moon’s heart)? What should we do, to “attend” or “live for the sake of” God and the True Parents? In other words, how can we “live for the sake of others” without supporting or serving Satan’s goals in any way?
Surprisingly, there is no “set UC/UM tradition”, except that we are asked to apply the same level and intensity of “heart and true love” to our circumstances, that Rev. Moon applied to His. This reality is both liberating and frustrating at the same time, for anyone, but it is especially frustrating for those who may be seeking to justify a self-righteous stance. To survive as an “egotistical power-monger” in the UC/UM, you simply have to be a hypocrite and a liar.

In determining “correct UC/UM tradition”, one problem that can be almost invisible, because it “hides in plain sight”, is that DP does not directly, specifically define “heart, love, or true love”. Perhaps this is due to difficulties in translating this “shim-jung concept” from Korean to English, which we find at:
But without a clear definition of “love”, it’s impossible to fully understand DP in English, so here is the definition I was able to perceive, although it took me many years to realize it. (I don’t remember exactly when I “discovered” this definition of “love, in the light of DP”, but I believe it was about 21 years after I first heard DP, around the time I created my “Book Review”.) And although I recently looked up “love” in over a dozen top-rated dictionaries, none of them even came close to the accuracy of the following DEFINITION OF LOVE, IN THE LIGHT OF FULL-TRUTH DP:

And this definition even includes God’s love for us, and our love for God, as well as the love between us and angels, and especially between us and our “fellow humans”, (living or in Spirit World).
Given the realities that full-truth DP reveals, (such as why God made Adam and Eve, [i.e. the “Purpose Of Creation”], and the consequences of “The Fall”), this definition of love can lead us to some unexpected “destinations”. Since God does not see physical death as the “absolute end” that many Fallen people believe it to be, God has many times in the Bible ordered His People to kill, or to die; whatever Satan’s side does, (such as killing Abel), God’s side has the “Condition” to do the same thing, to defend or accomplish “Restoration/Salvation”.
This definition also explains why Rev. Moon would say something like, (BR quote #93), “You have to shed (your) blood, but even if you die at home church you will still be better off...(Oct. 22, 1981)”, as a loving, heartistic statement.
Similarly, in the Cheon Seong Gyeong sacred text, Book 6, Chapter 2, Section 6.3, page 933, at:
, He said, "Suppose those who sin a lot were sent to the North Pole. Such a time might come. ... ...Whether they would die in that world, or survive, so be it. ... ...Therefore, we emphasize not committing sins as the preventive medicine...(May 25, 1990)". So God's love can definitely be "tough love", as in the ultimate, life-saving, do-or-die, tough-love "Intervention".

This “love/heart” speaks to our NEED to do God’s Will, (in order to return to “The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth”), and accurately devalues our WANTING to avoid the ONLY-explicitly-correct, (ONLY-as-due), “restoration indemnity/suffering” that will keep us from going to Hell. Because full-truth DP so accurately, convincingly defines “God’s viewpoint”, (and thus, what we and those in Spirit World NEED), we are led to an “integrated view” of humankind’s “Fallen predicament” that has been impossible to understand completely until this time of the Second Advent of Christ.
So full-truth DP profoundly affects our view of what “true love” is, and clarifies why we should avoid “false love”, (i.e. not-due/requisite, misguided, and/or self-centered love), at all costs. This especially means that it's impossible to express God-centered love by arbitrarily "living for the sake of others", which means we are paying "indumbnity" rather than true, "as-due" indemnity. We could go on forever, giving weighty examples of “true love” and “false love”, but you’ll surely discover your own, in your study and application of (15 Peace Messages)/(HDH-DP)/DP. And that’s all I have to say about that.
There is a very useful source, “The Tradition, Book One”, (ISBN 0-910621-43-8), as at:
, that tells us how to carry out the “formalities” of Unificationism. At first glance, the information in this book seems extremely important, such as the explanation of the creation and use of “Holy Salt”, although it doesn’t even mention the “Holy Water” the TPs sprinkled on those being married/Blessed.
[Editor’s Note: In HDH, Rev. Moon states that “Holy Wine” was sprinkled on Blessing participants. But accurate translation from the Korean is evidently difficult here, since what was sprinkled on me at MSG did not stain anyone’s clothes, and it was in a transparent, glass bowl and appeared to be water, rather than the dark, reddish-purple color of the “Holy Wine” I drank days before, which was also the color of the “Holy Wine” on the “Holy Handkerchief”. In any case, as in HDH at:
(page 485, “Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom”, Vol. I, ISBN 0-910621-89-6), and at:
, He said, “True Parents sprinkle the holy wine.... (on those being Blessed/married) ...(this) is for establishing the condition that you have gone through the course of restoration by indemnity... (and) go beyond the foundations laid by the ancestors in the spirit world.”]

Holy Salt is used to “claim property” out of the satanic world, and into God’s ownership for our use. So it is used on the most mundane everyday things, such as groceries and clothes, and also on more substantial things such as buildings. But on close examination, it is the “condition and quality” of the PRAYER that must accompany the sprinkling of Holy Salt, that is most important. In fact, we can emphasize this concept to the hilt, and if necessary, apply the prayer alone, in faith, although “The Tradition, Book One” book does not state this.
But the explanation of Holy Salt even goes so far as to explain that Rev. Moon said that when the use of Holy Salt is inappropriate, (such as when eating in a restaurant), we may PRAY and discreetly blow three times on the food, without using Holy Salt. And the use of Holy Salt is perhaps the most tangible, concrete “tradition” in this book, other than “Tithing”. And we now know that the Home-Church Providence has turned “Unification Tithing” upside-down, so every word about “Tithing” in this book was in fact moot, even before this book was published, in 1985.
In fact, I believe that the only reason that this book was published at all, is in that little “Chapter 13” on tithing, camouflaged among all the “useful info”. So there are many “absolutes” in Unificationism, but the “absolute tradition” sought by “UC/UM power mongers”, (to hide their inadequacies), simply does not exist.
In “The Tradition, Book One”, the Introduction states, “In the deepest sense, the tradition we need to inherit is the tradition of heart that True Parents have exemplified by a lifetime of sacrificial loving and willingness to pay indemnity (tang gam) for others. This book of tradition will not deal primarily with this very important internal meaning of tradition....”
Well! That’s “Big News”!
Later in the Introduction, it states, “...Once again, please understand that the words herein are not absolute. In future publications, I plan to further clarify the traditions presented in this book as well as other types of tradition”.
The above “I” is none other than Chung-hwan Kwak, and 21 years later, we’re all still waiting in breathless anticipation for his “The Tradition, Book Two”! I believe his motivation in putting together that “helpful tradition-book”, was to cling to and try to enforce the tithing that would benefit him and his ilk, and since Rev. Moon’s directions caused that “power-monger” plan to fall apart, no second “helpful tradition-book” was worth publishing.

So yes, the reason that book does not attempt to clarify the “tradition of heart” laid down by the TPs, is that it is complex and almost impossible to define; and we can’t even extrapolate it, unless we know what circumstances will surround us in the future. But striving to obey Rev. Moon’s “timeless directions”, which will remain in force until all “Restoration” is accomplished, is a good goal to have, both in determining which of His “directions” that includes, and in challenging our limitations. The bottom line, though, is that no one really understands where we’re headed, since “The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth” is an alien place to our “Fallen Mindset”, where no one even notices whether you’re wearing clothes or not, (Genesis 2:25)....
It's obviously been "Cain-type" persons who have required clothes, beginning with the Genesis-fig-leaf panties. This is confirmed by the unabashed lack of affinity young children still have for clothing, even to this day. Also, we can deduce that the shame/vanity of "Cain" or "the Elders" originated clothing, either by their example or by imposition. We can imagine the first yarmulke, (i.e. "yamaka") worn by a beloved rabbi, (who just wanted to keep prying eyes off his bald spot), with all Jewish men, (and recently, even some women), thereafter wearing this "tribute to Cain", because they've been given a plausible-denial, "holy" explanation for its use. And we can imagine the first yashmaks in a harem, invented by their Imam, (with God knows what nefarious motives), and also given "holy" justification.
But Rev. Moon has evidently, understandably kept this "nudity" topic off His priorities list for the last 50+ years. At the same time, we can thank God that Rev. Moon is still alive, since He continues to “push the parameters of the Restoration envelope” for the sake of all humankind. His fairly recent, (April 2004), “direction” that all Blessed couples MUST “go nude”, at least at home, is astounding in its far-reaching, though discreet, implications. Anally retentive, “pure” UC-members are claiming that He only means this to apply when the couple is alone together, (such as in bed). But He makes other statements, (e.g. that our relatives should feel welcome), that make His “direction” far more expansive, as at:

I urge you to study this short content by Susan Fefferman very, very carefully, because to my knowledge, even six years after it was said, it is NOWHERE ELSE to be found. (Contact me for a copy, at , [NOTE: Persecution cancelled this email address], if it is for any reason “deleted” from the Internet.)
And you have the right to ask, whether we should believe Susan, since no “official” UC/UM source has had the care, “true love”, or guts to publish these obviously cosmically important “directions” from Rev. Moon, intended for all of the hundreds-of-millions of “UC/UM Blessed-Couples”, who have therefore not yet received them.
So I hereby bestow my most positive “Stamp Of Approval”, and it is my “Infinitely Considered Belief”, that Rev. Moon did indeed say all these things that Susan has stated, in her short “testimony & transcription”. And even though I have never met Susan, I offer my “Authoritative Opinion”, (in 2005), based on the 31+ years that I have been closely listening to Rev. Moon, that these statements that Susan has attributed to Rev. Moon do indeed sound to me like exactly what I would expect Him to say.

On a somber note, since Satan has caused so much devastation to children, it is common in the USA that “going nude with your children” might actually cause charges to be placed against you by hand-wringing, self-serving bureaucrats/legislators for “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”, or “endangering a minor”, or “what have you”. So surprise, surprise, the USA is “not ready” for “The Kingdom Of Heaven” to come to Earth, even concerning the most rudimentary clothing-optional environment that the Bible so explicitly requires, (in Genesis 2:25)....

But the real surprise, is that He obviously intends this “direction” for all humankind, (not just for “Blessed Couples”), since He makes the most surprising, even explosive statement He has ever made, when He says, (as Susan wrote):
“Act as if you have the (UC-marriage) blessing and you shall receive it.”
Whew! Whew! With an infinite whew! Here is the final proof that He is speaking for the Living God, who can now accept “childlike, absolute Faith”, in lieu of any and all other “Conditions”, to approach and be with God and the TPs, (see quote #87 in my BR), IF WE STUDY WHAT THE “15 PEACE MESSAGES” AND HDH DEFINE AS GOD’S WILL, AND WE “ACT ACCORDINGLY”!!! Although it may be dangerous to assume that we have such an “Act-In-Faith UC marriage/Blessing”, and it may elude us, still, it does exist, and is finally immune to Satan’s blockade, in this Completed-Testament Age!!!
We have to wonder what the “UC/UM power-mongers” will think of this, since Rev. Moon has been telling “them” since the 1950s that “they” would be able to manipulate and profit from “granting” the precious, priceless “UC marriage/Blessing”, since everyone would have to kowtow to “them” to receive it, especially after He is in Spirit World. (And there is HDH content stating that, “The right to give the Blessing will be passed to you”.) But since He has Blessed/married over 900-million people, (see, who never even studied DP, much less, fundraised or “witnessed” for 42 months as the “UC 7-Year Formula-Course” requires before being “Blessed/married”, it appears obvious to me that God will be allowing “faith end-run UC marriages/Blessings”, around those “UC/UM power-mongers” who do not even try to get rid of their criminal, arrogant, selfish motivations for “joining” the UC.
But of course, our Judas-Kwak refuses to surrender to God's Will. As recently as Feb. 13, 2008, he was rallying satanic, elitist support to maintain UC/UM mongrel power-mongerism, as at:
Kwak-san said, "Even though there was a need for conditionally giving the (marriage) Blessing during certain periods of time, according to the demands of the providence, the Blessing demanded by Heaven now is by no means conditional. We have to give the official Blessing. You should think of that as being the way to spread Heaven's will. Please educate all church members and families in this way."

Nevertheless, although “The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth” is all about “true-love relationships”, such as will arise in the natural progression of the “Tribal-Messiahship” Providence, it would appear that those relationships will be required to afford absolute dignity to all concerned, rather than allowing anyone to be “mauled” as so many have been, during the “persecutory, emergency conditions” Rev. Moon, DP, and the UC/UM have survived. And we can rejoice that Kwak-san and all “UC/UM power-mongers” will be paying for their crimes, even in this life, as well as in the next.
At the same time, we must ask whether Rev. Moon “deceptively misled” early UC-members, when He withheld His future “HC-84 direction” from them. Did He knowingly allow them to “power-monger”, so that they would work harder, to create the foundation that would permanently disallow “UC/UM power-mongering” in the future, with the “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”? Well, some of Jesus’ words give us some clue, in the Bible. In Matthew 10:23, Jesus said to His disciples, “...for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come”. And in Matthew 24:34, He said, "Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things, (i.e. the Second Advent of Christ), take place." It is clear from the context of these quotes, that Jesus told His disciples that the Second Advent would occur before they had “witnessed in and traveled through all the cities of Israel”, and before their generation had "passed"/died.

On the face of it, it seems like Jesus told a lie, but DP’s viewpoint is that Jesus needed to encourage His disciples to work hard in their “witnessing”, so He did not tell them that it might be 2,000 years before the Second Advent. And DP does make it plain that God would have sent the Messiah even at the time of Cain and Abel, (only several years after The Fall of Adam and Eve), if Cain had not killed Abel. DP further states that the Messiah would have been born 900 years before Jesus’ time, among the people of Elijah’s era, if they had not returned to worshiping idols. Therefore, it was possible, (although unlikely), that the Second Advent could have occurred even within several years after Jesus’ death, (if all concerned had “fulfilled their portions of responsibility” 100%). In that event, the Second Advent would have occurred before His disciples had “gone through all the cities of Israel”, just as Jesus said.
And if ALL had “fulfilled their portions of responsibility” 100% since the 1960 “Marriage Of The Lamb”, (and even since 1936, when He began His Messianic Mission), then a worldwide firestorm of acceptance of the Second Advent would have occurred, and we can guess that no “HC-84” direction would have ever been needed. This means that Rev. Moon was following a “best-scenario” course, (just as Jesus did), when He did not speak of the “HC-84” until 1976.

Also, when Rev. Moon stated that UC members could “obtain” the minimum of 84 strong followers in 360-home-HC work, within even 7 years, (or if not, within 21 years, by April 15, 2001, [see BR quotes #72, #58]), He was not lying. If enough people, (both UC and non-UC), had “fulfilled their portions of responsibility”, then the “UC/UM power-mongers” would never have had the opportunity to get such a strong stranglehold on the UC/UM. One statement Rev. Moon made, related to that, (from my BR), is:
“quote #55, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.185+...Unless you fulfill home church, (i.e. raise up 84 or more spiritual children who are willing to risk death to protect you --- Refer to quote #13), yourself, however, your mission will be handed down to your children with even greater suffering. THEN THERE WILL BE TWO SEPARATE WORLDS, THE WORLD OF THOSE CHILDREN WHO MUST DO HOME CHURCH IN PLACE OF THEIR PARENTS, AND THE WORLD WHERE PEOPLE ARE REJOICING OVER THE TRUE FAMILY AND TRUE IDEAL HOME. GOD DOES NOT WANT TO SEE THAT DIVISION HAPPEN. (3-28-79), [vol. 104, p.67, pub. Mar. 17, 1990]” (Also see BR quote #62.)
Note that the part of BR quote #55 in capital letters was clandestinely deleted from the 1990 officially published UC/(HSA-UWC) Korean-language speeches, and only appeared in English, in the (now “mysteriously unavailable”) 1983 book, “Home Church, ISBN 0-910621-21-7”.
So the “UC/UM power-mongers” did not want anyone to know this, and they have undoubtedly sabotaged all 360-home-HC work since 1976, BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT WILLING TO DO IT; SO THEY MADE SURE THAT NO ONE ELSE WOULD SUCCEED IN HC WORK. And our best guess is that “they” were not willing to do it because “they” lacked humility; (see quote #93 in my BR). Worse yet, “they” have passed that inherited curse to “their” 2nd Gen. children, by making it impossible for “their” children to do 360-home-HC work, by denying them even the knowledge that it is required of them, BEFORE THEY GET MARRIED.

(From my BR), here is what Rev. Moon said, (plus my footnote), that speaks to this point:
“quote #49, Speech Missing, p.205+ ...There should actually be no (marriage) Blessing before home church is completed. (in 1945, those who were most qualified, did not come) From this time on, no one is automatically eligible for (the marriage) Blessing simply because they have been members for a certain number of years, (which was the past standard). Only those persons who succeed in home church and restore spiritual children are qualified for the (marriage) Blessing.... ...Jesus would have had the holy wedding after he had 84 people completely united with him. That is the same path I walked.... ...Where are you actually going to find your mate, your ideal object? In home church. You will be blessed with the person you find. That is the ideal situation.... ...In the days to come there will be no such thing as Blessing without having the home church program completed. (***) This is not my statement, but a statement of the (Divine) Principle. (10FEB79), quote #49 [speech missing from vol. 103, pub. Feb. 10, 1990], [***see explanation]
(***) [But the True Parents can give special direction, as exceptions. Worldwide marriages, with satellite hook-up, may continue to be held. Wherever you are, you can participate. Those eligible for the next special Marriage Rededication Blessing, are married or engaged couples who agree with the importance of four rules:
(1) No divorce, (2) No adultery, (3) Teach their children to abstain from sexual relations before marriage, and (4) Work for world peace and the unification of humankind.
Marriage/Blessing Ceremonies will be held as often as possible, as enough people volunteer to rededicate their marriage in this way.]” (Also see BR quote #59.)
Once again, note that the entire speech containing BR quote #49 was clandestinely “held back”, so that this 10FEB79 speech was not in the “supposedly complete” 1990 official UC/(HSA-UWC) original Korean-language publication(s).

I know that I’m putting myself in danger of overstatement, but nevertheless, here is the most poignant, all-encompassing statement Rev. Moon has ever made, as at:
He said, “Today I am declaring a new beginning: the leader-centered movement is over, and the member-centered movement is going to begin. Why should it be like that? If the head of the family thinks only about himself, the family is unhappy. Only if he worries about the whole family can they be successful and happy together.
The Unification Church is one family. I am concerned and worried about each one of you, and you should be concerned with each other as brothers and sisters, and together come to parents. What we need now is an environmental Kingdom of Heaven. If you only move in one direction, that is no good. You must move in 360 degrees, in all directions”.
[Editor’s Note: Here is the stark reality stated discreetly by Rev. Moon, that new UC-members must be protected from the “power-mongering, single direction” of the older UC-members/“leaders”/appointees. This protection was profound and absolute, barring any validity of “Leader-Centered” directions, (at ALL future times), and requiring a change to absolutely “Member-Centered” directions. Of course, I have since offered the opinion that “Leader-Centered Direction” might find a proper home in a STRICTLY INFORMED-CONSENT, VOLUNTEER, UM organization fashioned after the “Salvation Army” and the “USA Peace Corps”, and raised to the “Divine-Spirit Level”.]
As defined in the 15 PMs, in PMs 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 13, the "World-Peace-Kingdom Corps, and the World-Peace-Kingdom Police-Force", appear to be Rev. Moon's "Leader-Centered" actualization of this "(Salvation-Army)-(Peace-Corps)" concept I advanced in 2005, which will allow the low-level-spirit "Leader-Centered mindset" to serve in a useful channel, BY REQUIRING FULLY-INFORMED-CONSENT ENLISTMENT, AND TERM-LIMITS OF SERVICE, just as the USA military currently recruits and operates. The "Leader-Centered mindset" has proven its self-centered, disobedient, totalitarian, satanic propensities. Therefore, extensive and iron-clad enforced-accountability must control the "World-Peace-Kingdom Corps, and the World-Peace-Kingdom Police-Force", ideally in the form of specifically-targeted content in the UC/UM "Constitution and laws", which must be ratified by all those affected by these organizations.

To the extent that UC/UM “leaders” have ignored and/or disobeyed the Member-Centered “Prime Direction”, TRUE UC/UM UNITY HAS BEEN PREVENTED AND DENIED, and the UC/UM has foundered into its own self-destruction.

I was sitting in a front-row seat when I heard that 28OCT81, ("Historical [sic] Children's Day") speech, and I was in a “daze” afterwards, because of the profound things He had said, (translated by Dr. Bo-hi Pak), which really had nothing directly to do with the UC holiday of “Children’s Day” that we were celebrating.
In fact, He even said, “Because this day marks the beginning of that new era, I called this the ‘Historical [sic] Children’s Day’...”, (which means it was mistranslated, whereas the correct title should be “This Most Historic Children’s Day”).
So that title-word, “Historical”, refers only to the historic importance of His direction, to initiate and establish UC/UM “member-centeredness”. I can only say that each person should study this speech in its entirety, because He was certainly “blasting away” on that day. [Editor's Note: This same mistranslation even occurs in the paramount "15 Peace Messages", (in PM 8), where "historical" was used instead of the correct "historic".]

Recently, I read a very thorough piece by Dr. George D. Chryssides, [krih-see’-des], as at:
There, he intimates that an ex-UC-member told him that “zealous UC members” might have SECRETLY slipped some of their “Holy Wine” into his food, in order to list him as a “Blessed/married Member” of the UC, and that a little of this “Holy Wine” was put into candy bars, in order to trick people into becoming “Blessed/married UC-members” when they ate the candy.
I laughed until my eyes watered, shortly after I read this, and then I wept.
Allow me to assure everyone, that the UC “Holy-Wine Mickey Finn” is a nonentity. If God could have reversed “The Fall” by slipping Adam and Eve a “Restoration Mickey Finn”, the horrors and suffering of the last 800,000 years could have been avoided. So “Restoration/Salvation” requires each one of us to “fulfill voluntary, informed-consent conditions”, thus fulfilling our “Portion Of Responsibility”, to bring the Kingdom of Heaven back to Earth. It is true that Rev. Moon, (and God), are desperate to allow each of us to fulfill even the slightest “Condition” to allow God to help save us, in this final battle between all good and all evil, in the Completed-Testament Age we have entered. Therefore, as I understand it, Rev. Moon used His God-given authority to allow that even pieces of “ordinary candy”, or “ordinary juice”, (properly prayed over by UC Blessed-members), would serve as “Holy Wine”, to ease the difficulty of bringing this “Holy-Wine-Ceremony Condition” to as many hundreds-of-millions of couples as possible. Therefore, the only way that Dr. Chryssides can ever claim to be among those Blessed/married by Rev. Moon, is that he accepted the four conditions Rev. Moon required, and that he knowingly accepted that “marriage/Blessing”. Those four conditions are listed elsewhere in this document, in a plain-talk distillation, (see ***footnote to BR quote #49), but if you want the flowery, “heavenly” form of the four conditions that must be agreed to by those receiving the UC “marriage/Blessing”, they’re at:
No matter how “zealous” UC members might be, if they claim persons are included in the “UC Blessing” who have not knowingly, voluntarily accepted the importance of these four “conditions”, as well as willingly participated in the “Holy-Wine-(candy/juice) CEREMONY”, then those particular UC members would be liars, although certainly well-intentioned liars....
In defense of the accuracy of Dr. Chryssides’ paper, I freely admit that such “exaggerations” may have occurred.
In fact, my own memory was “jolted”, when I read his document, remembering back to the time I drank that thimbleful of Holy Wine, back in 1982, when the rumors had it that Rev. Moon’s blood was in the Holy Wine. Even to this day, I did not deny that possibility, because I know that if there is anyone on this Earth who’s willing to open a vein to save you, it’s Rev. Moon! As fate would have it, my reading of HDH brought me to the description of Holy Wine, and of the Holy-Wine Ceremony, shortly after reading Dr. Chryssides’ paper. You can find it at:
(pages 479 & 480 in HDH, “Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom”, Vol. I, ISBN 0-910621-89-6), and at:
There, He says, “What is inside the Holy Wine? It has an ingredient that symbolizes parents’ love. Also, it has to have something in it that SYMBOLIZES blood.”
OK, so I didn’t drink His blood.
Later, (uh-oh!), it says, “In the holy wine, there is the flesh and blood of parents”. But it then clarifies, by stating, “With the holy wine I am giving out the substance of the Father’s heart and blood lineage. Through it I am giving out the life force and forming a connection of lineage”. It also states, “The holy wine, which is made of 21 ingredients representing all things and levels...”.
So I’m now pretty certain that I didn’t get even one platelet, macrophage, T-cell, or drop of plasma from Rev. Moon, because about 13 years later, the worldwide “Conditions” had been set that allowed Him to authorize that even a lowly piece of candy or ordinary juice could serve to facilitate the “Holy-Wine CEREMONY”. For “Instructions For Multiplying Holy Wine Or Juice”, see:
My personal opinion is that anyone who has attended the UC Blessing/marriage ceremony has the God-ordained authority to CREATE Holy Wine. But "leader$"/appointee$ of the UC/UM have thus far maintained that you must PURCHA$E Holy Wine, and they have also maintained their vile 3-decades+ of disobedience to Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS, (as listed in APPENDIX ONE of this DPES-document).
Note that as of July 2011, the folks who sell this Holy Wine appear to be dismally disingenuous, as they're refusing to give (inflated?) price-info online and insisting that you must email them. But strictly in order to cover all bases, I reluctantly name this Internet URL where you can PURCHA$E (suspect)Holy Wine:
So, it is our faithful, wholehearted participation in the CEREMONY, which God needs, to untie the “Original-Sin” knots tied by “The Fall”. Thus, this part of HDH states, “If this ceremony did not exist, original sin could not be removed and the lineage could not be converted. Without converting the blood lineage, one cannot become one body with God’s love by passing through the standard of perfection. The holy wine ceremony is the ceremony which indemnifies all this”.
Do I fully understand what the above quote means? I must admit that I don’t, but I know in my heart that it’s “true”, and I could not be more grateful for it. I also know that a “Holy-Wine Mickey Finn” just doesn’t cut it, in this UC/UM league.

So are there any other examples of possible confusion, (or seeming contradictions), concerning any of Rev. Moon’s statements, “directions”, or actions? There are no doubt many, but I believe that one hard-and-fast “rule” we can apply, is that we must refer to the exact, (~270-hour) HDH-content-(DP-summarization) that Rev.
Moon announced and formalized in 1997, and especially to the content of His 2007-“15 Peace Messages”, (which is His ~8-hour DP-summarization), rather than to any of His other past statements.

But even then, there is some room for “mistaken ideas”. In any case, I believe that answers to the questions concerning UC/UM “engagements/Matchings” and UC/UM marriages/Blessings must be the most important to clarify completely.
Rev. Moon has repeatedly stated that God needs to use “international marriages” to break down the satanic barriers of nationality, race, and language. But He has “Matched”/engaged many couples of the same nationality. And there is no CURRENT “UC tradition” that requires “arranged marriages”, except that the UC requires “parental approval” for any engagement. In fact, Rev. Moon makes it clear that He should never have had to do any “Matchings” at all; (in quote #49 of my BR), Rev. Moon said that the ideal has always been that each UC member should find their own UC-member mate in their 360-home-HC, “UC-witnessing” work. This “Match/engagement” was subject to “normal approval” by Rev. Moon, or (since Jan. 2001), approval only by the UC-member parents of the couple.

“Totally Arranged”, (vs. “Romantic/[Personal Choice]”) engagements/marriages have never been proven to be any more “successful”, although there is plenty of “muddy water” concerning this subject, as at:
So there is absolutely no proof that “Arranged” marriages are “better”, or even “last longer” than so-called “Romantic” or “Self-Decided” marriages. The CURRENT ideal UC engagements and marriages, (which since 2001 are different than the earlier “UC emergency-condition” ones), are actually a combination of “Romantic/(Personal Choice)” and “Arranged”, since a UC single member must apply what they perceive as God’s Will in their “UC witnessing” to find their UC-member betrothed, and this choice must then be approved by their UC-member parents. Many UC/UM parents appear to be ignorant of this CURRENT ideal, and there is HDH-content that states that “Rev. Moon must choose your mate”, from the PAST standard of the “UC emergency-conditions”.

It’s also most important to clarify that the 7-year “UC Formula-Course”, (i.e. 42 months fundraising and 42 months witnessing BEFORE the “Blessing” is granted), has been most important to “UC/UM power-mongers”. Early UC-members always thought that later UC-members would do this “work” under their “control”, but this is now not necessarily the case. The 360-home-HC Providence, (as well as Rev. Moon’s marrying/Blessing non-UC-members), and especially the possibility of an “act-in-faith-in-obedience-to-(15 Peace Messages)/(HDH)/DP” UC marriage/Blessing, all make it possible to follow this “Formula Course” without “supporting” the “UC Headquarters”; so the “UC power-monger plans” no longer “work”, if “they” obey Rev. Moon’s more recent directions. Of course, these “predatory UC power-mongers” have been and are suppressing the full truth and lying, in order to “enslave” any unwary prey, even including their own children, the UC “2nd Generation”.

“Ethical Wills” have been around for thousands of years, whereby one writes of and passes on cherished values and life experiences, etc, rather than just money/property. But I can find no evidence that a comprehensive “Ethical Prenuptial-Agreement”, (without financial motivation), has ever been created.

And since “necessity is the mother of invention”, my vapid, ultracautious, ineffectual quest to find a suitable wife has led me to believe that such an “Ethical Prenuptial-Agreement” IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY FOR ALL UC/UM MARRIAGES, AND SHOULD THEREFORE BE INCLUDED AS PART OF THE “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”. There are perhaps an unlimited number of reasons for this necessity, but I will list just ten here:
(1) An overall reason is that “UC/UM power mongers” have in some cases been illicitly, deviously manipulating the UC Matching/engagement and Blessing/marriage process, motivated by arrogant, self-centered, “power-mongering” goals, and this problem has even extended into 2nd-Generation, “arranged” UC Blessings/marriages.
(2) In some cases, the “UC/UM power-monger” makes sure that “someone they dislike or want to punish” is “Matched and Blessed” to someone with a known serious sickness or defect, especially when this defect is kept secret.
(3) Another example, is that the “power mongers” know that the Korean or Japanese spouse will continue to obey the “UC/UM power-mongers”, rather than “cleaving to their spouse above all others” as the Bible requires, (Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:22-33). And even a slimy, criminal organization such as the Japanese “Yakuza” most likely has infiltrated the UC/UM, with such long-term “UC manipulatory-marriages” in mind.
(4) In more than one case, I have seen Asian UC-“sisters” married to American UC-men (from prosperous American families), who have had only one child, even though Rev. Moon has said that each Blessed couple should have a minimum of five children. This has led me to suspect that the “sister” had that child only to legally obligate her “husband”, so that she could forever obey her “power-monger masters”, without her “husband” being able to do anything about it.
(5) Post-marriage, gross manipulation can also occur, such as illicitly requiring that an abortion be performed, or convincing the person under the power-monger’s “UC/UM leadership” to leave their spouse, as occurred in my case, just 48 hours after the UC marriage/Blessing.
(6) The variations of such “UC/UM-power-monger”, marriage-manipulations are no doubt extensive, with their roots in the thousands of years of non-Christian, leader-centered, Japanese and Korean “cultures”; and Second-Advent standards and goals demand that persons committing such “worldly-dynastic”, manipulatory crimes should receive an absolute, UC anathema.
(7) There are matters that should be formally, legally defined, such as: (A) - what would constitute one spouse’s refusal or failure to follow UC/UM goals in the future, and
(B) - who would have custody of the children, if any separation or divorce occurs.
(8) There are also “basic understandings” that should be formally, legally agreed to, such as the “UC marriage-vows”, as at:
The consequences of breaking these vows should be clearly defined.
(9) Of course, in creating this “Agreement”, research should be done to discover what “local laws” would overrule or conflict with any “UC Prenuptial-Agreement Terms”. For example, it is customary in Korea that the custody of children goes to the father after a divorce, while custody is usually given to the mother in the USA.
(10) Since Rev. Moon has stopped doing “Mass Matchings” since 2001, the whole question of how UC/UM members should “discover” their betrothed is problematic. This means that an appropriate, officially-standardized, “UC/UM Ethical-Prenuptial-Agreement” is absolutely necessary, to facilitate a successful “discovery process” that is immune from insidious manipulation, and to ultimately promote and establish enduring, everlasting, God-centered UC marriages.

I have found only one “reference” to a UC/UM Prenuptial Agreement, and that is John Godwin’s in 2005, as at:
Although John writes fairly comprehensively around the edges, (which is better than nothing, and better late than never, in 2005), he never takes the bull by the horns by stating that a “standard, official UC/UM Prenuptial-Agreement” must be created by the UC/UM, (even as a necessary part of any “Unif. C & L”). Rather, he makes it seem as if each couple has the responsibility to create it themselves; and his rudimentary, simpleton’s “UC prenuptial-form” is “completed” with mostly blank spaces to be filled in.
So John is obviously not willing to admit any of the horrors that have been “sanctioned by default”, and even caused, by high profile UC-members such as himself, by their self-serving silence about the “internal evils” of the UC/UM for the last 30+ years.

Without “complete data”, my “best guess” is that the UC/UM “internal reality” is a seething, reeking monstrosity of wounds and self-serving, anti-restoration lies. And this is because powerful, UC/UM-power-monger “leaders”/appointees continue to successfully, deceptively spout grandiose claims for their own greatness, like very unwise “see-no-UC/UM-evil” monkeys. And the “monkey see, monkey do” 30+ years of omission of this full truth, (concerning “leadership evil” INSIDE the UC/UM), by even such prolific writers such as John Godwin, (strangely silent about “UC/UM power-mongering”), has to be seen for what it is: an intentional, self-serving betrayal of all humankind.
I was surprised when I recently, (23SEP06), found a claim by John Godwin that Rev. Moon directed the creation of a “Unificationist Constitution” as long ago as June 20, 1982! “Find” the word “constitution”, as at:
To excuse himself from the last 24 years of his collusion and sin by omission, (having refused to create any “Unif. C & L”), John claims in 2005 that his “writings” are “an outline for a practical blueprint” for such a “new world of God’s order” constitution. A more deceptive, mealy-mouthed statement has never been made, since John does not point out that specific crimes and high crimes done “in the name of the True Parents” must be addressed, by any “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”.
I had an extensive, private-email exchange with John Godwin, circa 2003, and I was amazed at his devious, self-centered attitude, concerning my repeated, heartfelt, pleading requests that he help disseminate my “Book Review”. It appears that he, like many UC members, is scared stiff of being de facto, clandestinely “cut off or excommunicated”, by devious UC/UM power-mongers like Chung-hwan Kwak. So where is the integrity, in someone who so obviously wants to cash in on the UC/UM, by the sales of his and his children’s books? This cringing toady wants to promote his own “image of greatness”, (for “following” such a “great man”), by claiming that Rev. Moon is “the greatest man who has ever lived”.
But Rev. Moon has stated otherwise.
He has admitted that He twice refused His “Messianic Mission”, and only accepted it when Jesus told Him that no one else was in a position to accomplish it.
[Editor’s Note: He has stated that it is possible, (but not provable), that He was born with ancient ancestors who were from a “lost tribe” of Israel that “melded” with past “Koreans”. Also, at (page 383 in HDH, “Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom”, Vol. I, ISBN 0-910621-89-6), and at:
He stated, “...three generations of my ancestors were prepared”, (immediately before He was born).]
He has also admitted that He many times has wished that He “had not met God”, because His Mission has been “like grabbing the tail of a very dangerous tiger”. And He has stated regularly over the years, (especially in prayer), that He could never have accomplished anything without God’s help.
But if Jesus and Rev. Moon are just “ordinary men”, then why was the (so-called “royal”), ancestral bloodline/lineage of Jesus so important? DP doesn't really explain this comprehensively, so I've filled in the complete picture, as follows.
DP does make it clear, that the long bloodline leading to Jesus' birth was absolutely necessary. We learn that Tamar had to be willing to deceive her father-in-law, Judah, and risk a painful death by burning, in order to maintain the continuity of this lineage. And Mary also was put in this position, whereby Joseph had to fulfill faithfully by secretly accepting Mary's pregnancy, which if known publicly, would have exposed Mary to a painful death by stoning (for fornication), according to the laws at that time.
Spiritually speaking, both Tamar and Mary were reversing Eve's failure. Eve was willing to risk death by breaking God's commandment, which was, “...but from the fruit of the tree (of the knowledge of good and evil), which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, 'You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die'...”, (Genesis 3:3). DP explains that the “tree of life” symbolizes Adam. And the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” symbolizes Eve, so the “fruit” of that tree symbolizes Eve's love. Most importantly, that commandment would have been in effect only until Adam and Eve had fully matured, spiritually, when God would have brought them together in marriage.

Having risked death to disobey God's commandment, both Adam and Eve “died spiritually” after “The Fall”, when they had premature, (self-centered) sexual-relations before they had fully matured spiritually. Therefore, to fulfill Jesus' lineage, both Tamar and Mary had to be willing to risk death to obey God's Will. Undoubtedly, untold other “spiritual conditions” were fulfilled by Jesus' ancestors. For example, Joseph accepted Mary's pregnancy “for God's Will”, and he refrained from sexual relations with her; and that was a reversal of Adam's failure of succumbing to the temptation of premature sexual relations with Eve, “for Satan's will”. (According to DP, Joseph and Mary should have remained abstinent until after Jesus' rise to power, but one of the first failures that occurred in Jesus' Messianic course, was that He very soon had siblings, which lamentably diffused His parents' love and care for Jesus.)
In addition to the paramount “spiritual necessities” in Jesus' ancestry, it's my opinion that the (so-called “royal”), physical/genetic necessities in Jesus' ancestral lineage were minimal, simply ensuring that Jesus would be born “normal and strong”, without any genetic abnormalities that would have weakened Him or unnaturally shortened His life. In other words, Jesus was just an ordinary man, just like any of us born without any dire genetic defects. His “divine nature” was twofold:
(1) Since God made humankind in “God's image”, (Genesis 1:26-27), we find that everyone is “like God” at the core. Hence, Jesus said, “ are Gods”, (John 10:33-34).
(2) Since it was a man, (i.e. Adam), who committed the “original sin”, it must be a man, (i.e. “The Messiah”, as “the second Adam”), who serves as the first mediator with God, (1 COR. 15:21-23), reversing Adam's failure and thus providing the path for all humankind to return to the “Garden of Eden”, (i.e. The Kingdom of Heaven On Earth). So it is the “Messianic Throne” Jesus sits on, (and not any superhuman prowess or competence), which gives Him the “authority of God”. As an aside, we know that mundane kings are just ordinary people who wield authority only because of the throne on which they sit. And Jesus too, was just an ordinary man who fulfilled God's Will to reverse the conditions set by “The Fall”, such that He sat on the throne prepared by the vast previous work, by God and by all the saints, since “The Fall”.

So Rev. Moon does come on the foundation and pinnacle of the work and suffering by God and by all the saints, for “Salvation/Restoration”. This means that He is certainly in the “greatest King’s-position” of all history, (i.e. the sole “Mediator” between God and humankind, as “The King of Kings”). But Rev. Moon is just an ordinary man, (as was Jesus), confronted with the extraordinary responsibility of knowing He has “discovered” the only viable, non-stopgap answer, (i.e. DP), to humankind’s “problems”. And Rev. Moon and Jesus have both stated that they expect Their “followers” to do even “greater works” than They have done.
Self-serving, pontificating, self-promotion artists like John Godwin ignorantly demean Rev. Moon and play right into Satan’s hand, when they claim that Rev. Moon is “greater” than anyone else. This is the same erroneous claim that Christians have been making for Jesus, with the half-truth lie that Jesus was “Superman/God”, so that they can justify and excuse their sin as “just human-nature”. And this kind of misleading claim is a degrading, self-serving insult to the incredibly hard-won accomplishments of Jesus and of Rev. Moon.

At the same time, we have to pity John Godwin, because he learned his “patterns” of deception and cowardice from self-centered self-promotion by some of the highest “leaders” in the UC/UM, (but not from Rev. Moon). And although Rev. Moon does promote Himself as being an ultimately “capable” person, (thus inspiring our confidence and our self-confidence), He never does so with a self-centered motivation; but those UC/UM so-called “followers” with a “Judas mindset” simply refuse to acknowledge or admit the deviously concealed difference(s), between “self-centered” and “God-centered” self-promotion.

With all the warnings that DP contains, about the punishing delays and hardships that came to those who refused and/or failed to obey God’s Will, these mongrel “power mongers” continue to disobey Rev. Moon’s crystal-clear, 25+ year direction to create a UC/UM Member-Centered Movement. If it were not such a serious matter, we would have to roll on the floor laughing at “them”. “They” seem to think that “talking the talk”, saying, “sacrifice yourself (for me)” is somehow going to make “them” into “leaders” like Rev. Moon, who has “walked the walk”, asking us to “sacrifice ourselves for the sake of all humankind”.
Even at best, we have a “long row to hoe”. Recently, Rev. Moon made it more clear than ever, that Restoration/Salvation will most certainly not be completed in our lifetime, as at:
He said:
(on 16MAY07), "I am praying for the sake of the Unification Church a thousand years from now and even ten thousand years from now. Rather than living in this world today, I am focused on creating an ideal throne on which God should be rightfully seated".
(and on 07JAN08), " have to pass down everything from Him, (God), to all your descendants. This is not something for one age only; it's for thousands of years and numerous generations".
And assuming that humankind obeys Rev. Moon 100%, HDH states that “430 years”, or even “36 generations”, (i.e. 36 X 20 = 720 years, or twice that equals 1,440 years), will be the minimum time needed, for all Restoration to be completed on this Earth. As at:
(pages 560 & 563 in HDH, “Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom”, Vol. I, ISBN 0-910621-89-6), and at:
, HDH states, “But now we enter the age to restore the world after 430 years.”, and,
“In order to indemnify the historical battle, sons and daughters of 36 generations should set up the condition not to fight with one another but to become one in front of God. That’s why Father set up the 72 Couples --- twice the number 36, in order to represent both Cain and Abel.”

In Peace Message 4, (on June 1, 2006), He said, "The dynamic period of the construction of God’s kingdom of “Cheon Il Guk” (Restoration), when a day feels like a thousand years and a thousand years feels like a day, is continuing".
In PM-12, (on Feb. 23, 2007), He said, "Heaven's providence (of Restoration) is progressing rapidly each day. In its course for the establishment of Cheon Il Guk, a day can feel like a thousand years, and a thousand years can feel like a single day".
Even more staggering, are His PM-9 words in Korea on Sept. 12, 2006, (i.e. original PM-9 words, which were deleted from the later-published PDF-and-book texts of PM-9). He said, "You must keep in mind that you stand in a position that is truly blessed, and yet, at the same time dangerous. For if you (Koreans) who are registered, fail once more, your descendants will suffer in hell for thousands of generations". This has to be the most fiery public statement Rev. Moon has ever made, bar none. Conservatively assessing this statement, (using the bare minimum of just 2,000 generations, and 20 years per generation), we find that this worst-scenario warning prophesies a possible minimum of 40,000 years, before ALL Restoration would be completed, (FIRST on Earth, and THEREAFTER in Spirit World). We find, (Matthew 16:19), that Jesus informs us that each act of Restoration must first take place on Earth, before it can take place in Spirit World. Therefore, it is conceivable that all Restoration on Earth might be completed in 1,000 years, (or much less), with all Restoration in Spirit World taking 40,000 years, (or much longer), for the most stubbornly evil spirits who set the most selfish, evil conditions during their earthly lives, (e.g. those Koreans who registered in the UC/UM for their own self-centered benefit, and doggedly "failed once more" after 12SEP06).

The above "time-period" quotes address, (but do not fully resolve), a question I’ve had since 1974, (when I first heard DP), concerning the meaning of the Biblical statements (in Revelation 20), “And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,... ... and after that he, (Satan), must be loosed a little season, (etc)”. So “Restoration” will take long enough, even if we now END this illicit, 29-year, (i.e. since 1976), leader-centered stranglehold on the UC/UM, created and enforced by these self-centered, disobedient, blind-Judas, UC/UM villainous antiheros and insidious reprobates!!!

And can we truthfully generalize, in defining the nature and character of all UC members, who have been married/Blessed in the UC and have gone on to raise children? Well, we know that the first Western members of the UC had to have no prior responsibilities, (such as spouses, children, or even pets), since it was required that they drop everything and "just obey". That's why almost all USA members, (circa 1967 to 1976), were very young. In fact, we can apply this "drop-everything-and-just-obey" standard to every member of the UC. Rev. Won-pil Kim, (who passed to Spirit World in April 2010 at the age of 82), was the first UC member, and he fit this standard, being eight years younger than Rev. Moon when they lived together, surviving in a cardboard house on the fundraising from the sales of Rev. Kim's drawings. Within this "standard", we can define a "typical" 2010 UC-member in the following (1) thru (10) points:

(1) In order to keep them subservient, UC "leaders"/appointees encouraged them to believe that only members who moved into "UC Centers" and "just obeyed", were "real" UC members. They were also told that it was their "good ancestors" who spiritually guided them to join the UC, (so they are "holier" people than anyone else on Earth). But Rev. Moon later stated that it was dumb luck, (i.e. happenstance), that positioned anyone to be a UC member, and around 1994, He also said that there were many UC "leaders"/members who physically accompanied Him every day, who would not be with Him in Spirit World, (although such statements by Rev. Moon were suppressed).
(2) Likewise, they were encouraged to believe that the "UC Blessing/marriage" guaranteed they'd have "sinless children", without clarifying that "sinless" actually meant conditionally "free of Original sin" only. Many UC members were misled to even count the number of UC marriages, thinking that the biblical "144,000" was literal, and arrogantly praying they'd be included in the 144,000 as "the most holy people of all humankind", (Rev. 14:1-5). Finally, in His end-run, 2007 "15 Peace Messages", Rev. Moon repeatedly clarified the conditional nature of the UC Blessing/marriage, (in PMs 1, 7, 9, and 10), saying, "The Holy Blessing is received in three stages: rebirth, resurrection, and eternal life"; and, (in PMs 7, 9, 10, and 12), "The providence of the Blessing should be perfected through five stages: the individual, the family, the tribe, the race, and the nation".
(3) This "marriage-hook" was used to fish for people who would accept the premises of (1) and (2), so that they would work literally like slaves for years, (and even for decades), on the promise that they would receive the sacred condition, (and it is indeed most sacred), of being "Matched/engaged" and "Blessed/married" by Rev. Moon, Himself.
(4) The above (1), (2), (3) "army-like-UC" scenario existed, (as an emergency response to satanic persecution of, and resistance to, the UC), until Feb. 23, 1977, when Rev. Moon announced that, "My mission is consummated... of today, all the dispensational history of restoration has ended, has been completed...", as at:
He then made it clear for years in His speeches, that each and every UC member must accomplish the Home-Church minimum-84 condition in a 360-home area. He set the goal as "1-1-1", meaning that one UC member must "find" one new member, per one month, which meant that within seven years, (i.e. 84 months), the minimum-of-84 goal would be met. If that (7-year) 84-goal was not met, then the HC-work would be extended 14 years, to a 21-year, HC-360-home course-deadline. On July 4, 1978, concerning 360-home-HC, He said, "...I actually blame the leaders because they were responsible for explaining this to you... ...I have explained everything to you in detail, so now if you still don’t follow it is no longer my responsibility. What can I do if you refuse to listen?", as at:
In a nutshell, when UC-members do not do what He tells them to do, (such as 360-home HC for 21 years), He gives them something else to keep them busy. They tend to forget/deny this, so they think/claim they are "obeying and attending the Messiah". But they aren't, even though they distortedly call themselves THE "Blessed CENTRAL Families". It's because they are disobeying His "Prime Direction", that He keeps giving them some (secondary) direction they will obey. One facet of this scenario is, "Pride goeth before a fall".
Then, on Oct. 28, 1981, He proclaimed that the (army-like), "Leader-Centered" UC must end immediately, to be replaced by a 100% "Member-Centered" UC. AS OF JULY 2011, NO ONE HAS ANNOUNCED ANY HC-84-GOAL FULFILLMENT, AND NO MEMBER-CENTERED PRIME-DIRECTION HAS EVER BEEN ISSUED IN THE UC/UM.
(5) From 28OCT81 until now, (as of Dec. 2011), UC "leaders"/appointees found cunning ways to discourage HC work, and they refused to initiate a Member-Centered UC/UM. On that foundation, UC "Blessed members" remain in silent complicity, and they will do and say anything, (true morality be damned), in order to keep their "Blessed-marriage" good-standing in the UC, since all their pretentious self-promotion is based on the above (1), (2), (3) hubris-premise, while ignoring, denying, and even suppressing Rev. Moon's pertinent directions in (4), above.
So, do UC members really "believe in God", and hence, in DP? The answer to this question is much more complex then it might appear, but it can be distilled down to one, bottom-line reality. Namely, they would not disobey Rev. Moon's prime directions, if they really believed in the dire consequences, (to them, their descendants and ancestors), that DP clearly predicts and delineates for that kind of momentous disobedience.
But the complexity comes from so-called "leaders" who have no true vision, (just like Judas). And as the King James bible states, (Proverbs 29:18), "Where there is no vision, the people perish". Thus, UC members are "perishing" as they "follow" these non-Principled UC/UM "leaders"/appointees, who, (during the entire last four decades), have been subverting and/or suppressing Rev. Moon's prime directions, which include the "360-home HC-84" and a "Member-Centered" UC/UM. So most UC members cannot comprehend how harshly history is going to judge them, (and their descendants), as those who knew the "full truth", and yet ignored, denied, and even suppressed it in their exploitation-based mode, making them actually the most evil people on Earth, even though they "followed" the Messiah. And this paradoxical can of worms/"followers" has tortured and encumbered Rev. Moon during His entire Messianic Mission. Evidently then, this Stygian UC/UM subversion can be defeated only by the full truth in this DPES document, which has the power to save all UC members, (by educating them, and/or by blowing the whistle on them).

(6) Typically, both "active" and even many "inactive/ex" UC members want to fool you into thinking that their "testifying to" and/or "attending/following" Rev. Moon make them "close to God", while in fact they are secretly avoiding true obedience and obfuscating the full truth. They promote the deception that "tithing" and/or "being seen with" Rev. Moon mean they are "close" to and "attending" Him. And most of all, they want to hide the truth of (4) from you, so you cannot tell how disunited they are from Rev. Moon, and they can proclaim that any and all criticism against them is just "satanic persecution".
(7) In short, you cannot trust UC members, since they've all sold you out since Oct. 28, 1981.
[Editor's Note: Yours Truly was also guilty of passive, naïve, impuissant complicity, but I gave a solemn promise to God in 1989, (when I digested the book, "Home Church"), that I'd fight to promote the full truth. And I've experienced God's emphatic, striking, awe-inspiring help in this matter, perhaps because God knew I personally experienced the kind of evil, vicious, dishonorable damage these remorseless power-mongers can wreak. So God knew I was not likely to pull punches or sugarcoat this scandalous, power-mongering UC/UM mega-disgrace. And it warms the cockles of my heart that these ignominious folks have put me on a persona-non-grata UC/UM blacklist since 1989, because, (as it turns out), I'm a foundation cornerstone they deserted, which could have saved them from sinking into the quicksand-consequences of their own harebrained hubris.]
Typically, UC members have enjoyed the incomprehensibly-glorious blessings, (i.e. empowerment, etc), of being resurrected/"raptured" by knowing DP, but they will demand that you must become a slave to them and/or to the exploitation-based UC/UM institution, (i.e. "just obey"), or they will reject you and/or refuse to teach you DP. So God has been forced to continually chastise and chasten the UC/UM for doggedly prolonging that "army-like", exploitation-based methodology, which Rev. Moon Himself ordered to be discontinued on 28OCT81. But 100%-unselfish service in a 360-home area simply does not match the hubris-glory they were led to believe would be theirs, when they joined the UC and "worked/slaved" so hard. And we can come to understand that this situation explains the meaning of the scripture, "and the first (shall be) last", (Matthew 20:16). Just as Jesus said of John the Baptist, "the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he", (Matthew 11:11, Luke 7:28), so shall it be for these complicit, hubris-motivated UC members. In both cases, when you claim you are "following"/obeying the Messiah, while you blithely, arrogantly ignore, deny, and even suppress the real, unvarnished truth of that 360-home-HC-84 reality, you end up in a place in Spirit World that is below even rapists, whore mongers, and monstrous serial-killers, ETC, even if you are a "member in good standing" with the unprincipled, Leader-Centered "leaders"/appointees of the UC/UM.
(8) It's a moral certainty that UC members are responsible for their immoral complicity, to the degree that they hog the trough of sinister "unity" and ill-gotten financial benefits they can squeeze out, by using half-truth-lie DP to deceive, exploit, and abuse people. But although you cannot trust them, you should pity so-called "active" UC members, the vast majority of whom are being persistently bamboozled, bombarded, and besieged by UC/UM "leaders" who clandestinely conspire to consume all their time and energy, so that they'll be unable to stop and think about whether they're really obeying God's Full-Truth Will. Moreover, they are locked into their "obey-or-be-banished", illicitly-imposed predicament, by the fact that they're unable to escape the financial dependency of having given up their "past lives" to "follow the Messiah", (i.e. to follow UC/UM "leaders"). And these unscrupulous UC/UM "leaders" are meanly, even satanically adept at taking illicit advantage of such vulnerable minions who've been trapped by the ultimate persuasiveness of half-truth-lie DP.
(9) After three decades of this, it's pretty clear that no UC members are going to choose to obey God and create a "Member-Centered" UC/UM. Ironically, that means that only YOU, Dear Reader, can do it. In essence, you have the one tool you need, (i.e. this DPES document), to both receive the Second-Advent Messiah into your heart, (i.e. to be "Raptured"), and also "save" ALL present (and past) UC members. Simply disseminate the full truth in this DPES document to all corners of the Earth, because it's the only thing that will stop the UC/UM power-mongers dead in their tracks. There are countless ways you can spread this sacred full-truth, Dear Reader. And God will surely bless you for adding this most essential, most holy mission to your life.
(10) Ironically, their decades of complicit disobedience in these most crucial "Unif.-C-&-L", Member-Centeredness, and 360-home-HC-84 matters have invalidated their conditionally-granted UC marriages/Blessings, which is the one most important thing they want to claim they've attained. Rev. Moon emphasizes lineage as the most important thing, and He uses the word "lineage" 266 times in His "15 Peace Messages". By refusing/failing to emphasize the importance of these matters to their children, they are handing back their lineage to the satanic realm of the Fallen World, since they are also passing on the invalidation of their descendants' marriages/Blessings. This reality must be the reason He said, on May 16, 2007, "The more you wish something from me the more conditions you should set up and follow up. Yet, there isn’t a single person who is doing that. There isn’t a single person who went beyond that hill. They are still at the bottom of the mountain saying, ‘Father take me with you’....”. And incredibly, He did not exclude even His own genetically-related descendants from this failure, including even His son Hyung-jin, which He named as His only official "successor" on 19APR08. Therefore, this Second Advent could all be for naught, if the UC/UM continues to disobey in these prime, most crucial matters. In a speech to a small group at Belvedere, (circa 1975), I heard the much-lauded David S. C. Kim, (i.e. Sang-chul Kim), say, "If this final Advent of the Messiah does not succeed, it will be 18,000 years before God can send the Messiah again". Whether David Kim was right, I don't know. But I hope the full truth in this DPES document is heeded and implemented expeditiously. If it isn't, the future is sure to include more suffering than anyone can bear to imagine.
And that’s not all I have to say, about that....

There must be lessons for us all in this situation, because Rev. Moon continues to allow these power mongers to “lead” the UC/UM, (just as Jesus allowed Judas to kiss Him). One lesson, is that these pretentious, treacherous, reprehensible power-mongers must be all that Rev. Moon has to work with, which begs the question, “Where are the strong, truthful, selfless saints who should be attending the Second Advent?”. Another lesson, is that GOD MUST BE GRIEVING, THAT UC/UM MEMBERS HAVE NOT “REBELLED”, UNITED, AND RALLIED TO CREATE THE VALID, COMPREHENSIVE “UNIFICATIONIST CONSTITUTION AND LAWS” REV. MOON HAS BEEN DEMANDING FOR YEARS, WHICH WOULD PROVIDE THE IRREVOCABLE PROTECTION, GUIDANCE, AND ACCOUNTABILITY NEEDED, TO FINALLY ACTUALIZE THE BLESSED UNITY OF UNIFICATIONISM FOR ALL HUMANKIND. According to DP, UC/UM members will HAVE to obey, sooner or later, and create the “Unif. C & L”; and DP makes it ultra-clear, that every day we delay in this matter increases the curse on all humankind, which of course includes all UC/UM members.
And this accursed delay is being extended even by the founding statements of the Universal Peace Federation, (UPF, founded in 2005), which, by any standard, is the culminating organization of Rev. Moon's vast Messianic Mission. We find on a UPF web-page, (, that the person Rev. Moon appointed to overall authority of the UPF is none other than the "Chairman", Chung-hwan Kwak, whose deviousness qualifies him to be the most prominent viper of the UC/UM.
[Editor's Note - C.H. Kwak was UPF "Chairman" as of May 2010. Because some infighting-villainy was finally exposed in the UC/UM, an infinitesimal fraction of Kwak's malevolence finally became evident to Rev. Moon, and Kwak's name is no longer found on the UPF ( roll, as of July 2010. On 17JUL10, it's on record at:
, that Rev. Moon devastatingly condemned C.H. Kwak and his son, Jin-man Kwak, saying, "Who is Jin Man (Kwak)? Who is Chung Hwan Kwak -- he now has the flag as the King of Traitors. There is no space for them any more at the Won Jeon, (i.e. UC holy burial-ground)". Five days before, on 12JUL10, as at:
[Editor's Note, Oct. 2010: At the following ( URL, the quote has been edited/altered to cover up the dearth of "church leadership", and to cover up "wrong things" done by C.H. Kwak and his daughter.]
, Rev. Moon had shown unprecedented grief and loathing when He said, "(Chung-hwan) Kwak has made a great mistake and my greatest mistake was to marry my son to his daughter. Who can lead the church now? No one told me what was happening until it was too late. From now on I will kick people out who make such mistakes. ... ... Now days Rev. (Chung-hwan) Kwak and his daughter Jun Sook are doing wrong things. I know what will happen to them". But this shifty Shih-Tzu, C.H. Kwak, has not been "kicked out", so he still has tremendous worldly-power in the UC/UM. Thus, Kwak's name continues to serve throughout this DPES-document as an excellent example of a UC/UM Judas.]

So how would Rev. Moon explain His choice of this non-leading, appointee "leader"? It may be complex. Perhaps Rev. Moon was forced to promise Kwak future "titles", in order to keep Kwak working in the UC/UM many decades ago. Or perhaps Rev. Moon is paying indemnity, by proving He is able to absorb, guide, and use even satanic, inherently self-centered, covertly-disobedient, Judas-like persons. Whatever the explanation is, we find that Kwak has maintained this Leader-Centered viper-character, which has poisoned the UPF's statements of its founding Mission, Principles, Objectives, and even its "About-The-Founders" statement. Those statements are copied and pasted below, (as they've existed on the UPF website, Nov. 2009 thru July 2010), for clarity's sake, and to compare them with any textual changes that are made in the future. In the below UPF founding-statements, certain words have been changed to all-capital letters, to help clarify the following critique of those statements.

+++ UPF-WEBSITE FOUNDING-STATEMENTS, (Nov. 2009 thru July 2010) +++

God --- We are one human family CREATED BY GOD.
Spirituality --- The highest qualities of the human being are SPIRITUAL and MORAL.
Family --- The family is the "school of LOVE and peace."
Unity --- Peace comes through COOPERATION beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion, and nationality.

UPF Mission:
The Universal Peace Federation, (UPF), is a global network of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace in which EVERYONE CAN LIVE IN FREEDOM, HARMONY, COOPERATION, AND PROSPERITY. Peace is not simply the absence of war or a term that applies only to the relationships among nations. PEACE IS AN ESSENTIAL QUALITY that should characterize all relationships.
UPF advocates renewal of the United Nations, including a proposal that the UN create an interreligious council within its structures. UPF implements its programs through a global network of Ambassadors for Peace.
UPF encourages all religions to DIALOGUE and COOPERATE for peace based upon the recognition that human dignity derives from a UNIVERSAL DIVINE SOURCE that is the basis of HARMONY and UNIFICATION and that all people are 'ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD'.

UPF Principles:
We are one human family created by God. The way to rise above the pursuit of self-interest is to recognize OUR COMMON HUMANITY, GIVEN TO US BY OUR CREATOR. Just as a parent can intercede in the disputes of children, the PARENTAL HEART ORIGINATING FROM THE CREATOR can help us resolve the differences that exist between nations, cultures and religions.
The highest qualities of the human being are SPIRITUAL and MORAL in nature. Human beings long for TRUTH, BEAUTY and GOODNESS. LIFE’S DEEPEST MEANING AND PURPOSE can be found through their pursuit. Each person has an eternal spirit that transcends physical life. SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES are to be practiced in this life so that we are prepared for the eternal world.
The family is the “school of LOVE and peace.” In the family, the most basic PERSONAL AND PUBLIC VIRTUES are learned. Understanding the family as the school of LOVE helps us to recognize that family is the most essential institution. The foundation for a healthy family is a FAITHFUL, COMMITTED marriage.
Peace comes through COOPERATION beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion and nationality. Lasting peace cannot be achieved through political compromise alone, but requires ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSES OF CONFLICT. TRANSCENDING racial, religious and ethnic BARRIERS IS AN IMPERATIVE of our time. FAITH can give people the POWER TO FORGIVE, and the LOVE to overcome even generations of hatred, resentment and violence.

UPF Objectives:
(1) RENEWAL of the United Nations
(2) PARTNERSHIPS among governments, religions, and civil society fostering development grounded in UNIVERSAL VALUES
(3) A culture of peace through EDUCATION, sports, arts, media, and SERVICE
(4) A framework for interreligious COOPERATION
(5) CONFLICT prevention and RESOLUTION

UPF --- About The Founders:
Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, are the founders of the Universal Peace Federation, which was established in 2005. Rev. Moon was born a farmer's son on January 6, 1920, in what is now North Korea. He began his ministry after World War II and was later imprisoned in a communist labor camp for three years before being liberated by U.N. forces during the Korean War in 1950. He came to the United States in 1971.
Today Rev. and Mrs. Moon are proposing a revitalized, renewed United Nations with more than 50,000 diplomats, clergy, civic leaders, current and former heads of state appointed as Ambassadors for Peace. Among the programs of the UPF are the Global Peace Festival and the Middle East Peace Initiative. UPF promotes the UN's Millennium Development Goals and is fighting against the spread of AIDS. IT ENCOURAGES YOUTH TO WORK FOR PEACE THROUGH COMMUNITY SERVICE. Rev. and Mrs. Moon's lifelong goal is "ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD".

Under Chung-hwan Kwak's so-called "leadership", we find that these UPF founding-statements are shot through with grandiose pablum and duplicity that denote the condescending, totalitarian, Leader-Centered, and most importantly, the exploitive, weaseling viper-character of C.H. Kwak and his ilk. Under the UPF umbrella, and couched in the siren-call of so-called “character education”, such satanically-centered exploitation will effectively short-circuit God’s intended, worldwide UPF-blessings. Perhaps the most blatantly-satanic statement claims that you should be (arbitrarily) “living for the sake of others”. This is an absolute lie, (i.e. a half-truth lie), according to Rev. Moon's Revelation from God, Divine Principle. This lie is calculated to enslave unwary people under Kwak and his ilk, falsely in the name of God and the True Parents, and falsely representing the true, God-centered goals of the UPF; see the "(as due) - IF it is due" explanation in this DPES document.
It could/should read: Living for the sake of others is the highest ideal, if and only if you follow the reality of God's Will, as defined in the 2007 "15 Peace Messages", and you comply with the "Member-Centered", absolute accountability established and enforced in the Unificationist Constitution and Laws. Of course, since Kwak and his ilk have de facto blocked the creation of any Unificationist Constitution and Laws since July 1, 2000, no such "Unif. C & L" exist yet, (as of June 2009 thru July 2010.)
Another obvious deception is the use of the terms, “love” and "true love". Without understanding Divine Principle, (i.e. DP's inherent "tough love" that God's Will involves), it is normal that any number of incorrect interpretations of these “love” and "true-love" terms will be held by those reading this UPF-founding-statement exploitive-stratagem. (See below in this DPES document, "APPENDIX FOUR", with a lengthy explanation.)

Certainly, all the UPF founding-words in capital letters, (as selected and shown above), are demonstrably duplicitous and/or misleading in one way or another. But a case can be made that these UPF founding-statements are 100% duplicitous, because of the inherent deception of omitting the specific foundation of the 2007 "15 Peace Messages" and the necessary "Unif. C & L". With such omissions, these UPF founding-statements are nothing more than an exercise in condescending, self-righteous, sanctimonious hypocrisy, from God's Viewpoint. Even worse, hypocrisy such as this is identifiable as an integral part of satanic strategy that is specifically, surreptitiously devised to defeat God's Will, in order to benefit power-mongers such as Kwak and his ilk.

A new development that requires caution, explicit alarm, and even outright condemnation, (unless a "Unif. C & L" are created and effectively enforced), is Rev. Moon's Oct. 20, 2005 inauguration of the "Peace-Kingdom Police-Force", (PKPF), and the "Peace-Kingdom Corps", (PKC), presently under the UPF umbrella, (à la Kwak, et al). Rev. Moon stated that the PKPF should "protect" the UC/UM Blessed/married couples, and the PKC should "protect the Earth" as "sentinels" and "activists", (as covered in Peace Messages 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 13).
In PM 1, He explains, "These two organizations will safeguard order and peace in the new world. Humanity is still ensnared in the traps of division and self-interest, which are remnants of the era before the coming of heaven. These two organizations will be the vanguard for educating humanity in true love, in the 'era after the coming of heaven'. The purpose of this education will be to create the true individual, true family, true nation, true world, and true universe. I hope that you will put on new 'true-love armor' in this new age, and be wise and brave activists in the universal-peace-kingdom corps, for the sake of humanity’s future".
In PM 4, He states, "These two organizations will play the same role as the red blood-cells and white blood-cells of our bodies. In all corners of the world they will protect the Blessed (UC-married) families who have made a new beginning by engrafting to the lineage of Heaven. They will also fulfill their duty as sentinels, defending, protecting, and cultivating this beautiful world, this Garden of Eden given to us by God for which we must be grateful".
In PM 13, He says, "I established the Universal Peace Federation, (UPF), and then organized the 'peace-kingdom corps' and the 'peace-kingdom police-force', comprising WOMEN on Heaven’s side who have received the (UC) Marriage Blessing, who love peace, and who are willing to serve and sacrifice for the work of UPF".

Does this PM-13 statement mean that the PKPF and PKC allow only WOMEN to be members? At present, (as of Oct. 2005 thru July 2010), perhaps, but the male-dominated UPF is in charge. Also, the initial all-women membership will most likely expand to include anyone willing to "enlist/volunteer", to work in such "Leader-Centered" organizations that remind us of the military, in their structure and goals.
Without God-centered controls and limits, (i.e. an applicable "Unif. C & L"), it's guaranteed that the PKPF and PKC, (à la Kwak, et al), will commit heinous crimes, falsely in the name of God. As a soldier in Vietnam, I became aware of the South-Korean military units that were sent to fight in Vietnam. As soldiers, they were much more effective than any U.S. units, because they had no compunctions about torturing any Vietcong they captured, and they killed everything that moved in their field of operations, including all valuable farm-animals. From a strictly-military viewpoint, such behavior is ideally suited to winning any and all worldly-based battles. But as agents of the Second Advent, the PKPF and PKC will have very complex, sacrificial missions. The normal, loose-the-dogs-of-war wisdom, that the best defense is a good offense, certainly must be radically qualified by the application of God's True, Comprehensive Viewpoint.

Out of desperation, Rev. Moon, (and God), have had to work pragmatically with Fallen people, in a razor's-edge, life-and-death struggle for worldwide Restoration/Salvation. So the ingrained, "Leader-Centered" mindset of Koreans has been painfully allowed since 1954 in the UC/UM, because the Fallen Koreans and Japanese were incapable of any other kind of coherent behavior. Now, it appears that Rev. Moon is continuing that pattern, with the apparently "Leader-Centered" PKPF and PKC. Such a "Police Force" and "Corps" are ominous, (and could be exceedingly evil), UNLESS AN ABSOLUTELY ENFORCEABLE AND SPECIFICALLY APPLICABLE UNIFICATION-CONSTITUTION AND LAWS ARE CREATED, TO APPROPRIATELY LEASH THESE PKPF AND PKC DOGS OF RESTORATION-WAR.

In the case of a worldly "police force", they are allowed no power in the USA without first having so-called "Probable Cause" to act, with very well-established and effective, enforceable controls over them. Concerning worldly, military, police/corps "protectors", "defenders", or "sentinels" of the USA, a separate rule book, (appropriate for war-time conditions), called the UCMJ, (i.e. the Uniform Code of Military Justice), is used. But the UCMJ "courts martial" are grievously manipulatable, since the lives of their "judges" and "juries" are under extortive, "military discipline", which can be used clandestinely to destroy their careers and their families, if they give any unsanctioned verdict. In the case of the PKPF and the PKC, an applicable Unificationist Constitution and Laws must be enforceable, to ensure absolute accountability, absolute transparency, and absolutely effective punishments for any and all wrongdoing by the PKPF and/or the PKC. Worldly laws and courts, as well as the worldly UCMJ, simply cannot encompass the self-righteous, covertly-rationalized crimes which Judas-mindset individuals will commit, if no "Member-Centered" Standard, no applicable "Unif. C & L", and no strict adherence to the letter, the law, and the heart of Rev. Moon's "15 Peace Messages" are enforced. And that's all I have to say about that.

The recent, (circa 2006), “new beginning” of “new” Holy Salt and “new” Holy Wine is an interesting, inspiring development, as at:

“They” state that this glorious “new beginning” was directed by Rev. Moon, but we are left to try to figure out why we are being directed to allow “them”, (i.e. “the church”), to “dispose of” all “old” Holy Salt originally created and disseminated by Rev. Moon Himself, as well as “old” Holy Wine. Hmmmm. It appears that “they” are continuing to shore up “their” own defiled power base by trying to make “themselves” the “exclusive source” of Holy Salt and Holy Wine, which may flow from “them” like “molasses in January”, (in direct disobedience to Rev. Moon’s benevolent direction). Only time will tell, but the precious “old” Holy Salt I have will remain in my possession, until Rev. Moon Himself tells me otherwise, and “thanks just the same, UC/UM appointees”.
[Editor’s Note: On 29OCT06, at the end of the “First Annual Parents’ Convocation”, Phillip Shanker announced in an extremely heartistic fashion that Rev. Moon had announced that any past UC members who had “left”, or had ever “fallen sexually” or “made sinful mistakes” could now be re-sanctified and forgiven 100% by drinking the “new Holy Wine” in a special upcoming ceremony. Although I have remained “faithful”, I was deeply moved, emotionally, and I began to think that this might be a wonderful way for me to “connect” in a positive way, to the “official structure” of the UC, such as it is. But then, after several minutes of Phillip’s absolutely heartwarming buildup, Hiromi Stephens motioned from the rear of the room to “remind” Phillip, and he then crushed my heart when he stated that this “new Holy-Wine Ceremony” would require a “donation” of from $120 to $300. Of course, I would have been willing to donate much more than that, (especially to promote HC work), if it were not mandatory, but I would not “donate” even one penny to such a money-grubbing, power-mongering sales-desecration of this “new-Holy-Wine new-beginning” from the True Parents. Therefore, I’ll have to wait, until there are “leaders” in the UC/UM who will offer this “new Holy Wine” without trying to force their defiled hand into my pocket. Surely, this sort of “forcible-donation wrangling to sell new Holy Wine” must be against Rev. Moon’s will, and without His permission.]

Many UC/UM members and “leaders” continue, (in 2006), to “puff themselves up”, thinking that they are absolutely included in the phenomenally comprehensive “laying of all foundations” that Rev. Moon is continuing to accomplish for the sake of all humankind, (past, present, and future!). But He has been telling us for three decades that each of us must “win the hearts” of a minimum of 84 “strong followers”, (in our 360-home area), who are willing even to risk death to protect us and our family.

[Editor’s Note: Since Adam and Eve risked death to break God’s Commandment, (Genesis 2:16-17), “Final-Stage Restoration” requires that we be willing to risk death to return to the “Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth”, or the “Garden Of Eden”, (Genesis 3:24). The Israelites had to risk death to accept Jesus, since the Emperor/King of Rome did not tolerate “rival Kings”. Accordingly, the “INRI” on Jesus’ cross stood for the Latin, “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum”, (i.e. “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”).
DP clarifies that Adam and Eve had five physical senses and five “spiritual senses”, and in “The Fall” they lost all their “spiritual senses” and thus “died spiritually”. So our “growing old and dying physically” was always God’s plan, but since “The Fall”, everyone has been “born dead”, without their spiritual senses. Only the “Accomplished Restoration Conditions” of the Old and New Testament eras, and now the Completed Testament era, (i.e. the “era of DP”), have been making it possible for humankind to gradually regain their “five spiritual senses”, (i.e. to spiritually see, hear, touch, smell and taste). And this will finally enable us to walk and talk with God once again, as Adam and Eve did, before “The Fall”. As a bottom line, then, we can here elucidate Rev. Moon's statement in PM 3, that, "This is a path of destiny you cannot avoid. Therefore, stand up with courage and shout out, 'Whoever wants to die will live, and whoever wants to live will die!'". We can easily deduce that this conundrum-like statement, (which is similarly found in the Bible, at Matthew 16:25, Luke 9:24, and Mark 8:35), is referring to this spiritual reality, (since we are barred from returning to the KOHOE by the death-threatening "Flaming Sword" in Genesis 3:24), that the "bottom-line" of the entire Restoration/Salvation process does include this progression of "choose-God-or-Mammon", deadly-serious, life-and-death realignment of our (Fallen, selfish) motivations, which are defined within DP's four types of sin. So even if we are "born without Original sin", and we have zero "Personal sin", (which is unlikely, especially for besieged people such as Rev. Moon's children), we still have to intensely "want to die" (to our "Self"), in order to fathom, admit, repent of, and set specific conditions to restore, our Inherited/Ancestral sin and our Collective/National sin.]

And Rev. Moon has told us that sacred UC Blessed-marriages have only been granted CONDITIONALLY, on that “HC 84-minimum” being achieved by each individual. Otherwise, the Second Generation children are not born “without original sin”, but are only part of and identical to the First Generation, except that they may have a younger foundation of studying DP.

So 2nd Generation children actually should not marry until they have at least these “HC-84”, or at least have made a serious attempt at it. And ideally, they should not be marrying other 2nd Gen. persons, but should rather be finding their future UC-member mates, (with their parents’ approval), in their 360-home-area, witnessing work. Rev. Moon has made all this clear, in His past public statements, (as in my 102-quote BR), as at:
Or click on “What Did Father Really Say? V3.0”, at:

But those with arrogant, “worldly-dynasty” mindsets have suppressed this full truth, and are causing many to be led astray in these most crucial matters, severely disabling the 2nd Generation with an intentional, imposed ignorance of these specific statements by Rev. Moon.

Especially some Asian UC/UM members seem to think that they are part of some sort of “UC Dynasty”, which they intend to enforce and carry on with a worldly succession of power, when Rev. Moon dies. But Rev. Moon has stated otherwise. He has said that His Wife will succeed Him, and has made it clear that no other succession will be accepted by God, unless absolutely immutable conditions are met.
The very first so-called “succession” occurred on 19APR08, when Rev. Moon named His youngest son, (Rev. Hyung-jin Moon), to “succeed” Him, as was announced at:
And it seems valid, since Rev. Moon is quoted as saying, “I hope everyone helps him so that he may fulfill his duty as the successor of the True Parents”. But is this a true “succession” in any normal, worldly sense of the word? No, it certainly is not, as is covered in the following four issues:

1) Rev. Moon is called the “Third Adam”, according to DP's definition of the “The Second Advent”, whereby Jesus was the “Second Adam”, and Rev. Moon has “succeeded” Jesus' Mission. Concerning “succession”, we know that Rev. Moon has spoken of “the realm of the Fourth Adam”; but since the Korean language almost never uses plurals, the correct translation of “Adam” in this case is the plural, “Adams”, as in, “the realm of the Fourth Adams”. The word “realm” also requires this plural meaning, since Rev. Moon has never spoken of “the realm of the Second Adam”. This means that the so-called “succession” of Rev. Hyung-jin Moon is only partial, which cancels and/or radically changes the meaning of “succession” in this case. There is a similarity to the Pope's position, (i.e. the first vicar of Christ), in the Christian Church, after Jesus' death, whereby every priest is also a "vicar". Also, if everyone had fulfilled their portions of responsibility, then multiple Popes, and the later Protestant Churches would not have been necessary. But the Pope lost his position, because he did not obey God's Will.

(2) DP makes it clear that Abel was not “better” than his brother, Cain. The “difference” between these brothers is described as “symbolic”, referring to Cain's conception as being (symbolically) related to the illicit relationship between Eve and Lucifer/Satan, while Abel's conception was (symbolically) related to the later, “more-Principled and less-illicit”, premature relationship between Eve and Adam. The practical reality of this differentiation-by-symbolism seems to be a means of challenging and changing the “Fallen-status-quo” to a permanent “Restored-status-quo”.

(3) So, are we to believe that Rev. Moon believes that His youngest son is more capable, more moral, or “better” than any of His other genetically-related children? No, because it is obviously not just a coincidence, that Rev. Moon's “succession-designation” of His youngest son follows the pattern in the Bible, whereby Joseph was the youngest, (i.e. Abel), son, who was betrayed by his jealous brothers who wanted to murder him, but instead decided to profit by selling him into slavery, (Genesis 30 thru Gen. 50). Only through Joseph's fulfillment of his responsibility, could God later put him in a position of power, which fortuitously prevented his family from starving to death. This is a clear warning to all of Rev. Moon's genetically-related family, (as well as to everyone else), that they dare not repeat the types of crime committed by Joseph's brothers, against Rev. Hyung-jin Moon.

(4) Rev. Moon has been called enigmatic, but we find that when we know the unvarnished, “insider” full-truth of His actions, it is more appropriate to call Him pragmatic, in the same sense that God has been pragmatic, in attempting to guide Fallen Humankind back to the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth. So it is to be expected that Rev. Moon might “designate” an opportune, (symbolically-derived) “succession”, (i.e. His youngest son), through which God's Will might be appropriately facilitated; but if His “designated appointee/successor” fails to do God's Will, then his “designated Position/succession” will be invalidated, according to DP.

A list of Hyung-jin's speeches is at:
Following are the three speeches, (26FEB07, 19APR08, 03MAY08), I read, to get an idea of Rev. Hyung-jin Moon's mindset as a "successor":
From these three speeches, we find that he has given lip-service to the words "member-centered", (only ONCE), but he defines this as meaning ONLY that the UC/UM "leaders/ministers" should "love" their congregations, (i.e. those who are TITHING), which is just continuing to put the cart before the horse. Also, it is actually a bad sign, that he is using the terms "member-centered", "transparent", and "accountable", because it means that he's been aware of the "leader-centered" problem, but is remaining complicit in its de facto enforcement.
He's also completely abdicating, (hopefully temporarily), the responsibility and authority Rev. Moon has given him, by using the lame excuse that he shouldn't make any decisions alone, so he's "delegating" his key responsibilities. And we have to ask, is he passing the Member-Centered litmus-test? So, (as of July 2008 thru July 2010), Rev. Hyung-jin Moon is:
(1) NOT creating a LEGALLY-BINDING "member-centered", vs. a "leader-centered", UC/UM.
(2) NOT creating any means for UC/UM members to network.
(3) NOT advocating 360-home, Home-Church work, and NOT actualizing member-centered, top-down means of supporting that work.
(4) NOT helping any UC/UM members to come together to create and ratify the "Unificationist Constitution and Laws" to bring true accountability to the UC/UM, (although he did make a timid statement that the UC/UM needs "rules").
(5) DEFINITELY NOT willing to deal with and expose the crimes, (past and present), of UC/UM "leaders"/"ministers"/appointees, to facilitate the creation of a comprehensive and pertinent "Unificationist Constitution and Laws".
(6) NOT even speaking of creating any legally enforceable, absolute controls on UC/UM "leaders"/"ministers"/appointees.
(7) NOT admitting that every person that Rev. Moon has Blessed/married, HAS THE AUTHORITY TO GRANT THE UC Blessing/marriage.

Rev. Hyung-jin Moon's present, (July 2008 thru July 2010), timidity and abdication are understandable, since we can conclude that there are some very predatory, self-centered, extremely dangerous, (to everyone, and indirectly to themselves), Judas-bastards surrounding him on all sides.
But the past 25+ years of disobedient, power-mongering, elitist "Leader-Centeredness" in the UC/UM have caused unspeakable horrors, both in the UC/UM and worldwide. So if dear, amiable Hyung-jin doesn't get a "Member-Centered" backbone and take this "Leader-Centered" bull by the horns, ongoing failure and devastation, (in the UC/UM and worldwide), will most certainly be the long-term, resultant legacy of his designated-appointee "succession".

Therefore, there is only one way that anyone can obey Rev. Moon's direction that we "help" Hyung-jin. Before anything else, WE MUST SOMEHOW CONVINCE HIM TO REJECT THE FALSE INDOCTRINATION HE HAS SUFFERED ALL HIS LIFE, by UC/UM power-monger worldly-dynasty-promoters and by Harvard USA-apologist sophists. So, dear Reader, I humbly, wholeheartedly recommend this (DPES) document to you, as an instrument inspired by God. With it, Rev. Hyung-jin Moon could upgrade and rehabilitate his own mind-set, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. If you can convince him to study this (DPES) document, then you can save him and humankind from untold, unnecessary suffering, IF he chooses to obey God in this matter.
AS HIS PRIME RESPONSIBILITY, BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE, he must create, follow, and ENFORCE a Member-Centered Standard of absolute accountability, absolute transparency, and absolute punishments for any wrongdoing by "leaders". By doing this, he will finally bring the Leader-Centered UC/UM to an end, and he will create a Member-Centered UC/UM, which can be initiated by installing the six "litmus-test" REQUIREMENTS listed below in this (DPES) document. But if he does not do this, then Rev. Hyung-jin Moon's so-called "succession" will be invalidated by God, in the same prolonged, painful course that God has always followed, by withdrawing support and waiting for a new designated-leader who WILL obey Him.
There is, of course, a real danger that he will not listen, because of whatever "worldly success" he has experienced, as part of the TPs' course. But that would be a serious mistake on his part. The Jews have made a similar mistake. The only statement I ever saw by Rev. Moon about Jews, is that He has thanked those who have kept a certain moral standard, because Rev. Moon's Messianic Mission has inherited the foundation of that standard, in a world otherwise rife with immorality.

No Jews have ever been able to understand the CAUSE-and-EFFECT, absolute nature of the Jewish-refusal-to-become-Christian CAUSE, EFFECTING ongoing, spiritually-justifiable campaigns against the Jews, (with outbursts such as the Holocaust), regardless of whether Jews are saints or sinners in their individual lives. So it's not anti-Semitic to point out the truth of this CAUSE-and-EFFECT reality, which is based on the worldwide, ruinous EFFECTS, CAUSED by delaying or even just failing to facilitate the beneficial Restoration-results of actualizing Jesus' "Life-Spirit" teachings, vs. prolonging the spiritually-lower "Form-Spirit" teachings given by God to the Jews, (for that "Form-Spirit" Old-Testament-era ONLY).

Incidentally, the word "anti-Semite", (although Jews have succeeded in getting it into the dictionary), is an extremely devious misnomer. If we look up the word, "Semite", the dictionary says, "a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs". So the word, "anti-Semitic" is an obvious, scheming manipulation, in order to deceptively label the "enemies" of Zionists as racists, since it's obvious that not all Jews are Semites, nor are Arabs usually Jews. Thus, it is most vicious, satanic slander, to call anyone anti-Semitic, (i.e. racist), just because they righteously despise, (as does God), self-centered actions by Jewish Zionists who promote Judaism above all. But there it is in the dictionary, testifying to the satanically-inspired power of the Zionists who continue to ignore, deny, and even suppress the "Life-Spirit", Christian principles, as well as the newer, "Divine-Spirit", Unificationist principles. And of course, through their tithing, each and every Jew supports and enables the Zionists and/or the Jews-only-for-Jews fraternity.

But to be fair, concerning ruinous behavior, Jews, Christians, and Unificationists ALL presently, (Aug. 2005 thru Oct. 2010), have this Holocaust-CAUSING behavior in common, consisting of an ongoing, crucial, anti-God stance, which they perpetuate with automatic, mindless, and/or ENFORCED tithing.

In the case of Jews, they've maintained the "we're-the-closest-to-God" stance which was a covenant that was only applicable when the rest of the world consisted of barbarians, pagans, and heathens. So the Israelites spiritually cut their own throats, (and the throats of all their Jewish descendants and converts), when they allowed Jesus to be crucified. [Editor's Note: It isn't even important, as to whether the Jews actually wanted the Crucifixion or not, since some revisionists are claiming they didn't. What's important, (from God's viewpoint), and indisputable, is that they ALLOWED it, even though God had prepared the Israelites for two-thousand years, so that they would be able to choose to serve as the "landing pad" for the Messiah, receiving Jesus and thus, obviously, protecting Him.]
In the case of Christians, they're continuing their "we're-the-closest-to-God" mindset, which was a covenant that only applied until the Second Advent of Christ occurred. So Christians are spiritually cutting their own throats, (and the throats of all their Christian descendants and converts), when they reject Rev. Moon and ignore full-truth, (i.e. not corrupted/altered), DP.
In the case of Unificationists, they're lost in miasmic, "we're-the-closest-to-God" hype, as they blithely ignore the fact that this covenant ceases to apply if they ignore and/or deny Rev. Moon's prime directions. So they're spiritually cutting their own throats, (and the throats of all their lock-step descendants and converts), when they power-monger, ignoring and/or denying Rev. Moon's directions to create a Member-Centered UC/UM centered on HC-work in 360-home areas, and controlled by a comprehensive, properly-enforced Unificationist-Constitution-and-Laws.

In all three cases, (i.e. Jews, Christians, and Unificationists), it is automatic, mindless, and/or ENFORCED tithing that locks them into their satanically-inspired, anti-God fate, of going to the lowest Hell of regret, once they die and enter Spirit World, regardless of whether they're saints or sinners in their individual lives.

But concerning this matter of totalitarian control and enforced "donating"/tithing in the UC/UM, Rev. Moon is discreet, and we can deduce that's because He doesn't want the entire UC/UM to come to a screeching halt and go into a coma. So He methodically continues to patiently subdue the power-mongering UC/UM insiders. But an untrained, uneducated eye will normally miss this raging battle. It is noteworthy, (but discreet), that Rev. Moon does not use the word "tithe" even once, in His "15 Peace Messages", (15-PMs). Another clear example, is His unusual, adamant promotion of this one, single document, (i.e. His "15 PMs"), even as He makes it one of eight documents in His massive-yet-condensed "My Final Words To Humankind", which He listed on May 9, 2010, as at:
These eight documents are:
(1) [over 1,000 volumes of all the sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon] = (massive, and not published as of Oct. 2010)
(2) [Exposition of the Divine Principle], (ISBN 0-910621-80-2) -- (1996 corruption of 1973 DP) = ~18.6 hours
(3) 2006 [Cheon Seong Gyeong], (CSG), (it has no ISBN number), (equivocal & dated) = ~150 hours
(4) [The Family Pledge], (fully defined in PM-14) = ~3 minutes
(5) Pyeonghwa Shingyeong -- 2007 [15 Peace Messages] = ~8 hours
(6) ["True Families -- Gateway to Heaven"], ("pamphlet" of CSG-quotes compiled by Rev. Sun Myung Moon) = ~2 hours
(7) July 7, 2009 speech, [Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage] = ~2.5 hours
(8) [World Scripture], (1991, ISBN 0-89226-129-3) = ~59 hours

The above eight documents, (except for the yet-to-be-published 1,000+ volumes of sermons), are available through the seven URL-links which are conveniently listed in the body of the speech at:

He may have multiple reasons for His adamancy in directing the worldwide dissemination of the "15-PMs", but one extraordinarily exceptional statement He's promoting is in PM-5, when He says, “This, (i.e. tithing 30% of our income), cannot be an imposed tax; it has to be a gift that citizens offer willingly to Heaven with joyful hearts”.
And since no one should, (from God's viewpoint), have a joyful heart about tithing/donating unless there is absolute accountability, transparency, and enforceable, appropriate punishment for misusing such "donations", we find that Rev. Moon is artfully hitting UC/UM power mongers where it hurts the most. But from decades of experience, "they" know how to fight Him.
They've repeatedly, surreptitiously changed the name of the "15 Peace Messages", from
Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong, to
Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong,
(and Pyeonghwa Shingyeong), to
Pyeong Hwa Hsin Gyeong, and even to a cunningly-ambiguous
"Messages of Peace".

Years later, in Rev. Moon's April 22, 2011 speech, another corrupted spelling was DEVIOUSLY published, which was,
"Peon Hwa Shin Gyeong [Messages of Peace]", as at:
It's obvious that "they", (i.e. the "Leader-Centered UC/UM), want to prevent you from reading PM-5, where Rev. Moon decrees that NO ONE SHOULD TITHE/donate to the UC/UM until it becomes 100% "Member-Centered". You can find the "15 PMs" at:

Since 2007, they've also simply refused to translate the "15 PMs" to other languages as Rev. Moon has directed.
And "they" will surely be creating their own corrupted versions of the "15 PMs", just as Chung Hwan Kwak, et al, cunningly corrupted the 1973 DP book itself, in the 1996 "Kwakized-DP", "Exposition of the DP". We see, (with a DPES-educated eye), Rev. Moon forbidding ANYONE from creating such "manipulated-content" documents, at:
There, on July 7, 2009, speaking of His "True Families -- Gateway to Heaven" collection of quotes from the CSG, (published in English), He said, "Well, it was published in English, but you should show the same version that Parents use, (i.e. in Korean). You will be in violation of law if you publish a book that is based on your own thinking in this area, because it is so fundamental. This decree is absolute.".
This decisive warning against this particular "violation of law" shows Rev. Moon's discreetness in His dealing with the power-monger insiders of the UC/UM. Although this July 7, 2009 speech, (named "Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage"), is the only speech named as one of the prominent eight-documents of His "Final Words To Humankind", His unusually stern warning consists of just two seemingly throw-away sentences, lost in the middle of this 2.5-hour speech --- just 31 words in English that tell us He's desperately battling powerful UC/UM insiders, (such as C.H. Kwak, et al), who have the totalitarian authority to publish UC/UM documents.
Although presently-obsolete statements about tithing are in the CSG, absolutely no quote selected by Rev. Moon for the "True Families -- Gateway To Heaven" "pamphlet" mentions anything about tithing. This is no doubt one big reason for His outlawing any and all publishing, (now and forever), of any other "collection of quotes", (e.g. imitating this "pamphlet" or the "15 PMs"), based on their "own (power-monger) thinking".
And that's not all I have to say about that.

Jews mistakenly think their persistence and "worldly success" are significant, when it is actually what we face in Spirit World, that is the "bottom line". Every Jew is still suffering terribly in Spirit World, because of the Jewish failure to support Jesus. And those prosperous, profligate "Chosen People" of today, (i.e. Christians), who are denying Rev. Moon as the Second Advent, (just as the Jews rejected Jesus), are now joining the Jews in this "God-forsaken" spiritual-status. And these closed-minded Jews and Christians are still scoffing at this bottom-line spiritual-reality, because they think their "worldly success" contradicts it. In fact, that Fallen-status-quo "worldly success" may be allowed only because of their avoidance of promiscuity, and other standards they may keep, but it does not save them from entering a very terrible Hell of regret, when they die. In addition, if enough Jews and Christians continue to reject and/or ignore the Second Advent, (i.e. Rev. Moon), full-truth DP makes it agonizingly clear that they are re-creating the conditions for "Holocaust-events" in the future, (on Earth), that will make the WWII "Holocaust" look like a carousel-ride, in comparison.

In the same vein, Unificationists may not understand that ALL their financial gains are under the strict accountability of "public money", from God's viewpoint. This is because ALL the “worldly success” they have gained has been possible only because of the foundation laid by the TPs. That is certainly the way that Rev. Moon has managed His finances, as He has always stated that He has never had even one penny for His own “personal use”; (and He applied this standard to all profits from His properties/businesses, as well as to any tax-exempt "donations" He received). So when one of Rev. Moon's children flaunts having a billion dollars, (and inconceivably, even publicly forsakes the Unification Church), as at:
, she certainly does not understand what a perilous tightrope she is walking.

Recently, (circa 2007), misguided UC/UM "leaders" have been seeking to increase and consolidate their "business success", since they are losing the "automatic" UC/UM prestige and power they thought they could appropriate. Rev. Moon has always issued dire warnings against the misuse or malfeasant use of "public funds", so they mistakenly think that "business funds" are outside the strict accountability of "public funds". But they’re just plain wrong about that. Being a Unificationist is indeed an "all-or-nothing" proposition, which definitely puts elitist, hypocritical, lying UC/UM materialists in a horrendous bind, even if they may escape immediate punishment, (until they die and enter Spirit World). And wielding financial power might attract lots of workers/slaves/stooges to you, but they will never qualify as even one of the required minimum-84 from your required 360-home area. And that’s all I have to say about that.

We are also led to realize an ominous possible future for the UC/UM, if “Leader-Centered” worldly-dynasty-promoters are allowed to continue their stranglehold in the UC/UM. The roots of this portent are in the Cain-Abel relationship, but are much more starkly illustrated by the murderous history of the battles between Shiite, [shee-ite, “ite” as in “site”] and Sunni,[soo-nee], Muslims. Shiites, (also called Shia, [shee-uh], from Shiism), are less than 10%, and Sunnis, (from Sunnism), are ~90% of worldwide Islam, with the population distribution shown at:
And here's a tip for those who ignore Rev. Moon's DP-salvation guidance from Heaven:
Specifically, the cradle-to-grave, excessive discipline of "Sharia Law" that Muslims are fanatically bent on imposing worldwide, is a nightmarish, male-dominated domain of insular, draconian, nepotistic, often-barbaric "justice", ruled over by soi-disant "scholars" who autocratically decide your fate by "interpreting" the Koran and the "traditions of the Prophet in the (Hadith & Sunnah)", within the shadowy realm of hopelessly complex, (and thus unchallengeable/fascist), "taqlid" verdicts, (with non-scholar-devised, often-terrorist, popularly-accepted "ijtihad"-verdicts as well). And to top all this off, the overall, absolute goal is to create a GLOBAL Caliphate/government under the iron-fisted rule of ONE MAN, the Caliph, (i.e. The-Messenger-Of-God and successor-of-Mohammed)!!! Such a "Caliphate" will naturally be disposed, (and eager), to use WMDs on all "infidels" and on "recalcitrant Muslims".
Oy vey! Omg! I-goh! I-goo! Thank God for Rev. Moon's all-resolving Divine Principle!
[Editor's Note: In Korean, a common, light-hearted exclamation is "i-goh", {eye-go}, which is used to punctuate anything that is perplexing, unusual, or negative in any way. A most serious, solemn, anguished, and/or grieving Korean exclamation is "i-goo", {eye-goo}, (such as might be exclaimed at a funeral, or due to any tragic event, or by a foreigner as a jest of exaggeration). But be advised that Koreans have an almost nonexistent sense of humor.]

Osama Bin Laden, (1957 - 2011), was a Wahhabi Sunni. Since the 1970s, Saudi-Arabian Wahhabis have spent over $100 BILLION, (from their USA oil-revenues), on promoting terrorism-instigating Wahhabism, as at:
$trangely, the USA government, (and USA media!), have, (for over 3 decades!), continually $uppressed these fact$ that make the $ource of Muslim terrori$m so obviou$. Thu$, it's obvious that at least some key U$A authoritie$ must have intentionally allowed 9-11 to occur, to reap reward$ from the $audis, to facilitate waging (oil/gasoline-tax)-thirsty war in Iraq, and most importantly, to justify installing the rights-erasing, so-called "Patriot Act". Moreover, wangled, perpetual "undeclared wars" on civilians, (e.g. in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), create a reservoir of amoral, jackbooted storm-troopers specifically trained to put down patriotic uprisings in the USA.

The Shiites, (who control Iran), believe that only genetically-related descendants of Mohammed can hold positions of power in Islam, and they have fanatically backed up their belief, with murderous attacks on the Sunni Muslims. So the Leader-Centered, “worldly-dynastic” power-mongers in the UC/UM are Shiite-like, in this respect.

The Sunni Muslims believe that only those who obey God's Word/Will, (even including Mohammed's descendants), can hold positions of power in Islam, and they should win an election to hold such a position. And this Sunni-like premise is obviously the correct, corresponding belief for all UC/UM members to hold, since Rev. Moon made it clear on 28OCT81, that all Leader-Centered direction must end, and a wholly Member-Centered UC/UM must be created.
For 27 years, (i.e. since 28OCT81), the UC/UM has continued to disobey Rev. Moon's order to create a “Member-Centered” UC/UM, and to the degree that this disobedience continues, a schism of Unificationism is guaranteed, not unlike the murderous, past-and-present Shiite/Sunni Muslim-schism.
A dark revelation of this parallel, is that the UC/UM leader-centered worldly-dynasty promoters are proven to value power more than they value the lives of the children, (or any descendants), of Rev. Moon. Muslim history tells us that, naturally, the first persons targeted for death and murdered were the descendants of Mohammed. And a worldly-dynastic UC/UM also naturally paints a perennial "kill-me" bull's-eye on every one of Rev. Moon's descendants. Therefore, any snooty UC/UM "genetic royalty" had better wake up to this reality and publicly condemn all UC/UM worldly-dynasty promoters. Only to the degree that they shed their "false, worldly crowns" and come down off their high-horses, (into their 360-home HC areas), will they finally begin to embody the UC/UM altruism Rev. Moon has always lived so poignantly and taught so adamantly.
Incidentally, it's interesting to note, that the "ceremonial crowns" that Rev. Moon has worn, over the years, were no doubt fashioned with great love and devotion; but to the best of my knowledge, these "crowns" were unpretentiously made of simple paper/cardboard, following His specific directions.

Already, (since even before 1994), the UC/UM "Establishment" power-brokers are squabbling with UC/UM "Splinter-Group" power-brokers over legal control of the UC/UM. But they're all following a Judas-tradition, so they can't understand that the corporate structures, businesses, and properties of the UC/UM will crumble into valueless dust in their hands, because they're ignoring Rev. Moon's prime directions; (see BR quote #90). Rev. Moon simply knows that God's Spirit no longer resides in the "Board Of (complicit/disobedient) Directors" of the UC, so He says it should be left as it is, (to die on the power-monger vine, and twist in the leader-centered wind). But Michael Jenkins sneaks in the false, power-mongering claim that the FFWUP "is" the UC, (i.e. the HSA-UWC), in his comprehensive presentation of this squabble, as at:
And, (conflicting significantly with Jenkin’s version), Damian Anderson’s “BCFs For Truth and Transparency” group exposes some juicy insider-intrigues in the UC/UM, as at:

(1) Most important, is this 1994 evidence from Tim Folzenlogen, at:
(2) A safe, pious, crafty, ersatz imposition from Dan Fefferman, at:
(3) A wily "not-guilty" claim from Jin Man Kwak, (who is the son of ignominious C.H. Kwak --- and the apple has not fallen far from the tree), at:
(4) Viewpoints from (Jim Gavin and Raphael Oko), at:
(5) Viewpoint from a secular blog, at:
(6) With a comically-pathetic episode of "True Assault" in Brazil, on May 30-31, 2010, as at:

They're in fractious fracases as they scuffle, hustle, and tussle to rustle up muscle! This clash for cash includes hollers for dollars, as they jockey for maculate dominance in clueless assertions!
FOR Hyunjin-Faction:
AGAINST Hyunjin-Faction:
FOR Hyunjin-Faction, (next!):
Open letter to UC - UCI Response to the July 22 UC letter_VictorWalters.pdf
AGAINST Hyunjin-Faction, (This one is actually, finally signed by Hyung-Jin The Messiah-Successor, himself! But all the signatures are in a who's-in-charge-here contrived-humility of laughable alphabetical-order):


For many decades, it's been a common behavior of UC members to "hide" from Rev. Moon's directions/orders by "obeying" just their immediate "UC Central-Figure", (i.e. a "leader"/appointee), which allows them to de facto, tacitly ignore Rev. Moon's overall directions, (e.g. 360-home Home-Church work). Suspiciously, UC members who are "following" Hyun-Jin appear to be following this same "hiding" modus-operandi in avoiding the obvious ANOINTED-authority of Hyung-Jin. These "Hyun-Jin advocates" are placing themselves in much more danger (of being found opposing God) than they may realize. Those UC members who simply oppose Hyung-Jin, (unless they also re-educate him with this DPES-content), will end up in the same position as Joseph's brothers, (in Genesis 37 thru Gen. 50), who put themselves far outside God's protection, and would have starved to death without Joseph's later most unusual forbearance and help. In fact, it appears obvious that those who are now bemoaning their financial insufficiency would be thriving IF they, (and especially their CHILDREN), had obeyed Rev. Moon's 360-home Home-Church direction, which He continually proclaimed so adamantly for years, circa 1976 thru 1985, with the added emphasis of the visionary 1983 book, "Home Church", (ISBN 0-910621-21-7). And His direction to do HC still stands, so it is not too late for ALL 1st-generation UC-members to help their descendants to DO IT! And that’s all I have to say about that.

So the “worldly-UC-dynasty promoters” are in for a big surprise, and their efforts to force the UC/UM in that direction only harm everyone; the absolute nature of the Second Advent of Christ is evidently far beyond their ability to comprehend. Judas made a similar mistake.

Currently, (circa 2005), a grab for power is being made by “creating” the “Blessed Family Association, (BFA)”, which is responsible only to its own changeable “bylaws”. I witnessed the so-called “voting”, for the so-called “leaders” of the BFA, in Sept. 2004. About 50 people are presuming to “vote/speak for” the millions of Blessed Families, worldwide.
It is truly a sad state of affairs, for the UC/UM.
They’ve even “rigged” the so-called “bylaws” of the BFA, to subtly allow “the old guard” to continue to maintain absolute control. This means that Blessed families will continue to have no means to network. It also means the continuation, (from 1976 thru July 2010), of the lack of any organization or channels for facilitating the work of individuals in 360-home, Home-Church areas. And you can certainly expect to be asked for money, by these power-mongering “BFA”/BFD folks, even though they claim that is not their aim.

Dr. Chang-shik Yang, the present, (June 2005), “FFWPU Continental Director of North America”, was appointed to his position. In turn, it appears that he has used his “authority” to appoint Jim and Hiromi Stephens as “co-directors” of the UC Blessed Family Department, (BFD), as at:
It appears that Dr. C. S. Yang has also “approved” the “BFA”, which may be responsible to no one but Dr. C. S. Yang. Dr. C. S. Yang has in effect appointed Jim Stephens as the “leader” of the BFA, making Jim an “appointee’s appointee”, (although the deception of having about 50 people “vote for” Jim was created, to cover up this reality).

Please do not misunderstand, and think that my statements here are out of any personal feelings against Dr. C. S. Yang or Jim Stephens. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can, and I deeply respect whatever faith they have in the True Parents. I also know that Rev. Moon long ago stated that international Blessings such as Jim’s pay more indemnity than same-nationality Blessings, so Jim and Hiromi Stephens deserve tremendous credit for that.

But I have found the so-called “elected leader” of the “BFA”/BFD, Jim Stephens, to be a brutal, arrogant, self-involved person, prone to constantly claiming that God talks to him. In fact, he has more gall than good sense, with his claim to know how to Match 2nd-Generation persons. This is surely a case of the blind leading the blind, and he is obviously controlled by his “co-director” Japanese wife, (i.e. by the Japanese “forces/elements” she obeys).

[Editor’s Note: On 29OCT06, after attending a three-day UC-Parents’ Convocation meant to help parents “Match/engage” their UC-member children, I spoke with Jim Stephens and gave copies of this (DPES) document, (as it existed then), to him and to his wife. He denied that he had ever felt capable of “Matching” anyone, and he stated that he only hosted a website meant to “help the Matching process”; and I choose to believe him about this, although his demeanor tells me he would have “Matched” people, if he thought it would “work”. Jim did admit that it had been immoral for him to cut off all communications with me, (in Aug. 2005), but he denied that he did it because I told him that I am a “target” of the “influential” Chung-hwan Kwak; and Jim is clearly lying about this. One proof of this is that he did not offer to re-establish communications with me. And he and his wife did not get, (and could not keep), their appointee positions as “BFD Co-Directors” by doing ANYTHING, (including “accepting” or “helping” me), against the will of C. H. Kwak or Dr. Chang-shik Yang.]

At this 27OCT06 “First Annual Parents’ Convocation”, UC parents were finally able to “network”, (for at least a few minutes), but the only other “solution to the Matching/engagement problems” that was offered, was a new, woefully untried, band-aid website for “2nd-Gen. Matching”; and for ongoing info, contact Mike Stewart at:, and through:
We are all victims of the imposed, criminal lack of any Member-Centered, UC/UM “networking” since 28OCT81, and this “Convocation” is only one symptom of this imposed crime. Other “solutions” recommended at this “Convocation”, were worldly means of self-evaluation, “matching for marriage”, and marriage counseling, (created by such organizations as the Mormons and the Catholic Church), at:
Isn’t it an absolute absurdity, that Unificationists are being directed to pay such organizations, for “lifestyle-advice”???
Of course, if Member-Centered directions had been given by UC/UM “leaders”, it follows that committed, coherently-assisted, 360-home-HC work by all UC members since 28OCT81, (see BR quotes #18, #58), would have solved all of the above UC/UM “present problems” by now. In other words, such integrated HC-work would have been strengthening our character, as well as encouraging and maximizing the benefits of worldwide, UC/UM networking of UC/UM INDIVIDUALS doing HC-work.
But this reality was of course never mentioned by the power mongers who controlled this 27OCT06 “Parents’ Convocation”; however, “they” did make money from this “Convocation”, by charging for attendance, and/or for the meals and three days of “UTS housing”, (such as it was), “they” provided. So “their” agenda does not include solving UC/UM problems by beginning to encourage and facilitate 360-home-HC work, because there is no Member-Centered direction on “their” power-monger agenda, (in ongoing, direct, abject disobedience to Rev. Moon’s directions).

This “Matching issue” is an incredibly poignant, difficult, and sensitive problem, even for the parents of the children. Elitist deception in the UC/UM has caused parents to ignore the 360-home-HC, “84-minimum” requirement. Then, they accept the premise that would apply if they had accomplished this “HC-84 goal”, which would mean that 2nd-Generation children should only marry other 2nd-Gen. children. In that case, this “HC-84-goal work” would not be required of the 2nd-Gen. children; (see BR quotes #55 and #48).
But if their parents have not met this “HC-84 goal”, these 2nd-Gen. children of UC members could and should ideally witness and find the 1st-Gen. person who would join the UC and become their betrothed, just as Rev. Moon states in my BR quote #49.

In fact, in my opinion, the “UC/UM Family-Tree” of those whose parents have not fulfilled this “(84+84=168) HC-goal” would be much stronger and closer to God’s heart if their children could overcome the UC/UM elitist deception, and witness to find the First-Gen. betrothed that understands the absolute necessity of 360-home-HC work. Otherwise, by marrying a 2nd-Gen. person whose family has ignored this 360-home-HC necessity, they are guaranteeing both their families, (and all their descendants), a lot of extra suffering.


As it is, UC/UM “leaders” have quite aggressively refused to support or facilitate individual, 360-home-HC witnessing-work, and UC/UM power-monger tactics have contributed to keeping the number of UC members low. So there is now such a small “reservoir” of UC-member, eligible, unmarried young persons, that the UC-member parents are understandably concerned, about finding the “right” UC-member betrothed for each of their children.

Please understand that I am using the names of high-profile, UC/UM “leaders”/appointees to illustrate and define specific evils of this ongoing, pervasive, “UC/UM power-mongering horror”. But I do love these people, just as God loves Judas. Furthermore, it is likely that most of them share my heartbroken disappointment, that all the people on Earth are not UC members by now. Hopefully, when we finally enforce the transparency, full-disclosure, accountability, and protections that must be provided by creating a COMPREHENSIVE Unificationist Constitution and Laws, the UC membership roll will finally soar.

And make no mistake about it; Jim and Hiromi Stephens, C. H. Kwak, Tyler Hendricks, and other “conscience-defective” UC/UM appointees are very tough, hard-working people, (as was Judas). And I want to specify that although I am a very capable person, I am not even close to being capable of accomplishing what they accomplish for God’s Will, especially under such close, constant, public scrutiny.
But there is a “no-man’s-land” minefield they enter, when they take the path of self-admiring hubris, hypocrisy, and goals conspiratorially centered on benefiting themselves. This involves horrendously serious, UC/UM criminal behavior that undermines and undoes the “good” they do, when they “hide” from Rev. Moon’s “prime, Member-Centered direction”, by using obedience to their “Appointed-Abel-Figure”, UC/UM “boss”, as their excuse. (Of course, there is no excuse for C. H. Kwak.)
When those UC/UM “appointed bosses” are guilty of horrendous crimes, such as refusing to obey Rev. Moon by not giving Member-Centered directions since 28OCT81, and even methodically, illicitly altering Rev. Moon’s officially published speeches in Korean, and suppressing the accurate content of HDH, then we have to educate everyone with the full truth. Then, we can begin to recognize the horrendous evil being done by these “puppet UC/UM appointees”, usually as “sins of omission”, rather than “aggressive evil”. There is indeed a “disconnect” in the consciences of these “puppet appointees”, whenever normal, moral requirements conflict with what their “UC/UM appointed boss” demands of them.

Simplistically stated, this “conscience disconnect” exists because of lies and half-truth lies that are told AND ENFORCED, about “what Rev. Moon said”, about symbolic “Abel-position” and symbolic “Cain-position” responsibilities.

Obviously, Rev. Moon never said that anyone should be immoral in order to obey their “UC/UM, appointed-Abel boss” and keep their “puppet, appointee’s-appointee” position. But that’s what’s been happening, because by a stretch of the “Peter Principle”, we find that those who are willing to undergo this “partial conscience-disconnect” are the very ones who are “selected and kept” in these “puppet-appointee positions”.
That’s why we need “true UC/UM leaders”, who have changed themselves and learned how to “win the hearts” of a minimum of 84 strong followers in their 360-home-HC areas, and then “graduated” to become “ELECTED UC/UM leaders” on higher national and international levels. But since no one except Rev. Moon and His Wife have done that (yet), we are left with this horrendous situation, WHICH CAN BE ALLEVIATED ONLY BY THE ENFORCEMENT OF A COMPREHENSIVE UNIFICATIONIST CONSTITUTION AND LAWS.
Phillip Shanker, (a very “slick” public speaker), told me, (after I had already attended two of the three days of the “First Annual Parents’ Convocation”), in a very public circumstance, that he would not have allowed me to register and attend there, because only parents with children should be there. For the record, I beg to differ. I was there to gather information for a UC-member couple that could not attend, and they have two UC-member children, 17 and 18 years old; furthermore, this couple preferred to remain anonymous. In all cases, it would be criminal to bar those who want to attend these “Parents’ Convocations” in the future, whether or not they have marriageable children themselves. A simple clarifying difference in their nametag would facilitate this, rather than my situation, which was to constantly have to explain that I was there to gather information for that absent couple.
But it is obvious to me, that Phillip’s public statement that he would not have allowed me to attend, (which he loudly repeated three times to me in a large, crowded room full of the Convocation attendees), was for the purpose of “making points” with his “UC/UM bosses”, and not because he was so certain that all persons without children should not be allowed to attend, as he claimed. Ironically, I am positive that I would have had children, (possibly adopted, since my ex-48-hour wife was 39, with no prior children), if one of Phillip’s “UC/UM bosses”, (Chung-hwan Kwak), had not illicitly, criminally destroyed that possibility. So it’s almost laughable, that this “full-circle of crime” was completed by that wonderful guy, that most respected “appointee’s-appointee puppet”, Phillip Shanker, in this case.
Of course, Phillip also had refused to allow me to hand out free copies of my (DPES) document, (an expensive-to-print, 100-page document), at any time during the “Convocation”, when it would have been so easy to announce that it was “unrelated material” that I had created and was offering, so that everyone could receive it. By forcing me to wait until the “Convocation” was over, Phillip’s refusal guaranteed that most of the “Convocation” attendees never received my (DPES) document. This served his UC/UM “bosses”, and therefore helped him keep his “position”, but immorally denied access to my (DPES) document, to most of the attendees at that Convocation.

On Sunday afternoon, 29OCT06, the “Convocation” ended and I began to hand out my DPES document to those few I could reach. At that time, Keith V. Andersxx approached me. Keith was my “Central Figure” under Dr. Bo-hi Pak, circa 1982, when I worked at massive basement-demolition and construction work, building the restaurant on the SE corner of the “New Yorker Hotel”, which is still there, on the NW corner of 34th St. and 8th Ave. in NY City; (and of course, I was never paid a penny for those months of very difficult, dangerous work).

In fact, it is Keith who was my last "official-Central-Figure". So, (under Bo-hi Pak's direction), Keith was the one who actually carried out abandoning me in 1982, under such brutally tragic circumstances, in concert with Chung-hwan Kwak's manipulation of my 48-hour wife, who was no doubt pitifully ignorant of C.H. Kwak's evil, vindictive motives in this matter. At that time, I knew only that she had left me with no stated reason, (and thus destroyed a sacred Blessed-marriage), and I did not realize until years later, that such horrendous evil had been perpetrated, in encouraging her in this disastrous action.

And now, “with blood in his eye”, and obviously intending to intimidate me, Keith vehemently claimed that I had distracted him from “Matching” his third child, because I had spoken to him about my DPES document for less than 60 seconds, three days earlier, when we were registering. In other words, he was obviously lying, and irrationally trying to act as if I had “caused him a problem”.
Just as intensely, I shot back at Keith, that he and his “crony partners in crime”, Betsy and Farley Jones of the BFD, would surely be held accountable for their behavior during the last 30 years. Keith was struck dumb. At this point, I quietly, pointedly asked him whether he had joined the UC for completely selfish reasons. He was still struck dumb, with a wide-eyed, guilty stare. And from seeing him at his worst, I finally realized why Keith had sold me a house, back in 1983. He more than doubled the price to me, charging me 275% of what he paid, (just two months before). But since he also carried the mortgage, (at over a 20%-interest rate), Keith actually made over a 1,000% profit, from my payments during the next 12 years. But I now believe he didn’t sell it to me just for profit. In 1983, because I trusted Keith, I thought that buying that run-down house in the Bronx to do HC work was “God’s Will”. But now I realize that his selling me that house served to allow C. H. Kwak to guarantee that I was never Re-Matched or Blessed/married in the UC, since the stooge Esteban Galvxx was “kept” there as the UC/UM appointee, to methodically “cut me off”. And this was perhaps the only time in all history, that selling a house was such a heinous, criminal act. So it’s taken over 23 years, but I have finally come to believe that Keith was the “fourth stooge” used against me, by Chung-hwan Kwak, et al. And Keith's "Central-Figure", Bo-hi Pak, obviously gave probably-tacit directions to Keith to leave me twisting in the wind. By doing so, Pak kept (satanically-centered) "unity" with Kwak. And since DP states that God-centered unity is a most important requirement for Restoration, Kwak could manipulate Pak to misrepresent and accept their (satanic) "unity" in this matter as God-centered.
But their malevolent actions towards me define Kwak and Pak clearly as enemies of the UC/UM. As TF stated, "...unless they, [the 36 Couples], love the true children and the members more than [they love] their own families, they are the enemies of our movement", as at:

Andrew Wilson has also reacted violently to any distribution of my literature. In 2004, Andrew was an Academic Dean at our Unification Theological Seminary, (UTS), but he has since been demoted to "Prof. of Scriptural Studies" in the UTS-annex in New York City. In June 2004, after the UTS graduation ceremony, I was handing out printed copies of my “Book Review” and information about the lies being told to confuse Hoon-Dohk-Hae content, as at:

Andrew approached me and tried to stop me, by trying to get me into a shouting match, (obviously so that I could be accused of “causing trouble”). When I didn’t fall for his ploy, and I remained calm, even his wife knew he was out of line, and she berated him and finally forced him to leave with her. I saw him on 28OCT06, and when I offered him a copy of my (DPES) document, he said he would not read it, and would not accept a copy. When I questioned the morality of his belligerent, closed-minded behavior, (past and present), he claimed that he thought it had been “improper” for ANYONE to hand out ANY literature, (in a public place, to those who were leaving the building). On 29OCT06, he saw me putting about 140 copies of my (DPES) document into the mailslots of all UTS faculty, staff, and students, and he again raised a great commotion. I believe he was the one who removed several of these (DPES) documents, (and even tore one up), and threw them into the trash in the mailroom later that evening, while I was talking to someone he had sent to distract me. As we talked, Andrew came in and scoffed, stating that many people had “fulfilled their HC-84 goal” in 360-home areas, and that Rev. Moon had already created a Unificationist Constitution. In fact, Andrew was lying in both cases, and I found out later that the short, four-point constitution he referred to is clearly designated by Rev. Moon to be applicable only at the UC/UM “Cheong-Pyeong Training-Center” in South Korea.
Many years later, in a blurb in his UTS-website bio, (as of July 2010), we find that
Andrew was the id-driven puppet-appointee who "led", (under puppeteer C.H. Kwak), the (mysteriously anonymous) translation committee that produced the (1996, corrupted) Exposition of the Divine Principle". Hmmm. So he's not only a liar, but also a calculating-stooge manipulator of the infinitely-sacred 1973 DP. It figures. That bio also reveals that Andrew was ever so Jewish, (like Mose Durst), before joining the UC, and they've both evidently carried that "Form-Spirit" darkness and inbred id-penchant for power-mongerism into the UC with them. But any Jewish, insidious co-opting of the UC/UM by infiltrators such as these has finally been permanently stymied, by even the mere existence of this DPES-document. Praise God!

The next day, on Monday, 30OCT06, the “Convocation” was over, but I returned to UTS, to see whether anyone would receive their (DPES) documents. At about 10am, all the (DPES) documents were “removed” from the UTS mailslots, as ordered by Tyler Hendricks. So the free exchange of information is not what Tyler advocates, according to the dictates of his “UC/UM bosses”. But Tyler is “slick”. He had a letter delivered to me, asking that I submit a “permission form”, before putting anything into the UTS mailslots. So he created the “plausible deniability” of claiming that he removed the (DPES) documents only because no “permission form” had been filled out and granted. But the above explanation of the actions of “appointee’s-appointee puppets”, (such as Tyler), allows us all to surmise the full truth, as to why Tyler might want to deny everyone at UTS any access to my (DPES) document, at least while he’s the appointed “President” there.

Psychologically speaking, I’m sure that psychiatrists would have a field day, describing the motivations that led Andrew and Tyler to join the UC. They both look like the little fellow at the beach in the old “Charles Atlas” ads, depicting the “big bully” kicking sand in the face of the “little fellow”. Tyler being the skinny fellow, and Andrew being the short fellow, appear to me to have suffered from the psychological problems of men who are smaller than average. So when they saw the power in Divine Principle, even their deepest psychological hunger for prestige and recognition most certainly drove them to join the UC. With that sort of motivation, any full truth that might decrease their personal “prestige and public image” in any way, (such as the full truth in my DPES document), will be something they’ll naturally fight tooth and nail to suppress. And such psychologically driven, aggressive behavior is so primal, deep-rooted, and intrinsic, that it is quite possible that they tell lies and fight to keep anyone from knowing the full truth, without even being consciously aware of why they are doing it.


So we have to forgive these closed-minded, persecutory UC/UM “members”, because in many cases, they really “know not what they do”, (just like Judas). Concerning Jim Stephens, I am fairly certain that he is being “used”, by “anti-restoration” forces that are far beyond his ability to comprehend. The “BFA” and Jim Stephens are not the problem; they are only tip-of-the-iceberg symptoms. Jim is “just a willing pawn in their game”, and I would only like to convince everyone that the form being taken by the “BFA” has absolutely no place in today’s UC/UM, if it is to remain centered on the True Parents. The well-known adage applies; we deserve the “leaders” we choose/allow.
You are asked to carefully contemplate the on-going consequences, before you support the “BFA”, (or the BFD).
Ask yourself this burning question:
Is it actually deception, when they use extremely pretty words, to try to convince you that they only want to “serve you”?

My personal experience with Jim Stephens has proven beyond any possible doubt to me that it is a very dangerous condition indeed for the UC/UM, that manipulative, deceptive, power-mongering “leaders” are being allowed to continue their stranglehold on the UC/UM Blessed families, worldwide, through the BFD and the so-called “BFA”.

At least six Member-Centered, “litmus-test” REQUIREMENTS we must DEMAND, before we lend our support and/or participation to any UC/UM “leader” or “organization”, are quite obvious:
(1) Are they obeying TF’s 1981 direction to create a “member-centered”, vs. a “leader-centered” UC/UM?
(2) Are they facilitating TRUE “networking” for all UC/UM “members” and Blessed Families, worldwide, by making properly approved mailing lists and/or email address lists available?
(3) Do they advocate 360-home Home Church work, and actualize “member-centered” means of supporting that work?
(4) Are they working to help all UC/UM members come together to create and ratify the “Unificationist Constitution and Laws” that True Father has been demanding since July 1, 2000, (and possibly since June 1982), which will bring absolute accountability and absolute transparency to the UC/UM?
(5) Are they willing to deal with and expose the crimes, (past and present), of UC/UM “leaders”/appointees, to facilitate the creation of a comprehensive and pertinent “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”?
(6) Can you trust them to do what they say, (i.e. are there legally enforceable, absolute controls on them)?
If you cannot answer “Yes”, to all the above six questions, then your support will only be helping satanic “elements/forces” to continue their influence and control, inside the UC/UM.

And although it cannot be included here, I believe that there should also be a REQUIREMENT (7), whereby each Blessed Couple doing UC 360-home-HC work is “officially authorized to grant the UC marriage/Blessing”. Apparently, Rev. Moon officiated at His own marriage/Blessing in 1960, since HDH states that God married Rev. Moon to Hak-ja Han, aside from whatever South Korean laws might have applied. And it seems clear that the “AUTHORIZATION TO GRANT THE UC BLESSING” is de facto inherited by every person that Rev. Moon has Blessed/married, especially after He and His Wife will have ascended into the Spirit World. Obviously, those Blessed Couples who successfully fulfill/follow the foundation and “pattern” of “The True Parents”, will become “true parents” themselves. So “The True Parents” are the “first true-ancestors” of all humankind, (WHICH, CURIOUSLY AND QUITE PROFOUNDLY, MEANS They ARE IN THE POSITION OF BEING THE ANCESTORS OF EVERYONE ALREADY IN SPIRIT WORLD, INCLUDING JESUS). But the “realm of (being) true parents” will be inherited only by those who obey Rev. Moon’s direction to become like “The True Parents”.

So the “authority to grant the UC marriage/Blessing” will not lie solely with “the (UC-Headquarters) church”, but will actually be in the hands of those who do God’s Will in HC, whether they are supporting “the (UC-Headquarters) church” or not. Of course, we can expect the “UC/UM power-mongers” to deny this reality, BUT WITHOUT REV. MOON’S EXPLICIT, PUBLIC DIRECTIONS OTHERWISE, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT EACH UC BLESSED-COUPLE WILL INHERIT THE AUTHORITY TO BLESS/MARRY OTHERS. And this subject is touched on, at:

, where these UC/UM “leader”/appointee deceivers are telling a half-truth LIE, when they subtly try to imply that their own positions are the only “official” ones, by stating, “The authority for giving the Blessing itself has always remained with True Parents and the official HSA Blessing ceremony”. These deceivers are hiding this LIE in the confusion and “muddy water” created by the fact that every Blessing/marriage Rev. Moon has ever granted was CONDITIONAL, (premised on fulfilling the “HC 84-minimum”, as well as on fulfilling other “conditions”). And not even one Blessed-Couple, (including these deceivers), has fulfilled even this “HC-84 CONDITION” yet, (as of July 2010).

And these “official” appointees are “offering” this “First Annual Parents’ Convocation” to “help” UC parents to Match/engage their 2nd-Gen. children. But these UC/UM “leader”/appointee, “official deceivers” are admitting by default here, that they have been de facto stabbing all UC/UM members in the back by denying them any means of “networking” during the last four decades, (in absolute disobedience to Rev. Moon’s 28OCT81 “Member-Centered” direction). And now, they are “offering” this blood-stained, leader-centered band-aid of a “Convocation” to them. Of course, these UC/UM parents are being de facto forced to accept whatever manipulations these deceiving appointees might inject into this “Matching process”. Only an ironclad “Official UC/UM Ethical Prenuptial-Agreement” will retroactively protect everyone from the Leader-Centered outright deception, ignorant impositions, and snafus that have been occurring in this matter.

Since the present, (2005), BFD and so-called “BFA” certainly appear to have Dr. C. S. Yang’s support, you may be forced to “deal with them”, since it’s all you’re being offered. Ongoing info is at:
But if you sacrifice yourself and the lives of your children to this BFA “organization” that is “making up the rules as it goes” in its very fluid “bylaws”, (and is controlled by the same old BFD disobedient advocates of the “leader-centered mindset”), then you should expect the worst.

This reality also applies to the so-called “Special Task-Force”, (STF), organization that supposedly seeks only to “train” the 2nd Generation. We should all know by now that the best “training” is in 360-home, Home-Church work. So keep the “STF” honest, by demanding that at least 90% of each individual’s STF fundraising results, (or an equitably divided share of 90% of the team/organization results), goes into each individual’s bank account to be used in his or her later Home-Church work. If this is done, it will eliminate the “willing-slave workforce” of the “STF”, and we may be surprised at how quickly the “STF bright-idea” disappears, to be replaced by 360-home-HC work, according to God’s Providence.

As has been true since The Fall Of Humankind, all that is necessary for evil to triumph over good, is that good people do nothing.

So far, it appears painfully obvious that the present “BFA”/BFD intends to enforce the “UC/UM status-quo”, by usurping power, preventing networking among UC/UM members, continuing to deny the necessity for top-down support to 360-home-HC work worldwide, and refusing to address the past and ongoing crimes of UC/UM “leaders”/appointees. In other words, the “BFA”/BFD is “business as usual” for the same old “types” that have controlled the BFD for the past 30 years.

Furthermore, they will taunt you, that you must work through the rigged, manipulatory “BFA”, if you want to “accomplish anything”. Don’t buy it.
God needs you, dear Reader, to demand that God’s Will be done in these matters, especially concerning the facilitation of a member-centered standard, networking, official support for HC work, and the timely creation and enforcement of member-ratified, GRASS-ROOTS “Unificationist Constitution(s) and Laws”. Otherwise, your tithes and support must go only to your UC Home-Church work.

Rev. Moon has actually spoken specifically, of equally wrong/evil “individualistic” and “totalitarian” standards. On July 1, 2000, He gave two, mostly-identical speeches. In both speeches, as at:
, He said, “…You cannot love centered on yourselves. You should change fundamentally. Love does not exist when you think of your own selves rather than of others. There cannot be individualism. There can only be ‘Heavenism’. Not totalitarianism, but ‘Heavenism’. Heavenism connects individuals and families vertically, from the smallest to the largest".
Even since 1976, the BFD has refused to create or facilitate such vertical connections, especially concerning 360-home-HC work. During that time, the few letters I got from the BFD/UC/UM only asked for money. In the following most recent (2005) "approach" by the "BFA"/BFD, we must imagine these "pretty words" in Béla Lugosi's voice, (speaking in-character), to hear it in the correct spirit. They said:
“(3) Our goal is to help you. We want to work together with you. We want to listen to you, network with you, and support you. We do not want to add any additional burdens to you. We want to liberate you to do what God has called you to do and help you find the joy in that responsibility.”
But I found these “BFA/BFD ploys” to be cleverly crafted, completely cynical lies. (For example, when they "network with you", they put your name on their list, which you are never allowed to see.) I fell for those lies, but when I wrote to Jim Stephens by email, he cut off all communication with me when it became evident that my situation, (as tragic as it is), does not offer the “BFA”/BFD any means to exploit me. If you give them money, or perhaps if you have a child that can be convinced to do “STF” or other fundraising for these “BFA”/BFD folks, I’m sure that they won't cut you off until they can no longer exploit you.

The weakest spot on Satan’s armor, in my opinion, is exposed by True Father’s direction to create a “Unif. C & L”, as at:
Although such “Unif. C & L” must be approved by all those who agree to live by them, they can indeed be created, approved, and enforced at a “grass-roots LOCAL-level” first, (especially since UC/UM “leaders” have ignored True Father’s direction to create any “Unif. C & L” since July 1, 2000, and possibly since June 1982). So the very least that must be done, is that each UC Tribal Messiahship must create its own “Unif. C & L”. Such locally ratified and enforced “Unif. C & L” will then, (given enough time, success, and support), naturally be consolidated, ratified, and enforced at the UC/UM worldwide level, finally defining, outlawing, and punishing or preventing all UC/UM power-mongering and other illicit behavior by UC/UM “leaders”.


In Sept. 2006, a classic contradiction within the UC/UM serves to exemplify the ongoing attempts by satanic, leader-centered totalitarians INSIDE the UC/UM, to maintain “their” control. The “official” Family Federation, (FFWPU), “Directions” are at:

, while a “personal letter” from Rev. Michael Jenkins is at:

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The deceptive, self-interested reactionary, Damian Anderson, controls the “WorldTies” URLs, so they may be deleted in an attempt to suppress the full truth of this situation. Damian has refused to disseminate my “Book Review” since 1997, and he likes to claim that three “spiritual children” make his marriage valid, as he suppresses the “360-home-HC-84” requirement.]

Rev. Michael Jenkins attempts to “soften” the cold demands of the FFWPU “Directions”, by stating that, for those “distant”, past UC members who receive this “heartistic outreach”, “It doesn’t require donations or any special condition”. But this is a half-truth lie, of course, in the long run, according to the official FFWPU “Directions” that doggedly require tithes WITHOUT Rev. Moon’s clear, public permission to do so.

Michael also states, “Through our own repentance as leaders for our shortcomings and limitations we can remove or at least reduce the barriers and impediments...”, and, “This is the time for healing and understanding”. But although Rev. Michael Jenkins’ words (and seemingly heartistic intent) seem noble and spiritually uplifting, he is stuck with the same catastrophic quandary and raging-battle impasse that will most likely plague the UC/UM for a long time to come:
namely, “satanic, Leader-Centered Direction vs. Member-Centered Direction, according to Rev. Moon’s orders since 28OCT81”.

Although Michael tries to “modify” the obviously leader-centered, FFWPU “Directions”, his futile effort only serves to illustrate the cutting edge of a “Go/(No-Go)”, raging, UC/UM INTERNAL battle. While the TPs are still on the Earth, “satanic, UC/UM, totalitarian appointees” can continue to “use” Them as “their” means of finagling funds, by arm-twisting UC/UM members to “support the TPs’ activities”.

And “they” show “their” coldly calculated intimidation, and “their” cynical encouragement of self-centeredly motivated “tithing”, when “they” state in the FFWPU Memorandum, (i.e. “Directions”), “...many testimonies have come in, from the blessings that have been secured through this (tithing) offering”. But even what little of these “tithes” are still flowing will certainly dry up completely, (according to God’s Will), after the TPs are in Spirit World.

It’s amazing to see that “they” actually have the arrogant, shameless guile to attempt to CO-OPT, (i.e. take over, take credit for, control and illicitly profit from), whatever work has been done in HC areas since 1976, by pulling an “organization” they name the “Hoon Dok Family Church, (HDFC)” out of thin air. And this name, (HDFC), appears to be a tell-tale manipulation of Korean and English, which means that it is highly unlikely that Rev. Moon originated it, but rather that it was “invented” by greedy, devious UC/UM power-mongers, as “their” means of deceptively masquerading as “Home (Family) Church” devotees.
Furthermore, this “Hoon Dok...”, (HDFC) name and extensively detailed activities serve to confuse, belittle, and encourage ignorance of the much more important “Hoon Dok Hae” daily reading and correct content.
The USA FFWPU is also using the “Hoon Dok...” terminology to promote its $225.00 “fundraising” sales of the “Cheon Seong Gyeong, (CSG)” so-called “compilation” of reading material. At:

, “they” state, “...all district directors and national leaders are asked to guide all blessed families in inheriting the tradition and practice of faith through hoondok of True Parents’ words centering on Cheon Seong Gyeong”.
And even Dr. Bo-hi Pak has joined this suspect, Leader-Centered, fundraising chorus, recommending the “Cheon Seong Kyeong holy scriptures”, as at:

But this “Cheon Seong Gyeong” so-called “new hoondok” definitely DOES NOT contain Rev. Moon’s 1997 HDH-content, so it appears that the FFWPU “leaders” are predictably pouring DECEPTIVE “muddy water” on us all, to prevent us from quickly finding out what He wanted everyone to learn, from the 1997 HDH-content. So it appears clear, that “their” STRATEGY IS TO SUPPRESS THE TRUE FULL-CONTENT OF THE 1997 HDH, AND TO INTRODUCE SO-CALLED “NEW HOONDOK” DESIGNED TO MAKE THESE POWER MONGERS MONEY, AND TO INCREASE THE VOLUME OF CONTENT, so that the full truth in Rev. Moon’s 1997 HDH content gets “lost in the shuffle”. And it is our responsibility, dear Reader, to recognize, reject, and defeat such methodical, cunning deception by UC/UM appointees, just as it was Adam’s and Eve’s responsibility to recognize, reject, and defeat the deception by Satan, in the Garden of Eden; (see BR quote #9).


The future historical-record will reveal why this 2,543-page, sacred “CSG” publication is being deceptively labeled as “NEW HOONDOK”. Could this be another spurious attempt to defile, confuse, or suppress Rev. Moon’s 1997 Hoon-Dok-Hae content and direction?

This “CSG” volume, (confusingly composed of 16 so-called “books”), is a list of quotes taken out of context, so it is important to know WHEN and WHERE He was speaking, so that we can understand the full, correct meaning, from the historical context. For some quotes, the date is supplied, but no location is ever revealed, so we never know WHERE any of the CSG quotes were spoken, (and hence, we never know WHO was in His audience).
But the dates can tell us a lot. The subject of "tithing", for example, is covered in (Book 7, Chapter 3, Section 5, pages 1029 – 1033). It's very revealing, that there's no quote beyond 1987, and most of the quotes used are from before 1978. We know that Rev. Moon initiated Home Church by 1976 - 1978, and He mothballed the Unification Church just after 1987. It has become obvious that, (with no Member-Centered Standard of Accountability established, and no enforcement of a Unificationist Constitution and Laws), we can tithe, (or "donate"), only to our own Home-Church work, if we are to follow God's Will.
In the same vein, quotes from 1963 to 1971, on “CSG”-page 1037, assert that we must "pray in the name of the True Parents", but Rev. Moon also subsequently changed this, directing that every (UC/UM)-member must pray only in their own name.
Incidentally, I believe that God will allow us to pray "In The Name of the True Parents" again, when an ironclad Member-Centered-Standard of Accountability is established, finally eliminating the kind of evil that has been done with the claim that it was "In The Name of the True Parents".
So we have to be acutely aware, that some very astute interpretation may be needed, to extract the full truth from the "snippets" placed in this sacred, CSG “compilation”.

[Editor’s Note, Oct. 2007: I’m not a lawyer, but it seems extremely strange to me, that this “CSG” book has no stated ISBN number, and its copyright statement ends with the statement, “THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR SALE”, while it is in fact being sold for $225.00!!! What deviou$, grotesque, deceptive agenda could justify THIS???
Here is the copyright statement in full: “Copyright 2006 Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. This book is not for sale.”
What is the hidden agenda, behind that tacked-on sentence, “This book is not for sale”???
So the FFWPU wants to keep the truth of Salvation in this sacred “CSG” book “secret”, (under the most strict copyright restrictions possible)??? And they want no ISBN number, so there is no official record of this book, and no USA Library-of-Congress copy??? And they don’t mind looking like scheming, deceptive crooks, by selling a book that officially states, “This book is not for sale”??? Wow, the chutzpah of all this will surely surprise even the most cynical historians!!!]

The following are five mostly-non-sequitur claims I would like to make in this DPES document, concerning the 2006-“CSG” sacred-text:
(1) By definition, “compilations” of out-of-context quotes are prone to be faulty, since the “compilers” tend to carry out their agendas/biases, (intentionally or unintentionally), in their choices of quotes. Therefore, it is only the ORIGINAL, UNALTERED, VIDEO-AND-AUDIO RECORDINGS of Rev. Moon, (if they have not been destroyed/altered by the UC/UM “leader”/appointee “compilers”), that will ever have any real “Epistemological Authority”, concerning the UC/UM.
(2) Because of the strange, UC/UM-“leader”-vectored, high-priced way that this “CSG” is being sold, (circa 2007), it seems obvious that Rev. Moon’s most overriding, (but discreet), motivation is to measure the current strength of the UC/UM, by the number of “CSG”-sales that occur.
(3) Although this “CSG” strives to appear “Authoritative”, it in fact is shot through with vast elements of mystery, (and even seeming vagaries, multiple meanings, etc.), and therefore requires extremely careful, perceptive, and spiritual interpretation, (including some non-literal renderings), just as does the Bible.
(4) Rev. Moon has obviously “approved” this 2006-“CSG”, but it appears to have been compiled by UC/UM “leaders”/appointees, so Rev. Moon is actually intending to leave a clear historical-record for posterity, of the complex evidence of “their” manipulations, (e.g. by their craftily labeling it “New Hoondok”, by the section-and-subsection-titles they’ve created, and by the non-chronological arrangement and choices of quotes they’ve included). In other words, He has made sure that “they” have been given all the rope “they” need, with which to hang themselves, in the historic publishing of this sacred “CSG” volume. And whatever Judas-mindset and/or Judas-agenda this reveals, will help to unveil and define internal-nature aspects of the 74-year suffering-course He has been forced to take.
(5) It takes ~150 hours, to read this "CSG" sacred-volume aloud, and, (for more than one reason), it appears that Rev. Moon will NEVER add it to the "Hoon-Dok-Hae" content He formalized in 1997.

But since July 2007, it does appear that Rev. Moon has indeed added some content to the 1997 HDH-(~270 hour)-content, in the form of the (just ~8 hours) of His "15 Peace Messages", as at:

These "15 Peace Messages" have even been printed in paperback form, called "Messages of Peace: Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong", which also has a tacked-on, superfluous Appendix of overwhelmingly divinatory, anonymously-penned, phony-sounding "Messages From Spirit World". This book is available for $10.00, and Rev. Moon has made it a required purchase for anyone attending HDH at "East Garden", Rev. Moon's residence-estate in Tarrytown, NY. It is quite significant to note, that this paperback book has no copyright statement, and no ISBN number.

To detect evil, we often do well to "follow the money". At long last, after decades of UC so-called "leaders" claiming the half-truth lie that we should all "tithe" to them, Rev. Moon states, (in Peace Message 5):
“THIS, (i.e. tithing 30% of our income), CANNOT BE AN IMPOSED TAX; IT HAS TO BE A GIFT THAT CITIZENS OFFER WILLINGLY TO HEAVEN WITH JOYFUL HEARTS”. This statement is obviously prime, taking precedence over any “tithing/donation quote” you will find in the “CSG”, or even in the HDH-content.
So although it is not clearly specified, this means that strict accountability and transparency are required, with severe punishments for any misuse of that public money. Otherwise, what righteous person could donate with a “joyful heart”??? And even then, one-third of that 30% should always go to our own local Home-Church work. But without that enforceable accountability, (ideally as an acceptable, ratified UC-Constitution and Laws), then ALL of our 30%-tithe MUST go to our 360-home HC work, under our own control.

In addition, although these "15 Peace Messages" are supposed to be definitive, a HUGE, GLARING LOOPHOLE has been left, for evil UC so-called "leaders" to exploit; it is the required "Ceremony of Returning Ownership", (also in Peace Message 5), which should and must be much more exactly defined.
THIS CAN BE DONE AS A SYMBOLIC, (BUT VERY REAL), CONDITION, BY SIMPLY DECLARING OUR SINCERITY IN THIS MATTER! The specific terms of this ceremony must be much more exactly defined, BY REV. MOON, to prevent duplicitous Unificationists from using this "Ceremony of Returning Owner$hip" as a means to enrich themselves, and/or to disobey God's Will in any way in this matter.
Simply giving everything you own to a UC/UM so-called "leader", (without well defined and legally enforceable accountability, transparency, and punishments for wrongdoing), will only serve Satan's Will, since not all suffering/sacrifice is Restoration-indemnity, but can indeed be "indumbnity", (i.e. suffering/sacrifice that promotes evil), which is very much against God's Will, according to Divine Principle. Amen and Aju!, [ah-jjjoo], (i.e. Aju! --- as owners of the Universe, we reside with and affirm God!).

One question that’s like an “elephant standing in the room” here, is, “Why did Rev. Moon mothball the UC, circa 1992?”. Did He do it as a planned, strategic, preemptive strike against the UC/UM power-mongers, (to bar them from demanding “tithes”), or did He do it because He was forced to, by the failures/actions of these UC/UM power-mongers?

It was indeed the latter. And I know this, because of my experience in the 1980s, and because of the two 1987-quotes on tithing I recently read, on “CSG”-pages 1030 and 1031. In those quotes, Rev. Moon points out that God is not “a beggar”, so God does not want the “trifling” amounts of money that are typically collected at the Sunday Service; rather, it is a sacred honor to give our full, “core-of-our-property” tithe to the UC.
My experience in the 1980s was as follows. In 1983, I bought a house in the Bronx, because Rev. Moon had stated that UC members should buy property, to do HC work. In addition, this house was conveniently equidistant from the USA Headquarters UC-Church in Manhattan, and from the Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, where Rev. Moon regularly gave speeches.
With no real “positive response” from my solitary HC-witnessing, I attended UC “Sunday Services” most weeks, from 1983 to 1992. At first, I went to the Bronx church, but when it became obvious to me that the “leader”/appointee there was cutting me off, I attended the National-HQ Church in Manhattan, where Rev. Wayne Miller was the “UC-pastor”. Later, I attended the UC-church in Harlem, where Rev. Daryl M. Clarke was the “UC-pastor”.

I still highly respect both these “UC-pastors”, for various reasons, but in both cases, they never tried to help me in any way, with the incredibly tragic situation involving my having been abandoned by my “UC ex-wife”, (with no stated reason), just two days after our UC marriage/Blessing. Of course, I understood that they would lose their “appointed-pastor” position, if they went against someone with Chung-hwan Kwak’s leader-centered power. But I could not in good conscience donate the ~$700.00 per month, which would have been my tithe if any UC-Church official had reached out to help me with my “Blessing problem”. And I’m still waiting for that member-centered outreach, to this day, (ever since 1982).

In the 1980s, I would just put ~$5.00 in the “collection plate”, and the rest of my tithe went to HC work, because of the leader-centered, persecutory, indifferent treatment I received.
So I’m of the opinion that the two 1987 “CSG”-quotes that were “selectively included”, on tithing, are in fact a “half-truth LIE”, because they only tell half the truth. The other half, is that God does not want anyone to tithe to a leader-centered UC/UM.
So Rev. Moon’s motivation, when He made those 1987 statements about tithing, was not to strong-arm UC members to tithe, but rather to encourage a dialogue, concerning why full-tithes were not being given. If that dialogue had occurred, then leader-centered failures would have been addressed at that time, and I would most likely have a wife and children now.

And if that absolutely necessary change to “Member-Centeredness” had occurred, then the UC would have never been mothballed. It’s a simple fact, that any “church”, as defined by the USA IRS, must hold a Sunday Service with a certain minimum number of attendees, in order to qualify for its tax-exempt status. So we can now understand, (with 20/20 hindsight), that the self-centered “Leader-Centeredness” of UC “leaders”/appointees led to inadequate Sunday-Service attendance, which meant that Rev. Moon had no other alternative, but to mothball the UC/(HSA-UWC), until the day that member-centered leaders will bring it back to life. Luckily, enough foundation had been laid by that time by the UC/(HSA-UWC), so that other organizations, such as the FFWPU, could squeak through the USA-IRS requirements to be tax-exempt. And that’s all I have to say, about that.

One way of preventing wrongdoing with public money, is that multiple, (i.e. two or more), signatures be required on any bank-checks written. Another simple means of putting teeth into the prevention of the misuse of public money, is that any UC/UM "leader" should be elected, and they would have to be "bonded", (or put up the money themselves), with a sufficient amount of money to be at least three to ten times the maximum amount of "tithes" that they would ever be responsible for. It's so simple, isn't it?

So "they" can be allowed no excuse, since this is the "Member-Centered Standard" that “they” should have begun even in 1981.

In “their” 23SEP06 FFWPU “Memorandum/Directions”, “they” state, “Specifically we will expand the current number of HDFC Groups (360 have formed loosely through natural affiliation)”. Yes, we can thank God that this “natural affiliation” formed, in spite of everything these UC/UM power-mongers could do to stop it, during the last 25 years! Now, “they” evidently want to stop it by claiming it as “their” own!!!

Of course, this pathetically leader-centered “FFWPU-Memorandum” is better than nothing, (to “get something done”), but UC/UM members who want to fulfill God’s Will should “seize the time”, and DEMAND a Member-Centered-Standard Accountability by these “leaders”. This might actually be done, because the Korean “UC/UM Judas power-mongers” are especially desperate now, to try to keep Korea at the center of the Providence. Thunder is rumbling, as Pat Buchanan, a famous USA spokesperson, recently called for a full withdrawal of all USA troops from Korea, which would leave South Korea absolutely vulnerable to incursions and/or infiltrations by the autocratic communists of North Korea.

But “they” evidently have to be FORCED to comprehend that Korea can be “lost”, if “they” do not actualize and install at least the “six Member-Centered, litmus-test REQUIREMENTS” listed above in this (DPES) document.
Predictably, Rev. Michael Jenkins also capitulates and kowtows to his Korean “master”, (i.e. to appointee Dr. Chang-shik Yang, not to Rev. Moon), by repeating the same old leader-centered, half-truth LIE, that “we should unite as one with our District Directors”, without requiring any formal, official, Member-Centered-Standard Accountability; and IT WON’T WORK, Michael!!!

In addition, those whose ignorance you exploit will only righteously despise you when they discover how you have been betraying them. (Circa 2004, I also hand-carried copies of my “Book Review” to Dr. Chang-shik Yang and to Rev. Michael Jenkins, and they are evidently choosing to keep that full-truth suppressed, given their current pitifully, doggedly leader-centered “Directions”.)

Michael also quotes True Mother as saying that, “...billions of good ancestors have come down to earth to guide you on the heavenly path”; (see BR quote #18). And this (Divine-Principle-Empowerment-Syndrome) document is indeed inspired by and part of that “heavenly guidance”. It is here to prophesy to you that those billions will not be able to help us, (except in our UC 360-home-HC work), if UC/UM “leaders” do not give up “their” evil attempts at totalitarian control, and start officially fulfilling at least the “six Member-Centered, litmus-test REQUIREMENTS” listed above, in this (DPES) document. And “they” might START, by replacing “their” appointed, kowtowing “DDs”, (i.e. District Directors), with ELECTED “DSs”, (i.e. District Servants).

So we say to the UC/UM “leaders”: This is “do or die”, and it is “Go or No-go”, FOR THE UNITY OF THE UC/UM. NONE OF YOUR HALFWAY IMITATIONS AND CROCODILE TEARS WILL SUFFICE, OR ALLOW TRUE UC/UM UNITY IN THIS MATTER. Either obey TF’s order to give “Member-Centered directions”, or get out of the way and allow those UC/UM leaders who will, to do so.

Your decades of inertial “saving-face” and unprincipled self-promotion, in THIS matter, are abominations to God. To continue in your “Leader-Centered” 25+ years of stiff-necked disobedience to the Messiah in this matter, is to invite even more of the hellfire of punishing consequences, not only upon yourselves, but also upon all humankind!!! Next time, perhaps YOU, (or YOUR DESCENDANTS), will DIE in a 9-11-like disaster, dear UC/UM appointees, because you are refusing to be accountable to a Member-Centered Standard. It is only a matter of time, and time is VERY SHORT in this matter, because of the massive spiritual forces that you are “blocking”; (see BR quote #18).
According to DP, even suicide would be a better course for you, then your present, unrepentant, leader-centered path.

As you continue your successful exploitation of UC/UM victims, (manipulating them to pay satanic, devastating, anti-Restoration “indumbnity”), so shall you burn in Hell with Judas, when you die. And even claiming “ignorance” will not save you from the hellfire-consequences of your Leader-Centered, UC/UM power-mongering; as with Judas, (Mark 14:21), “It would have been better for (you) not to have been born”.

And how prophetic this “Mark 14:21” Bible verse is, in the light of DP! It’s a clear “sign from God”, that traitorous “UC/UM power-mongers” could be expected to first defile the Second Advent, before true UC/UM leaders would reverse this betrayal. “Mark” well, that 14 denotes the growth stage, (with Judas, and Jesus’ “Great Commission”, in Matthew 28:18-20). And 21 denotes the completion/perfection stage, (with disobedient Judas-power-mongers, and the True Parents’ directions for the 360-home-HC-84, daily HDH, and the Unificationist Constitution & Laws), summarized and culminating in His “15 Peace Messages”!

So tremble, power mongers, tremble like leaves in the Messianic gale! For The True Parents have come to serve, save and sear you, with the full truth that is burning like an oven, (Malachi 4:1-3)! All your “Directions” are moot, and all your manipulations are like filthy chaff in this Messianic tornado, (Revelation 21:27)! Awake from your God-forsaken, Worldly-Dynastic dreamworld, before the Judgment Seat of the Living God, where no one is exempt, and no one is immune from the full truth of this ultra-joyous, bone-crushing, Great and Terrible Day, (Malachi 4:5-6); (and also see BR quotes #9 and #8)!

As for me, I know that EVERYONE should be “hard line” on this issue NOW. If EVERY UC/UM member were to draw a line in the sand, and DEMAND that at least the “six Member-Centered, litmus-test REQUIREMENTS” listed above in this (DPES) document be met BEFORE any “tithes”, “donations” or “support” would be given, then God’s Will would be done. Otherwise, self-centered, satanic, Judas “elements”, (most likely motivated by the pseudo-righteous haughtiness of festering, deserved, low self-esteem), will continue to successfully exert totalitarian control from WITHIN the UC/UM. And bear in mind that the Korean UC/UM Judas power-mongers are especially on the “hot seat” at this time, since, (after decades of patiently exhorting them), Rev. Moon has finally stated that Koreans are not as “special” as they thought, and Korea could indeed lose it’s “Providential position” to a country somewhere in North or South America, (as proven by Rev. Moon’s April 27, 2005 and July 1, 2000 statements, quoted above in this DPES document).
In addition, the original text of Peace Message 9 contained this quote: "You must keep in mind that you stand in a position that is truly blessed, and yet, at the same time dangerous. For if you (Koreans) who are registered, fail once more, your descendants will suffer in hell for thousands of generations". THIS IS SURELY THE MOST PIERCINGLY FRANK, STUNNINGLY UNIQUE, PUBLIC STATEMENT REV. MOON HAS EVER MADE, BAR NONE. But these words, (and much more), originally spoken in Korea, were deleted from the later-published PDF-and-book texts of PM-9.
[Editor's Note: Such deletions are both historically and epistemologically revealing. The original title-statement of PM-9 was:
(Commemorative address of the first anniversary of the inauguration of the Universal
Peace Federation, entitled: "GOD'S IDEAL FAMILY AND THE KINGDOM OF THE PEACEFUL, IDEAL WORLD", given by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon on Sept. 12, 2006 in the Republic of Korea.)
While the later-published PDF-and-book PM-9 title-statement is:
("GOD’S IDEAL FAMILY AND THE KINGDOM OF THE PEACEFUL, IDEAL WORLD - III" --- This speech was delivered on behalf of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon in 14,400 cities, throughout 120 nations, from October 22nd to December 20, 2006, during the “120 Ambassadors for Peace Speaking Tour for World Peace”.)

So we should strike while the iron is hot, DEMANDING that a Member-Centered Standard be installed. This requires absolute transparency and full disclosure. It requires absolute accountability. And it requires absolute punishments that are effective in discouraging wrongdoing by UC/UM “leaders”.
Such a standard will be created, (sooner or later), since a prime tenet of DP makes it clear that this will HAVE to happen, (no matter how long “they” delay it), in order to save “them” and to save humankind.

Thank God, (and thank Rev. Moon), for the UC’s 360-home-HC Providence, where we can still give ALL our tithes and support without helping any satanic, leader-centered totalitarians INSIDE the UC/UM to maintain “their” illicit control; (see BR quotes #28, #15, #42, and #41).

Certainly, the “Japanese top-down avaricious cultural-pattern” and “Korean top-down acquisitive cultural-pattern” of behaviors do not “fit” well into teaching DP, given the all-encompassing generosity of God’s Will as defined by DP, and Rev. Moon’s absolute, central emphasis to “live for the sake of others”, even extended to “give (of yourself), and forget that you gave”.
Of course, Rev. Moon has repeatedly made it clear that “Americans are too individualistic”. It is more difficult to “generalize”, concerning the flaws of USA UC/UM members, because Americans do not come from a “homogeneous culture” such as those of Japan or Korea. Suffice it to say that there is obviously plenty of “Fallen Nature” in all humankind.

But the Koreans and Japanese were, (by the given fact of where Rev. Moon lived, and His emphasis of the Korean language), the first members of the UC, and they therefore still hold most of the “positions of totalitarian power” within the UC/UM, (e.g. their names are on the corporate documents that control organizations founded by Rev. Moon, and on ownership documents of UC/UM properties). MOST IMPORTANTLY, “THEY” ARE ABLE TO ALTER, DESTROY, OR SUPPRESS-BY-COPYRIGHT, THE MOST RELIABLE RECORD WE HAVE OF REV. MOON’S WORDS, (i.e. THE ORIGINAL, AUDIO-AND-VIDEO RECORDINGS OF HIS SPEECHES). Under the shoddy guise of "security concerns", personal audio/video recorders were barred from Rev. Moon's speeches to UC/UM members, for all the decades He has spoken. It's now easy to perceive, that the UC/UM power-mongers did this because they knew that their most potent bastion of tyrannical power is in their possession of these original, audio/video recordings, (with which they can hide their wrongdoing by manipulating and/or obfuscating the textual full-truth of Rev. Moon's past words).

Therefore, it will benefit everyone if we understand their deep-rooted flaws and power-mongering “cultural-tendencies” well, and find ways to cleanse and defeat them. The main instrument(s) of this “cleansing” should manifest as the grass-roots, Tribal-Messiahship, “Unificationist Constitution(s) and Laws”, which should begin to address all the inherent problems of this ongoing battle with satanic “forces” that seek to defeat God’s Will for worldwide Restoration, both inside and outside the UC/UM.

The “Judas Syndrome” is alive and well within the UC/UM, so be advised that the most healing, liberating, and empowering teaching on Earth, (i.e. DP), may come to you through some USA Unificationist like myself, who would rather type here alone on my computer, than struggle to give you God’s love, (i.e. by teaching you DP), personally. That’s MY “Judas-Syndrome” flaw. But since I do not plan on committing suicide, I pray there is still hope for me....
:-) And each person now has the option of obediently reading aloud for one hour daily from the “Hoon Dohk Hae” content Rev. Moon has chosen, as well as memorizing His “15 Peace Messages”. Through our setting such a simple reading-condition, the culmination of all history now guarantees us untold, even infinite, eternal blessings.

And “Universal Law” governs us all, so allow me to leave you with these BR words from Rev. Moon:
“quote #100, Speech Missing, p.301B ...We all say we want to be righteous persons, but what is a righteous person? The righteous person is the one who will go against any difficulties, as long as the right path is clear.... (5-1-82, 01MAY82),[speech missing from vol. 118, pub. Oct. 13, 1990]”
Our prayer is that this (DPES) document guarantees that “the right path is clear”, (i.e. crystal clear and irrefutable).


May this August 2005-thru-2013 document serve the glory and power of the True Parents’ true love for all Humankind. Those who have ears, listen to the Spirit. Those who love the whole truth, rejoice.
[Created August 2005, and Last Expanded March 31, 2013]
God’s Blessings, and Love To All, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming, , [NOTE: Persecution cancelled this email address.]

“That a lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies;
That a lie which is all a lie may be met and fought with outright;
But a lie which is part a truth is a harder matter to fight.”
--- Lord Tennyson, (1809 - 1892) ---

“Oh would some power the gift to give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” - (from the poem: “To a Louse”, verse 8).
--- Robert Burns, (1759 – 1796) ---

"Against any false charge of libel, the 100%-effective legal-defense is the full truth."
--- Dave Fleming ---

[Editor's Note: You may know your Intelligence-Quotient, (IQ), but do you know your immortal Divinity-Quotient, (DQ), which quantifies your divinity-disposition? To determine your DQ, as revealed by this DPES document, just multiply the number of tears it inspires you to shed, (for humankind and for God), by the number of persons whose hearts you've won in your 360-home Home-Church area and/or in your descendants' HC areas, and divide that number by the Oneness of God’s Will.]

“And that’s all I have to say about that.”
--- Forrest Gump ---

"To restore the world let us go forth with the Father's, (i.e. God's), heart in the shoes of a servant, shedding tears for Humankind, sweat for (the) Earth, and (our own) blood for Heaven".
--- Rev. Sun Myung Moon --- (a "thumbnail mission-statement")

"I never prayed from weakness. I never complained. I was never angry at my situation. I never even asked His help, but was always busy comforting Him and telling Him not to worry about me. The Father knows me so well. He already knew my suffering. How could I tell Him about my suffering and cause His heart to grieve still more? I could only tell Him that I would never be defeated by my suffering."
--- Rev. Sun Myung Moon --- (of His prayers as He persevered, and miraculously survived for 32 months in the horrific, vicious, deadly conditions of the communist-labor-camp prison at Heungnam, Korea, circa 1948 thru 1950)


APPENDIX ONE — (Definition of the DPES name, and a bare-bones summary of the DPES-content)

This is a three-aspect definition of the name, “Divine-Principle Empowerment-Syndrome", (DPES). This DPES-document can be found at:
The DPES-content is part and parcel of the 2nd Advent of Christ, which is the central axis of the universe around which everything else is revolving.

(1) We learn that hearing/learning the Divine Principle, (DP), of the Unification Church, (UC), creates intrinsic blessings, (including empowerment), essentially creating the phenomenon of “The Rapture” prophesied in the Bible. DP fulfills all the biblical prophecies and expectations of the Second Advent of Christ. Pragmatically speaking, DP supplies us with real, non-stopgap hope for humankind’s future — hope which inherently, therefore is not, (and will not ever be), available anywhere else. This is the first-aspect, God-centered “Empowerment-Syndrome” of the Unification Movement, (UM).
(2) We learn how this “Rapture-Empowerment” has been debased and subverted, by UC/UM “Judas-elements” who teach half-truth lies from altered, corrupted DP so as to empower themselves as a “worldly dynasty”, in a hubris elitism that is against God’s Will. This is the second-aspect, satanically-centered “Empowerment-Syndrome”. 
Rev. Moon has had to allow this evil in the UC/UM because the only people who followed Him in the beginning of the UC/(HSA-UWC) were of this evil, self-centered, self-justifying nature. So, He used their unnaturally-satanic pride to motivate them, since no truthful, God-centered saints followed Him. In addition, while He and His Wife took all their time saving humankind, those same “Judas-elements” were the very ones who “brainwashed” the children of Rev. Moon to believe in the “heavenly truth” of that hubris elitism. We must help them understand how pitiful their situation is, by teaching them the DPES-content.
(3) This is the most subtle and striking definition of the “DPES” name. It is the third-aspect, God-centered, “Second-Empowerment Syndrome”.
There are four, obviously-PRIME DIRECTIONS that Rev. Moon has issued, which have been continually disobeyed and even effectively suppressed by UC members, led by totalitarian "leaders"/appointees in the UC/UM. Those PRIME DIRECTIONS are:
[A] As soon as enough of a UC/UM foundation had been laid, He announced the 360-home, Home-Church-minimum-84 Providence, (i.e. HC), in 1976 and for many years thereafter.
[B] Then, on Oct. 28, 1981, He directed that the UC/UM must immediately end its “Leader-Centered” mode, and become wholly
[C] On July 1, 2000, He stated that Unificationists must create an appropriate, comprehensive “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”, (which necessitates creating the organizations and organizational vectors that are trustworthy enough to realistically, reliably enforce said “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”). 

[D] Then, He dealt the final deathblow to all exploitation-motivated UC-members and/or “leaders”. He proclaimed His 2007 “15 Peace Messages” as paramount, and in PM-5, He stated that no one should tithe or donate to the UC/UM unless they could do so “with a joyful heart”; this means that a Member-Centered, Unificationist Constitution and Laws must be strictly enforced, before anyone should financially support the UC/UM in any way.

Now, (in 2011), with the last three decades giving us 20/20 hindsight, we discover that we must absolutely stop supporting UC/UM “Leader-Centeredness”, and DEMAND that a Member-Centered Standard be enforced in the UC/UM. This is the third-aspect meaning of “DPES” — that we are empowered and liberated to WITHDRAW OUR SUPPORT AND WAIT, just as God HAS DONE, whenever Providential “leaders” have disobeyed God’s PRIME DIRECTIONS. History will judge the entire UC membership as being the most evil people on Earth, because they knew DP, and yet, from 28OCT81 thru 2010 they did not confront, defeat, (or even question), the totalitarian, Leader-Centered "leaders"/appointees in the UC/UM. This de facto exposes each and every UC-member as sanctimonious co-conspirators in that blatant, 3-decades-long disobedience to Rev. Moon's 28OCT81 command to end "Leader-Centeredness".

So the third aspect-definition of “DPES” is the most subtle and the most important. Its allegory is the anecdote respecting “standing where the fire has already been”. 
When caught by a prairie fire, we can see it coming, and we cannot run fast or far enough to escape it. In that case, we must set a fire downwind of where we stand. Then, we simply walk into the area where that fire has already been, and we’re safe when the prairie fire burns all around that burned area. 
The Second Advent Of Christ, (with Judas-mindset, exploitation-motivated “leaders”), is that prairie fire. 
The DPES-document is the fire we set/(study) downwind. 
When we walk to where the fire’s already been, we are liberated, empowered, and 100% at peace and one with God, and we finally have the wherewithal to know we must WAIT.

[And while we wait, we have the inestimable blessing to be able to do 360-home-HC UC-work, into which we can dedicate our full tithe, to be spent as each individual decides. There, we must teach each person the DPES-contents at:

This Home-Church course will lead us naturally to create a grassroots Constitution and Laws, which will be enforced by operational organizational-vectors as appropriate to our 360-home circumstances. Thus, we will reveal and generate only the God-Centered Empowerment-Syndrome blessings by teaching uncorrupted, full-truth DP.]

We must withdraw all our support from the “Leader-Centered” UC/UM, and we must DEMAND and FACILITATE the installation of a UC/UM Member-Centered Standard. This means that we must DEMAND and FACILITATE the creation of an appropriate, comprehensive “Unificationist Constitution and Laws” which will effectively enforce a “Member-Centered Standard”, and will facilitate work in 360-home HC-areas by individuals. Aju!, (i.e. as owners of the Universe, we reside with and affirm God!).


APPENDIX TWO — (Unificationist-Calendar Information)

On Feb. 23, 1977, Rev. Moon announced that 1977 was "year one of the Kingdom of God", as at:
That means that in 2010, we are in "year 34 of the Kingdom of God".
The Unificationist "Heavenly-Calendar", (announced circa 2008), is just a "Lunar Calendar", with Unificationist additions. The most significant addition is the change from the 7th-day "Sunday-Sabbath" to an 8th-day "Sabbath", with the Unificationist "Sabbath", (i.e. Ahn Shi Il), [ahn-shee-eel], occurring every 8th day, as calculated at:
It's all a bit tricky, as at:
Since the Lunar-Calendar year can have 13 months, (every 2nd or 3rd year), Lunar-months are referred to by number, not name.
So the agreed upon Unificationist date-format, (in the "Western-World" format, in English), is:
——> Date: 5.16 by the Heavenly Calendar (June 27, 2010) <—— The "5.16" is the Lunar 16th day of the Lunar 5th month, and the date in parentheses is the commonly-used, "solar-calendar" or Gregorian-Calendar date. The comprehensive Unificationist-Calendar for 2010 is found at: UNIFICATIONIST-CALENDAR 2010, (letter explanation), at URL ——>
UNIFICATIONIST-CALENDAR 2010, (pdf of all info), at URL ——>
2011 UNIFICATIONIST-CALENDAR, (pdf of all info), at URL-->
[in simple-text form], at URL==>
[in pdf form], at URL==>


"40 Years in America" - Exposing the satanically-perpetuated, Leader-Centered UC/UM

This is a Book Review of the 1999 book, "40 Years In America", (ISBN 1-910621-99-3), as found at:

There are 287 "testimonies/sections" in this formidably-long book, but only 12 out of 287, (i.e. 4%), of them even mention "Home Church". And NONE of those 12 is HONEST about how "home church" was actually defined by Rev. Moon's crystal-clear statements and direction in almost EVERY one of His speeches, circa 1976 thru 1983. When you've read this "Book Review", you will know some of the clandestine reasons WHY the creators and publishers of "40 Years in America" want to deceive you about the complicit, criminal reality of their lives in the Unification Church, (UC), and in the expansive Unification Movement, (UM), from 1976 through 1999 and even to the present in 2011.

In the book's credits, it says "Historical text by Michael Mickler", so we apparently owe him for the ONLY significant details offered concerning "home church" in this "40 Years In America" book. Mr. Mickler distorts and deceptively mangles the real full-truth about the Unification Church's "home church" Providence.
Here's some of what Mr. Michael Mickler wrote so deviously, marked as (MM==>).
My Reviewer's-Note comments are in double-brackets, as [[Comments]].

MM==> Six months later, the church switched gears and concentrated its efforts on a "total-participation" door-to-door witnessing program in Manhattan with each member searching for 360 households to cultivate. This led to the development of "Home Church" which became the focus of the movement’s witnessing activity between 1978-83.
[[That is half-truth lies. Home Church, (HC), actually began in 1976, and no one was supposed to be "searching for 360 households". Every member, worldwide, (NOT just in Manhattan), was supposed to COUNT OUT 360 contiguous homes, near wherever they LIVED, and witness there. This meant that their "UC-mission job" became just that, a 9am-to-5pm kind of commitment, while their HC work should have become their lifetime commitment. But LEADER-CENTERED "Central Figures" would not allow it. They consistently dug their heels in against Rev. Moon's HC direction, and refused to facilitate HC, so it died. Only a MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM will ever facilitate HC, but with the help of miscreants like Michael Mickler and his snake-in-the-grass ilk, these UC/UM "leaders"/appointees have maintained an illicit LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM ever since Rev. Moon outlawed it on Oct. 28, 1981.]]
MM==> The concept was simple. Rather than have one’s contacts attend successive workshops with the goal of moving them into a center, the approach was to establish "Home Churches" in one’s witnessing area. Home Church held forth the promise of reducing negativity toward the church and at the same time significantly increasing numerical growth. Thus, it was emphatically embraced.
[[Actually, the "Home Church" was where YOU LIVED. Here, MM goes out of his way to make HC sound like just a temporary, expedient "witnessing method", which completely contradicts what he has to admit Rev. Moon said, in the next six sentences.]]
MM==> Rev. Moon stated that Home Church should have been set up in the Garden of Eden and that it was the movement’s final frontier and destiny. "In the future," he predicted, "presidents and prime ministers will do home church." It was the place where the races would be united and all human problems liquidated. Paraphrasing John 14:6, he said that "no one comes to the Father except by home church," and he explained that the number 144,000 of the Book of Revelation was "the number of home churches we will lift up."
Under such mottos as "Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven," members worked assiduously to set up home churches.
[[MM knew he had to admit at least some of what Rev. Moon said about HC, but he paints Rev. Moon so as to make Him appear to be an idiot, since after Rev. Moon said all those grandious-sounding, (quotes-selected-by-MM), things, HC somehow, mysteriously "disappeared", (with no explanation from the duplicitous MM).]]
MM==> Rev. Moon prepared a letter, subtitled "A Gift from 8,000 Miles Away," which was mailed to one million New York households. Members formed home church associations, held home church banquets and even conventions, undertook service projects, and distributed educational materials. However, even at its height, home church was not the only witnessing method pursued by the church. The movement still required full-time personnel, and members were subject to periodic mobilizations.
[[This is MM's attempt to once again make HC sound like it was just a temporary, failed expedition by Rev. Moon. This is the last MM has to say about HC in this massive book, (and nowhere else in the book are there any significant, accurate facts about HC).

The Unification Theological Seminary website, (, lauds Michael L. Mickler, stating, "Dr. Mickler is the primary historian of the Unification movement in America". God help us! All humankind needs God's help, because it seems quite obvious that good ol' influential Mike has sold Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS, (and HENCE, the yet-to-be-created MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM), down the river!
[A] His 1976 thru 1983 emphasis of the permanently-established mission, (called "Home Church"), whereby each UC member MUST work, (within a 21-year deadline), in a 360-home area surrounding wherever he or she lives, to "win the hearts" of a MINIMUM of 84 people who will become full-time UC members
[B] His decree, on Oct. 28, 1981, that the UC/UM must immediately become 100% "Member-Centered", and permanently end it's "Leader-Centered" mode
[C] His proclamation, on July 1, 2000, that Unificationists must create an appropriate, comprehensive "Unificationist Constitution and Laws"
[D] In His 2007 "15 Peace Messages", (i.e. Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong, [Messages of Peace]), in Peace-Message-5, He ordered that no one should tithe or donate to the UC/UM unless they could do so "with a joyful heart", which meant that a "Member-Centered" UC/UM must be created, and no one should support the "Leader-Centered" UC/UM any longer.
You will find an explanation of the importance of Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS at:
And you'll find the full-truth exposé of how the satanically-perpetuated, LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM agrees with MM, at:

MM makes sure to NOT inform you that on July 4, 1978, Rev. Moon said, "...I actually blame the leaders because they were responsible for explaining this to you.... ...When I made plans for home churches I made sure with heaven first that it was the right plan. I got assurance, not just once but many times, and God said to go ahead with it.... ...There is no excuse or compromise in restoration.... ...The path of indemnity is utterly serious.... ...I have explained everything to you in detail, so now if you still don’t follow it is no longer my responsibility. What can I do if you refuse to listen?"
MM and his ilk are still blatantly disobeying Rev. Moon in this matter of HC. But they wanted to publish this "Mutual-Admiration-Society" UC-book called "40 Years In America", to try to justify, laud, and reward themselves. This, in spite of their additional 3 decades of complicity in an ongoing, monstrous crime of devious disobedience to Rev. Moon's Oct. 28, 1981 decree that the UC/UM must, (IMMEDIATELY, IN 1981), become 100%-Member-Centered.

MM also makes sure to NOT inform you that on Sept. 18, 1979, Rev. Moon said, "Those who cannot do home church well cannot become national or world leaders because you will always be faced with Satan’s accusation that you are unqualified. No matter how much education you have, until you fulfill this one condition you cannot be accepted anywhere else". [Reviewer's Note: So should we assume Mr. Mickler "cannot be accepted"? Decide for yourself, dear Reader.]

In addition, MM makes sure to NOT inform you that an incredibly-significant book was published in 1983, entitled "Home Church",
(ISBN 0-910 621-21-7). Then, circa 1984, Rev. Moon directed that EVERY MEMBER of the UC MUST READ that book. I believe Michael Mickler and his ilk read the book, "Home Church", which helps to confirm their present miscreant-status.

There are 102 incredibly important quotes from the book, "Home Church", in the "Book Review" found at:
For your valuable edification, copied below are just a few of the statements made by Rev. Moon that pertain to those who created and published this oh-so-selectively-deficient book, "40 Years In America". These quotes are printed here as they appear in my "Book Review" of the book, "Home Church", (ISBN 0-910 621-21-7). THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE COUNTLESS FACTS THAT MICHAEL L. MICKLER, (and other so-called "leaders" of the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM), APPARENTLY DECIDED TO SUPPRESS AND/OR OBFUSCATE IN "40 Years in America":

quote #11 - ...Do you realize that each person must win at least 84 spiritual children...? It is the fault of the leaders if you did not know this. How can they call themselves leaders if they do not make sure the members are informed? (July 4, 1978)

quote #55 - ...Unless you fulfill home church, (raise up 84 or more spiritual children who are willing to risk death to protect you -- Refer to BR quote #13), yourself, however, your mission will be handed down to your children with even greater suffering. THEN THERE WILL BE TWO SEPARATE WORLDS, THE WORLD OF THOSE CHILDREN WHO MUST DO HOME CHURCH IN PLACE OF THEIR PARENTS, AND THE WORLD WHERE PEOPLE ARE REJOICING OVER THE TRUE FAMILY AND TRUE IDEAL HOME. GOD DOES NOT WANT TO SEE THAT DIVISION HAPPEN. - (March 28, 1979)

quote #58 - ...Let this be the start of your future for the next 25 years. Think of nothing but home church and then you will accomplish God’s dispensation.... - (May 1, 1979) - [Reviewer's Note: 1979 thru 2004 equals 25 years! In 1999, NO ONE in the "40-Years-in-America" book admits this!]

quote #78 - ...You have to fulfill your 84 within home church; without that you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.... - (Sept. 14, 1980)

quote #90 - ...Once the home church system is completely established, we really don’t need any formal organization. The Divine Principle will be taught in the school system. We won’t need [UC/UM] Church leaders any more. This is not bad news at all. We have a most glorious life, and with this goal we shall march forward until the last day of final victory. - (Feb. 10, 1981) - [Reviewer's Note: Dear Reader, can you appreciate how evil and repulsive these "leaders" are, when you contemplate how anyone could methodically suppress life-giving information like this for 3 decades?!? May God rebuke them!]

quote #91 - ...If you don’t go to home church, it means you have not established yourself as a subject of love. Then how can you love your spouse or children? If you reverse the correct sequence, it will never work. - (3-29-81) - [Reviewer's Note: Do UC/UM "leaders" think that LEADER-CENTERED pretense and deceit will "work" for them? Regrettably, it appears they do, and may God have mercy on their families.]

I pray this "Book Review" helps to facilitate God's Will to speed up the creation of the MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM, which has been satanically-suppressed by the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM for over three decades. Suppressing Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS has meant that opportunities for the fulfillment of God's Will are dying on the vine by the millions, as God has been forced to curse the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM.
God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming



Most people have been taught to believe, (either consciously or subconsciously), that "love/(true love)", (at least the "romantic love" that far too many people believe is the only love there is), is and must be generated by ego-related and/or hormonally-guided "feelings". English has one, ambiguous word for "love"; many other languages, (e.g. Greek), have many words for different "types of love".

But what is the exact and complete definition of "love/(true love)" that is averred as "God's Viewpoint" by Rev. Moon's "Divine Principle", (DP), of the Unification Church, (UC)? In this "APPENDIX-FOUR" discourse, we are asserting that "DP" is much more than the content of the "basics" in the black-book DP textbook(s) published by the UC/(HSA-UWC)/FFWPU. This totalized DP-content theoretically contains the meaning of everything Rev. Moon has said, (and even the meaning of every action He has taken), as part and parcel of the DP-content. With those expansive parameters, how is "love/(true love)" defined?

Well, "love/(true love)" is never specifically, comprehensively defined in the officially-published DP-books; it is defined only indirectly or circuitously. Doesn't that seem odd? Is it possible that there's "something" about God's Love-Standard that is simply not easily understood by, (or is perhaps even unacceptable to), most people? That seems likely, but before we explore DP's indirectly-established parameters of "love/(true love)", we need to explore the best definition of "love" offered by the secular realm.

First, let's look at essentials of the defining book by a renowned scholar of the secular study of "love". The late Pitirim A. Sorokin, (1889 – 1968), published "The Ways and Power of Love: Types, Factors, and Techniques of Moral Transformation" in 1954, which was reprinted in 2002 by the Templeton Foundation Press in Philadelphia. In turn, Stephen G. Post, PhD wrote "Unlimited Love: What It Is And Why It Matters" in 2003, with his distilled content from Sorokin. Almost none of Sorokin's writings are free on the Internet, but there are a couple of detailed discussions of his works at:

We find that Sorokin created a standard for evaluating and even exactly quantifying "love" with five "dimensions", which he named: intensity, extensivity, duration, purity, and adequacy. As Dr. S.G. Post relayed in 2003:
Intensity is the "dimension" that ranges from minor acts of charity to extreme self-sacrifice.
Extensivity measures the degree to which love is focused on close family or extends to encompass strangers and enemies.
Duration ranges from a single moment, as in the heroic action of a passer-by who dives into the water to rescue a drowning man, to a lifetime of care for a disabled spouse or parent.
Purity describes the extent to which love is free from egoistic motivation and personal profit.
Adequacy distinguishes between "love that is objectively genuine but has adverse consequences" such as spoiling a child with excessive pampering, from love, (endowed with wisdom), that builds character and virtue in the beloved.

Furthermore, Dr. Post states, "These five dimensions of love allow us to ask empirical questions about how strength or weakness in one dimension varies with other dimensions. How intense, extensive, enduring, unselfish, and wise is any particular manifestation of love?... ...Sorokin argues that the greatest lifetimes of love and altruism approximate or achieve 'the highest possible place, denoted by (a grade of) 100 in all five dimensions', while persons 'neither loving nor hating would occupy a position near zero'".

Sorokin gave us a fascinating and apparently totally-accurate secular-standard of measurement of "love". However, there is one crucial DP-aspect of the intrinsic nature of "love/(true love)" that is quite profound, unexpected, and not accounted for by Sorokin. Namely, there is no such thing as "totally-selfless love"; it simply cannot and does not exist, within DP's viewpoint of reality as defined within the process of "Salvation/Restoration"; (we'll consider Kingdom-Of-Heaven-On-Earth "love" later in this "APPENDIX FOUR"). In addition, in an overall assessment, all of Sorokin's five "dimensions" are radically affected and redefined by DP's clarification of what the beloved "needs", (from God's Viewpoint).

It's obvious that both secular and non-secular definitions of "love/(true love)" start with the premise that loving someone means that we care what happens to them. Within this premise, when we say, "I love you", we are saying that we will do whatever is within our capabilities to supply the "needs" of the beloved. But the secular and non-secular assertions of "what-one-needs" can be, (and usually are), absolutely different.

From a secular viewpoint, our "needs" are, in toto, quite different than DP defines our "needs" from God's Viewpoint. In defining "True Love", Rev. Moon often uses the example of a mother's love when she breast-feeds her child. In this rather obliquely-chosen example of "love", the secular and DP concepts of "love/(true love)" do coincide, since we all agree, (and God knows), that babies "need" to be fed. We might even accuse Rev. Moon of being deceptive, for using this "mother's-milk" example of love so often; but I prefer to believe that He's just "softening the blow" of just how strict and demanding it can be, both to receive and to demonstrate God's "true love".

Here, I will repeat the DEFINITION OF LOVE, IN THE LIGHT OF FULL-TRUTH DP, from the main text at:
Copied from the main text
And this definition even includes God’s love for us, and our love for God, as well as the love between us and angels, and especially between us and our “fellow humans”, (living or in Spirit World).
Given the realities that full-truth DP reveals, (such as why God made Adam and Eve, [i.e. the “Purpose Of Creation”], and the consequences of “The Fall”), this definition of love can lead us to some unexpected “destinations”. Since God does not see physical death as the “absolute end” that many Fallen people believe it to be, God has many times in the Bible ordered His People to kill, or to die; whatever Satan’s side does, (such as killing Abel), God’s side has the “Condition” to do the same thing, to defend or accomplish “Restoration/Salvation”.
This definition also explains why Rev. Moon would say something like, (BR quote #93), “You have to shed (your) blood, but even if you die at home church, (HC), you will still be better off...(Oct. 22, 1981)”, as a loving, heartistic statement. Similarly, in the Cheon Seong Gyeong, (CSG), sacred text, Book 6, Chapter 2, Section 6.3, page 933, at:
, He said, “Suppose those who sin a lot were sent to the North Pole. Such a time might come. ... ...Whether they would die in that world, or survive, so be it. ... ...Therefore, we emphasize not committing sins as the preventive medicine. (May 25, 1990)” So God's love can definitely be “tough love”, as in the ultimate, life-saving, do-or-die, tough-love “Intervention”.
This “love/heart” speaks to our NEED to do God’s Will, (in order to return to “The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth”), and accurately devalues our WANTING to avoid the ONLY-explicitly-correct, (ONLY-as-due), “restoration indemnity/suffering” that will keep us from going to Hell. Because full-truth DP so accurately, convincingly defines “God’s viewpoint”, (and thus, what we and those in Spirit World NEED), we are led to an “integrated view” of humankind’s “Fallen predicament” that has been impossible to understand completely until this time of the Second Advent of Christ.
So full-truth DP profoundly affects our view of what “true love” is, and clarifies why we should avoid “false love”, (i.e. not-due/requisite, misguided, and/or self-centered love), at all costs. This especially means that it's impossible to express God-centered love by arbitrarily "living for the sake of others", which means we are paying "indumbnity" rather than true, "as-due" indemnity. We could go on forever, giving weighty examples of “true love” and “false love”, but you’ll surely discover your own, in your study and application of (15 Peace Messages)/(HDH-DP)/DP.
End of copied main text.

Beyond the simplistic, survival requirements of minimal food, minimal water, and minimal protection from the elements, our "needs" can be austere and are profoundly specific, from God's Viewpoint as delineated by DP. DP's wholehearted, purposeful specificity in defining one's "needs" is not present, (or even hinted at), in any secular viewpoint of "love", including the excellent works of Sorokin.

I had to search extensively in UC/UM records of Rev. Moon's words, to find one, lone case of what sounds like a rather harsh example of "love/(true love)". We find that a major premise of "love/(true love)" is appropriate punishment for wrongdoing; it has been said, "God chastens those He loves", (Revelation 3:19). Rev. Moon speaks of this in the last two paragraphs at:
So Rev. Moon advocates there that, (paraphrasing), those who sin will be exiled and serve their sentences near the North Pole, (and it will cost nothing to keep them there, since they will have to fend for themselves and perhaps eat "baby bears"); and whether they survive in that arctic hell will be of no importance.
As harsh as that may sound, Rev. Moon is simply confirming that God loves justice, (Isaiah 61:8). So God's Love has very sharp teeth, which can make for some of the toughest "tough love" imaginable. However, let us hasten to clarify that God knows our true "heart"/motivations, (as even we ourselves many times do not). So the subjectively-viewed, seeming harshness of God's-True-Love judgment/justice is actually, (sometimes apparently-mysteriously to our very-subjective mindset), helpful/beneficial to us, from "God's Viewpoint". A simplistic example would be a three-year-old's hurt feelings of being treated unjustly/harshly, when spanked for running and/or playing in the street.

We should be ready to admit by now that it's much more difficult to definitively elucidate "love/(true love)" than is generally understood; we might even suspect it's impossible. Following are three aspect-viewpoints, (i.e. [X - SEARCHING THE CSG's QUOTES ON JUDGMENT & LOVE], [Y - SEARCHING THE "15 PEACE MESSAGES" FOR LOVE], and [Z - SEARCHING THE 1973-DP FOR LOVE, VIA INDEMNITY-VS-INDUMBNITY]), which attempt to show how expansive, (and even mysterious and protean), "love/(true love)" can be, from "God's Viewpoint".

The CSG "Section 6 - JUDGMENT", (with ~57 quotes), is at:
Comprehensive, accurate JUDGMENT is, of course, crucial to determining "what we NEED", so it's a primary key in defining "love/(true love)". But a great number of those ~57 quotes are scary-sounding pronouncements. He said, "In the future, there will be no more police. When you commit an offense, the family will take absolute authority and resolve it". We can imagine, for example, the BTK-serial-killer's wife and children having tried to "resolve" his torturing, raping, murdering onslaughts. In the actual, verified case of one so-called "Blessed Central Family", the husband, (JK), was routinely raping his wife for several years. Whenever the wife would try to get help from the so-called "Blessed Family Department", (BFD), they would offer no help whatsoever; instead, they claimed it was "God's Will" that she "must endure and keep secret" these rape-atrocities, (with the BFD's ruling, covert motivation being to preserve the "good reputation" of the UC at any cost). This woman was deliberately silenced and callously, repeatedly abandoned by the BFD, and after 10 years of this hellish, loveless, "Blessed" UC-marriage, and with four children to raise, this defenseless, trapped woman lived in quiet, extreme desperation and nightmarish hopelessness. She was physically ill all the time, with what I now believe were psychosomatic illnesses that could be neither diagnosed nor cured without exposing the sexual assaults and the BFD's satanic, criminal collusion with her rapist husband. Of course, (even 3 decades later), that "family" has never been enabled to "take absolute authority and resolve" those BFD crimes, as that quote by Rev. Moon claims would occur.

[Editor's Note: There is a secret about rape that's understood by almost no one, other than rapists and their victims. In normal intercourse, the woman's genitals become lubricated, but if she's terrified, or even just "not in the mood", there's no lubrication. The movement of the dry penis in the tense, dry vagina even produces friction-heat, (similar to the heat produced when you rub your dry hands together vigorously), which creates unbelievably-intense sexual-gratification for the male. That same dry-friction causes palpable, long-lasting physical damage and pain to the vaginal mucosa. So we discover that the rapist's physical pleasure is peripheral, because his overriding motivation involves the psychodynamics of his reveling in satanically controlling and dominating the distressed woman he's abusing. Of course, the victim has to not only not complain, but must also act like they enjoy being raped, for the domination to be complete and fully satisfying to the rapist. To that end, the vile rapist may hold a knife to her throat, or threaten to kill her sibling, whereas the vile Blessed-Central-Member "JK" rapist simply colludes with the UC’s criminal, Leader-Centered BFD.
Most people think rape is motivated by "sexual desire", but in almost all cases, inflicting that vaginal and/or rectal pain is the actual motivation and goal of the rapist, since that scenario also assuages his ultra-low self-esteem, by subliminally assuring him that his pygmy penis is large. As an aside, homosexual, (i.e. anal), intercourse also involves this identical, domination-motivated psychodynamic, involving the relatively-dry rectal mucosa.
We also find that the psychodynamics of "wife-rape" and "child-rape" are almost identical, even if no penile penetration occurs with the children. The rapist husband is led to also rape defenseless, prepubescent children, sometimes asserting self-satisfying dominance by simply inserting fingers in them while they're taking a bath, (ostensibly "to clean them"). Needless to say, a child, (male or female), who's dominated/abused in that way has very little chance of ever having any normal or really happy relationship with their spouse as an adult. In fact, "JK" confessed to me once that his thoughts and behavior were less than legitimate when he bathed his children. I simply could not believe my ears, so I renounced him and I took steps to defeat him, and I've denounced him ever since. Apparently to cover up his own misconduct with his children, "JK" invited less-than-savory, (sometimes ex-convict), men to visit his home, (claiming he was "witnessing to them" for the UC). I walked in once on, (believe it or not), a one-armed man who encouraged JK's ~5-to-9-year-old daughters to use his right arm as a "slide", (as he was sitting on the floor), obviously stimulating their genitals as they laughed and repeatedly ran around and slid down his bare arm, under their dresses. That sight disturbed me, but at the time I dismissed it as "innocent play". However, my subsequent, personal experience with "JK" proved to me that he is a viciously-manipulative, habitually-controlling, wife-raping liar. Thus, I became thoroughly convinced that he had abusively dominated and sexualized his daughters as toddlers, which led to the "sex-play sliding-game" with that one-armed ex-convict "JK" brought in as a babysitter. The point here is that JK's crimes are not aberrations in the UC/UM, but rather represent the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM norm. Bear in mind, that that norm is guaranteed to be reprehensible, since by definition, LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM members are the most evil people who have ever lived, because they've knowingly disobeyed Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS for over three decades now, (since Oct. 28, 1981, and before), with self-aggrandizement as their key motivation. Since they know DP, they have no excuse for the horrendous consequences they're causing, by continually refusing to end the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM and create a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM as Rev. Moon directed.
There is a parallel here that is quite revealing. It's generally recognized that persons who have been sexually abused are the very ones who usually become sexual abusers as adults. In a parallel pattern, UC members have been spiritually abused by earlier UC-members, who satanically manipulated their teaching of DP, so as to dominate and control the latter UC-members in satanically-motivated ways. If those latter UC-members do not "leave the UC", then they buy into that pattern of dominating and controlling those they "witness" to. So it becomes clear that ALL UC-members have ignored, denied, and even suppressed Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS for three decades because those PRIME DIRECTIONS would prevent them from carrying out their malevolent intention to spiritually rape those they "witness" to, just as they were spiritually raped by half-truth lies, deceptively and satanically derived from DP. Obedience to those PRIME DIRECTIONS would also preclude UC members from physically dominating and controlling those they "witness" to, with so-called "training" and "Restoration-indemnity conditions", such as fundraising and all manner of slavery and kowtowing. Within this parallel pattern, just as a rapist murders his victims like so much trash that's become useless to him, the absolute rule and practice within the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM has always been to simply throw "useless" members out, which has amounted to spiritually murdering them.  This reality has always been cloaked, disguised, and justified by the fact that the UC/UM has indeed been under specific forms of satanic attack that had to be countered and/or "thrown out"; but the full truth of this rapist, murderous tradition in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM has yet to be clearly defined and exposed by specifically-elucidated testimonies of all those who've been "spiritually abused and/or murdered" by LEADER-CENTERED UC-members, (and ALL UC-members are 100%-guilty in this matter, by either their complicity or their condonation of LEADER-CENTERED crimes).
In Divine Principle's explanation of "The Fall", Satan's unspoken motivation in seducing Eve was to "Control" Eve. Hence, Eve's motivation in seducing Adam was to "Control" Adam. A rapist's motivation is to "Control" the victim. The first level of "Control" is simply to force coitus to occur, regardless of the will of the victim. But a deeper level of "Control" requires terrifying or benumbing the female victim, thus rendering her genitals dry, to enhance the rapist's physical pleasure and to boost his ego. A still deeper level of "Control", is to manipulate the victims so that they pretend that they like being repeatedly, painfully raped. The final level of "Control" is to murder the victim, if that's necessary to guarantee that there's no witness to later cause the rapist to be caught and punished, (at least not until they enter Spirit World).
In a "Fallen World", this issue of "Control" is the foundation and source of the Oedipus Complex and the Electra Complex, whereby all persons pass through growth stages in which they want to "Control" their parents. The vulgar, graphic descriptor, "pussy-whipped", pertains to a man when a woman can "Control" him by granting or withholding sexual favors, and it fittingly zings both the whipper and the whipee. This issue of "Control" also explains why fellatio, (and hence, any fellator), is scorned and condemned, since, (in a "Fallen World"), the fellator's motivation is to "Control" the fellated person.
A surprising, even mind-bending corollary of this issue of satanic "Control", (as it demeans sexual activities in a "Fallen World"), is that condemned behaviors such as fellatio, cunnilingus, and many others, (as hygienic conditions allow), might actually be within God's Will in the KOHOE, (only with one’s spouse), where the absolute, 100%-motivation of such activities would by definition be truly selfless, LOVING, and God-Centered.]

In those ~57 quotes, the word "love" appears about 48 times, mostly in the first 30 quotes. But in the remaining 27, many of the quotes simply do not appear to make sense in any logical or realistic way. For example, if we claim that there will be no police or courts "in the future", it begs the question, how could any civilized society survive without police and courts?
We simply have to understand that those (ridiculous-sounding) CSG-quotes are taken out of context, and we're not even able to determine who was in the audience, (since the CSG rarely admits where the quotes were spoken). Many of those statements would make perfect sense if directed at a 100%-Korean audience, since the Korean mindset is tuned in to "parental control" and "clan control" of all matters, within Confucian traditions. Also, when Rev. Moon said, "in the future", did He mean one day, or 10,000 years? That's never clarified. If you want to go into extensive, contemplative reveries and/or paroxysms concerning the nature of "love/(true love)", just try intensively studying and collating the content of those ~57 quotes! But one thing seems clear. It's established beyond any doubt there, that God's "love/(true love)" is sometimes extremely complex, (and is capable of great severity), which Rev. Moon has chosen to reveal only in constrained and/or veiled statements.

In the "15 Peace Messages", the words "LOVE" or "LOVING" occur 673 times, (with "TRUE LOVE" occurring 352 times), which is too extensive to try to categorize here. But He speaks of the “peace-kingdom police-force”, (PKPF), and the “peace-kingdom corps”, (PKC), just nine times, (in PMs 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 13), and inaugurating the PKPF & PKC could be the most FRIGHTENING precedent He's ever set, because of established, long-term corruption in the supervisory "Universal Peace Federation", (UPF), controlled by the illicit, abjectly-disobedient, LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM.
So, if we cross-reference the PKPF & PKC with the word "LOVE", what do we find? We find a very strong, (and in fact, absolute), correlation, AS FOLLOWS:

In PM-#1, He compares the PKPF and the PKC to the United Nations military forces. He says they will "educate humanity in TRUE LOVE, create the true individual, true family, true nation, true world, and true universe". Wearing "TRUE-LOVE armor", PKC activists must be wise and brave for an eco-green future. He says, "Humanity is still ensnared in the traps of division and self-interest, which are remnants of the era before the coming of heaven. The PKPF & PKC will be the vanguard for educating humanity in TRUE LOVE, in the 'era after the coming of heaven'".

In PM-#2, He says the UPF's PKPF & PKC must defeat evil with "TRUE-LOVE power". Each person must become a "true, devoted child, a patriot, a saint, and a member of the family of the sons and daughters of God, in order to create the glorious kingdom of peace and prosperity", and "...the 'Abel-type UN', (i.e. the UPF), (will) sweep away the absurdities and the evil of this world, through TRUE-LOVE power".

In PM-#4, He says that The Mongolian race, (i.e. does that mean all asians?, or perhaps all "people-of-color"?), as 74% of all humanity, are the largest racial group, so Koreans "should inspire all five-billion of them and generate a climate of TRUE LOVE on this planet", teaching how to establish "TRUE LOVE, true life, and true lineage". He says, "All over the world, the couples Blessed, (UC-married), in the intercultural marriages are putting down roots of the TRUE LOVE of Heaven. The new, heavenly lineage is bearing fruit".

In PM-#5, He emphasizes eco-green LOVE. He says, "As citizens of Cheon Il Guk, (i.e. the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, KOHOE), please have the wisdom to protect and LOVE nature. Return to nature and enjoy a life of liberation and complete inner-freedom. To LOVE nature is to LOVE God and humanity... ...If you practice such TRUE LOVE in your daily life, how can God do anything but bestow great blessings upon you?".

In PM-#7, He says, "...become Heaven’s emissaries, fulfilling the dual missions of the (PKPF & PKC)... ...unite the two sons, Cain and Abel. It is by True Parents’ LOVE that they can become one... ...offer before Heaven the realm of the siblings’ LOVE and the right of ownership that were given over to Satan, through the Fall of our human ancestors... in attendance to God as your True Parent, for He is the 'Peace King' of the multitudes... the world of eternal liberation and freedom, where there is no need for a Savior, Messiah, or Lord at his Second Coming... ...enjoy absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal peace and prosperity".

In PM-#9, He says the PKPF & PKC must "...nurture and protect the Blessed (UC-married) families and this blessed planet Earth... ...we have passed through the era before the coming of heaven, which included the Old, New, and Completed-Testament ages. These eras have required immeasurable restitution and atonement, in order to re-create the ideal. The present time, however, corresponds to the era prior to Adam’s Fall, the era of building the original, ideal world. It refers to the era of TRUE LOVE that is all-encompassing, all-powerful, and has overall authority", (i.e. parental-LOVE-status authority).

In PM-#11, He says:
[What is meant by "God’s kingdom"?... ...It is a nation that resembles the form of a model, true family, with three generations living together in harmony, trusting, respecting, and supporting one another and becoming one in LOVE... ...Then what is meant by "His righteousness"? It signifies the heavenly way and heavenly rule. Each of us on earth has been commanded to pass JUDGMENT, with the heavenly authority, (parental-LOVE status?), of TRUE LOVE, upon this evil world that suffers under scheming, treacherous regimes. It is our duty to establish, (with the PKPF & PKC), the ideal, peaceful world of TRUE LOVE, a liberated, free world based on justice and truth...]

In PM-#13, He says "The Cold War" was caused by the USA's United-Nations failure to win the Korean War. To pay the indemnity for this, He created the UPF's PKPF & PKC, "...comprising WOMEN on Heaven’s side who have received the (UC) Marriage Blessing, who LOVE peace, and who are willing to serve and sacrifice for the work of UPF. ... ...they, (i.e. those WOMEN), will create the peaceful, ideal world that God desires."

PM-#15 - The PKPF & PKC are not mentioned in PM-#15. But the word "conscience", (which pertains to JUDGMENT, and hence, to LOVE), is used 12 times.
The word "conscience" occurs 51 times, in eleven of the "15 PMs", (in PMs 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 15), and there is a strange pattern to what is said. "Conscience" is spoken of as valid and without fault, in all those eleven PMs.
But in PM-#15, after AGAIN lauding the God-given power and validity of the conscience, He then completely invalidates THAT, saying, "Yet, the conscience, which should be clear as crystal, has been clouded due to the Fall, and is now unable to fully manifest its original function amid all manner of sin and spiritual sickness".
But He invalidates THAT immediately, continuing, "That is why you must become people who can listen to the voice of your conscience, and cry out to be liberated, even one day sooner, and given innermost freedom from this evil world that is under Satan’s dominion".
Then, unbelievably, He invalidates THAT statement with, "However, there is no way for fallen people to restore the original function of the conscience by their own power". He goes on, " one will be able to find the path to salvation until someone reaches the absolute standard of a direct, ninety-degree-angle relationship with God"; and He says that He has done that, although WE know that HE knows that WE know that NO ONE has the slightest idea what "ninety-degree-angle relationship with God" MEANS!
Then, even more unbelievably, He mixes two invalidations together, saying, "All you have to do now, is trust in and follow the True Parents. With your conscience as your compass, attain the status of a true parent, true teacher, and true owner. Manifest TRUE LOVE in your daily life, thus ensuring your eternal life in heaven".

Rev. Moon's claims, predictions, and exhortations in His paramount "15 Peace Messages" do sound grandiose, and He certainly waxes grandiloquent.
The only way we can be sure His claims that the timeless importance and value of His work are valid, is to have "faith" that He indeed is in the position of the Second Advent Of Christ. And try as one might to prove it, there is no way, (other than "faith"), to absolutely confirm Rev. Moon as the 2nd Advent; although He certainly has brought us the most powerful revelation of the Divine Principle teachings, which MIGHT be the "trump of God" predicted in (1 Thessalonians 4:16). To crown all this uncertainty, the Bible says that we cannot have "faith" by our own desire or decision, but only by God's grace, (Ephesians 2:8-9 -- “faith is by grace, that no man should boast”).

So, are His claims and predictions overblown in the "15 Peace Messages", or perhaps even downright deceptive? We know that He does not give even one specific example of "LOVE" or "TRUE LOVE", except for the inadequate and misleadingly-simple, truistic one, of a mother giving breast-milk-love to her child. We know of cases where children are breast-fed even at the age of seven years old or older, so even this ultra-simple example of "TRUE LOVE" can become confusing under close scrutiny.

In addition, we know that the conscience/("original conscience") is faulty in "Fallen" humankind, since the veracity of our conscience is dependent on what "Truth" we "know". So what is our means of rehabilitating our conscience to having "true JUDGMENT", and thus, to manifesting "TRUE LOVE"? He says this CAN be accomplished, ONLY if you "trust in and follow the True Parents". He says, "...there is one person, the first and probably the last, (OMG, does "probably the last" mean that ANOTHER, 3rd-Advent-Of-Christ may be necessary in the future!!???!!), to hold such a position in history, who holds the keys, to free humankind from Satan’s bondage and to lead them to heaven. That person is the one standing before you today... ...All you have to do now, is trust in and follow the True Parents. With your conscience as your compass, attain the status of a true parent, true teacher, and true owner. Manifest TRUE LOVE in your daily life, thus ensuring your eternal life in heaven".
Does ANYONE AT ALL have the slightest idea as to what it means, to "Manifest TRUE LOVE"? I know I don't know, but it's such a tempting, siren's call, to assume I do know. For that matter, with about six decades of Rev. Moon's past speeches to refer to, it's amazing to find that there's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to confirm unreservedly what "trust-in-and-follow-the-True-Parents" MEANS, in any specific sense; and WE know that HE knows that we KNOW that! But of course, there ARE some people who do not know/realize what they don't know. Confusion reigns supreme here! The "conscience-validity invalidations" in PM-#15, and the lack of substance in Rev. Moon's lifelong disinclination, (or His recognition that it's impossible), to give absolutely clear, definitive examples of "love/(true love)", are gargantuan-sized flies in the UC/UM ointment.

This search for the DP-definition of "love/(true love)" in the paramount "15 Peace Messages" is truly a mobius-strip-odyssey, with the elusive, definitive goal being reachable ONLY by stepping off the mobius-strip of pure reason, into the glowing abyss of pure faith, (although we will no doubt use reason with DP, to show us how to accomplish whatever goals we determine by our faith).

The two most important words in the 1973-DP mysteriously, (and quite pointedly), disappeared in ALL subsequent forms of DP. Those two words are "(as due)", with the contextual meaning being, "IF it is due". Since "(as due)" referred to paying God-centered indemnity/sacrifices, which is the bedrock core of DP's authority and value, this disqualification of specific sacrifices is earth-shattering and mind-blowing to anyone who fully understands its dumbfounding moral-implications. And especially to UC-members, (who are invariably so absolutely sure they understand "indemnity"), discovering this "(as-due)" clause in Divine Principle is utterly cataclysmic, because it calls into doubt whether ANY of the sacrifices they've made in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM were actually "valid indemnity", or even God-centered in any way! The recognition of the significance of this "(as-due)" clause in DP is a breakthrough realization that even deserves the coining of a new word, "indumbnity". This revelation of the concept of "indumbnity" means that sincere, well-meant, difficult, and even seemingly-admirable sacrifices are actually satanic, anti-God, anti-Salvation, and anti-Restoration, because those specific sacrifices are "not due", for any number of either simple or complex reasons. A simplistic example would be the sacrifice of giving money to a homeless person, who spends it on cocaine or alcohol. A pertinent example would be the sacrifice of obeying, (or even listening to), a person who claims to be an "Abel-figure", "Central-Figure", or "leader" in the UC/UM, who in fact is in abject disobedience to Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS, as listed at:
, and listed in "APPENDIX ONE" at:
These four PRIME DIRECTIONS are arguably THE MOST LOVING directions Rev. Moon has EVER issued, and they are listed here in a shortened form:
[A] From 1976 thru 1983, Rev. Moon gave the permanent direction of the "Home Church" Providence, whereby each UC-member MUST work, (within a 21-year deadline), in a 360-home area surrounding wherever he or she lives, to "win the hearts" of a MINIMUM of 84 people who will become strong, full-time UC members .
[B] On Oct. 28, 1981, Rev. Moon directed that the UC/UM must immediately end its “Leader-Centered” mode, and become wholly “Member-Centered”.
[C] On July 1, 2000, Rev. Moon stated that Unificationists must create (and enforce) an appropriate, comprehensive “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”.
[D] In 2007, Rev. Moon issued the "15 Peace Messages" as paramount, and PM-#5 stated that no one should ever again tithe or donate to the UC/UM unless they could do so “with a joyful heart", (which means that no one should ever support the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM).

So to express DP-aligned "true love", we must first learn how to differentiate whether any prospective sacrifice is "as-due" or not. Some defining ins and outs of that differentiation follow here, as they are found in the main text of the DPES-content AT:
Copied from the main text
(2Q) How do we determine, whether any given opportunity for “indemnity/suffering” that comes our way is “(as due)” or not, according to DP?

Well, there is one answer to [this question] that will certainly seem like a “cop-out”, to many folks. My “answer” to [this question], is that we must pray to God, and ask God with an open and pleading heart, “What is the full truth, and what should I do?”, (as we study DP, HDH-DP, or even just the exceedingly important “15 Peace Messages”), and attempt to apply that full-truth in our life. This may seem like a “cop-out”, because it may remind us of the man who painfully climbed high into the mountains of Nepal, to finally ask the “Holy Man”, “What is the answer to life’s problems?”; the “Holy Man” astutely answered, “The answer is, the answer changes”.
So God has been constantly “adjusting” His/Her “actions”, in the 800,000 years since “The Fall”, according to how well people have been “fulfilling their portion of (restoration-indemnity) responsibility”. And we must certainly follow God’s example, and do the same. So Noah fulfilled God’s Will by building the Ark, but if one of his children had built an even better Ark, after “The Flood”, we can see that such a futile, wasted effort would have certainly been against God’s Will. So we cannot successfully fulfill God’s Will by simply “repeating” Rev. Moon’s actions in singsong fashion.

Therefore, we can begin to see that the above three questions, (i.e. 1Q, 2Q, 3Q), are actually quite “knotty”, and are not solved even by our willingness to suffer for the sake of God’s Will, without the “correct application” of our suffering. DP allows for so many possible “answers/paths” to these questions about “God’s Will”, that one would have to write an encyclopedia-sized cornucopia of “answers”, to try to cover even a small fraction of all the conceivable eventualities. And I could not do that, because I most certainly do not know them all....
So the short answers that follow may seem inadequate, but may also prove to be useful to you, if you approach these questions with sincerity of heart. So here goes.
... ...
(2Q-Answer) DP states that the indemnity/suffering that is “(as due)” to us, is determined by both our own sins, AND the sins of our ancestors, (which seems patently unfair). But there it is. And since no one normally knows or understands the sins of anyone other than at most their immediate ancestors, it would appear that we’re “in the dark”, in trying to determine what indemnity/suffering is “due” to us.
Nevertheless, I believe there is an accurate “answer”, to this question. First, we have not only the right, but the duty to avoid suffering that is not due to us, since it is against God’s Will that we waste our time and effort on “anti-restoration indumbnity”. Given this reality, we can therefore take any actions to avoid suffering that do not “break any DP rules”. And what does “break-any-DP-rules” mean? I’m not totally sure. But it does have a valid, applicable meaning.
Here is an example:
A man somehow gets through the “bodyguards/tribe” surrounding Rev. Moon, and pleads with Him to “teach him DP”. It is obviously God’s Will that this man should learn DP. But Rev. Moon decades ago paid the indemnity of teaching DP to individuals, and God’s Will is that Rev. Moon presently has “bigger fish to fry”. Therefore, (in my opinion), Rev. Moon would avoid this “indemnity/work”, because it is not “as due” to Him, and at best, He might refer this man to someone who will teach him DP, or simply direct this man to study His 2007 “15 Peace Messages”, which He created as an 8-hour summarization of the vast content of DP.
Here is another example:
To obey a so-called “Abel Figure” or “UC/UM boss” who claims we should obey them, we at the very least need to be able to trust that person, and we cannot trust someone who is in abject, perennial disobedience to Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTION to END the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM and create a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM. If they haven’t even done what is necessary to win our trust, then it is certainly not God’s Will that we obey them. And if they lose our trust at any point, we should stop obeying them. If necessary, that means that we may end up “obeying/attending” only Rev. Moon, (in our heart), which God certainly can accept and recognize as our 100% effort, (certainly for as long as the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM exists).
So in the New-Testament Age, God wanted to separate the sheep from the goats. In this Completed-Testament Age, God must separate the “caring, discerning, parental sheep” from the “indumbnity-paying, spineless, passively complicit sheep”, who can never be “true parents”. In an akin disparagement, Mohandas K. Gandhi once said, “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave”.
End of copied main text.
But let's get down to the brass tacks we're sure of about this. We know of a certain that each UC-member MUST take responsibility for their own 360-home HC area, (with a 21-year-deadline course-length). Therefore, we know the indemnity generated by our witnessing in our own 360-home area, (or if we're past our deadline, in the area of one of our descendants, to help in their work), is definitely "(AS DUE)". So it is certain that following the PRIME DIRECTIONS Rev. Moon has decreed is "(AS-DUE)" indemnity, as follows:
[A] Working in our own 360-home, Home-Church-Providence activities, with the goal of finding and educating a minimum of 84 new, strong UC-members within a 21-year deadline, as Rev. Moon confirmed in almost every speech from 1977 to 1983
[B] Working to DEMAND and FACILITATE a MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM, as decreed on Oct. 28, 1981
[C] Working to create an enforceable, comprehensive “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”, as decreed on July 1, 2000
[D] Working to dismantle the abjectly-disobedient, satanic, LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM, by refusing to tithe to or support it, (as indicated in PM-#5 of the 2007 "15 Peace Messages"), until the above ([A], [B], [C]) decrees are obeyed, thereby creating a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM

We can even extrapolate this reality, to assert that the suffering/sacrifices generated by the above ([A], [B], [C], [D]) PRIME DIRECTIONS are the ONLY indemnity that is "(AS DUE)" to UC-members. And even then, that "(as-due)" indemnity will be perfected only within the yet-to-be-created, 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM. It's astonishing to contemplate, that NO OTHER suffering/sacrifice is, (i.e. will be), "(AS DUE)" to UC-members. Higher-level, (as-due) indemnity-conditions will be revealed on the national and international levels, to those who obtain that minimum-84 HC-goal; but for those who do not obtain that goal, even the validity of their UC-Blessing Marriage is brought into question.

Of course, each and every person on Earth, (and in Spirit World, for that matter), is "responsible" to become a UC-member, so if they do not pick up and carry their UC-member-cross, (i.e. receive the Cross-Cultural Blessing and obey at least Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS), then all bets are off, as to what vast mass of suffering/sacrificing indemnity will BECOME "(AS DUE)" to them. In the same vein, UC-members who do not obey those PRIME DIRECTIONS also inherit that same vast mass of additional suffering/sacrificing, as added "greater indemnity".

Concerning such a "piling on" of additional indemnity/suffering that becomes necessary, DP speaks of a pattern of 1st-course "lesser", 2nd-course "equal", or 3rd-course "greater" indemnity. That is, in any given scenario of RESTORING some Fallen-condition, the "1st-course" of indemnity we are offered requires the most "faith", but is the most easy in terms of the DURATION AND DIFFICULTY of physical suffering. The "2nd-course" requires less "faith", but more physical suffering. The "3rd/final-course" requires the least "faith", but its DURATION AND DIFFICULTY are the greatest. An example would be the Israelites' course, when they came out of Egypt to go to "The Promised Land of Milk and Honey", (i.e. Canaan), as at:
Their 1st course would have been the shortest, (i.e. 21 days of walking), but required great "faith" because they had to overcome their fear of being attacked by the Philistines on that path. Their 2nd course required a long detour, through the Red Sea and some wilderness, (for 21 months). Although their 3rd course is stated as "40 years of wandering in the wilderness", what it actually meant, was that only those who were born in the wilderness were allowed to reach Canaan -- which meant that all those who had failed in the 1st-and-2nd courses had to die in the wilderness.

We find that paying VALID, [i.e. "(as-due)"], indemnity is the ONLY way to express "love/(true love)", within the teachings of DP. This means that if we sacrifice, (i.e. pay realistic-appearing faux-indemnity), when it is NOT "as due", we are actually paying indumbnity, which means we are not only failing to express "love/(true love)", but we are actually acting totally against God's Will.

Who could understand clearly that simply giving a dollar to a homeless person could serve satanic goals 100%? And how many UC-members realize that their last three decades, (since Oct. 28, 1981), of UNQUESTIONING obedience to so-called "Central-Figures" in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM actually served satanic goals 100% and paid ONLY "indumbnity"? When UC-members failed to obey His PRIME DIRECTIONS, Rev. Moon had to give directions that would cater to their unbridled arrogance and satanic hubris, to keep them "working hard" as so-called "Blessed CENTRAL Families". But those current, (i.e. 2005 thru 2011), so-called "CENTRAL" UC members will never realize that subtle reality of Rev. Moon's directions, until they lose their satanic hubris and obey His PRIME DIRECTIONS. Only then, would they BEGIN to address the fact that UC/UM members are in the unenviable position of being the most evil people who have ever lived, because they have, (since Oct. 28, 1981), ignored, disobeyed, and even suppressed Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS for the sake of their own "CENTRAL" self-aggrandizement. Of course, most 2012 UC-members do not believe they're evil, because they've been "working" in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM. But one's evil is measured not by one's good intentions, or even by one's sacrifices, but rather is measured by the degree and extent of EVIL CONSEQUENCES caused by one's behavior. By any measure, the EVIL CONSEQUENCES caused by ignoring, denying, and even suppressing Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS for over thirty years, are greater than any other EVIL CONSEQUENCES in all history, because it has DELAYED GOD'S PROVIDENCE for seven billion people!  Therefore, LEADER-CENTERED UC-members are indeed worse than Hitler, worse than serial-killers, worse than all the most evil people who have ever existed.

Those UC-members who have honestly acknowledged the incongruous satanic-nature of their situation in the UC/UM, (and have had the good character to act on it), have mistakenly "left" the UC/UM, (notwithstanding it is impossible to "leave" the Truth of DP). Instead of "leaving", they desperately needed to learn the meaning of "indumbnity", and rediscover the PRIME DIRECTIONS issued by Rev. Moon. Then, in fulfilling those PRIME DIRECTIONS, they will finally escape paying satanic-hubris "indumbnity", and begin paying Providentially-aligned indemnity centered on true humility, by DEMANDING and FACILITATING the creation of a MEMBER-CENTERED STANDARD in the UC/UM, and by doing HC work in their own or their descendants' 360-home HC areas.

As an important aside, Sorokin's work can undoubtedly be classified as "Final Preparation for the Coming of the Messiah", from DP's viewpoint of "400 years of final preparation" before 1920. Published in 1954, (presciently the exact same year as the UC's founding), Sorokin's remarkable work was, (and still is), right on the mark, since it integrates perfectly with DP, and thereby attests to the infinite value of DP. When we add DP's content to Sorokin's meticulous clarity, we find that DP's "love standards" are the highest possible. Furthermore, when we integrate Sorokin's "five dimensions", (which lack any mention of "what the beloved needs"), with DP's clarification of "what one needs", we discover that DP gives us the final extrapolation and perfection of Sorokin's work. In hindsight, we can posit that Sorokin was led by God, and he could have perfected his work if he had been exposed to DP. As it was, mulish, self-serving, faithless Koreans, (both UC-members and non-members), delayed DP's reaching the USA, so Sorokin did not get the opportunity to fulfill his mission completely, (from God's viewpoint), before he died in 1968.

The difficulty of defining "love/(true love)" as totally altruistic within DP's construct, is that everything we do to "Restore/save/love" anyone does also benefit ourselves, in that no one is completely "saved/Restored" until everyone is "saved/Restored", according to DP. This is quite surprising, to say the least, since "normal" thinking has always defined the highest, most pristine manifestations of love as being totally "selfless", "sacrificial", or "100%-for-the-sake-of-others". We also find that altruistically, ARBITRARILY "living sacrificially for the sake of others" is absolutely, 100%-satanic, since it is Satan's will that we waste our time and energy on "causes" that are "NOT as-due", from God's Viewpoint; (notwithstanding the fact that it's many times extremely difficult or even impossible to determine whether any given "opportunity to sacrifice" we discern is "as-due" or "NOT as-due").

Dr. S.G. Post does inject a care-for-self aspect, saying, "The self who has forgotten self-centeredness and lives close to Unlimited Love will of course want to engage in self-care, but this is shaped not by self-interest but by a totally different level of being. Those who approach Unlimited Love will never be self-indulgent, but they will be good stewards of their minds and bodies as instruments of love. Good selfstewardship remains important, for otherwise the agent of love will be subject to unnecessary emotional and physical deterioration that hampers the capacity to care for others".
That explanation by Post is tangential at best. Although it admits we must care for our "minds" and avoid "emotional...deterioration", no admission is broached that this includes avoiding "sinning", which would open a sticky can of worms in his "secular", Unlimited-Love treatise.

By comparison, DP's inherent, (but not specific), clarifications of this care-for-self issue are penetrating and expansive. As an example, by "uniting" in true, God-centered love, Cain and Abel would have also served their care-for-self needs. This example illustrates that our motivation to "unite" together for God's (ONLY "as-due") Will should be naturally unreserved and even absolute; the fulfillment of either Cain or Abel without the fulfillment of the other, meant that neither could be "saved/Restored", (i.e. "one-with-God" and free of the consequences of "sin" caused by "The Fall"). As a more palpable example, women must avoid circumstances that might allow rape, and fight with deadly fury against any rapist, since the damage done by rape, (e.g. "bonding" with the rapist), can be almost as bad as being murdered. DP's care-for-self aspects also exhort and guide us to strive to be God-centered and prudent in all our actions, which creates self-benefits, even though we are exhorted to endure having less food, sleep, privacy, "recreation", sexual activities, and "creature comforts" than are considered to be "necessary needs" by most worldly persons. Interestingly enough, there are even scientific studies proving that eating less food can be healthful and can lead to increased longevity; and we find that it is in the first two ninety-minute intervals of REM sleep, (i.e the first 3 hours), that almost all of the benefits of sleep occur; and the meditation that prayer involves has also been proven to have profound benefits. We can also posit the generality, that we will eliminate most all of the small-talk, small-thinking discord that infests almost all "worldly families", when we live sacrificially for the sake of our family, all humankind, and our descendants, as we even try, (with our 100%-effort), to obey Rev. Moon's highly-demanding exhortations.

Applying Sorokin's secular five-yardsticks of love, we can never attain the topmost 100-grade within the confines of DP's definition of "love/(true love)", since whatever we do for anyone's sake to create "Restoration" automatically contains our care-for-self intention to benefit ourselves and our descendants, in both the present and the future.

Here we must also include our "Afterlife" in "Spirit World", to make this care-for-self assertion whole. As an explanatory aside, most USA citizens are familiar with the rhetorical nature of the greeting-question, "How are you?". Americans normally do not expect, nor even welcome any descriptive answer to this greeting. But I like to answer this greeting-question in an unusual way. I say, "Slow but sure. We're all gonna make it", meaning that no matter how awful anyone might feel, everyone will be OK in the end. But then I advisedly add, "But I include the Afterlife in that statement, which some people think is cheating". Then I laugh, and they laugh. The meaning, of course, is that even if everything goes wrong for us on this Earth, it's still guaranteed that we will "make it", (i.e. succeed), in Spirit World. I was led to create that profound aphorism only by my familiarity with DP.

In this same vein, we also have to include the "Afterlife"/(Spirit World) in our definition of "love/(true love)". The Bible states that there is no greater love than the love whereby a person gives up their physical life, (i.e. dies willingly), for that love, (John 15:13). But DP's revealing of the complete nature of true love extrapolates this scripture into the reality that no "true love" is ever totally without self-benefit, since we take the benefit of our loving sacrifices, (even sacrificially dying), into Spirit World with us.

In addition, even God benefits from loving us, since God's original purpose of Creation was that there would be objects/reciprocators, (i.e. DP's subject-&-object equals initiator-&-reciprocator), of God's love. Therefore, ever since "The Fall", all of God's love has been devoted to our "Salvation", which is "Restoration", (i.e. restoring the originally-planned, love-&-joy relationship between God and Humankind, which will benefit God).We can extrapolate, (although it's a bit beyond our Fallen mindset to do so easily), that in the "Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth", (KOHOE), "love" will not exist per se, since defining "love" requires some "lack-of-love model", (i.e. "evil"), to which it must be compared, and that "evil" will no longer exist in the KOHOE.  In a reverse, physical simile, we can say that darkness does not exist per se, because it is simply the absence of light, so "love" will not exist per se, because it is simply the "natural order", in the absence of "evil". Thus, we won't be able to define "love" in the KOHOE, which is similar to our inability to define "darkness".

So how long will it take, to establish the KOHOE, (consisting of 100% "true-love" relationships)? No one, (not even God), knows. DP states that the quantum rate of progression of Restoration is dependent on how well each person "fulfills their portion of responsibility", with the completion/end of Restoration, (i.e. the KOHOE), being the rather inscrutably-defined goal. Rev. Moon has at times implied that a "Restored realm of happiness" can and will exist, surrounded by the remaining "Un-Restored" world. Perhaps we face the same historical-parallel time-period as is revealed within DP's two 2,000-year increments, (i.e. from Abraham to Jesus, and from Jesus to today's 2nd Advent), which would mean we're facing a minimum of 2,000 years, before all Restoration is completed. In any case, DP, (and the TPs, and God), require ONLY that we each contribute our "100% effort", (which is not so easily defined), to 100%-fulfill our individual's responsibility in re-establishing the "true-love" realm of the KOHOE.

In all-of-the-above content, DP shows us how we will grow, (by obeying "God's Will", the day-to-day specifics of which are not easily ascertained), into a reality whereby we live totally immersed in "true love", following our "original mind", for no other reason than that there will be no other rational course to follow, given our belief in and awareness of the "Afterlife". Never mind that the terms "God's Will", "true love", "original mind" and "Afterlife" are all impossible to define, either specifically or definitively, without apparently-valid differences of opinion about the definitions.

If it ever exists, that DP KOHOE-reality will finally take the "egotism/heroism" out of our "loving". This kind of unwanted and unattractive, prideful egotism has always been invisibly present in even the highest agape love by Christians, and is still present in the "Completed-Testament" love by Unificationists.

"Love/(true love)", (as it will exist after all "Restoration" has been completed), is perhaps impossible for us to fathom in our "Fallen" mindset. But we can surmise that "love/(true love)" in the KOHOE will be much more innate, "natural", and unmindfully expressed than we can imagine. It will be a built-in part of our life, rather than some sort of "standard" we aspire to attain, or put on a pedestal separate from our life. In the KOHOE then, Sorokin's "five dimensions of love" will be truly irrelevant and/or inapplicable, since there will be neither the means nor the need to "measure the quality or quantity", (or even detect the existence), of "love/(true love)". In the same vein, all the profound revelations of DP, concerning the correct means of "paying indemnity", will become meaningless, which means that uniquely, the UC's ultimate goal is to disband itself! As Rev. Moon said on Feb. 10, 1981, which is quote-#90 in my "Book Review", at:
, "Once the home church system is completely established, we really don’t need any formal organization. The Divine Principle will be taught in the school system. We won’t need Church leaders any more".

Since there will no longer be any "lack-of-love model" to confuse, mislead, or hurt us, "KOHOE-true-love" will simply "be", as an intrinsic, (and hence, unnoticed and even undetectable), part of our lives, like the flow of blood or electrical signals within our bodies. As the ebullient, adorable Mr. Ken Sudo used to proclaim in his (circa-1975) DP-lectures, (with an extra-wide, loving, cherubic grin, and in his incredibly-hard-to-understand Japanese-accent), "In the Kingdom of Heaven, whatever you want to do, is good!!!".


APPENDIX FIVE - [Are You a (UC) Homophobe?]

Here's the dictionary definition of homophobia: [noun --- an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people]

So this means that a person that has an aversion to homosexuality and/or to homosexuals is NOT homophobic, as long as their aversion is not "extreme" and/or not "irrational". THAT'S VERY INTERESTING!

Is it "extreme" or "irrational" to believe in the Bible, which condemns homosexual sexual-relations, (e.g. Jude 1:7, Leviticus 18:22, or 1 Corinthians 6:9-10)? It's actually obvious that it's both extreme and irrational to totally reject such cautionary wisdom in the Bible, especially since the Bible does NOT condemn BEING homosexual. Rev. Moon also does NOT condemn BEING homosexual, (i.e. having an abnormal "sexual preference" or "sexual orientation").

Below is a compiled quote of some of what Rev. Moon had to say, relating to homosexual sexual-relations; the entire speech is at:
"The vertical oneness between the spiritual and physical worlds should be manifested in a horizontal way within ourselves. Then we can see plus and minus in a vertical way, and plus and minus in a horizontal way. These two relationships meet at the core center. In this center we can find God, Adam, Eve and the entire creation. Do you understand? Therefore, in order to solve the possible problems that might occur, God gave us this daily motto of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Without strictly following this commandment, our lives will become more complicated. ...

...Without this absolute settlement there is room for free sex. Also incest will occur between grandparents and grandchildren and even mother and son. Far too many complications would occur without this absolute settlement. There is a loss of direction and we see these zig-zagging complicated phenomena taking place in America today. Sexual intercourse complications. Is the world around us a peaceful world centered upon God, or is it all confused? That is what is called free sex. What is the meaning of lesbians and homosexuals? That is the place where all different dungs collect. We have to end that behavior. When this kind of dirty relationship is taking place between human beings, God cannot be happy. ... ...Only Satan and dirty dung-eating dogs go after that. ... ...Those people who love dung-eating dogs must have some problem. Especially American people. If they truly love such dogs, they also become like dung-eating dogs and produce that quality of life. If such dogs are around they smell so bad. Do you want to be close to them or far away? American people want to get away in their minds, but their bodies are still being pulled by these dung-eating dogs. Free sex activity is equivalent to this. ... ...The first love intercourse becomes the unification place. ... ...You need unification between husband and wife."

So according to that quote, is Rev. Moon "homophobic" or not? He seems to be making a lot of sense, rather than being "extreme" or "irrational"; therefore, He's not "homophobic".

Strangely, the word "homophobia", as defined, does not explain or differentiate, as to WHY one might have such an aversion. There are two obvious possible reasons. One reason, is that we might reject the non-natural sexual-behavior involved as, (by definition), certainly perverted and likely depraved, and therefore deleterious to society as a whole. Another just-as-valid reason, is that one does not want to be thought to be a homosexual oneself, or be improperly influenced by "sexually-active" homosexuals; therefore, judicious persons will normally avoid the casual, unsupervised company of homosexuals, since "birds of a feather flock together".

Crusading homosexuals seem to enjoy fraudulently accusing anyone by using this covertly-ambiguous, all-condemning, mud-slinging word, "homophobia". But the truth will out. It's arguable, (since God's viewpoint in the Bible, and in Rev. Moon's teachings, is 100% against homosexual sexual-relations), that there is no such thing as "homophobia"; if such an aversion is righteous and therefore normal, then it could NEVER, (by definition), be "extreme" or "irrational". If we succumb to being "politically correct", we may have to drop any and all "religious standards", which makes any right-thinking in this matter highly unlikely. After all, if everything is "relative", then nothing is "evil". But whether you get the truth from the Bible, from Rev. Moon, or from your own study, experience and intuition, certain behaviors lead to the long-term well-being of individuals and of society as a whole, and certain other behaviors do not.

Furthermore, it is not the responsibility of heterosexual objectors, to prove that homosexual sexual-relations are wrong, immoral, or damaging. It's actually the responsibility of homosexual advocates, to prove that their sexual relations, (which are aberrant and perverted by definition), are not wrong, immoral, or deleterious to society as a whole. And they've never been able to prove that. In fact, the public examples set by crusading homosexuals prove they're duplicitous and unconcerned whether their sexual behavior causes the downfall of society. That about sums it up.
I pray this helps.
Love To All, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming



IF Rev. Moon IS "The (one-and-only) 2nd-Advent Of Christ", and scriptural quotes, [i.e. (Revelation 1:7), (Matthew 24:30), (Matthew 26:63-64), (Mark 14:61-62), and (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)], DO prophesy the OVERWHELMING SUCCESS of the 2nd Advent, then we have to ask how it is, that "", ("" & ""), and ALL other UC-detractors exist? And even though "" appears to be a UC-member, why is it that she wavers and vacillates so much, in failing to unequivocally proclaim, promote, and obey Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS?

Well, there is the obvious; as (2 Peter 3:3) states, "Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts". But is there a great deal more going on here? Yes, there is. We have to ask, (even with the worldly-standard success that Rev. Moon's UC/UM HAS obtained), why IS it, that this middling success has definitely NOT been OVERWHELMING, as those scriptures prophesy?
Clouds are "purified water", thus symbolizing "purified people". But the concept of the biblical "clouds of heaven" includes the necessity of overwhelming NUMBERS, (relative to the world's population), of UC MEMBERS, (NOT just purity-of-behavior by UC members).
These five scriptures prophesy OVERWHELMING SUCCESS:
(s-1) And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. (Matthew 24:30)
(s-2) But Jesus kept silent. And the high priest said to Him, "I adjure You by the living God, that You tell us whether You are the Christ, the Son of God". Jesus said to him, "You have said it yourself; nevertheless I tell you, hereafter you will see the son of man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of heaven." (Matthew 26:63-64)
(s-3) But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, "Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?". And Jesus said, "I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven". (Mark 14:61-62)
(s-4) For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)
(s-5) Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him. Even so. Amen. (Rev 1:7)

As long as Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS are disobeyed by UC/UM members, those OVERWHELMING NUMBERS of people will NOT follow the Messiah, (nor even KNOW about Him), thus DELAYING the fulfillment of the above-listed scripture-prophecies. Here are the four MOST-CRUCIAL PRIME-DIRECTIONS by Rev. Moon:
[A] As soon as enough of a UC/UM foundation had been laid, He announced the 360-home, Home-Church-minimum-84 Providence, (i.e. HC), in 1976 and for many years thereafter.
[B] Then, on Oct. 28, 1981, He directed that the UC/UM must immediately end its “Leader-Centered” mode, and become wholly “Member-Centered”.
[C] On July 1, 2000, He stated that Unificationists must create an appropriate, comprehensive “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”, (which necessitates creating the organizations and organizational vectors that are trustworthy enough to realistically, reliably enforce said “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”).
[D] Then, He dealt the final deathblow to all exploitation-motivated UC-members and/or “leaders”. He proclaimed His 2007 “15 Peace Messages” as paramount, and in PM-5, He stated that no one should tithe or donate to the UC/UM unless they could do so “with a joyful heart”; this means that a Member-Centered, Unificationist Constitution and Laws must be strictly enforced, before anyone should financially support the UC/UM in any way.

One clue is in Mark 14:62. Jesus says He IS the Messiah, BUT, (knowing He is going to be crucified), He also says that the Messiah will come "in the clouds of heaven" IN THE FUTURE.
We know, (from Divine Principle's discernment of Jesus' words, [in Matthew 11:13]), that Old-Testament references to the Messiah refer ONLY to the FIRST Advent, (i.e. to Jesus). There are many Old-Testament references to a suffering Messiah, and also many contradictory OT references to a Messiah with worldwide, physical, OVERWHELMING SUCCESS, (as in the lyrics of the music of "Handel's Messiah" we hear every Christmas); these all referred to Jesus, and as it turned out, ONLY the prophecies of a suffering Messiah came true, (because the Israelites failed to protect Jesus).
Another clue is in Daniel 7:14; "And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed".

As it has turned out, Jesus' SPIRIT has united 100% with Rev. Moon; this spiritual reality was explained by Jesus when He said that John-the-Baptist "was" Elijah, as clarified at (Malachi 4:5), (Matthew 11:14), and (Matthew 17:10-13). In short, another man is born who Providentially has the same, identical mission, (to complete), as the first man.

So Daniel 7:14 can thereby be extrapolated to our present, (i.e. 20th-&-21st-century), situation, with many persons missing the Salvation-boat of the 2nd Advent Of Christ, just as many people doubted Jesus, (especially after He was crucified). But in the fullness of time, the "everlasting dominion" of Jesus has become spiritually more and more obvious, and His, (and Rev. Moon's), "kingdom-that-which-shall-not-be-destroyed" WILL be established physically on Earth. The only question remaining, is WHEN it will be established 100%. Like all Restoration, that depends on how well each person fulfills their own "portion of responsibility". But because the 2nd Advent has been established, there's no doubt as to the form the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, (KOHOE), will take. It will adhere to Rev. Moon's Word, especially as He distilled it in His paramount "15 Peace Messages", AS AT:
Therefore, by their disobedience to Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS, UC/UM members are guaranteeing great suffering upon themselves and upon their descendants. Obedience to Rev. Moon's PRIME DIRECTIONS, (at some future time, be it a few years, or two-thousand years, or LONGER), WILL finally make it possible, (especially through the grass-roots reality of Home-Church work in 360-home areas), to educate OVERWHELMING NUMBERS of people with Divine Principle, (DP), such that the New-Testament biblical-prophecies concerning the OVERWHELMING SUCCESS of the 2nd Advent Of Christ WILL finally be fulfilled.

Following is an attempt to clarify and define exactly WHY Rev. Moon has "allowed" UC-members/"leaders" to continue evil activities, during the last seven decades. As part of that clarification, let's learn about a nifty "tag-game" that can be useful in educating large numbers of people with important aspects of DP. I also intend that its inclusion here will shed light on the (UC/UM)'s last seven decades.
"Messiah Tag-Game" info:
This is an ingenious game of "tag", which MAY have been created within the UC/UM. But it likely has its roots in the Japanese culture, where the "Shoguns/emperors"-tradition likely created this "tag-game", to educate children concerning the nature of empire-building. This was a game I played at Barrytown, (circa 1975, as a staff-member of the workshop), under the leadership of the wise and compassionate Mr. H. Matsuzaki.
This "tag-game" requires a large area, (perhaps even a football field), and large numbers of people, (perhaps 50 or 100 people MINIMUM). The people either decide or draw lots, to determine who "The Messiah" will be. The Messiah is "it". The "Messiah" then runs after and "tags/touches" someone, then those two people must run together, (holding hands), and tag a third person. Then those three people must run together, (holding hands), and tag a fourth person. Only then can those four people separate into two-person teams continuing to hold hands and "catch/tag" others in the same pattern.
"Messiah Tag-Game" Strategies:
(1) The physical reality, is that it's difficult for two or three people to hold hands and catch someone who is running away, changing directions so as to escape. Therefore, the "Messiah" should not catch any slow or uncooperative person. The first, second, and third persons the "Messiah" catches must be the fastest, (and the most dependable and obedient), persons possible, so that the "game" will not simply end with almost everyone "untagged".
(2) Deception is allowed, whereby any two "untagged" people can join hands and run around, trying to appear to be "already tagged". A strange aspect of this deception, is that if they catch two people, those two people will break off and continue the game, thinking they've been "caught/tagged", when in fact they are not. Only at the end of the game, when EVERYONE comes together and joins hands, are they finally, ACTUALLY "caught/tagged", probably without ever understanding the deception that occurred. THE PARALLEL IN REALITY, IS THAT PERSONS WHO "FOLLOW" THE MESSIAH WITH SELF-CENTERED OR OTHER "FALLEN/EVIL" MOTIVATIONS, WILL WITNESS TO AND GAIN/RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS WHO ACTUALLY "FOLLOW THE MESSIAH" WITH GOD-CENTERED MOTIVATIONS. THOSE FIRST, SELF-CENTERED MEMBERS WILL NOT JOIN THE MESSIAH IN SPIRIT WORLD, (when they die), BUT THOSE GOD-CENTERED MEMBERS WILL JOIN THE MESSIAH IN SPIRIT WORLD, (when they die).
(3) A myriad of interpersonal socializing and educational fun can occur during this game. If the "Messiah" directs you to "just follow/obey" the person you are holding hands with, (because He thinks that person's leadership will catch more people), will you obey wholeheartedly, or not? In a different situation, will two people stop trying to catch anyone, because they're having such a nice conversation with the person, (of the opposite sex), they're holding hands with?
(4) I don't know if this is allowed, (since I never actually saw any rules of this game written down), but it would seem obvious, that when over half of the people are "caught/tagged", the "Messiah" might direct that all "tagged" people join hands in one sweeping line, and thereby "trap/tag", (i.e. educate with DP, in the non-game world), large numbers of people like a net catches fish.
(5) There MAY be one, (or more), persons who are fast runners and will be "untagged satans". At Barrytown, I was "Satan", (i.e. the only "untagged" person when Mr. Matsuzaki ended the game), and I surrendered only after everyone else had joined into one group. They all joined hands in a circle, and "Satan" came to join hands because he no longer could get any "give & take" action/energy any other way.
end of "Messiah Tag-Game" info
Thus it will be, for the last "unsaved/(un-Restored)/" persons on Earth; they will seek "give & take" energy, and they will be attracted by the love and joy manifested in the KOHOE. By living for the sake of others, (NOT arbitrarily -- ONLY within God's SPECIFIC parameters -- WITH NO INDUMBNITY ALLOWED), the first UC members will put themselves last. And the last UC members will be first, (i.e. their hearts will be won as they are served by the earlier/first UC members), (as in Mark 9:35, Mark 10:31, Matthew 19:30, Matthew 20:16, and Luke 13:30).
[IMPORTANT DEFINITION: “Indumbnity” is anti-Restoration suffering/sacrifice that promotes evil because it is NOT "as due"; indemnity is Restoration suffering/sacrifice that promotes God's Will ONLY because it IS "as due", according to the 1973 DP. See the explanation of the 1973 DP's “(as due)”-(IF it is due) statement AT: (]

Rev. Moon has had no palatable choice for over six decades in his appointments of "leaders"/appointees in the UC/UM. In line with the "Messiah tag-game", Koreans were the only people present, (and they also spoke Korean), so they were the only "runners" Rev. Moon could choose from in the early UC/UM. South Koreans are born and raised in such austere conditions, that they are less likely to fall sexually than UC-members from any other country. Koreans are also steeped in a culture that adheres to a LEADER-CENTERED, top-down mindset, and demands hard work just to survive. The six decades of deadly threats from North Korea have enforced a de facto dictatorship in South Korea, so South Koreans were prepared by God and suitable for the LEADER-CENTERED, even army-like hierarchy in the early, heavily-persecuted UC/UM. Of course, they should have obeyed Rev. Moon's 28OCT81 direction to make the UC/UM 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED, but perhaps Rev. Moon knew they were simply not capable of doing that, since He only gave the direction one time, and never mentioned it again, AS AT:
In any case, Rev. Moon has needed the kind of lock-step unity the Koreans naturally follow; and He simply couldn't trust God's Providence with UC/UM "leaders" who would fall sexually or commit other misdeeds that the Koreans were less likely to commit, (for economically-influenced, cultural reasons, NOT because Koreans are more "pure/moral"). At the same time, Rev. Moon knows those UC/UM Koreans are merciless, self-centered, and avaricious to a fault, so He knows that in the end, their disobedience to His PRIME DIRECTIONS will cause them to be punished by God. In that vein, He has simply been giving them plenty of rope with which they could hang themselves, (or avoid that, by obeying His PRIME DIRECTIONS); this scenario includes even His own children!
Speaking of even His own children, (and of EVERYONE else), AT:
, He said, “Do you believe in me? Do you believe and wish for things from me? The more you wish something from me the more conditions you should set up and follow up. Yet, there isn't a single person who is doing that". So we know the failures in the last seven decades have been too extensive to even define fully, much less actually list as demonstrable, coherent patterns. At the same URL, He said, “I am praying for the sake of the Unification Church a thousand years from now and even ten thousand years from now. Rather than living in this world today, I am focused on creating an ideal throne on which God should be rightfully seated”.
So we know we must have the wherewithal to WAIT, (as we refuse to support the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM), and we can do individual Home-Church work independently in our 360-home area, while we WAIT for the MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM to be created. The word "WAIT" occurs over 300 times in the Bible, 28 times in the DP, 190 times in the 2006 “Cheon Seong Gyeong”, (CSG), and 18 times in the "15 Peace Messages".

Here are just three examples of Rev. Moon's acknowledgments of Providential failures by Koreans:
On October 28, 1981, He said, "...unless they, [the 36 Couples], love the true children and the members more than [they love] their own families, they are the enemies of our movement", AT:
On April 18, 1996, He said, "Although the time has come for them to emerge on the worldwide level through the advent of True Parents after their (1945) liberation, the Korean people failed to receive this heavenly fortune. ...", AT:
On August 6, 2003, He said, “Because the (Korean) 36 couples could not complete their responsibility much was lost”, AT:

A glaring reality that seems to go unnoticed within the UC/UM, is that Rev. Moon espouses and promotes marriages between people of different races and countries, but neither He nor His children have followed that mandate. Why? The only positive explanation, is that failures within the Providence of God have necessitated these unfortunate, totally-Korean marriages. Although I've never been able to find it in UC/UM documents, I remember hearing that Rev. Moon said that He would have married someone such as the Queen of England if it had been possible; that would have accelerated God's Providence through the established, worldwide power of the English monarchy. Since South Koreans are so xenophobic and even racist, perhaps these "all-Korean" marriages were necessary because the Korean people have failed to accept Rev. Moon as "The Messiah", so until they do, He and His children have had to be in "totally-Korean" marriages so as to avoid alienating the Korean people, (as well as satisfying the nationalistic racism in the hearts of His own children).
Whatever the reasoning for those all-Korean marriages, Rev. Moon has mandated that most UC/UM members pay the debilitating, painful indemnity of marrying a person whose background is totally alien to their own background, (i.e. from a different country, and many times even speaking a different language). But Rev. Moon did acknowledge that indemnity. With my own ears, I heard Him say that those international couples do not have to obey him 100%, because they pay increased indemnity in their marriages; but He said that couples with both spouses from the same country must obey Him 100%, or "they will be the size of insects when they enter Spirit World". It's probably impossible to find that quote though, because Korean people with Korean spouses controlled what was disseminated, (in this case, I remember clearly that it was definitely spoken at the "Carriage House" at the Belvedere Estate, perhaps in the late 1970s, or early 1980s).

I hope and pray that all the above elucidation can explain, (as of June 2011), why the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM is stuck in mediocre success and even outright failures, with the future creation of the MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM holding the guaranteed promise of realizing worldwide, unstoppable, OVERWHELMING SUCCESS at some time in the future.
Love To All The Universe, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming


APPENDIX SEVEN - [Debunking Moon-detractor attacks on Rev. Moon]

[1-Answer] SHE attacked Him , (by physically, repeatedly hitting Him on the head in public, with a rubber shoe), and SHE caused problems by telling lies to the authorities/police about her husband. Then, SHE left, (i.e. divorced), HIM. SHE behaved selfishly and self-centeredly, and SHE even admitted that she fought Rev. Moon because He was spending too much time with the UC-members, and not giving her enough attention. SHE lost her fight to try to stop Him from giving His 100%-effort to fulfill His Messianic mission.
[2-Answer] During the times surrounding and during the Korean War, the "governmental paperwork" of marriage was impossible.
[3-Answer] There's nothing immoral about that. Also, her young age allowed her to bear 14 children, which is Providentially significant as an example to UC-members now and in the future, since having many children will tend to make the UC/UM grow much more quickly. So the condition that Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon has borne that many children will be a Providentially positive example for all UC members, even if all of the descendants of Rev. Moon fail to do God's Will.
[4-Answer] This claim is made because it is suspected that "Sam Pak", (who was apparently adopted by Bo-hi Pak), is the progeny of Rev. Moon and Ms. Won Pak Choi, "because Sam Pak looks like Rev. Moon". Ms. Won Pak Choi was tremendously Providentially significant, not only because she served as a first public translator for Rev. Moon's speeches, but because she single-handedly translated the 1954 DP into English in the official, "black-book" 1973 DP. Rev. Moon once made a singular public announcement about her, that she had attained the high achievement and honor of being a 100%-Restored woman. It is known that Rev. Moon and Ms. Won Pak Choi were living in the same house, (with Rev. Moon's Wife, Hak Ja Han Moon). First, it may simply be a lie that "Sam Pak" is genetically related to Rev. Moon.
But let's assume that half "Sam Pak's" DNA is from Rev. Moon. That still allows the possibility that no sexual relations may have occurred, since artificial insemination may have been used. So, there are three possibilities, as in the following [A], [B], and [C].
[A] There is no genetic connection between "Sam Pak" and Rev. Moon.
[B] Rev. Moon's DNA is in "Sam Pak", but there were no sexual relations, since artificial insemination was used.
(i) This may have been done according to Rev. Moon's direction, in which case His "sperm donation" may very well have been collected and delivered into Ms. Won Pak Choi by Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon.
(ii) This could have been done without Rev. Moon's knowledge or consent. Either Ms. Won Pak Choi or Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon may have obtained His sperm by some indirect means, such as might occur as a "nocturnal emission". That sperm would have then been delivered into Ms. Won Pak Choi by whoever collected it. (For example, the fresh spot of sperm on the bed sheet could have been cut out and that small piece of bed sheet could have then been delivered into Ms. Won Pak Choi.) This could have occurred with or without the knowledge or consent of Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, although it would be obvious to assume that it was willingly facilitated by Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon.
[C] Rev. Moon's DNA is in "Sam Pak", and there were sexual relations between Rev. Moon and Ms. Won Pak Choi. If this occurred, then this is a sticky wicket.
(i) The sexual relations were strictly ceremonial and without any "romance" whatsoever, (perhaps even in the willing and cooperative presence of Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon). Any number of reasons may have called for this SECRET "Sam Pak" child, as in the following (x), (y), and (z).
(x) Ms. Won Pak Choi begged to have Rev. Moon's child, and Rev. Moon and His Wife agreed.
(y) Ms. Won Pak Choi begged to have Rev. Moon's child, and Rev. Moon agreed, without His Wife knowing.
(z) Providentially, this SECRET "Sam Pak" child was required by God's Will; Rev. Moon had to have this SECRET "Sam Pak" child, so that there was absolutely no way to cut off His genetic line of inheritance, even if somehow all the known children of Rev. Moon were assassinated.
(ii) The sexual relations occurred in a "moment of weakness" by Rev. Moon, involving "romance" between Rev. Moon and Ms. Won Pak Choi, because she had worked so hard and accomplished so much in obeying Rev. Moon's direction, and because He loved her just as God loved her for those tremendously Providential accomplishments. By any worldly standard this would have been a qualified "failure" by Rev. Moon, from a strictly worldly viewpoint. But from God's Viewpoint, was a one-instance failure like this, sufficiently serious to cause the loss of the entire foundation of the Second Advent Of Christ? The answer is obviously a resounding "No!". Although some sort of indemnity condition might have to be paid, the "Position Of The Messiah" was by that time impervious to being destroyed by such a minor failure. In a strange sort of reverse twist, it would have even served God's Will by destroying the premise for whatever snooty, hubris-elitism mindset had infested the UC membership.


APPENDIX EIGHT -- [A 40-Minute-Read DPES- Summation]


These secrets definitively clarify why we should condemn and repudiate all persons
and organizations that are affiliated, publicly or clandestinely, with the inherently-
corrupt, LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM, (as defined in this Primer).

As found AT:

This 40-minute Primer is meant to enlighten and empower NON-MEMBERS, as well as members of the Unification Church. Therefore, for the benefit of non-members who will read this Primer, here are some needed definitions of terminology and background realities:
The Unification Church, (UC), was originally named the “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity”, (HSA-UWC), and its teachings are called Divine Principle, (DP). The UC and DP are just the foundation of all the numerous, wide-ranging organizations that are generally known as the Unification Movement, (UM).
DP is extraordinarily convincing in clarifying and unifying seemingly-disparate and even mysterious parts of the Holy Bible. In addition, you will find that DP's "new hope" is the ONLY non-stopgap hope for all humankind's future well-being.
DP biblically confirms that Jesus Christ’s mission was only partially fulfilled, which explains why Jesus said He would return in a “Second Coming”. DP also biblically ascertains that the "Second Coming" of Elijah was John-the-Baptist, who was a different man that, (about 900 years later), inherited the uncompleted mission of Elijah. Thus, DP ascertains that the "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ is Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has inherited (and fulfilled) the uncompleted mission of Jesus Christ. So this UC concept of the Second Advent Of Christ is not as crazy as it might sound, since it is biblically prophesied to occur in this way, with a different person being born, (just as Jesus was born of a woman), to grow up and fulfill the uncompleted parts of Jesus’ Messianic Mission. Thus, Rev. Sun-myung Moon and His Wife, Hak-ja Han-Moon, have fulfilled the position of the universal “True Parents of all Humankind”, (TP), that Jesus was unable to fulfill, due to the Crucifixion by satanic means.
The Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon is called “True Father”, (TF), and His Wife is called “True Mother”, (TM), in deference not to Their personal character or successes, (which are substantial), but to the historic, providential, and biblically-prophesied position of TP They have fulfilled. God needed to work via the position of “True Son”, (i.e. the original Adam, before “The Fall”), that was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. God further needs to work via the position of “True Parents”, (i.e. as Adam and Eve would have been, without “The Fall”), in order to fully accomplish “Restoration”, (i.e. Salvation), by showing us the ONLY non-stopgap, fully-viable way that all humankind can be enabled to bring back the biblically-defined “Eden”, which will be the literal “Kingdom of Heaven On Earth”. For an insider’s, complete exposé of the inherently-evil, LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM, see the DPES document AT:

This amazing Primer is going to absolutely confound any and all UC members who read it, because the existence of this concise Primer is a miraculous, God-ordained breakthrough in the decades-long war to eradicate the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM and create a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM. It will be helpful for UC-members to be forewarned that they will likely pass through "The Five Stages Of Grief", in studying this Primer, because their self-image and their world-view will both "pass away", as it were, and will be profoundly guided to God's Viewpoint. Those five stages are: first "Denial", then "Anger", then "Bargaining", then "Depression", and finally, "Acceptance". So brace yourselves, dear members of the LEADER-CENTERED UC, and prepare yourselves for a jaw-dropping, liberating experience here, that is even more significant than the time you first understood DP.

All members of the LEADER-CENTERED UC believe two things:
(1)  that they have a complete understanding of how to properly pay “Restoration-indemnity”
(2)  that they know what “God’s Will” is, for their lives, and for your life
But this revolutionary Primer is going to turn those two beliefs upside-down and inside-out. This will be done by bringing to light some of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s most important words -- words that have been denied, hidden and even suppressed for over three decades. In addition, a curiously-obscure, (i.e. hidden and suppressed), part of DP itself will give us a key understanding of “Restoration-indemnity” that all UC-members have either missed or ignored.

Before we discuss anything else, lets get one basic reality straight. UC-members’ greatest claim to fame, is that they are “following”, (i.e. obeying), TF, the Messiah. But are they? Here are four PRIME DIRECTIONS that TF has issued:

[A]  His 1977 thru 1983 decree of the permanently-established mission, “Home Church”, (HC), whereby each UC member MUST work, (within a 21-year deadline), in a 360-home area wherever he or she lives, to “win the hearts” of a MINIMUM of 84 people who will be strong, full-time UC-members -- (one speech AT):
[B]  His decree, on Oct. 28, 1981, that the UC/UM must immediately become 100% “MEMBER-CENTERED”, and permanently end it’s “LEADER-CENTERED” mode, AS AT:
[C]  His proclamation, on July 1, 2000, that Unificationists must create an appropriate, comprehensive “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”, (Unif.-C-&-L), AS AT:
[D]  In His 2007 “15 Peace Messages”, (i.e. Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong, [Messages of Peace]), in Peace-Message-5, He ordered that no one should tithe or donate to the UC/UM unless they could do so “with a joyful heart”, which meant that a “100%-MEMBER-CENTERED” UC/UM must be created, and no one should support the “LEADER-CENTERED” UC/UM any longer, AS AT:

We can assert without reservation, that the current, (July 2012), LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM is not teaching UC members to obey the above four PRIME DIRECTIONS from TF. In addition, it’s crystal-clear that members of this LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM are definitely NOT planning to EVER obey ANY of those four PRIME DIRECTIONS, because they have NOT taught their children to do so.

So how does any current UC-member explain this? Well, they might claim, “That’s just old or misunderstood stuff -- I’m following what TF says NOW”. Here’s something TF said, that puts this in the proper perspective:
In my “Book Review”, quote #9 reveals that on July 4, 1978, TF said, “I actually blame the leaders because they were responsible for explaining this to you.... ...When I made plans for home churches I made sure with heaven first that it was the right plan. I got assurance, not just once but many times, and God said to go ahead with it.... ...There is no excuse or compromise in restoration.... ...The path of indemnity is utterly serious.... ...I have explained everything to you in detail, so now if you still don’t follow it is no longer my responsibility. What can I do if you refuse to listen? It is only after you do your 5% that you can be connected with me. If I had not done my 5% I would not have any connection with God”. (DP clarifies that God does 95% for us, and to do our 5%, we must give our 100% effort.)

So, TF’s current directions are founded on and determined by the refusal of the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM members to obey even His most important past PRIME DIRECTIONS. That effectively discredits all current UC-members. When UC-members failed to obey His PRIME DIRECTIONS, Rev. Moon had to give directions that would cater to their unbridled arrogance and satanic hubris, to try to keep them “working hard” as so-called “Blessed CENTRAL Families”. But those current, (i.e. 2005 thru 2012), so-called “CENTRAL” UC members will never realize that subtle reality of Rev. Moon’s directions, until they lose their satanic hubris and obey His PRIME DIRECTIONS. Only then, would they BEGIN to address the fact that UC/UM members are in the unenviable position of being the most evil people who have ever lived, because they have, (since Oct. 28, 1981), ignored, disobeyed, and even suppressed Rev. Moon’s PRIME DIRECTIONS for the sake of their own “CENTRAL” self-aggrandizement. That has meant that the norm in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM is guaranteed to be reprehensible, and since they know DP, they have absolutely no excuse for the horrendous consequences they’re causing, by continually refusing to end the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM and create a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM as Rev. Moon directed.


Of course, most 2012 UC-members do not believe they’re evil, because they’ve been “working” in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM. But one’s evil is measured not by one’s good intentions, or even by one’s sacrifices, but rather is measured by the degree and extent of EVIL CONSEQUENCES caused by one’s behavior. By any measure, the EVIL CONSEQUENCES caused by ignoring, denying, and even suppressing THE MESSIAH’S PRIME DIRECTIONS for over thirty years, are greater than any other EVIL CONSEQUENCES in all history, because they have self-importantly, ruthlessly DELAYED GOD’S HEALING PROVIDENCE FOR OVER SEVEN-BILLION PEOPLE! Therefore, LEADER-CENTERED UC-members are indeed worse than Hitler, worse than Mao, worse than serial-killers, worse than all the most evil people who have ever existed. And deep down in their hearts, they know they've sold their souls to Satan.


Spiritually speaking, we can actually compare this LEADER-CENTERED behavior to that of rapists, because there is indeed a parallel here that is quite revealing. It’s generally recognized that persons who have been sexually abused are the very ones who usually become sexual abusers as adults. In a parallel pattern, UC-members have been spiritually abused by earlier UC-members, who satanically manipulated their teaching of DP, so as to dominate and control the latter UC-members in satanically-motivated ways. If those latter UC-members do not “leave the UC”, then they buy into that pattern of dominating and controlling those they “witness” to. So it becomes clear that ALL UC-members have ignored, denied, and even suppressed Rev. Moon’s PRIME DIRECTIONS for three decades because those PRIME DIRECTIONS would prevent them from carrying out their malevolent intention to spiritually rape those they “witness” to, just as they were spiritually raped by half-truth lies, deceptively and satanically derived from DP. Obedience to those PRIME DIRECTIONS would also preclude UC members from physically dominating and controlling those they “witness” to, with so-called “training” and fraudulent “Restoration-indemnity conditions”, such as fundraising and all manner of slavery and kowtowing.
Within this parallel pattern, just as a rapist murders his victims like so much trash that’s become useless to him, the absolute rule and practice within the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM has always been to simply throw “useless” and/or non-subservient members out, which has amounted to spiritually murdering them. This reality has always been cloaked, disguised, and justified by the fact that the UC/UM has indeed (at times) been under specific forms of satanic attack that had to be countered and/or “thrown out”; but the full truth of this rapist, murderous tradition in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM has yet to be clearly defined and exposed by specifically-elucidated testimonies of all those who’ve been “spiritually abused and/or murdered” by LEADER-CENTERED UC-members. Of course, ALL UC-members are 100%-guilty in this matter, by either their complicity or their condonation of LEADER-CENTERED crimes.


DEFINITION OF A NEW WORD: “Indumbnity” is faux-indemnity, and is anti-Restoration suffering/sacrifice that promotes evil because it is NOT “as due”; true indemnity is Restoration suffering/sacrifice that promotes God’s Will ONLY because it IS “as due”, according to the 1973 DP. [See below, for a full explanation of the 1973-DP term, “(as due)”.]

Those UC-members who have honestly acknowledged the incongruous satanic-nature of their situation in the UC/UM, (and have had the good character to act on it), have mistakenly “left” the UC/UM, (notwithstanding it is impossible to “leave” the Truth of DP, although one can ignore or defy it at one's guaranteed peril). Instead of "leaving", they needed to realize that we can carry the profound DP-Truth of the UC in our hearts, so our being a member of the UC cannot be controlled by any "official" organization. Then, they desperately needed to learn the meaning of “indumbnity”, and rediscover the PRIME DIRECTIONS issued by Rev. Moon. By fulfilling those PRIME DIRECTIONS, (and they need NO so-called “Central Figure” to do so, since they decide how their tithe is spent, in their own HC work), they will finally escape paying satanic-hubris “indumbnity”, and begin paying Providentially-aligned indemnity centered on true humility, by DEMANDING and FACILITATING the creation of a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED STANDARD in the UC/UM, and by doing HC work in their own or their descendants’ 360-home HC areas.


It appears abundantly clear that NO ONE is obeying any of those four PRIME DIRECTIONS. Ironically, their decades of complicit disobedience in these most crucial “Unif.-C-&-L”, Member-Centeredness, and 360-home-HC-84 matters have invalidated their conditionally-granted UC marriages/Blessings, which is the one most important thing they want to claim they’ve attained. Rev. Moon emphasizes lineage as the most important thing, and He uses the word “lineage” 266 times in His “15 Peace Messages”. But you don’t have to be a genius, to realize that it’s infinitely better to have no children at all, (like Jesus, who’s been sitting at the right hand of God for two millennia, even though He had no children), than to have a condemned lineage of children who never even obey TF’s PRIME DIRECTIONS! By refusing/failing to emphasize the importance of these matters to their children, they are handing back their lineage to the satanic realm of the Fallen World, since they are also passing on the invalidation of their descendants’ marriages/Blessings. This reality must be the reason He said, on May 16, 2007, “The more you wish something from me the more conditions you should set up and follow up. Yet, there isn’t a single person who is doing that. There isn’t a single person who went beyond that hill. They are still at the bottom of the mountain saying, ‘Father take me with you’....”, AS AT:
And incredibly, He did not exclude even His own genetically-related descendants from this failure, including even His son Hyung-jin, which He named as His only official, (conditional) “successor” on April 19, 2008. Therefore, this Second Advent could all be for naught, if UC/UM members continue to disobey in these prime, most crucial matters. In a speech to a small group at Belvedere, (circa 1975), I heard the much-lauded David S. C. Kim, (i.e. Sang-chul Kim), say, “If this 2nd Advent of the Messiah does not succeed, it will be 18,000 years before God can send the Messiah again”. Whether David Kim was right, I don’t know. But I pray the full truth in this Primer and in the DPES document is heeded and implemented expeditiously. If it isn’t, the future is sure to include more suffering than anyone can bear to even imagine.


There must be lessons for us all in this situation, because Rev. Moon continues to allow these power mongers to “lead” the UC/UM, (just as Jesus allowed Judas to kiss Him). One lesson, is that these pretentious, treacherous, reprehensible power-mongers must be all that Rev. Moon has to work with, which begs the question, “Where are the strong, truthful, selfless saints who should be attending the 2nd Advent?”.
Another lesson, is that God must be grieving, that LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM members have not “rebelled”, united, and rallied to create the valid, comprehensive “Unificationist Constitution & Laws” Rev. Moon has been demanding for years, which would provide the irrevocable protection, guidance, and accountability needed, to finally actualize the bless-ed unity of all humankind via true, MEMBER-CENTERED Unificationism. According to DP, UC/UM members will HAVE to obey, sooner or later. Namely, they will have to create and uncompromisingly enforce the be-all-and-end-all, MEMBER-CENTERED “Unificationist Constitution & Laws”; and DP makes it ultra-clear, that every day we delay in this matter increases the curse on all humankind, which of course includes all UC/UM members.

So what is it that’s made the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM so difficult to eradicate? Let’s discuss the Koreans. The first, (and hence, the most influential), UC members are Korean, because Rev. Moon was born and raised in Korea. However, you need to understand that, (philosophically speaking), Rev. Sun Myung Moon is no longer a “Korean man”, but is instead a “World man”, because He has allowed His Messianic Mission to lead Him away from the worst habits of His “Korean-ness”. And what are those habits? Well, let’s just say that Koreans can be avaricious power-mongers and are born plotters. They also tend to mistakenly believe that the world owes them a living, (due to the tribulations that have beset them in Korea), so their gall has no limits, as they deceive and exploit you with half-truth lies derived from DP. Since Koreans are innately self-justifying, they tend to secretly foster certain ruthless, cowardly segments of their society who will use any means possible against those they target as adversaries, (and this includes using weaponized, debilitating, incurable diseases, because there's almost no chance of being caught for doing so).

Since DP asserts the (conditional) glorification of Korea, (and of Koreans), the Korean UC-members were proud to promote DP, and regrettably, Rev. Moon has never succeeded in convincing them to completely control their avaricious, power-mongering, scheming nature in the UC/UM. This is not to say that UC-member Koreans are totally evil, but the Korean men who were appointed to positions of power in the UC/UM have had to contend with these demons in their souls. After over five decades, we can finally say that it’s been a losing battle and the demons have won, thus maintaining the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM.

The crimes these Koreans committed are heinous beyond belief. They actually secretly withheld entire speeches, and deleted certain crucial parts of speeches that Rev. Moon had spoken, when they published official UC/(HSA-UWC) compilations of His past speeches IN THE ORIGINAL KOREAN LANGUAGE, beginning in the early 1990s. Interestingly enough, their heinous crimes were proven by referring to a 1983 book published in English, (i.e. “Home Church”, ISBN 0-910621-21-7), in my “Book Review”, which was created by 1990, and expanded to include comparisons to the Korean-language compilations by circa 1995, as at:

Then, in 1996, Chung Hwan Kwak controlled the publishing of a “new” Divine Principle book, (the “Translation Committee” that worked for Kwak remains strangely anonymous, even to this day), which subtly altered or deleted key parts of the original 1954-to-1973 DP book. That 1973 DP strangely had no ISBN number, but had a “Library of Congress Catalog Number 73-86259”, and, (as of July 2012), is AT:

The “Kwak-ized”, 1996 so-called “Exposition of the Divine Principle”, (ISBN 0-91621-80-2), deleted the term, “(as due)”, from DP, and it turns out that “as due” are the two most important words in DP. But that “(as due)” had been deleted from EVERY subsequent form of DP ever published by the UC/(HSA-UWC) since 1973. Can you guess why the “(as due)” was deleted?

How can we fully, accurately assess the UC-Koreans’ motives, in these heinous, criminal, manipulatory deletions? It’s difficult to define such motives precisely and completely, but it’s obvious and even crystal-clear that avaricious power-mongering and self-serving plotting are involved in those deletions, if you carefully study the content in my “Book Review” and in the DPES document, as at:
The original 1973 DP-book clarified that suffering/sacrifice must be “(as due)”, [i.e. the contextual meaning is “(IF it is due)”], to qualify as “restoration indemnity”. Those two most important words in DP, namely, “(as due)”, are under the Heading:
[(3) Resurrection through Second Coming of Spirit Men Outside of Paradise]
, which is found at:

That same passage clarifies that we need only “GLADLY ENDURE”, to fulfill conditions for (as due) “Restoration”. So the burning question has to be, “How can I tell, whether any potential suffering I encounter is “due” or is “not due” to me? Bear in mind that this is a deadly serious issue, because our failure to avoid suffering that is “not due” to us, will mean that we end up wasting time and energy that we should have spent on doing God’s Will, (i.e. on paying “as due” indemnity).

Since “(as due)” refers to paying God-centered indemnity/sacrifices, which is the bedrock core of DP’s authority and value, this disqualification of specific sacrifices is earth-shattering and mind-blowing, to anyone who fully understands its dumbfounding moral-implications. And especially to UC-members, (who are invariably so absolutely cocksure they understand “indemnity”), discovering this “(as-due)/(IF-it-is-due)” clause in Divine Principle is utterly cataclysmic, because it calls into doubt whether ANY of the sacrifices they’ve made in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM were actually “valid indemnity”, or even God-centered in any way! It leads us to believe that they’ve limited themselves to paying “indumbnity”, because they’ve refused to obey TF’s PRIME DIRECTIONS!

But this situation in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM is not really that simplistic, since Rev. Moon would not give directions to pay indumbnity, which is 100%-satanic. Symbolically, we can assert that LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM members are “wandering in the wilderness”, just as the Israelites did in Exodus. DP speaks of a pattern of 1st-course “lesser”, 2nd-course “equal”, or 3rd-course “greater” indemnity. That is, in any given scenario of RESTORING some Fallen-condition, the “1st course” of indemnity we are offered requires the most “faith”, but is the most easy in terms of the DURATION AND DIFFICULTY of physical and spiritual suffering. The “2nd course” requires less “faith”, but more suffering. The “3rd/final” course requires the least “faith”, but its DURATION AND DIFFICULTY are greatest. An example of this is the exodus of the Israelites to get to Canaan. Their “1st course” would have been the shortest, (i.e. just 21 days of walking through the land of hostile Philistines). Their “2nd course” was a long detour through the Red Sea, (i.e. 21 months), which they also failed to attain. Their “3rd/final course” meant they all had to die in the wilderness, (i.e. 40 years of wandering in the wilderness), and only those born in the wilderness were able to finally reach Canaan. Tragically, it may be only the children of UC members who finally obey TF’s PRIME DIRECTIONS, or even more tragically, it may take 400 years, (or even longer), before those PRIME DIRECTIONS are obeyed....  But DP is clear, that one way or another, sooner or later, come hell or high water, those PRIME DIRECTIONS WILL HAVE TO BE OBEYED 100%, to effect "Restoration"!

The problem is that there is a “disconnect”, between what Rev. Moon directs, and what the LEADER-CENTERED so-called “leaders”/appointees and LEADER-CENTERED members actually do. The so-called "leadership" of the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM has always:
[A] deviously impeded and/or even maliciously sabotaged all 360-home Home-Church work
[B] prevented any change to a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED STANDARD in the UC/UM
[C] refused to allow the creation of any Unificationist Constitution & Laws
[D] imperiously mandated "tithes" and/or "donations", with covert threats of de facto excommunication
So we can be certain that “following” so-called “leaders”/appointees in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM will keep the UC/UM forever “wandering in the wilderness”, paying 100%-satanic indumbnity.

This revelation of the concept of “indumbnity” means that sincere, altruistically-meant, difficult, and even seemingly-admirable sacrifices are actually satanic, anti-God, anti-Salvation, and anti-Restoration, because those specific sacrifices are “not due”, for any number of either simple or complex reasons. A simplistic example would be the sacrifice of giving money to a homeless person, who spends it on cocaine or alcohol. A pertinent example would be the sacrifice of obeying, (or even listening to), a person who claims to be an “Abel-figure”, “Central-Figure”, or “leader” in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM, who in fact is in abject disobedience to Rev. Moon’s PRIME DIRECTIONS.

Those four PRIME DIRECTIONS are arguably THE MOST LOVING directions Rev. Moon has EVER issued, bar none, because they truly liberate us from needing to kowtow to the one-dimensional, self-serving, slave-driving “Central Figures” who form the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM so-called "leadership". Rev. Moon has proven that His bravery is absolute in this matter, because His PRIME DIRECTIONS have led insider UC-power-mongers to secretly despise Him, deviously attack Him, and even cause devastating upheavals in the UC/UM, especially since June 13, 2006, when, (in Peace-Message 5), He said, "This (UC-tithe) cannot be an imposed tax; it has to be a gift that citizens offer willingly to Heaven with joyful hearts". That REALLY $mashed their imperious, world-subjugation plan$.

Of course, a claim might be made that it's better to be a disciplined slave in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM, (especially for very young people), than to fall prey to "Fallen-World" pitfalls, (such as drug use/addiction or "free sex", ET CETERA, ET CETERA, ET CETERA.). In fact, in quotes #86 and #87 of my "Book Review", Rev. Moon covered this subject on Dec. 14, 1980, AT:
He said, "you won’t need Unification Church any more", and you will never again need any "Abel-figure"/leader to "give you direction" if you obey His PRIME DIRECTION to succeed in your 360-home-area Home-Church work. He then said, "Otherwise, you need someone to help discipline your life". But the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM has satanically twisted and obfuscated this reality, by deceptively, methodically keeping you UNINFORMED, and hence, SUBSERVIENT. This UC/UM subservience, (ostensibly to God's Will), is a slippery-slope path manipulated by the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM hierarchy, to negate your conscience and permanently imprison you in a zero-integrity, lockstep existence in which your first priority is to always ingratiate yourself with that inherently-corrupt hierarchy. So we may be so weak, ragtag, and easily tempted, that we choose to be disciplined slaves in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM, but God might tolerate that short-term, indentured slavery ONLY if we are enabled to give our INFORMED CONSENT. To solidify and enforce the authority of that INFORMED-CONSENT necessity, ALL members and so-called "leaders"/appointees, (AS WELL AS ALL THOSE WE WITNESS TO), MUST be thoroughly, continually educated with the FULL TRUTH in this Primer and in the DPES document, AT:

Concerning “indumbnity”, how CAN you determine the difference, between indemnity/suffering that is “as due” to you, and (faux-indemnity)/suffering that is “NOT as due” to you? DP states that the indemnity/suffering that is “(as due)” to us, is determined by both our own sins, AND the sins of our ancestors, (which seems patently unfair). But there it is. And since no one normally knows or understands the sins of anyone other than at most their immediate ancestors, it would appear that we’re “in the dark”, in trying to determine what indemnity/suffering is “due” to us.
Nevertheless, there is an accurate “answer”, to this question. First, we have not only the right, but the duty to avoid suffering that is not due to us, since it is against God’s Will that we waste our time and effort on “anti-Restoration indumbnity”. Given that reality, we can therefore take any actions to avoid suffering that do not “break any DP rules”. And what does “break-any-DP-rules” mean? That’s also hard to nail down, but it does have a valid, applicable meaning.
A man somehow gets through the “bodyguards/tribe” surrounding Rev. Moon, and pleads with Him to “teach him DP”. It is obviously God’s Will that this man should learn DP. But Rev. Moon, decades ago, paid the indemnity of teaching DP to individuals, and God’s Will is that Rev. Moon presently has “bigger fish to fry”. Therefore, (in my opinion), Rev. Moon would avoid this “indemnity/work”, because it is not “as due” to Him, and at best, He might refer this man to someone who will teach him DP, or simply direct this man to study His 2007 “15 Peace Messages”, which He created as an 8-hour summarization of the vast content of DP.
To obey a so-called “Abel Figure” or “UC/UM boss” who claims we should obey them, we at the very least need to be able to trust that person, and we cannot trust someone who is in abject, perennial disobedience to Rev. Moon’s PRIME DIRECTION to END the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM and create a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM. If they haven’t even done what is necessary to win our trust, then it is certainly not God’s Will that we obey or even assist them in any way. And if they lose our trust at any point, we should stop obeying or assisting them. If necessary, that means that we may end up “obeying/attending” only Rev. Moon, (in our heart), which God certainly can accept and recognize as our 100% effort, (certainly for as long as the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM exists).
So in the New-Testament Age, God wanted to separate the sheep from the goats. In this Completed-Testament Age, God must separate the “caring, discerning, parental sheep” from the “indumbnity-paying, spineless, passively complicit sheep”, who can never be “true parents”. In an akin disparagement, Mohandas K. Gandhi once said, “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave”.
If DP is valid, then we know for a fact that those four PRIME DIRECTIONS are guaranteed to be “as due” indemnity/work, for each and every person on Earth, (and in Spirit World), which of course includes UC members. However, there will be ongoing, internal, (as-due)-(NOT-as-due) complexities, as to which suffering is “as-due” or “NOT-as-due”, in the day-to-day work one does in one’s 360-home area. I remember at one time my life was seriously threatened by a drug addict in my HC area, and I searched my soul, as to whether I should partially-retreat or ignore the threat, (and very likely die). In quote #93 in my “Book Review”, TF said, “When you visit 360 homes, you will be kicked 360 times, but still you must go. You have to shed (your) blood, but even if you die at home church you will still be better off”. But the remaining context in that speech proves TF did NOT mean that we should arrogantly confront such a death-threat, even if it slows down our HC work.
So the (as-due)-(NOT-as-due) quandary will remain, concerning day-to-day specifics. But still, it is a tremendous blessing to know that obeying those four PRIME DIRECTIONS is clearly “as-due” indemnity, whereas obeying LEADER-CENTERED so-called “leaders”/appointees is definitely “NOT-as-due” indumbnity, to anyone. We can even extrapolate this reality, to assert that the suffering/sacrifices generated by obeying those four PRIME DIRECTIONS are the ONLY indemnity that is “(AS DUE)” to UC-members. And even then, that “(as-due)” indemnity will be perfected only within the yet-to-be-created, 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM. Higher-level, (as-due) indemnity-conditions will be revealed on the national and international levels, to those who obtain that minimum-84 HC-goal; but for those who do not obtain that goal, even the validity of their UC-Blessing Marriage is brought into question.

Of course, it’s a deadly-serious, intrinsic reality that each and every person on Earth, (and the over 200-billion in Spirit World, as well), is responsible to become a UC "member", (at least in their heart). So if they do not accept that responsibility, (i.e. receive the UC Blessing with their spouse, and try to obey at least Rev. Moon’s PRIME DIRECTIONS), then all bets are off, as to what vast mass of suffering/sacrificing indemnity WILL BECOME “(AS DUE)” to them.  In that same vein, UC-members who do not obey those PRIME DIRECTIONS will also inherit a vast mass of additional suffering/sacrificing indemnity that WILL BECOME “AS DUE”, as a “2nd-course” or “3rd/final course” consequence.

A second example of “manipulation/tampering” with DP has been the obscuring or deletion of the concept of the naturally expected, even necessary “disagreements” that DP predicts MUST OCCUR, for Restoration to take place. Of course, “UC/UM power mongers” are motivated to alter/obscure or delete any DP content that would encourage you to think you have the right, (and indeed the duty!), to disagree with them. As at:
, the original 1954-to-1973 DP states:  “So we must understand the fact that STRUGGLES and wars are also phenomena in the course of separating good from evil, in order to fulfill the purpose of goodness....  ...We see from this that in the providential course of restoration, false things present themselves in the form of true ones before the true ones appear.”
So in this case the “false things” are the “UC/UM power-mongers” and the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM. Thus, to the degree that we have allowed them to get their way, “Restoration/Salvation” has not and will not occur. According to DP, we do not have to hate the LEADER-CENTERED “UC/UM power-mongers”, but we must defeat them at any cost, even to save them from the dire consequences they are causing to themselves, as well as to all humankind.
And some “necessary disagreements” can also be completely positive, such as at:
(6) Spiritual Phenomena Occurring in the Last Days
It states, “...This kind of horizontal conflict is INEVITABLE (between people who are BOTH doing God’s Will), because God gives each (person) the revelation that he is a lord in order to encourage him to do his very best in carrying out the purpose of the providence of restoration.”

It certainly seems obvious, that the above recognition, (in the “original” 1954-to-1973 DP), that we have not only the right, but the duty to challenge anything done or taught by any UC/UM member or “leader”, (as the integrity of our character calls us to), has been altered/obscured or deleted, in ALL other forms of DP published since 1973. And there are many other examples of “official manipulation” of “officially published DP-content”, that facilitate the illicit goals of LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM power-mongers.

In addition, LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM literature and members like to claim that “living for the sake of others” is God’s Will. But that’s a half-truth LIE. If we understand the difference, between true indemnity and deceptive indumbnity, then we’ll understand that LIE. Power-mongers in the UC/UM simply want to use this concept, to force us to believe we should work as they demand, cloaking their deceit under the catch-all, slimy ambiguity of “living for the sake of others”. They’ll even produce a quote from Rev. Moon, (which is of course out of context), saying we must “live for the sake of others”, (so we should obey THEM). But living ARBITRARILY “for the sake of others” is satanic indumbnity, because that suffering and/or sacrifice is “NOT due” to anyone. God’s Will, on the other hand, is that we FIRST “live for the sake of” the people in our 360-home, HC area. And it’s crystal-clear, that we are NOT responsible for that 361st home, no matter what those lying, power-mongering “leaders” in the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM claim.

So, all you UC-members who read this Primer, what do you think? Are you going to stop tithing to the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM? Are you going to put your tithe into your HC, and let that Home-Church Providence guide you to put down roots, rather than being kept subservient and forever shuffled around by the LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM? Are you going to begin to DEMAND and FACILITATE the creation of a Unificationist Constitution & Laws? In toto, are you going to DEMAND and FACILITATE the creation of a 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC/UM?
Isn’t that where true, honest, comprehensive obedience to God’s Will resides for you? It’s clear that it is, according to TF and DP; and history will judge you accordingly.


Amen & Aju!, [pronounced ah-jjjoo with a rolling "j", which sounds similar to "zzzzz"], (i.e. Aju  -->  as owners of the Universe, we reside in the Kingdom of God, and we affirm God)